Lawrence County, Alabama Basics:

Lawrence County Alabama - Government Site

Population: 34,312
Area: 693 square miles
County Seat: Moulton
Area Code(s) in use: 256
Time Zone: CST

Adjacent counties:
Colbert  Cullman  Franklin  Lauderdale  Limestone  Morgan  Winston  

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Map of the Lawrence County area

Our detail map of Lawrence County shows Lawrence County, Alabama boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lawrence County, Alabama

Bay Landing Strip, Courtland Airport, Danville Airport, Henson Field Airport
Broken Bar (historical), First Bars (historical), Greens Bluff Bar (historical), Lower Bar, Spring Bars (historical), Town Creek Bar (historical), Upper Bar
Beech Bottom, Devils Den
Horseshoe Bend, Penitentiary Hole, Saltwell Bottom
Bean Bridge, Hardin Bridge, Harris Bridge, Jack Locke Bridge, John R Bridge, King Bridge, Lackey Bridge, McDaniel Bridge, Oil Well Bridge, Stickmeyer Bridge, Stover Bridge, Town Creek Bridge, Wallace Bridge (historical)
Caddo - Midway Fire and Rescue District, Chalybeate Fire and Rescue, Courtland Fire Department, Flat Rock Community Center, Greg's Ambulance Service, Hatton Volunteer Fire Department, Hillsboro Area Volunteer Fire Department, Lawrence County Courthouse, Lawrence County Emergency Medical Services, Moulton Fire Department, Moulton Water Plant, Mount Hope Volunteer Fire Department, North Courtland Volunteer Fire Department, Red Bank Fire Department, Speake Volunteer Fire Department, Town Creek Volunteer Fire Department
Elk River Shoals Canal (historical)
Abernathy Cemetery, Aldridge Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Almon Cemetery, Andrew Garth Memorial Cemetery, Arbor Cemetery, Asherbraner Cemetery, Ashford Cemetery, Ashford Cemetery, Bain Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Barclay Cemetery, Barnes Cemetery, Beavers Cemetery, Berry Cemetery, Blackground Cemetery, Bobo Cemetery, Bogar Cemetery, Brickhouse Cemetery, Brides Hill Cemetery, Bunyan Hill Cemetery, Byars Cemetery, Bynum Cemetery, Byrd Cemetery, Cal Cemetery, Cave Spring Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Cheatham Cemetery, Cheatham Cemetery, Childers Cemetery, Clardy Cemetery, Clardy Cemetery, Conner Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Cottingham Cemetery, Cramer Cemetery, Davenport Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Dement Cemetery, Dobbins Cemetery, Dossey Cemetery, Early Cemetery, Ebenezer Cemetery, Elliott Cemetery, Elliott Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery, Ennix Cemetery, Fergason Cemetery, Flower Hill Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Foster-Davis Cemetery, Friendship Cemetery, Fuller Cemetery, Fuqua Cemetery, Gargas Cemetery, Garth Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Gilchrist Cemetery, Gordon Cemetery, Graham Cemetery, Graves Cemetery, Gum Pond Cemetery, Hacklin Cemetery, Hampton Cemetery, Hampton Cemetery, Hawkins Cemetery, Heflin Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Houston Cemetery, Hughes Cemetery, Jetton Cemetery, Jobe Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Keys Cemetery, King Cemetery, Kitchens Cemetery, Landersville Cemetery, Lansdell Cemetery, Lebanon Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Lindsey Cemetery, Locklayer Cemetery, Long Cemetery, Love Cemetery, Lyle Cemetery, Macedonia Cemetery, Masterson Cemetery, Mathews Cemetery, Mayes Cemetery, McBride Cemetery, McDonald Cemetery, McLemore Cemetery, Milam Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Montgomery Cemetery, Moody Cemetery, Morris Chapel Cemetery, Moulton Municipal Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Newman Cemetery, Old Friendship Cemetery, Old Prospect Cemetery, Owens Cemetery, Owens Cemetery, Paff Cemetery, Penny Cemetery, Perkins Cemetery, Pippen Cemetery, Pointer Cemetery, Poplar Spring Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, Preuit Cemetery, Providence Cemetery, Puckett Cemetery, Rainwater Cemetery, Red Hill Cemetery, Reynolds Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Rocky Hill Cemetery, Roden Cemetery, Rutherford Cemetery, Sanderson Cemetery, Scruggs Cemetery, Shackelford Cemetery, Sheffield Cemetery, Sherrod Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Simms Cemetery, Simms Cemetery, Sivley Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Speake Cemetery, Spring Hill Cemetery, Stephenson Cemetery, Stover Cemetery, Stover Cemetery, String Cemetery, Swoope Cemetery, Swoope Cemetery, Swoope Cemetery, Sykes Cemetery, Sykes Cemetery, Sykes Cemetery, Tapsville Cemetery, Templeton Cemetery, Terry Cemetery, Terry Cemetery, Terry Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Thrasher Cemetery, Town Creek Cemetery, Trotter Cemetery, Troupe Cemetery, Truitt Cemetery, Tweedy Cemetery, Vaughan Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Warren Cemetery, Warren Cemetery, Watkins Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Wear Cemetery, Westmoreland Cemetery, Wheeler Cemetery, Wheeler Cemetery, Wilborn Cemetery, Woodard Cemetery, Yates Cemetery
Echota Cherokee State Designated Tribal Statistical Area, Hatton Census Designated Place
Aldridge Grove Church of Christ, Antioch Church, Bald Knob Church, Berea Church, Bethlehem Primative Baptist Church, Beulah Church, Black Ground Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Camp Ground Church (historical), Canaan Church (historical), Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, Cave Springs Freewill Baptist Church, Cedar Grove Church (historical), Center Church, Chalybeate Springs Church, Christian Church (historical), Church of Christ, College Grove Church (historical), Community Bible Church, Concord Church (historical), Conway Church, Corinth Church, County Line Church, Dancy Chapel, David Temple Primitive Baptist Church, Donald Church, Ebenezer Church, Ebenezer Church (historical), Elam Church, Enon Baptist Church, Fair Haven Church, Fairfield Church (historical), Fairfield Church of Christ, Fairview Church (historical), Fellowship Church, First Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Flat Creek Church, Flower Hill Church, Flower Hill Church, Friendship Church, Friendship Church, Friendship Church (historical), Gum Pond Church (historical), Gum Springs Church, Harmony Baptist Church, Harmony Church, Harmony Church, Harris Chapel, Hatton Church of Christ, Hickory Grove Church, Highway 36 Church, Jerusalem Church, Jones Chapel, Landersville Church of Christ, Lebanon Church of God, Liberty Church, Liberty Church, Lindsey Hall Church, Loosier Church of Christ, Macedonia Church, Masterson Church, Morris Chapel, Moulton Baptist Church, Moulton Church of Christ, Mount Hope Church, Mount Hope Church of Christ, Mount Moriah Methodist Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount View Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Mountain Springs Church, New Antioch Church of Christ, New Bethel Church (historical), New Hope Church, New Liberty Church, New Zion Church, Oak Grove Church, Oakville Church, Okalona Church (historical), Okolona Baptist Church, Old Bethel Church, Old Macedonia Baptist Church, Old Town Creek Church, Owen Chapel, Pine Grove Church, Pine Mountain Church, Pine Torch Church, Piney Chapel Church of Christ, Piney Grove Church, Pinhook Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Ridge Church, Prairie Grove Church, Prospect Church (historical), Providence Baptist Church, Red Bank Missionary Baptist Church, Resurrection Catholic Chapel Morris Chapel, Rock Springs Church, Rock Springs Church, Rocky Hill Church, Salem Church, Sanderson Chapel Methodist Church, Sheats Chapel, Shiloh Church, Smyrna Baptist Church, Sulphur Springs Church, Town Creek Church of Christ, Town Creek Number One Missionary Baptist Church, Union Chapel, Union Grove Church, Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church, United Church, United Church, Valley Grove Church, Wheeler Chapel Church, Wheeler Grove Church, Wolfe Spring Church
City of Moulton, Hatton Division, Hillsboro Division, Lawrence County, Morris Chapel Division, Moulton Division, Mount Hope Division, Speake-Oakville Division, Town Creek-Courtland Division, Town of Courtland, Town of Hillsboro, Town of North Courtland, Town of Town Creek
Egypt Bluff, Goat Bluff, Goat Bluff, Greens Bluff, Melton Bluff
Brickhouse Ford, Browns Ferry (historical), Coss Ferry (historical), Egypt Ford, Trace Ford
Lock B (historical), Masterson Mill Lake Dam, Pooles Pond Dam, Sims Lake Dam, Taylors Dam, Town Creek Watershed Number 14 Dam, Town Creek Watershed Number 22 Dam, Town Creek Watershed Number 3
Kinlock Falls, Parker Cascades, The Fall Off
Swoope Bottom
Basham Gap, Deer Gap, Kirks Gap, McClung Gap, Mulligan Gap, Penitentiary Gap, Pinhook Gap, Rocky Gap, Stinson Gap, Suttons Gap, Walker Gap
Courtland Community Hospital, Lawrence Medical Center
Chigger Island (historical), Corn Island (historical), Gilchrist Island (historical), Gourd Island (historical), Howard Island (historical), Knight Island (historical), Sedge Grass Island (historical), Sweetgum Island (historical), Tick Island (historical)
Blue Pond, Boatwright Slough, Cat Pond, Cattail Pond, Cottonwood Pond, Fish Pond, Goodlett Pools, Goose Pond, Harty Pond, Holliday Pond, Irving Pond, Long Pond, Meadow Pond (historical), Oakville Pond, Pooles Pond, Prairie Lake, Priest Pond, Rock Pond, Round Pond, Shackleford Pond (historical), Sherrod Lake (historical), Stovall Pond, Swoope Pond, Sykes Pond
A Jones Mill (historical), Beavers Cross, Black Warrior Work Center, Cave Springs (historical), Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Number F3 (historical), Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Number F3 (historical), Deer Run Golf Course, East Side Shopping Center, Fire Tower Number 3 (historical), George C Wallace Industrial Airpark, Grahams Race Track (historical), Hubbard Plantation (historical), Hubbards Mill (historical), Hunter Camp, Lawrence County Associaton Church Camp, Leola (historical), McDougal Hunter Camp, Moulton Speedway, Owl Creek Horse Camp, Peters Mill (historical), Pointer Quarters, Pool (historical), Poplar Creek Cabin Site Area, Sherrod Quarters, Spring Lake, Stevensons Mill (historical), Wheeler Dam Subdivision, Wheeler Dam Subdivision, Yarboro Mill (historical)
Courtland Air Base (historical)
Bee Branch Scenic Area, Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area, Joe Wheeler State Park, Lawrence County Park, Mallard-Fox Creek Wildlife Management Area
Populated Place
Aldridge Grove, Avoca (historical), Brides Hill, Caddo, Caddo Mobile Home Park, Camp Spring (historical), Chalybeate Springs, Concord, Courtland, Courtland Downs, Edmond, Fairfield, Fish Pond, Fishermans Resort, Five Points, Flat Rock, Flower Hill, Freeman Acres, Harmony, Hatton, Hepsidam, Hickory Grove, Hillsboro, Jerusalem, Jesseton, Kinlock (historical), Kitchens Mill, Lakeview, Landersville, Lennon Hill, Letson Settlement, Longtown, Loosier, Lovettville, Masterson Mill, Midway, Moulton, Mount Hope, Mount Moriah, Mountain Home, Muck City, Ne Smith, Needmore, North Courtland, Oak Grove, Oakville, Paradise Shores, Piney Grove, Pinhook, Pittsburg, Poplar Creek, Poplar Point, Red Bank, Reynolds, Rigdom, Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill (historical), Speake, Terry Heights, Terrytown, Town Creek, Wheeler, Wheeler Dam Village, Wolf Springs, Wren, Youngtown
Post Office
Avoca Post Office (historical), Bashams Gap Post Office (historical), Caddo Post Office (historical), Camp Springs Post Office (historical), Cole Post Office (historical), Concord Post Office, Courtland Post Office, Crow Post Office (historical), Darmer Post Office (historical), Dry Creek Post Office (historical), Edgefield Post Office (historical), Edmond Post Office (historical), Egypt Post Office (historical), Flossy Post Office (historical), Grenada Post Office (historical), Hatton Post Office (historical), Hillsboro Post Office, Isidore Post Office (historical), Jacobs Post Office (historical), Jennings Post Office (historical), Jesseton Post Office (historical), Joe Wheeler Dam Post Office (historical), Kimo Post Office (historical), Kinlock Post Office (historical), Leola Post Office (historical), Lile Post Office (historical), Little Post Office (historical), Masterson Post Office (historical), McClung Post Office (historical), Moulton Post Office, Mountain Home Post Office (historical), Oakville Post Office (historical), Opal Post Office (historical), Ora Post Office (historical), Orange Post Office (historical), Pitt Post Office (historical), Pool Post Office (historical), Progress Post Office (historical), Sewickley Post Office (historical), Step Post Office (historical), Summers Post Office (historical), Templeton Post Office (historical), Town Creek Post Office, Wheeler Post Office (historical)
Jackson Chute (historical)
Sipsey Wilderness
Double Ponds, Hardin Lake, Knoff Lake, Moulton City Lake, Philpot Lake, Rocky Hill Pond, Sims Lake, Taylors Pond
Cedar Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Dillashaw Mountain, McDougal Ridge, Peanut Ridge, Peters Ridge, Rocky Ridge
Alexander School (historical), Antioch School (historical), Beavers Cross School (historical), Bera School (historical), Bill Stewart Activity Center, Black Ground School (historical), Brown School (historical), C C Smith Elementary School, Canaan School (historical), Caney School (historical), Cave Spring School (historical), Cave Springs School (historical), Chalybeate Junior High School (historical), Concord School (historical), County Line School (historical), County Line School (historical), Courtland High School, David Temple School (historical), Delashaw School (historical), Donald School (historical), East Lawrence School, Ebenezer School (historical), Ebenezer School (historical), Enon School (historical), Fairfield School (historical), Flat Rock School (historical), Flower Hill School (historical), Frog Pond School (historical), Harmony School (historical), Hatton Elementary School, Hatton High School, Hazelwood Elementary School, Hazelwood High School, Hendon School (historical), Hickory Grove School (historical), Hillsboro Elementary School, Hubbard Elementary School, Iron Bridge School (historical), Jamison School (historical), Kimo School (historical), Landersville Elementary School (historical), Lawrence Center School, Lawrence County Christian School, Lawrence County High School, Little Sam School (historical), Loosier School (historical), Macedonia School (historical), Masterson School (historical), Masterson School (historical), McClung School (historical), McMillan School (historical), Midway School, Midway School (historical), Moulton Elementary School, Moulton Middle School, Mount Hope High School, Mount Moriah School (historical), Mount Olive School (historical), Mount Zion School (historical), Mount Zion School (historical), Mountain Home School (historical), Mountain Spring School (historical), Mountain View School (historical), Muxy City School (historical), Ne Smith School (historical), New Hope School (historical), New School (historical), Oak Grove School (historical), Oakville School (historical), Pine Hill School (historical), Pine Torch School (historical), Pinhook School (historical), Pinhook School (historical), Plainview School (historical), Poplar Springs School (historical), Prairie Grove School (historical), Prairie School (historical), Prairie School (historical), Prospect School (historical), Red Bank School (historical), Red Hill School (historical), Reid School (historical), Rocky Hill School (historical), Roden School (historical), Salem School (historical), Shackleford School (historical), Speake High School, Spring Creek School (historical), State Hill School (historical), State School (historical), Templeton School (historical), Tennessee Valley Junior High School, Town Creek School (historical), Union Hill School (historical), Wheeler School (historical), Wheeler School Number 3 (historical), Wolf Springs Elementary School (historical), Wren Elementary School (historical), Young Town School (historical), Youngs School (historical)
Big Herd Spring, Blowing Spring, Blowing Spring, Blowing Springs, Blue Spring, Bluff Spring, Brooks Spring, Cave Spring, Cave Spring, Chalybeate Spring, Grandma Spring, Horton Spring, Kinlock Spring, Long Spring, McDonald Spring, Miller Spring, Oakville Spring, Poplar Spring, Poplar Spring, Ready Spring, Rock Spring, Sinking Creek Spring, Spout Spring, Stinson Spring, Sulphur Spring, Town Spring, Warren Springs, Wheeler Spring
Almon Branch, Atwood Branch, Bear Branch, Beaver Pond Branch, Beck Creek, Bee Branch, Big Nance Creek, Big Shoal Creek, Black Bottom Branch, Blowing Spring Branch, Bond Branch, Borden Branch, Borden Creek, Braziel Creek, Bridge Creek, Brown Creek, Buck Branch, Cane Creek, Cedar Branch, Cedar Creek, Clear Fork, Coal Branch, Cold Branch, Cold Spring Branch, Cole Branch, Crooked Creek, Crow Branch, Davis Creek, Doney Branch, Douglas Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dutton Creek, Early Branch, East Fork Beech Creek, Eddy Creek, Elam Creek, Finney Branch, Fish Pond Branch, Flannagin Creek, Flat Creek, Fox Creek, Gillespie Creek, Goldfield Branch, Goode Branch, Gray Branch, Hackwell Branch, Hagood Creek, Hogwood Branch, Horse Creek, Hubbard Creek, Indian Creek, Key Branch, Key Mill Branch, Lee Creek, Lick Branch, Lindsey Branch, Little Mud Creek, Little Shoal Creek, Mallard Creek, Masterson Creek, Mattox Creek, McDaniel Creek, Meadow Branch, Milam Creek, Millie Branch, Milligan Branch, Montgomery Creek, Moore Creek, Mud Creek, Muddy Fork, Muddy Prong, Naughan Creek, Oakville Pond Branch, Oliver Creek, Owl Creek, Parker Branch, Parker Branch, Penn Branch, Pinhook Branch, Pool Creek, Poplar Creek, Prairie Creek, Privet Branch, Quillan Creek, Randolph Branch, Red Branch, Robertson Creek, Rock Springs Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Branch, Ross Branch, Rutherford Creek, Sandy Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Sheats Branch, Sinking Creek, Sledge Creek, Soap Hole Branch, Spring Creek, Srygley Branch, Stinson Branch, Stover Branch, Sulphur Spring Branch, Sulphur Spring Branch, Swoope Branch, Tacky Branch, Tanyard Branch, Tedford Creek, Thompson Creek, Thompson Creek, Town Creek, Trinity Branch, Troublesome Creek, Tucker Branch, Turkey Creek, Turkey Creek, Turkey Creek, Wade Creek, Walker Creek, Warren Branch, Watches Creek, Watson Branch, West Fork Beech Creek, West Shoals Creek, Wheeler Branch, White Oak Branch, Whitman Creek, Wiley Branch, Wolf Creek
Bald Knob, Bash Mountain, Bates Mountain, Bethel Mountain, Black Ground Mountain, Black Wax Hill, Brooks Spring Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Buzzard Roost, Buzzard Roost Mountain, Cedar Grade Hill, Cedar Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Cheatham Knob, Chicken Foot Mountain, Courtland Mountain, Cowen Mountain, Dedicar Mountain, Flat Mountain, Flat Rock, Green Bluff Mountain, Hickory Flat Mountain, High House Hill, Hog Heaven, Horton Mountain, Indian Hill, Jackson Mountain, Jeffreys Mountain, Kinlock Knob, Mackeys Mountain, Mill Mountain, Millfield Mountain, Mull Mountain, Needles Eye, Owen Mountain, Patrick Mountain, Penitentiary Mountain, Pilot Knob, Pinhook Mountain, Pool Knob, Range Mountain, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Sand Mountain, Shoot Hill, Sinking Creek Hill, Slayton Hill, Srygley Mountain, Stickmeyer Mountain, Summerhouse Mountain, Sykes Mountain, Torrence Hill, Trinity Mountain, Union Hill Mountain, Washspring Mountain, Wren Mountain
Gander Pond, Gum Pond, Tupelo Bottoms
Central Lookout Tower, Eastern Basham Lookout Tower, Kinlock Lookout Tower, WFIQ-TV, WHIY-AM (Moulton)
Borden Creek Trail, Braziel Creek Trail
Bee Branch Canyon, Big Tree Canyon, Blackman Hollow, Blue Spring Hollow, Bobcat Hollow, Braziel Canyon, Brown Hollow, Buck Rough, Bullpen Hollow, Buzzard Cove, Campground Hollow, Cantrell Cove, Chitwood Hollow, Clifty Canyon, Cold Spring Hollow, Dickson Hollow, Double Branch Hollow, Dry Hollow, Fall Hollow, Flannagin Canyon, Freeman Hollow, Happy Hollow, Hightower Hollow, Hubbard Canyon, Indian Tomb Hollow, Ivy Hollow, King Hollow, Long Hollow, Loosier Hollow, Mason Hollow, Moats Hollow, Morgan Hollow, Moulton Valley, Parker Canyon, Poplar Log Cove, Porter Hollow, Quillan Canyon, Shaver Hollow, Sheats Hollow, Steele Hollow, Stevens Hollow, Stillhouse Hollow, Sugar Camp Hollow, Tanyard Hollow, Tar Spring Hollow, Tucker Spring Hollow, Walker Gap Hollow, Walker Mill Hollow, White Oak Hollow, Whiteoak Hollow, Wiggins Hollow, Willis Hollow

Lawrence County, Alabama Population By Race

WhiteLawrence County White population 27,32827,328  
BlackLawrence County Black population 4,0414,041
American IndianLawrence County American Indian population 1,7341,734
MixedLawrence County Mixed population 1,1241,124
AsianLawrence County Asian population 7474
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLawrence County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1111

Additional population tables :
State population table
Alabama population by county