St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Basics:

St. Bernard Parish Louisiana - Government Site

Population: 15,514
Area: 465 square miles
Parish Seat: Chalmette
Area Code(s) in use: 504
Time Zone: CST

Adjacent counties:
Jefferson  Orleans  Plaquemines  

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Map of the St. Bernard Parish area

Our detail map of St. Bernard Parish shows St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

Fishers Field, Southern Natural Gas Company Heliport
Cabbage Reef, Conocka Shoal (historical), Fish Tail Flat, Isle au Pitre Bank, Old Harbor Island, Pistol Bank, Porpoise Shoal, South Shell Bank Flats
Poydras Crevasse
Alligator Bend, Bay Boudreau, Blind Bay, Chandeleur Sound, Chino Bay, Conkey Cove, Cranetown Bay, Door Point Lagoon, Drum Bay, Eloi Bay, False Mouth Bay, Fishing Smack Bay, Flat Bay, Fox Bay, Gamblers Bend, Indian Mound Bay, Johnson Bay, Kerchimbo Bay, Lake Borgne, Lake Calebasse, Lake Fortuna, Lake Machias, Lake of Second Trees, Lawson Bay, Live Oak Bay, Morgan Harbor, Mosquito Bight, Ninemile Bay, North Karako Bay, Northwest Jack Williams Bay, Oyster Bay, Pokey Dutch, Pumpkin Bay, Redfish Bend, Saint Helena Bay, Shoalwater Bay, Southeast Jack Williams Bay, Three Mile Bay, Twilight Harbor, West Karako Bay
Hell Pass Coast
Canary Islands Descendants Association Museum, Ducros Museum, New Saint Matthew Baptist Church Educational and Recreational Building, Saint Bernard Health Center, Saint Bernard Parish Civic Auditorium, Saint Bernard Parish Courthouse, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Administration, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Station 1, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Station 10, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Station 12, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Station 2, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Station 3, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Station 5, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Station 6, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Station 7, Saint Bernard Parish Fire Department Station 8, Saint Bernard Parish Library, Saint Bernard Parish Library Ducros Museum Branch (historical), Saint Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office, Trinity Day Care Center, Trinity Learning Center
Bakers Canal, Bakers Ditch, Bayou Yscloskey, Chalmette Vista Canal, Corinne Canal, Creedmore Canal, De La Ronde Canal, Docville Canal, Douluts Canal, Dubouchel Canal, Eickes Canal, Eighty Arpent Canal, Engineers Canal, Florida Walk Canal, Forty Arpent Canal, Grand Lagoon, Green Avenue Canal, Guerengeh Canal, Guichard Canal, Hopedale Canal, Howards Ditch, Isaacs Ditch, Jacks Canal, Jahnckes Ditch, Jourda Canal, Kenilworth Canal, Magnolia Canal, Meraux Canal, Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet Canal, New Canal, Olivier Canal, Reggio Canal, Rodriguez Canal (historical), Saint Mary Canal, Schooner Canal, Sebastopol Canal, Twenty Arpent Canal, Violet Canal, Whitehall Canal
Anderson Point, Cat Fish Point, Codfish Point, Deadman Point, Door Point, Fiddler Point, Grace Point, Grand Coquille Point, Hewes Point, Malheureux Point, Negro Point, Pelican Point, Pirate Point, Point Cahill, Point Chevrette, Point Chicot, Point Comfort, Point Eliza, Point Eloi, Point Fortuna, Point Gardner, Point Hope, Point Lydia, Point Neptune, Point Paulina, Pointe aux Marchettes, Proctor Point, Pte aux Marchettes, Redfish Point, Shell Point
Chalmette National Cemetery, Ellen Cemetery, Merrit Cemetery, Saint Bernard Memorial Gardens, True Love Cemetery
Arabi Census Designated Place, Chalmette Census Designated Place, Meraux Census Designated Place, Poydras Census Designated Place, Violet Census Designated Place
Blind Pass, Blind Pass, Cat Island Channel, Catfish Pass, Chevrette Bayou, Chicot Pass, China Pass, Conkey Cove Pass, Creole Gap, Deep Pass, Deep Water Pass, Dutchman Pass, Grand Pass, Grand Pass, Joe Shiman Pass, Keelboat Pass, Le Petit Pass, Morgan Harbor Pass, Mosquito Inlet, Otter Bayou, Pass Fernandez, Saint Joe Pass, Scow Pass, Shell Bank Channel, Smack Channel, South Pass, Southwest Pass, Three Mile Pass, Treasure Bay Pass, Treasure Pass
Arabi United Methodist Church, Assembly of God Tabernacle, Carolyn Park Presbyterian Church, Corinne Missionary Baptist Church, Cornerstone Church of God, Creedmore Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith World Assembly Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Arabi, First Baptist Church of Violet, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Greater New Home Baptist Church, Greater Round Hill Baptist Church, Lighthouse Pentecostal Church, Mount Olive Church, Our Lady of Prompt Succor Catholic Church, Riverbend Baptist Church, Saint Bernard Catholic Church, Saint Bernard United Methodist Church, Saint Marys Episcopal Church, Silver Creek Baptist Church, Sinclair Church, Third Missionary Baptist Church
Parish Governing Authority District A, Parish Governing Authority District B, Parish Governing Authority District C, Parish Governing Authority District D, Parish Governing Authority District E, Saint Bernard Parish, Ward A, Ward B, Ward C, Ward D, Ward E, Ward F, Ward G, Ward H, Ward I, Ward J, Ward K
Elephant Point Pass
Antonios Lagoon, Bashman Bayou, Bayou Alphonse, Bayou Batola, Bayou Bernard, Bayou Biloxi, Bayou Catilano, Bayou Chaperon, Bayou Creque, Bayou De Soto, Bayou Domingo, Bayou Ducros, Bayou Ducros, Bayou Dupre, Bayou Eloi, Bayou Frenepiquant, Bayou Grande, Bayou Grande, Bayou Grosbec, Bayou Guyago, Bayou Hasouse, Bayou Jean Louis Robin, Bayou Juanita, Bayou Julia, Bayou la Chape, Bayou La Fee, Bayou la Lagune, Bayou Lingeo, Bayou Louis, Bayou Magnolia, Bayou Marron, Bayou Mercier, Bayou Mercier, Bayou Muscelini, Bayou Muscle, Bayou No Bayou, Bayou Numa, Bayou Palo, Bayou Petre, Bayou Pierre, Bayou Pintou, Bayou Pisana, Bayou Pointe-en-Pointe, Bayou Pollett, Bayou Ramon, Bayou Saint Malo, Bayou Tobacco, Bayou Villere, Bayou Villere, Blind Bayou, Blind Pisana Bayou, Bobs Bayou, Bottle Bayou, Busters Bayou, Camp Bayou, Canal Pecal, Cochon Bay, Crooked Bayou, Crooked Bayou, Crooked Bayou, Cutoff Bayou, Deadmans Bayou, Door Point Bayou, Dows Ditch, Drum Bayou, East Bayou, Flagpole Bayou, Flat Bayou, Flat Bayou, Fort Bayou, Gamblers Bayou, Grand Bayou, Grauthier Bayou, Greens Bayou, Jack Williams Bayou, Johnson Bayou, Jules Cutoff, Lake Shore Bayou, Little Bayou Pierre, Live Oak Bayou, Martinbox Bayou, Middle Bayou, Mosquito Bayou, Mulatto Bayou, Murder Bayou, Ninemile Bayou, Oak Mound Bayou, Old Harry Bayou, Oyster Bay, Padre Bayou, Picnic Bayou, Pirogue Bayou, Rabbit Island Bayou, Redfish Bayou, Redfish Bayou, Seven Dollar Bay, Shell Beach Bayou, South Bayou, South Branch Grand Bayou, Southwest Branch, Spanish Bayou, Stump Bayou, Terre-Beau Bayou, Three Bayous, Turkey Bayou, West Branch Grand Bayou
Chalmette Medical Center (historical), De La Ronde Medical Center, Lifecare Hospital Chalmette
Boot Island (historical), Brush Island, Chandeleur Islands, Chicot Island, Comfort Island, Coon Nest Island, Creole Gap Key, Crooked Island, Curlew Islands, Deadman Island, Delacroix Island, Dry Bread Island, Frame Isle (historical), Freemason Island, Gardner Island, Grass Island, Grassy Island, Grassy Island, Half Moon Island, Holmes Islands (historical), Isle au Pitre, Keel Boat Isle (historical), Le Petit Pass Island, Little Mud Grass Islands, Little Raccoon Island, Martin Island, Mink Island, Mitchell Island, Mitchell Key (historical), Mud Grass Islands, New Harbor Islands, North Islands, Palos Island (historical), Pfiefer Keys, Raccoon Island, Raccoon Island, Rawhead Island, Shell Bar, Shell Island, Skiff Island, Stake Islands (historical), Sundown Island, Turtle Pen Isle, Wild Goose Island
Bayou Batola Bay, Bernard Lagoon, Biloxi Lagoon, Blind Lagoon, Bobs Lakes, Bottle Lagoon, Brick Lagoon, Christmas Camp Lake, Cutoff Lagoon, Drum Bay, Drum Hole, Drum Lake, Goose Flat, Grand Lagoon, Grass Lagoon (historical), Halfmoon Lake, Halfmoon Pass, Halfmoon Pass Bay, Hopedale Lagoon, Inez Lagoon, Kennedys Lagoon, Lagoon Brady, Lagoon Giraud, Lake Ameda, Lake Athanasio, Lake Coquille, Lake Eloi, Lake Eugenie, Lake Jean Louis Robin, Lake of the Mound, Lakes of Bayou Marron, Lena Lagoon, Little Halfmoon Bay, Long Lagoon, Magill Lagoon, Magnolia Lagoon, Muscle Bay, Negro Lagoon, Nicks Lagoon (historical), Petain Lagoon, Petes Lagoon, Pisana Lagoon (historical), Portman Lagoon, Seven Dollar Bay, Shell Island Lake, Skiff Lake, Stump Lagoon, Tanasia Lagoon, Tonys Lagoon, Treasure Bay, Turiano Lagoon (historical), White Log Lake
Back Protection Levee, Old Jackson Protection Levee, Poydras Revetment
Battery Bienvenue Ruins, Carolyn Park Shopping Center, Carrollton Water Purification Plant, Chalmet Plantation (historical), Chalmette Battlefield, Chalmette Cinema Shopping Center, Chalmette Slip, Cypress Plaza Shopping Center, DeFazende Plantation (historical), Docville Farm, Door Point Light, Eastgate Shopping Center, Grand Pass Oyster Bay Light, Jackson Barracks, Lake Eloi Light 1, Meraux Plaza Shopping Center, New Orleans Sewage and Water Board, New Orleans West Bank Sewage Treatment Plant, Ninemile Bayou Light, Old Fort Beauregard Ruins, Paris Road Shopping Center, Park Plaza Shopping Center, Point Chicot Light, Versailles Plantation (historical)
Bayou Biloxi Gas Field, Chandeleur Sound Block 25 Oil Field, Chandeleur Sound Block 51 Gas Field, Eloi Bay Oil and Gas Fields, Treasure Island Gas Field
Biloxi State Wildlife Management Area, Borgnemouth Park, Breton National Wildlife Refuge, Chalmette Monument, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, Pakenham Oaks, Saint Bernard State Park, Spotts Monument, Sydney D Torres Memorial Park, Valreiss Park
Populated Place
Alluvial City, Angelique Estates, Arabi, Caernarvon, Campbell, Chalmette, Chalmette Mobile Home Park, Chalmette Vista, Contreras, Cypress Gardens, Daniel Park, Dauterive Trailer Park, Dazet Estates, Delacroix, Fanz Mobile Home Park, Fazende (historical), Frances Place, Hi-Land, Hopedale, Kenilworth, Lexington Place, Martello Castle, Meraux, Mohawk City, Myrtle Grove, Oak Ridge Park, Old Shell Beach, Packenham Mobile Home Park, Poydras, Reggio, River Bend, Riveredge Trailer Park, Saint Bernard, Saint Bernard Grove, Saint Claude Heights, Saint Malo (historical), Saxonholm, Sebastopol, Shell Beach, Sideline Mobile Home Park, Story, Story Park, Three Oaks, Toca, Verret, Versailles, Violet, Wood Lake, Yscloskey
Post Office
Alluvial Post Office (historical), Arabi Post Office, Chalmette Post Office, Estopinal Post Office (historical), Hopedale Post Office (historical), Meraux Post Office, Poydras Post Office (historical), Saint Bernard Post Office, Shell Beach Post Office (historical), Verret Post Office (historical), Violet Post Office
Breton Wilderness
Andrew Jackson Elementary School, Arabi Elementary School (historical), Arabi Park Middle School, Borgnemouth Elementary School (historical), C F Rowley Alternative School, Carolyn Park School (historical), Chalmette Christian Academy (historical), Chalmette High School, Chalmette Middle School (historical), J F Gauthier School, Joseph J Davies Elementary School, Lacoste Elementary School (historical), Lynn Oaks School, Meraux Elementary School (historical), N P Trist Middle School, Nunez Community College, Our Lady of Prompt Succor School, P G T Beauregard Middle School (historical), Saint Bernard Middle School, Saint Claude Heights School (historical), Saint Louise De Marillac School (historical), Saint Mark Catholic Elementary School (historical), Saint Robert Bellarmine School (historical), W Smith Jr Elementary School
Bayou Bienvenue, Bayou la Loutre, Bayou Magill, Bayou Terre Aux Boeufs, False Mouth Bayou, Frenepiquant Bayou, Trappers Bayou, Whiskey Bayou
Magnolia Mound, Mount Saint Malo (historical)
KNOK-FM (Belle Chasse), KNOK-FM (Belle Chasse), KQLD-FM (Port Sulphur), WBSN-FM (New Orleans), WDSU-TV (New Orleans), WGNO-TV (New Orleans), WLAE-TV (New Orleans), WLTS-FM (Slidell), WNOE-FM (New Orleans), WNOL-TV (New Orleans), WRBH-FM (New Orleans), WRNO-FM (New Orleans), WTIX-AM (New Orleans), WVUE-TV (New Orleans), WWNO-FM (New Orleans), WYES-TV (New Orleans)

St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Population By Race

WhiteSt. Bernard Parish White population 13,32813,328  
BlackSt. Bernard Parish Black population 1,5171,517
MixedSt. Bernard Parish Mixed population 284284
AsianSt. Bernard Parish Asian population 239239
American IndianSt. Bernard Parish American Indian population 133133
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSt. Bernard Parish Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1313

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