Woodruff County, Arkansas Basics:

Woodruff County Arkansas - Government Site

Population: 7,084
Area: 587 square miles
County seat: Augusta
Area code(s) in use: 870
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 74.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.7%
Median household income: $28,061
Persons in poverty: 24.6%
Home ownership rate: 59.9%
Mean travel time to work: 18.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Cross  Jackson  Monroe  Prairie  St. Francis  White  

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Map of the Woodruff County area

Our detail map of Woodruff County shows the Woodruff County, Arkansas boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Woodruff County, Arkansas

  Airports     show all on map

Augusta Heliport, David Stanley Memorial Airport, Galloway Farms Airport, Hughes Landing Strip, Mc Crory/Morton Airport, Overholt Landing Strip, Penrose Airport, Robertson Airport, Taggart Landing Strip, Woodruff County Airport, Woodruff County Hospital and Nursing Home Heliport

  Bars     show all on map

Petit Glaise Bar

  Bays     show all on map

Penn Bay

  Beaches     show all on map

Taylor Bay Beach

  Bends     show all on map

Bear Slough Bend, Clear Lake Bend, Devils Elbow, Duncan Bend, Ealand Bend, Nine Mile Bend, Orlando Bend, Postal Bend, Taylor Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Augusta Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Augusta Police Department, Augusta Volunteer Fire Department, Cotton Plant Police Department, Cotton Plant Volunteer Fire Department, Hunter Volunteer Fire Station, McCrory Fire Department Station 1, McCrory Fire Department Station 2, McCrory Police Department, Patterson Police Department, Patterson Volunteer Fire Station, Southern Paramedic Service Augusta, United States Fish and Wildlife Cache River National Wildlife Refuge Park Security, Woodruff County Ambulance Service, Woodruff County Courthouse, Woodruff County Sheriff's Office

  Canals     show all on map

Ditch Number 1, Main Overcup Ditch, Mill Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Canal Point, Devils Neck, Negro Bill Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Angus Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Ash Grove Cemetery, Ashler Cemetery, Barbee Cemetery, Beard Cemetery, Beard Cemetery, Buckeye Cemetery, Casey Cemetery, Crowder Cemetery, Crutcher Cemetery, Easton Cemetery, Ebenezer Cemetery, Eldridge Cemetery, Fakes Cemetery, Fakes Cemetery, Fakes Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Holly Cemetery, Holly Grove Cemetery, Huff Cemetery, Jelks Cemetery, Lake Grove Cemetery, Long Grove Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Melton Cemetery, Morning View Cemetery, Morton Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, New Salem Cemetery, Point Cemetery, Pumpkin Bend Cemetery, Quiett Cemetery, Reeves Cemetery, Reneau Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Trice Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Walnut Grove Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, White Lake Cemetery, Whitehall Cemetery, Woodmans Cemetery

  Channels     show all on map

Bland Reach

  Churches     show all on map

Antioch Church (historical), Ash Grove Church, Augusta Presbyterian Church, Ball Church, Bayou Missionary Baptist Church, Bethehem Church, Church of God, Crowder Church, DeView United Methodist Church, Easton Church, Fakes Chapel, First Baptist Church of Augusta, First Baptist Church of Gregory, Good Hope Baptist Church, Goodrich Chapel, Guildfield Baptist Church (historical), Harris Chapel, Harris Church (historical), Holly Grove Church, Honey Grove Church, Lake Grove Church, Long Grove Church (historical), McDonald Church, Morning View Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Olive Church (historical), Mount Zion Church, New Salem Church, Oak Ridge Church (historical), Old Point Church (historical), Olive Branch Church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Pleasant Grove Church (historical), Raynor Grove Church, Rock Chapel, Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, Shady Grove Church, Trices Chapel, Union Church (historical), Walnut Grove Baptist Church, White Lake Church, Whitehall Church, Whitehall Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Peach Orchard Bluff

  Gaps     show all on map

Augusta Narrows

  Guts     show all on map

Deep Slough, Robe Bayou

  Hospitals     show all on map

Woodruff County Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Beard Lake, Beaver Lake, Big Blue Hole, Big Buck Lake, Big Elam Lake, Big Jack Lake, Big Jordan Lake, Big York Lake, Bird Lake, Blue Hole, Blue Lake, Broom Lake, Brushy Lake, Brushy Lake, Brushy Lake, Brushy Lake, Buckley Lake, Buzzard Lake, Chambers Lake, Cheatam Lake, Clear Lake, Crane Lake, Dupree Lake, Eagle Lake, Fish Lake, Goose Pond, Gregory Lake, Hammond Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hurricane Lake, Hurricane Lake, Jackson Lake, Jennings Lake, Johnson Lake, Johnson Lake, King Lake, Little Blue Hole, Little Buck Lake, Little Clear Lake, Little Elam Lake, Little Jack Lake, Little Jordan Lake, Little Reddon Lake, Little York Lake, Log Lake, Long Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lower Seibert Lake, Mill Lake, Morrison Lake, Mud Lake, Polly Ann Lake, Reddon Lake, Robinson Lake, Sevenmile Lake, Spivey Lake, Straight Lake, Straight Lake, Straight Lake, Sullivan Lake, Teague Lake, Three Prong Lake, Turtle Lake, Upper Seibert Lake, Walker Lake, White Lake, White Lake, Yancopin Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Cypress Creek Country Club, Frame Spur, Gibson Levee, Goad Place (historical), Gregory Landing, James Ferry, Lundies Landing, Peach Orchard Bluff, Postal Landing, Princeton Landing, Ruffwood Station (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Cache River National Wildlife Refuge, McCrory Commercial Historic District, Rex Hancock-Black Swamp Wildlife Management Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Augusta, Barson, Beard (historical), Becton, Bemis, Bulltown, Casey, Cavell, Colona, Cotton Plant, Cow Mound (historical), Daggett, DeView, Dixie, Fitzhugh, Flynn (historical), Four Forks, Goodrich, Grays, Gregory, Hillemann, Howell, Hunter, Kramer (historical), Little Dixie, Maberry, McClelland, McCrory, McGregor, Morelock (historical), Morton, Negro Head Corner, New Augusta, New Salem, Overcup, Patterson, Penrose, Pleasant Grove, Pumpkin Bend, Quinlan (historical), Revel, Riverside, Shady Grove, Simmons (historical), Sturdevant (historical), Taylorville (historical), Tip, Union, Wiville

  Post Offices     show all on map

Augusta Post Office, Becton Post Office (historical), Bemis Post Office (historical), Bissell Post Office (historical), Buffalo Post Office (historical), Campbellsville Post Office (historical), Colona Post Office (historical), Cotton Plant Post Office, Crockersville Post Office (historical), De View Post Office (historical), Dixie Post Office (historical), Fakes Post Office (historical), Fitzhugh Post Office (historical), Flynn Post Office (historical), Goodrich Post Office (historical), Grays Post Office (historical), Gregory Post Office, Hillemann Post Office (historical), Howell Post Office, Hunter Post Office, Inman Post Office (historical), Joburton Post Office (historical), Jones Hill Post Office (historical), Maberry Post Office (historical), Markle Post Office (historical), McClelland Post Office (historical), McCrory Post Office, Meredith Post Office (historical), Morton Post Office (historical), Newton Post Office (historical), Overcup Post Office (historical), Patterson Post Office, Penrose Post Office (historical), Riverside Post Office (historical), Ruffwood Post Office (historical), Seay Post Office (historical), Snapp Post Office (historical), Taylorville Post Office (historical), Tip Post Office (historical), White Post Office (historical), Wiville Post Office (historical)

  Ridges     show all on map

Nubbin Ridge, Nubbin Ridge, Pea Ridge, Pulltight Ridge, Sailor Harris Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Augusta Elementary School, Augusta High School, Beard School (historical), Bell Grove School (historical), Conner High School, Cotton Plant Elementary School, Cotton Plant High School, Duffy School (historical), Gregory Public School (historical), Gregory Training School (historical), Hillemann Junior High School (historical), McCrory Elementary School, McCrory High School, Pumpkin Bend School, Walnut Grove School (historical), Watsons Chapel-Saint Paul School (historical), Woodruff County School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Bear Slough, Bear Slough, Big Slash, Buffalo Creek, Cache Bayou, Caney Creek, Conley Creek, Goose Pond Slough, Gum Flat Bayou, Hogpen Slough, Little Cow Lake, Locust Slough, Maple Creek, Miller Branch, Moore Creek, Old Channel Bayou De View, Possum Creek, Roaring Slough, Robin Slough, Taylor Bay

  Summits     show all on map

Blockade Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Cypress Brake, Gum Flat Bayou, Loshita Branch,

Woodruff County, Arkansas Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteWoodruff County White population 4,9804,980  
BlackWoodruff County Black population 1,9411,941
MixedWoodruff County Mixed population 113113
American IndianWoodruff County American Indian population 2121
AsianWoodruff County Asian population 1414
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderWoodruff County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 77

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