Rio Blanco County, Colorado Basics:

Rio Blanco County Colorado - Government Site

Population: 6,808
Area: 3221 square miles
County seat: Meeker
Area code(s) in use: 970
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 92.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 22.3%
Median household income: $58,393
Persons in poverty: 13.6%
Home ownership rate: 69.8%
Mean travel time to work: 21.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Garfield  Moffat  Routt  Uintah (UT)  

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Map of the Rio Blanco County area

Our detail map of Rio Blanco County shows the Rio Blanco County, Colorado boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Rio Blanco County, Colorado

  Airports     show all on map

Baxter Pass Heliport, CB-1 Heliport, Flying Dog Ranch Airstrip, Meeker Airport, Pioneers Heliport, Rangely Airport, Raven Ridge Heliport, Rio Blanco Heliport, Teepee Park Heliport, Tract C-A Heliport, Tract C-A-84 Mesa Airstrip

  Basins     show all on map

Big Beaver Basin, Bunker Basin, Coal Oil Basin, Papoose Basin, Peltier Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Langlas Bench

  Buildings     show all on map

Meeker Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Rangely Hospital District Ambulance Service, Rangely Rural Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Beckman Ditch, Carrigan Averil Ditch, Coal Creek Feeder Ditch, Coal Creek Mesa Ditch, Egry Mesa Ditch, Ferguson Ditch Number 2, Hammond Ditch, Hay Bretherton Ditch, Highland Ditch, Marcott Ditch, Martin Creek Ditch, Meeker Ditch, Miller Creek Ditch, Niblock Ditch, Oak Ridge Park Ditch, Owen Carrigan Ditch, Pease Ditch, Powell Park Ditch, Sullivan Ditch, Wilson Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

No Name Ridge

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Highland Cemetery, Miller Hill Cemetery, Rangely Cemetery, Strawberry Creek Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Saint Timothy Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Black Cabin Point, Buckskin Point, Cathedral Bluffs, Coal Oil Rim, Dudley Bluffs, Harp Point, Nimerick Point, Ponderosa Point, Sable Point, Sand Point, Warner Point, White Rock

  Dams     show all on map

Allen Basin Dam, Bailey Lake Dam, Beaver Lake Dam, Big Beaver Dam, Big Lick Irrigation Dam, Blowdown Water Storage Dam, Bunker Lake Dam, Butler Reservoir Dam, Chapman Dam, Coal Ridge Dam, Cove Dam, Cove Lake Dam, D D and E Wise Dam, Flattop Dam, Gill Reservoir Dam, Gregor Dam, Haley Dam, Johnnie Johnson Dam, Larson Number 2 Dam, Lunney Dam, Mark Number 1 Dam, McHatten Dam, Poose Creek Dam, Raven Park Dam, Sheriff Dam, Simon Number 1 Dam, Taylor Draw Dam, West Miller Dam, Wilson Dam, Wyman Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Agency Park, Alkali Flat, Big Park, Crooks Park, Cyclone Park, Hatch Flats, Hay Park, Johnson Park, Little Lost Park, Long Park, Lost Park, Pattison Park, Powell Park, Saddle Horse Park, Salt Park, Shavetail Park, Tepee Park, Wear Park, Wild Cow Park, Wilson Park

  Gaps     show all on map

Dunckley Pass, Mormon Gap, Ninemile Gap, The Shoulder, Yellowjacket Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Pioneers Medical Center, Rangely District Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Aldrich Lakes, Ball Lake, Berry Lake, Big Lick Reservoir, Bloodsworth Pond, Blue Lake, Burro Mountain Lake, Camel Lake, Clam Lake, Cliff Lakes, Corral Lake, Crater Lake, Crosho Lake, Guthrie Lake, Harker Park Lake, Heart Lake, Johnson Lake, Mahaffey Lake, Marvine Lakes, Mary Loch Lake, Mirror Lake, Muskrat Lakes, Oat Lake, Oyster Lake, Pagoda Lake, Papoose Lake, Paradise Lake, Peltier Lake, Pine Isle Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Sable Lake, Sand Lake, Shallow Lake, Shamrock Lake, Slide Lake, Spring Lake, Sterry Lake, Swede Lake, The Lake, Vaughan Lake, Wheat Lake, Wilbur Lake, Wymore Lake

  Locales     show all on map

84 Ranch, Atencio Cabin, Baughn Lake Campground, Beard Cabin, Beard Cow Camp, Bel-aire Rearing Station, Brandy Ranch, Buford District Ranger Office, Buford Ranger Station, Caldwell Camp, California Camp, Cliff Lake Trailhead, Clubine Ranch, Cox Ranch, Duckett Ranch, East Marvine Campground, Gerald Oldland Ranch, Hamilton Camp, Hefley Cabin, Hefley Cow Camp, Hegwer Cabin, Hill Creek Campground and Trailhead, Jones Ranch, Kenney Camp, Levison Camp, Little Hills Game Experiment Station, Little Hils Game Experiment Station, Long Lost Trailhead, Lost Creek Guard Station, Lost Lakes - Pagoda Trailhead, Magnolia Camp, Marvine Campground, Marvine Creek Campground, Marvine Trailhead, Meeker Massacre, Miller Creek Cow Camp, Mirror Lake Trailhead, Mitchel Place, Mooapos Cow Camp, Morapos Cow Camp, Morapos Trailhead, North Elk Cow Camp, North Fork Campground, Oldland Cow Camp, P-L Ranch, Pinto Mesa Windmill, Pyramid Guard Station, Redd Cow Camp, Redd Ranch, Reigle Ranch, Robinson Ranch, Russell Camp, Ryan School, S-C Hunting Club, Sharples Camp, South Fork Campground, Square S Ranch, Texas Camp, Trail Canyon Lodge, Ute Creek Trailhead, Walter Oldland Ranch, Wasatch Camp, White River Community House, Wilson Creek Camp, Windy Bill Cow Camp

  Mines     show all on map

Black Diamond Mine, Bloomfield Pit, Blue Flame Mine, Butterfly Mine, Cathedral Bluffs Mine, Coal Creek Number One Mine, Colowyo Mine, Desperado Mine, East Fork Mine, Fairfield Mine, Frank Pollard Mine, Gentry Mine, Hefley Mine, Iron Bridge Mine, Lion Canyon Mine, McKee Mine, Milo Coats Mine, North Meeker Coal Mine, Northern Number One Mine, Rich Mine, Rienau Mine, Riley Mine, Rio Blanco Mine, Shiloh Number One Mine, Staley-Gordon Mine, Taylor Mine, U.S.B.M. Number One Shaft, USBM Number One Shaft, White River Cliff Mine, White River Mine, Windy Point Number One Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Rangely Oil Field, Thornburgh Gas Field, Wilson Creek Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Snell Park, Wet Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Angora, Buford, Meeker, Rangely, Rio Blanco, Thornburgh, White River City

  Post Offices     show all on map

Meeker Post Office, Rangely Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Gilsonite Hills, Gray Hills

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Allen Basin Reservoir, Bailey Lake, Banta Flats Reservoir, Bar-Bel Lake, Basin Reservoir, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake Reservoir, Big Beaver Reservoir, Big Horse Draw Reservoir, Big Lick Reservoir, Blowdown Water Storage Reservoir, Bobcat Reservoir, Bunker Lake Reservoir, Burning Mine Reservoir, Butler Reservoir, Cabin Lake, Cactus Reservoir, Calvert Reservoir, Chapman Reservoir, Chase Draw Reservoir, Chatfield Reservoir, Cove Lake Reservoir, Cove Reservoir, D D and E Wise Reservoir, Darwin Reservoir, Dead Dog Reservoir, Divide Creek Reservoir Number 2, Divide Creek Reservoir Number 3, Divide Creek Reservoir Number 4, Divide Creek Reservoir Number 5, Dobbs Reservoir, Dripping Rock Reservoir, Flattop Reservoir, Fossil Reservoir, Gill Reservoir, Gilley Lake, Gregor Reservoir, Halandras Reservoir Number 1, Haley Reservoir, Hall Draw Reservoir, Johnson Draw Reservoir, Kenney Reservoir, Killarney Reservoir, Konopik Reservoir, Lake Avery, Larson Reservoir Number 2, Lincoln Reservoir, Little Horse Reservoir, Lower Cottonwood Reservoir, Lunney Reservoir, Mark Reservoir Number 1, McHatten Reservoir, McHatton Reservoir, Middle Cottonwood Reservoir, Nate Spring Reservoir, Owen-Carrigan Reservoir, Pitcairn Reservoir, Prairie Dog Reservoir, Raven Basin Reservoir, Red Wash Reservoir, Red Wash Reservoir Number 2, Red Wash Reservoir Number 3, Rio Blanco Lake, Rock Shale Reservoir, Seventh Lake, Shadow Lake, Shavetail Reservoir, Sheriff Reservoir, Simon Reservoir Number 1, Stinsby Reservoir, Stump Lake, Upper Cottonwood Reservoir, Villard Flats Reservoir, Water Canyon Reservoir, West Fourmile Reservoir, West Miller Reservoir, Wilson Reservoir, Wyman Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Airplane Ridge, Banta Ridge, Big Ridge, Big Ridge, Big Ridge, Buck Ridge, Buford Ridge, Calamity Ridge, Coal Ridge, Dead Horse Ridge, Dick Ridge, Fourteenmile Ridge, Goat Trail Ridge, Horse Ridge, Horse Ridge, J K Ridge, Little Flat Tops, Oak Ridge, Raven Ridge, Razorback Ridge, Skinner Ridge, Trail Ridge, Wagonroad Ridge, Wolf Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Rock School, Stewart School

  Springs     show all on map

Barnes Spring, Big Cedar Spring, Big Spring, Bitter Spring, Bloodsworth Spring, Brushy Point Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Dark Canyon Spring, Figure Four Spring, Hiner Spring, Indian Spring, Janes Spring, Lambert Spring, Lem Springs, Little Corral Gulch Spring, Machine Spring, Maverick Spring, Ponderosa Spring, Post Gulch Spring, Red Cedar Spring, Sand Spring, Stake Springs, Stinking Spring, Thompson Spring, Timber Gulch Spring Number 3, Widow Spring, Wild Rose Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alkali Creek, Allen Basin District Ditch, Allen Basin Fill Ditch, Allen Creek, Baldy Creek, Barcus Creek, Beckman Creek, Berry Creek, Big Beaver Creek, Big Bluejay Creek, Big Duck Creek, Big Foundation Creek, Black Mountain Creek, Black Sulphur Creek, Blue Mountain Creek, Boise Creek, Bridge Creek, Brush Creek, Brush Creek, Buckeye Creek, Bull Creek, Campbell Creek, Canyon Creek, Carr Creek, Cathedral Creek, Cattle Creek, Cave Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Clear Creek, Coal Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Coughs Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Crooks Creek, Crosho Inlet Rossi Bypass, Crystal Creek, Curtis Creek, Cyclone Creek, Deadhorse Creek, Dickerville Creek, Divide Creek, Douglas Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Fork Marvine Creek, Dry Fork Piceance Creek, Dry Prong, Dry Thirteenmile Creek, Duck Creek, East Beaver Creek, East Branch West Creek, East Douglas Creek, East Evacuation Creek, East Fawn Creek, East Fork Fawn Creek, East Fork Flag Creek, East Fork Greasewood Creek, East Fork North Elk Creek, East Fork Spring, East Fork Spring Creek, East Fork Strawberry Creek, East Fork Wilson Creek, East Hunter Creek, East Marvine Creek, East Miller Creek, East Pine Creek, East Red Wash, East Willow Creek, Eureka Creek, Evacuation Creek, Fawn Creek, Fawn Creek, Flag Creek, Forbes Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourteenmile Creek, Fowler Creek, Goff Creek, Gooseberry Creek, Grade Creek, Greasewood Creek, Greenstreet Creek, Hahn Creek, Hammond Creek, Hazard Creek, Hill Creek, House Creek, Hunter Creek, James Creek, Lake Creek, Left Fork Lake Creek, Left Fork Philadelphia Creek, Left Fork Soldier Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Bluejay Creek, Little Creek, Little Duck Creek, Little Foundation Creek, Little Oak Creek, Little Spring Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Long Park Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Solar Creek, Main Prong Dry Fork Piceance Creek, Martin Creek, Marvine Creek, Middle Barcus Creek, Middle Fork Greasewood Creek, Middle Fork North Elk Creek, Middle Fork Soldier Creek, Middle Red Wash, Milk Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Mirror Creek, Missouri Creek, Moeller Creek, Moose Creek, North Barcus Creek, North Elk Creek, North Fork Greasewood Creek, North Fork Texas Creek, North Fork White River, North Hunt Creek, Oak Creek, Old Mans Creek, Pagoda Creek, Papoose Creek, Peltier Creek, Philadelphia Creek, Pine Creek, Poose Creek, Red Wash, Rich Ditch, Right Fork Canyon Creek, Right Fork Lake Creek, Right Fork Philadelphia Creek, Right Fork Soldier Creek, Rough Creek, Sand Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Schneider Creek, Shavetail Wash, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Slide Creek, Snell Creek, Soldier Creek, South Fork Texas Creek, South Fork White River, South Fork Williams Fork, South Hunt Creek, Spring Creek, Spronks Creek, Strawberry Creek, Sucker Creek, Sucker Creek, Sulphur Creek, Swede Creek, Texas Creek, Thirteenmile Creek, Timber Creek, Twin Wash, Twin Wash, Ute Creek, Vaughn Creek, Ward Creek, Watson Creek, West Creek, West Douglas Creek, West Evacuation Creek, West Fawn Creek, West Fork Fawn Creek, West Fork Good Spring Creek, West Fork North Elk Creek, West Fork Spring Creek, West Hunter Creek, West Marvine Creek, West Miller Creek, West Pine Creek, West Red Wash, West Willow Creek, Wet Swizer Creek, White Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Yellow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Knob, Baldy Mountain, Baldy Mountain, Banty Point, Big Marvine Peak, Big Sugarloaf Mountain, Black Mountain, Blair Mesa, Blair Mountain, Brush Mountain, Brushy Point, Buckskin Mesa, Buford Peak, Burro Mountain, Burro Mountain, Camel Peak, Coal Butte, Colorow Mountain, Devils Hole Mountain, Dunckley Flat Tops, Egry Mesa, Ellison Mountain, Fowler Peak, Horse Mountain, Iles Mountain, Joe Bush Mountain, Little Marvine Peaks, LO 7 Hill, Meeker Dome, Mellen Hill, Middle Mountain, Middle Mountain, Miller Hill, Oil Spring Mountain, Old Baldy, Old Baldy, Pagoda Peak, Park Mountain, Purdy Mesa, Pyramid Peak, Rabbit Mountain, Rat Mountain, Rattlesnake Mesa, Red Hill, Sagebrush Hill, Sand Peak, Sawmill Mountain, Scare Mountain, Scott Hill, Segar Mountain, Sleepy Cat Peak, Snell Mountain, Spooky Mountain, Stadtman Mesa, Strawberry Peak, Texas Mountain, The Monument, Three Points Mountain, Trappers Peak, Twin Buttes, Upper Sugarloaf Mountain, Uranium Peak, White Face Butte, Wilson Mesa

  Swamps     show all on map

White Springs

  Towers     show all on map

KMKR-AM (Meeker), KQZR-FM (Craig)

  Trails     show all on map

Bailey Lake Trail, Dragon Douglas Trail, Fayville Trail, Hay Flat Trail, Oyster Lake Trail, Sleepy Cat Trail, Yellowjacket Pass Stock Driveway

  Valleys     show all on map

Aichers Draw, Alkali Gulch, Anderson Gulch, Ball Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Beavers Gulch, Beefsteak Gulch, Big Bull Draw, Big Canyon, Big Horse Draw, Big Jimmy Gulch, Big Rock Draw, Big Spring Draw, Big Trujillo Wash, Bitter Spring Gulch, Black Cabin Gulch, Black Cedar Draw, Blacks Gulch, Bloodsworth Gulch, Bowman Canyon, Box D Gulch, Box Elder Gulch, Boxelder Draw, Brushy Point Draw, Buckhorn Draw, Burnt Gulch, Cabin Gulch, Cabin Gulch, Calf Canyon, Calf Canyon, Carls Hole, Cave Gulch, Chain Canyon, Charley Earl Gulch, Chase Draw, Chimney Rock Gulch, Chokecherry Gulch, Coal Draw, Coal Draw, Coal Gulch, Coal Mine Draw, Coal Oil Gulch, Cole Gulch, Collins Gulch, Colorow Gulch, Corral Gulch, Corral Gulch, Cottonwood Gulch, Cottonwood Gulch, Cow Canyon, Cow Gulch, Coyote Gulch, Cross Gulch, Cutoff Gulch, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon, Daum Draw, Davis Canyon, Davis Gulch, Dead Dog Draw, Deadman Gulch, Decker Canyon, Deer Gulch, Devils Canyon, Devils Hole Gulch, Dry Fork Corral Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Ryan Gulch, Dudley Gulch, Dudley Gulch North, East Dry Lake Canyon, East Fork Lion Canyon, East Fork Middle Fork Stewart Gulch, East Fork Stewart Gulch, East Fork Story Gulch, East Fourmile Draw, East Gordon Gulch, East Jordan Gulch, East Red Point Draw, East Timber Canyon, East Tschuddi Gulch, East Twin Gulch, Elk Draw, Elledge Draw, Enoch Gulch, Ernie Howard Gulch, Fairfield Gulch, Fletcher Gulch, Fourmile Gulch, Galloway Gulch, Gardenhire Gulch, Gigandet Gulch, Gillam Draw, Gillam Draw, Gilsonite Draw, Goff Camp Gulch, Grassy Gulch, Greasewood Gulch, Halfmoon Gulch, Hall Draw, Hammond Draw, Hannahan Gulch, Hardaway Draw, Harrison Gulch, Hatch Gulch, Hay Canyon, Hay Gulch, Hay Gulch, Hidden Valley, Hog Canyon, Hog Lat Draw, Hole-in-the-Wall Gulch, Horse Draw, Horse Pasture Canyon, Hyberger Gulch, Indian Springs Draw, Indian Valley, Jacks Gulch, Jessup Gulch, Joe Bush Gulch, Joe Ryan Draw, Johnson Draw, Jones Gulch, Jordan Draw, Jordan Gulch, Kellog Gulch, Kendall Gulch, King Gulch, Kissinger Gulch, Kissinger Gulch, Ku Gulch, Langlas Draw, Lee Gulch, Left Fork Cow Canyon, Left Fork East Fourmile Draw, Left Fork Red Rock Canyon, Left Fork Rocky Point Draw, Left Fork Stake Springs Draw, Left Fork State Bridge Draw, Left Fork Tommys Draw, Lem Springs Gulch, Liichliter Gulch, Lion Canyon, Little Bull Draw, Little Corral Gulch, Little Dry Gulch, Little Fourmile Draw, Little Gillam Draw, Little Horse Draw, Little Indian Draw, Little Reigan Gulch, Little Scandard Gulch, Little Trujillo Wash, Little Vandamore Draw, Lo 7 Gulch, Mail Box Draw, Mare Canyon, McCarthy Gulch, McDowell Gulch, McKee Gulch, Michaels Draw, Middle Fork Red Rock Canyon, Middle Fork Rocky Point Draw, Middle Fork Stewart Gulch, Middle Fork Story Gulch, Middle Fork Tommys Draw, Middle Tschuddi Gulch, Miller Hill Draw, Missoo Gulch, Monument Gulch, Moog Gulch, Moonlight Gulch, Nate Spring Draw, New Mexico Draw, Ninemile Draw, No Name Draw, North Hollow, Oil Well Gulch, Oldland Gulch, Open Gulch, Open Gulch, Owl Gulch, Oyler Gulch, P. L. Gulch, Pinto Gulch, Pollock Canyon, Porcupine Gulch, Post Gulch, Pre-emption Gulch, Prechtle Gulch, Priest Draw, Prospect Draw, Puckett Gulch, Quaker Gulch, Quinn Draw, Rattlesnake Gulch, Red Canyon, Red Canyon, Red Hill Canyon, Red Hill Gulch, Red Rock Canyon, Reigan Gulch, Right Fork Cow Canyon, Right Fork East Fourmile Draw, Right Fork Rocky Point Draw, Right Fork Rope Canyon, Right Fork State Bridge Draw, Right Fork State Springs Draw, Right Fork Tommys Draw, Right Fork Waggoner Draw, Road Draw, Rocky Ford Draw, Rocky Point Draw, Rope Canyon, Rough Gulch, Rough Gulch, Round Mountain Canyon, Ryan Gulch, Ryan Gulch, Sand Draw, Sawmill Canyon, Scandard Gulch, Scenery Gulch, School Gulch, Schutte Gulch, Scullion Gulch, Seep Gulch, Segar Gulch, Shaft Gulch, Short Canyon, Short Gulch, Slide Canyon, Smith Gulch, Smith Gulch, Smizer Gulch, Sorghum Gulch, South Fork Canyon, Sprague Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spruce Gulch, Stake Springs Draw, State Bridge Draw, Stewart Gulch, Stillwater Valley, Story Gulch, Stove Gulch, Sulphur Draw, Summer Camp Gulch, Swizer Gulch, Sykes Gulch, Taylor Draw, Teds Gulch, Texas Draw, Thompson Gulch, Threemile Gulch, Timber Canyon, Timber Gulch, Tom Little Draw, Tom Stith Gulch, Tommys Draw, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Draw, Trail Gulch, Trough Gulch, Tschuddi Gulch, Turkey Canyon, Two Buck Gulch, Vandamore Draw, Veatch Gulch, Waggoner Draw, Wagonroad Gulch, Water Canyon, Water Gulch, West Dry Lake Canyon, West End Canyon, West Fork Dark Canyon, West Fork Lion Canyon, West Fork Middle Fork Stewart Gulch, West Fork Stewart Gulch, West Fork Story Gulch, West Fourmile Draw, West Gordon Gulch, West Jordan Gulch, West Timber Canyon, West Tschuddi Gulch, West Twin Gulch, Wet Weather Gulch, Whiskey Gulch, White Coyote Draw, Wildhorse Canyon, Windy Gulch, Windy Gulch, Wolf Canyon, Wood Road Draw, Wray Gulch, Yankee Gulch, Yanks Gulch,

Rio Blanco County, Colorado Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteRio Blanco County White population 6,3726,372  
American IndianRio Blanco County American Indian population 170170
MixedRio Blanco County Mixed population 157156
BlackRio Blanco County Black population 6868
AsianRio Blanco County Asian population 2727
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderRio Blanco County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1413

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