Itasca County, Minnesota Basics:

Itasca County Minnesota - Government Site

Population: 45,285
Area: 2668 square miles
County seat: Grand Rapids
Area code(s) in use: 218
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 92.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 20.8%
Median household income: $46,180
Persons in poverty: 12.5%
Home ownership rate: 80.5%
Mean travel time to work: 21.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Aitkin  Beltrami  Cass  Koochiching  St. Louis  

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Map of the Itasca County area

Our detail map of Itasca County shows the Itasca County, Minnesota boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Itasca County, Minnesota

  Airports     show all on map

Bigfork Municipal Airport, Bolduc Seaplane Base, Bowstring Airport, Bowstring Airport, Burns Lake Seaplane Base, Christenson Point Seaplane Base, Deer River Municipal Airport, Gospel Ranch Airport, Grand Rapids/Itasca County Airport-Gordon Newstrom Field, Richter Ranch Airport, Shaughnessy Seaplane Base, Sixberrys Landing Seaplane Base, Snells Seaplane Base

  Bays     show all on map

Big Fork City Police Department, Birch Bay, Buckman Cove, Cow Bay, East Seelye Bay, Echo Bay, Fishhouse Bay, Grouse Bay, King Bay, MacDougal Bay, Mallard Bay, McAvity Bay, Meyers Bay, Moose Bay, Murphy Bay, Muskrat Bay, Newburg Bay, Pickerel Bay, Poole Bay, Sager Bay, Salter Bay, Sherry Arm Bay, Simmons Bay, Snyder Bay, Sugar Bay, Turtle Bay, Wakeman Bay, Wendigo Arm Bay, West Seelye Bay

  Buildings     show all on map

Balsam Volunteer Fire Department, Bearville Township Fire Department, Bigfork Ambulance Service, Bigfork Fire Department, Bovey City Police Department, Bovey Fire Department, Bovey Public Library, Calumet City Hall, Calumet Fire Department, Calumet Library, Cohasset Fire and Rescue, Coleraine Fire Department, Coleraine Police Station, Coleraine Public Library, Deer River Ambulance, Deer River Fire Department, Deer River Police Department, Goodland Fire Department, Grand Rapids Fire Department North Side Station, Grand Rapids Fire Department South Side Station, Grand Rapids Police Department, Grand Rapids Public Library, Itasca County Courthouse, Itasca County Nursing Home, Itasca County Sherrif's Office, Judy Garland Children's Museum, Keewatin Fire Department, Keewatin Public Library, Marble Fire Department, Marble Police Department, Marble Public Library, Meds - 1 Ambulance Service, Minnesota Interagency Fire Center, Nashwauk Ambulance Service, Nashwauk Fire Department, Nashwauk Police Station, Squaw Lake City Hall, Squaw Lake Fire Department, Taconite Fire Department Station 1, Taconite Fire Department Station 2, Warba - Feeley - Sago Fire Department

  Capes     show all on map

Arrowhead Point, Battle Point, Chisholm Point, Elm Point, Government Point, Mallard Point, Moose Point, Mosomo Point, Plug Hat Point, Ravens Point, Seelye Point, Stony Point, Stony Point, Sugarbush Point, Sunset Point, White Oak Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Balsam Cemetery, Bearville Cemetery, Bergville Cemetery, Blackberry Cemetery, Blandin Private Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Carpenter Cemetery, Donnelly Cemetery, Evergreen Knoll Cemetery, Fairbanks Cemetery, Feeley Cemetery, Fredheim Norwegian Church Cemetery, Gilfillan Church Cemetery, Grattan Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Heavirland Family Cemetery, Inger Cemetery, Keewatin Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Lindenwood-Independent Apostolic Lutheran Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Mary Donald Cemetery, Moose Park Township Cemetery, Nashwauk Cemetery, New Wabana Cemetery, North Round Lake Cemetery, North Star Cemetery, Oakum Cemetery, Old Norwegian Church Cemetery, Old Soldiers Cemetery, Olivet Cemetery, Paulley Children Cemetery, Peter and Eva Niska Memorial Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Ridge Cemetery, Popple Cemetery, Richard R Shadley Memorial Cemetery, Rosy Cemetery, Sago Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Sand Lake Cemetery, South Round Lake Cemetery, Squaw Lake Cemetery, Stakes Cemetery, Suomi Cemetery, Teigland Family Cemetery, Thompson Estates, Tibbets Cemetery, Townsite Cemetery, Trout Lake Cemetery, Trout Lake Norwegian Cemetery, Wildwood Cemetery, Wirt Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Ball Club Census Designated Place, Goodland Census Designated Place, Inger Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

The Gorge, The Narrows, Third River Flowage

  Churches     show all on map

Apostolic Church, Apostolic Revival Center, Assembly of God Church, Bahai Faith, Ball Club Assembly of God Church, Balsam Chapel, Balsam Lake Chapel, Balsam Lake Mennonite Church, Bethany Lutheran Church, Bethel - Trinity Lutheran Church, Bethel Lutheran Church, Bigfork Lutheran Church, Blackberry Seventh Day Adventist Church, Calumet Community Presbyterian Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Covenant Church, Centennial Lutheran Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Church of the Nazarene, Clara Church, Cloverdale Mennonite Church, Community Bible Chapel, Community Presbyterian Church, Congregation of the Good Shepherd, Crossroads Family Church, Deer River Bible Church, Deer River Church of God, Effie Lutheran Church, Effie Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Covenant Church, Faith Baptist Church, Fellowship of Believers, First Church of God, First Evangelical Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian Church, Full Gospel Church, Good News Bible Church, Grace Bible Church, Grace English Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids Alliance Church, Grand Rapids Baptist Church, Grand Rapids Evangelical Church, Jehovah's Witnesses Congregation, Jessie Lake Baptist Church, Jessie Lake Lutheran Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Lakeview Chapel, Lawron Chapel, Maranatha Grace Brethren Church, Marcell Community Church, Mary Immaculate Church, Mission Church, Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Nashwauk Alliance Church, Nashwauk Lutheran Church, Old Scenic Church, Our Lady of Snows Catholic Church, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Riverside Chapel, Riverside Church, Saint Andrews Lutheran Church, Saint Augustine Church, Saint Augustine Church, Saint Catherine's Catholic Church, Saint Cecilia's Church, Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Saint Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Church, Salem Lutheran Brethren Church, Sand Lake Church, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Solid Rock Church of God, Split Hand Community Church, Splithand Baptist Church, Spruce Park Church, Suomi Church, Togo Chapel, Trout Lake Church, Union Chapel, Unitarian Fellowship Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, Wawina Church, West Cohasset Chapel, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

  Dams     show all on map

Amik Lake Dam, Arcturus Tailings Dike, Arcturus Water Supply Dike, Ball Club Impoundment Dam, Balsam Lake Dam, Beaver Lodge Dam, Blandin Dam, Buckeye Two Tailings Dike, Busties Lake Dam, Butler Taconite Initial Tailings Dike, Charter Dam, Deer Creek Dam, Deer Lake Dam, Dishpan Lake Dam, Dishpan Wildlife Management Area Impoundment Number 2 Dam, East Lake Dam, Fletcher Creek Dam, Hartley Lake Dam, Hill Annex Dike One, Hill Annex Dike Three, Holland Lake Dam, Hunner Tailings Dike, Jingo Lake Dam, King Lake Group Lake Outlet Structure Dam, Lind Greenway Dike, Little Splithand Lake Dam, Little Wolf Lake Wildlife Impondment Dam, Louis Peloquin Wildlife Impoundment Dam, Mesabi Chief Clarification Dike, Mesabi Chief Tailings Dike Three, O'Brien North Dam, Patrick Stilling Dike, Perry-Wyman Tailings Dike, Pigeon Dam Lake, Pokegama Lake Dam, Prairie River Dam, Reservoir Number Six Dam, Reservoir Two Dam, Splithand Lake Dam, Spur Lake Dam, Trout Lake Tailings Dike, Wabana Lake Dam, Welch Lake Dam, Wolf Lake Dam

  Forests     show all on map

Big Fork State Forest, Cutfoot Experimental Forest, George Washington State Forest, Golden Anniversary State Forest, Marcell Experimental Forest

  Harbors     show all on map

New Spirit Woman's Clinic

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bigfork Valley Hospital, Deer River Healthcare Center, Duluth Clinic - Deer River, Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital, Grand Rapids Clinic, Grand Rapids Clinic East, Grand Rapids Clinic- Nashwauk, Homestead Nursing Home, Leisure Hills Care Center, Mesaba Clinic- Nashwauk, Northern Itasca Nursing Home, Northern Pines Ortho Clinic, Northland Medical Clinic

  Islands     show all on map

Barrett Island, Battleship Island, Crawford Island, Drumbeater Island, Elmwood Island, Hog Island, Lake of Isles, MacKenzie Island, Mankie Island, Nesbitt Island, Picnic Island, Prairie Island, Sugar Island, Wendigo Island, Wildcat Island, Wilder Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Ackerman Lakes, Adele Lake, Alex Lake, Alice Lake, Allen Lake, Alp Lake, Amen Lake, Ames Lake, Amik Lake, Anderson Lake, Ann Lake, Antler Lake, Arbo Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Aspen Lake, Austin Lake, Backus Lake, Baldy Lake, Ball Club Lake, Balloon Lake, Balsam Lake, Barrett Lake, Bartlet Lake, Barwise Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Batson Lake, Battle Lake, Bay Lake, Bay Lake, Bear Lake, Beatrice Lake, Beauty Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Beavertail Lake, Becker Lake, Bee Cee Lake, Bello Lake, Bengal Lake, Bergville Lake, Bevo Lake, Biauswah Lake, Big Calf Lake, Big Constance Lake, Big Diamond Lake, Big Dick Lake, Big Green Lake, Big Horn Lake, Big Island Lake, Big Jack Lake, Big McCarthy Lake, Big Ole Lake, Big Rain Barrel Lake, Big Rose Lake, Big Sucker Lake, Big Too Much Lake, Billo Lake, Bills Lake, Birch Lake, Birch Lake, Birds Eye Lake, Black Island Lake, Blackberry Lake, Blackwater Lake, Blandin Lake, Blind Lake, Blind Pete Lake, Bloom Lake, Blue Rock Lake, Bluebill Lake, Bluebill Lake, Bluebill Pond, Bluewater Lake, Bobby Lake, Bog Lake, Bog Lake, Bog Lake, Boggy Lake, Boiler Lake, Bosely Lake, Bower Lake, Bowstring Lake, Boy Lake, Bray Lake, Brown Lake, Brown Lake, Brush Shanty Lake, Buck Lake, Buck Lake, Buck Lake, Buckeye Lake, Buckman Lake, Bug Lake, Buhella Lake, Bullhead Lake, Bullhead Lake, Burns Lake, Burnt Shanty Lake, Burr Lake, Burrows Lake, Bustic Lake, Butterfinger Lake, Buttonbox Lake, Cad Lake, Callahan Lake, Cameron Lake, Camerton Lake, Camp Five Lakes, Candy Lake, Canoe Lake, Captain Luke Lake, Caribou Lake, Carlson Lake, Caroline Lake, Carpenter Lake, Carpics Lake, Cavanaugh Lake, Cedar Lake, Cedar Lake, Cemetery Lake, Charlie Lake, Chase Lake, Chickadee Lake, Christmas Lake, Circle Lake, Clarke Lake, Clear Lake, Clearwater Lake, Clearwater Lake, Clover Leaf Lake, Clubhouse Lake, Coddington Lake, Cole Lake, Coleman Lake, Connors Lake, Cook Lake, Coon Lake, Coon Lake, Copenhagen Lake, Coppersmith Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Courtney Lake, Cow Horn Lake, Cranberry Lake, Cranberry Lake, Crane Lake, Crescent Lake, Crippled Deer Lake, Crooked Lake, Crooked Lake, Crooked Lake, Crooked Lake, Cropless Lake, Crum Lake, Crystal Lake, Culp Lake, Cut Foot Sioux Lake, Cutaway Lake, Dalton Lake, Damon Lake, David Lake, Day Lake, Day Lake, Dead Horse Lake, Dead Horse Lake, Dead Horse Lake, Decker Lake, Deer Lake, Deer Lake, Deer Lake, Dethloff Slough, Dinner Pail Lake, Dirty Mike Lake, Dishpan Lake, Dixon Lake, Doam Lake, Doan Lake, Dock Lake, Doctor Lake, Dode Lake, Doe Lake, Doe Lake, Dogfish Lake, Dollar Lake, Dora Lake, Dry Creek Lake, Duck Lake, Duck Lake, Duck Lake, Duck Lake, Dunbar Lake, Dunning Lake, Eagle Lake, East Lake, East Lake, East Smith Lake, Edd Lake, Edmond Lake, Eel Lake, Egg Lake, Egg Lake, Eino Lake, Elbow Lake, Elbow Lake, Elbow Lake, Elm Lake, English Lake, Erickson Lake, Ethel Lake, Eve Lake, Farley Lakes, Fawn Lake, Figure Eight Lake, Finley Lake, Finn Lake, Fisher Lake, Fishhook Lake, Fiske Lake, Five Island Lake, Fly Lake, Foot Lake, Forest Lake, Forest Lake, Forjer Lake, Forsythe Lake, Four Town Lake, Fourth Sucker Lake, Fox Farm Lake, Fox Lake, Francis Lake, Gale Lake, George Lake, George Lake, George Lake, Ghost Lake, Glove Lake, Goodman Lake, Goose Lake, Gorman Lake, Grass Lake, Grass Lake, Grass Lake, Grave Lake, Greeley Lake, Green Lake, Guile Lake, Gunderson Lake, Gunn Lake, Gunny Sack Lake, Hale Lake, Hale Lake, Hale Lake, Hamrey Lake, Hanson Lake, Hanson Lake, Harrigan Lake, Harrison Lake, Hart Lake, Hartley Lake, Haskell Lake, Hatch Lake, Hay Lake, Hay Lake, Heinen Lake, Hendickson Lake, Hendrichs Lake, Hennessey Lake, Herron Lake, Highland Lake, Hill Lake, Hill Lake, Hole-in-Wall Lake, Holland Lake, Holman Lake, Holmes Lake, Homestead Lake, Hooligan Lake, Hope Lake, Horsehead Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hudson Lake, Hunter Lake, Inky Lake, Irma Lake, Irvin Lake, Isaac Lake, Isaac Lake, Island Lake, Island Lake, Island Lake, Island Lake, Island Lake, Jack Lake, Jack the Horse Lake, Jaques Lake, Jay Gould Lake, Jessie Lake, Jim Lake, Jingo Lake, Joe Fell Lake, Joel Lake, Johnson Lake, Johnson Lake, Johnson Lake, Johnson Lake, Jones Lake, Joy Lake, Kelly Lake, Kennedy Lake, Kenogama Lake, Killdeer Lake, King Lake, Klingenpiel Lake, Kremer Lake, La Barge Lake, Lac-a-Roy Lake, LaCroix Lake, Lake Alice, Lake Charlotte, Lake Elizabeth, Lake Erskine, Lake Helen, Lake Mary, Lake Roosevelt, Lake Seventeen, Lake Sylvan, Lake Twentyfour, Lammon Aid Lake, Larson Lake, Lauchoh Lake, Lawrence Lake, Lawrence Lake, Lebarge Lake, Lee Lake, Leighton Lake, Libby Lake, Lillian Lake, Lily Lake, Lily Lake, Lincoln Lake, Linden Lake, Link Lake, Little Antler Lake, Little Arm Lake, Little Ball Club Lake, Little Bass Lake, Little Bass Lake, Little Bass Lake, Little Bear Lake, Little Bear Lake, Little Bowstring Lake, Little Buck Lake, Little Burnt Shanty Lake, Little Calf Lake, Little Clubhouse Lake, Little Coon Lake, Little Cottonwood Lake, Little Cow Horn Lake, Little Cut Foot Sioux Lake, Little Dead Horse Lake, Little Deer Lake, Little Dew Lake, Little Diamond Lake, Little Dick Lake, Little Dixon Lake, Little Drum Lake, Little East Lake, Little Fowler Lake, Little Horn Lake, Little Horseshoe Lake, Little Inky Lake, Little Island Lake, Little Island Lake, Little Island Lake, Little Jay Gould Lake, Little Jessie Lake, Little Leighton Lake, Little Little Cut Foot Sioux Lake, Little Long Lake, Little McCarthy Lake, Little McKewen Lake, Little Moose Lake, Little Moose Lake, Little Moose Lake, Little Mud Lake, Little Neck Lake, Little North Star Lake, Little O'Brien Lake, Little Ole Lake, Little Otter Lake, Little Peterson Lake, Little Pokegama Lake, Little Porky Lake, Little Ranier Lake, Little Reiley Lake, Little Rice Lake, Little Rose Lake, Little Round Lake, Little Ruby Lake, Little Sand Lake, Little Sand Lake, Little Sand Lake, Little Siseebakwet Lake, Little Smith Lake, Little Split Hand Lake, Little Spring Lake, Little Sucker Lake, Little Too Much Lake, Little Trout Lake, Little Turtle Lake, Little Wabana Lake, Little Wasson Lake, Little White Oak Lake, Little Whitefish Lake, Little Winnibigoshish Lake, Little Wolf Lake, Little Wolf Lake, Logging Sleigh Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Loon Lake, Loon Lake, Loon Lake, Lorraine Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Moose Lake, Lower Balsam Lake, Lower Hanson Lake, Lower Lawrence Lake, Lower Panaca Lake, Lower Pigeon Lake, Lower Spring Lake, Lower Twin Lakes, Lucky Lake, Lum Lake, Lunch Lake, Lundeen Lake, Maki Lake, Mallard Lake, Maple Lake, Maple Lake, Marble Lake, Marie Lake, Marie Lake, Mary Lake, May Lake, McAlpine Lake, McAvity Lake, McDonald Lake, McDonald Lake, McGrady Lake, McGuire Lake, McKewen Lake, McKinley Lake, McKinney Lake, Mead Lake, Middle Hanson Lake, Middle Pigeon Lake, Mike Lake, Mikes Lake, Miller Lake, Miller Lake, Minisogama Lake, Mink Lake, Minni-Car-Car Lake, Minnow Lake, Minny Lake, Mirror Lake, Mississippi Lake, Mitt Lake, Moon Lake, Moonshine Lake, Moonshine Lake, Moore Lake, Moore Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Lake, Morph Lake, Mosomo Lake, Moss Lake, Mountain Ash Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Munzer Lake, Murphy Lake, Mushgee Lake, Muskeg Lake, Muskrat Lake, My Lake, Myers Lake, Mystery Lake, Nagel Lake, Nameless Lake, Napoleon Lake, Natures Lake, Nesseth Lake, New Lake, Nickel Lake, No Mans Lake, Noma Lake, North Star Lake, Northome Lake, Nose Lake, O' Learty Lake, O'Brien Lake, O'Donnell Lake, Oak Lake, Oar Lake, One Loaf Lake, Orange Lake, Otter Lake, Otter Lake, Otter Lake, Otter Lake, Owen Lake, Ox Hide Lake, Oxbow Lake, Pancake Lake, Park Lake, Pear Lake, Pelton Lake, Perch Lake, Peterson Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pickle Lake, Pigeon Dam Lake, Pike Lake, Pine Lake, Pine Lake, Plantation Lake, Plum Lake, Pokegama Lake, Popple Lake, Portage Lake, Potato Lake, Potato Lake, Pothole Lake, Poverty Lake, Prairie Lake, Prairie Lake, Pug Hole Lake, Pughole Lake, Pughole Lake, Rabbits Lake, Raddison Lake, Raft Lake, Rahkos Lake, Rain Barrel Lake, Rainbow Lake, Ranier Lake, Raspberry Lake, Rat Lake, Rat Lake, Raven Lake, Red Lake, Reed Lake, Reiley Lake, Rice Lake, Rice Lake, Rice Lake, Rice Lake, Rice Lake, Rice Lake, Rice Lake, Rice Lake, Rice Lake Bog, Rip Lake, Rock Lake, Rock Lake, Roland Lake, Roothouse Lake, Rose Lake, Rosholt Lake, Rosy Lake, Round Lake, Round Lake, Round Lake, Round Lake, Ruby Lake, Rum Lake, Rush Island Lake, Ryan Lake, Salter Pond, Sampson Lake, Sand Lake, Sand Lake, Sand Lake, Sandwick Lake, Sawyer Lake, Schoolhouse Lake, Schoolhouse Lake, Scooty Lake, Scrapper Lake, Seaman Lake, Second Lake, Section Eleven Lake, Shafer Lake, Shallow Lake, Shallow Pond Lake, Shamrock Lake, Shelly Lake, Sherry Lake, Shine Lake, Shingle Mill Lake, Shoal Lake, Shoal Lake, Shorty Lake, Silver Lake, Simpson Lake, Sioux Lake, Siseebakwet Lake, Skeeter Lake, Skelly Lake, Skimerhorn Lake, Slauson Lake, Smith Lake, Smith Lake, Snaptail Lake, Snow Lake, Snowball Lake, Snowshoe Lake, Someman Lake, South Fork Lake, South Smith Lake, South Sturgeon Lake, South Sugar Lake, Spider Lake, Spike Lake, Spot Lake, Spring Lake, Spring Lake, Spring Lake, Spring Lake, Spring Lake, Spring Lake, Spring Lake, Spring Lake, Spring Lake, Spruce Island Lake, Spruce Lake, Spruce Lake, Spruce Lake, Spruce Lake, Spur Lake, Stevens Lake, Stevens Lake, Stingy Lake, Stokey Lake, Stone Axe Lake, Stowe Lake, Stumple Lake, Stumple Lake, Sucker Lake, Sugar Lake, Sun Lake, Sunken Lake, Sunrise Lake, Suomi Lake, Surprise Lake, Swan Lake, Tadpole Lake, Tamarack Lake, Tank Lake, Tank Lake, Taylor Lake, Telephone Lake, Thimble Lake, Third Sucker Lake, Thirty Lake, Thirtyone Lake, Thistledew Lake, Three Island Lake, Three Island Lake, Thydean Lake, Towe Lake, Townline Lake, Trestle Lake, Trestle Lake, Trible Lake, Trout Lake, Trout Lake, Tubby Lake, Tuber Lake, Turtle Lake, Tuttle Lake, Twin Lake, Twin Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Two Island Lake, Twomile Lake, Tye Lake, Upper Hanson Lake, Upper Hatch Lake, Upper Panaca Lake, Upper Pigeon Lake, Upper Spring Lake, Upper Twin Lakes, Van Patter Lake, Virgin Lake, Wabana Lake, Wagner Lake, Walters Lake, Wamp Lake, Warburg Lake, Wart Lake, Wasson Lake, Weasel Lake, Welch Lake, West Smith Lake, West Sturgeon Lake, Whiskey Lake, White Oak Lake, White Porky Lake, White Swan Lake, Whitefish Lake, Wilderness Lake, Willeys Lake, William Lake, Williams Lake, Willis Lake, Willow Lake, Wilson Lake, Wilson Lake, Wilson Lake, Wirt Lake, Wolf Lake, Wolf Lake, Zimmy Lake

  Levees     show all on map

Lake Pokegama Rest Area

  Locales     show all on map

Ball Club (historical), Bigfork (historical), Birch Cove Resort and Campground, Blackberry, Blueberry Hills Golf Course, Bovey, Bovey City RV Park, Calumet, Canoe Campsite, Central Square Mall, Clubhouse Lake Campground, Cohasset, Cutfoot Sioux Visitor Information Center, Deer Lake Campground, Deer River, Deer River District Ranger Office, Deer River Rest Area, Department of Corrections Youth Camp Number 2, Dora Lake Picnic Area, Eagle Ridge Golf Course, East Seelye Campground, Edge of the Wilderness Golf Course, Effie (historical), Evergreen (historical), Farley Hill Lookout, Forest History Center, Goodland (historical), Grand Rapids Speedway, Itasca County Fairgrounds, Jessie View Resort and Campground, Keewatin (historical), Kom-on-In Beach Campground, La Prairie (historical), Legion Campground, Leipold (historical), Mack, Marble, Marcell (historical), Martin, Max (historical), Middle Pigeon River Campground, Mosome Point Camp and Picnic Area, Mount Itasca Ski Area, Mount Tabor Camp, Nashwauk, Nashwauk City Park Camp, Noma Lake Campground and Picnic Area, North Deer Lake Campground, North Star Campground, O-NE-Gum-Me Campground, Orth (historical), Pengilly, Plug Hat Point Campground Recreating and Picnic Area, Pokegama Golf Course, Pokegama Plaza, Prarie Lake Campground, Rosy (historical), Sal's Campground, Shallow Lake Campground, Shogrean Dam Picnic Area, State Park Headquarters, Stony Brook Campground, Sugar Bay Campground Resort, Sugarbrooke Golf Club, Swan Lake Campground, Swan Lake Country Club, Swan River, T and N Inn Lodging and Campground, Taconite (historical), Thistledew Campground, Thistledew Ranger Station, Trestle Landing Boat Ramp, Warba, Wawina Railroad Station (historical), Wendigo Golf Course, West Seelye Campground, Williams Narrows Campground and Picnic Area, Winnie Campground, Winnie Dam Campground Recreation Area, Wirst (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Grand Rapids Air Force Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Alexander Mine, Ann Mine, Arcturus Mine, Argonne Mine, Barbara Mine, Bennett Mine, Bingham Mine, Bray Mine, Brown Mine, Buckeye Mine, Calbraith Mine, Canisteo Mine, Carlz Mine, Carrol Mine, Danube Mine, Draper Annex Mine, Forest Mine, Greenway Mine, Gross -Marble Mine, Hadley Mine, Halobe Mine, Harrison Mine, Hawkins Mine, Helen Mine, Hill -Annex Mine, Hill Trumbull Mine, Holman Cliffs Mine, Jessie Mine, Judd Mine, Kevin Mine, King Mine, Langdom Mine, Larue Mine, Mace Mine, Majorca Mine, Mesabi Chief Mine, Mississippi Number One Mine, Morrison Mine, North Harrison Mine, North Russell Mine, North Star Mine, Orwell Mine, Patrick Annex Mine, Patrick Mine, Perry Mine, Saint Paul Mine, Sally Mine, Sargent Mine, Snyder Mine, South Ann Mine, South Judd Mine, South Russell Mine, Stein Mine, Sullivan Mine, Tioga Mine, Walker Mine, West Hill Mine, West Patrick Mine, York Mine

  Parks     show all on map

American Legion Memorial Park, Big Fork River Wayside Park, Blandin Mississippi River Park, Blandin Park, Buck Lake Wayside Park, D A Grossendorf Park, Deer River Wayside Park, Geology of the Hill Annex Mine Geological Marker, Grand Rapids Wayside Park, La Prarie River Wayside Park, Lower Pigeon Lake Game Refuge, Morph Meadow Wildlife Management Area, Murhunt Park, Oakland Park, Pigeon River Flowage Game Refuge, Pug Hole Lake Wayside Park, Riverside Park, Ryan Park, Scenic State Park, Snowball Lake Wayside Park, Suomi Hills Recreation Area, Surprise Lake Wayside Park, Swan Lake Wayside Park, Third River Recreation Area, Trout Lake Management Area, Twin Lakes Wayside Park, Willow Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Acheson Mobile Home Village, Alder, Alvwood, Ball Club, Bass Brook, Bass Brook Court, Bengal, Bennett, Bergville, Best Mobile Home Park, Bigfork, Blackberry, Bovey, Bowstring, Calumet, Canisteo, Cohasset, Coleraine, Cooley, Cort, Country Acres Mobile Home Park, Deer River, Dora Lake, Dunbar, Effie, Goodland, Grand Rapids, Gunn, Holman, Houpt (historical), Huhn Addition Mobile Home Court, Inger, Jessie Lake, Jurgenson, Keewatin, Kevin, La Prairie, Lakeview Terrace, Liston Evergreen Mobile Home Park, Marble, Marcell, Marrier Estates, Max, Midway Mobile Home Park, Nashwauk, North Star Moblie Home Park, Oakland Estates Mobile Home Park, Olson's Mobile Home Park, Orth, Oslund, Parkview Mobile Home Court, Pengilly, Philbin, Pomroy, Rosy, Silverwood, Spring Lake, Squaw Lake, Suomi, Swan River, Taconite, Talmoon, Togo, Twin Lake Trails Mobile Home Park, Wagon Wheel Mobile Home Park, Warba, Wawina, Wiiams Narrows Resort and Mobile Home Court, Wirt, Woodland Terrace Mobile Home Park, Zemple

  Post Offices     show all on map

Affleck Post Office (historical), Alvwood Post Office (historical), Arrow Post Office (historical), Ball Club Post Office (historical), Bass Lake Post Office (historical), Bede Post Office (historical), Bergville Post Office (historical), Bigfork Post Office, Birchgrove Post Office (historical), Blackberry Post Office (historical), Bovey Post Office, Bowstring Post Office, Calumet Post Office, Coffey Post Office (historical), Cohasset Post Office, Coleraine Post Office, Compton Post Office (historical), Cooley Post Office, Cort Post Office (historical), Cunningham Post Office (historical), Deer River Post Office, Dora Lake Post Office (historical), Dunbar Post Office (historical), Effie Post Office (historical), Evergreen Post Office (historical), Goodland Post Office, Grand Rapids Post Office, Grattan Post Office (historical), Houpt Post Office (historical), Inger Post Office (historical), Jesse Lake Post Office (historical), Keewating Post Offce, Kesahgah Post Office (historical), Laprairie Post Office (historical), Leopold Post Office (historical), Marble Post Office, Marcell Post Office, Max Post Office, Moose Park Post Office (historical), Nashwauk Post Office, Orchid Post Office (historical), Orth Post Office (historical), Oslund Post Office (historical), Pengrilly Post Office, Pinecrest Post Office (historical), Pinewood Post Office (historical), Release Post Office (historical), Rosy Post Office (historical), Splithand Post Office (historical), Squaw Lake Post Office, Suomi Post Office (historical), Swan River Post Office, Taconite Post Office, Talmoon Post Office (historical), Togo Post Office, Vance Post Office (historical), Wabana Lake Post Office (historical), Wabana Post Office (historical), Warba Post Office, Wawina Post Office, Winnibigoshish Post Office (historical), Wirst Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Harrington Hills, Sugar Hills

  Rapidss     show all on map

Hauck Rapids, Muldoon Rapids, Rice Rapids, Robbs Rapids

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Amik Impoundment, Amik Lake, Arcturus Tailings Basin, Arcturus Water Supply Basin, Ball Club Impoundment, Balsam Lake, Beaver Lodge Impoundment, Beaver Lodge Reservoir, Border Impoundment, Buckeye Two Tailings Basin, Busties Lake, Butler Taconite Initial Tails BA, Crooked Lake Impoundment, Cub Impoundment, Dishpan Lake, East Lake, East Lake Impoundment, Eel Lake Impoundment, Egg Lake Impoundment, Fletcher Creek Impoundment, Fletcher Creek Impoundment Reservoir, Goodman Lake Impoundment, Grass Lake Impoundment, Hanson Lake Impoundment, Hill Annex Pond One, Hill Annex Pond Three, Holland Lake, Holland Lake Impoundment, Hunner Tailings Basin, Jingo Lake, Jingo Lake Impoundment, La Croix Number One Impoundment, La Croix Number Two Impoundment, Lind Greenway Tailings Basin, Little Splithand Lake, Little Wolf Impoundment, Little Wolf Lake, Louis Peloquin Wildlife Impoundment Reservoir, Lower Prairie Lake, Mesabi Chief Clarification Basin, Mesabi Chief Tailings Basin Three, Mesabi Chief Tailings Dike Two, Paper Mill Reservoir, Patrick Stilling Basin, Perry-Wyman Tailings Basin, Pigeon River Impoundment, Pokegama Reservoir, Prairie Lake, Reservoir Number Four, Reservoir Number Six, Reservoir Two, Shogrean Dam Impoundment, Snake Brook Impoundment, Split Hand Lake, Splithand Lake, Spur Lake, Spur Lake Impoundment, Sugar Lake Impoundment, Swan Lake, Sylvan Lake, Trout Lake Tailings Basin, Twomile Impoundment, Wabana Impoundment, Wabana Lake, Welch Lake, Welch Lake Impoundment, Wildlife Marsh, Wolf Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Balsam Lake School, Bovey School, Christian Community School, Cloverdale School, Cohasset Elementary School, Deer River High School, Forest Lake School, Grace Christian School, Grand Rapids High School, Grand Rapids Middle School, Greenway High School, Greenway Public School, Itasca Community College, Keewatin Elementary School, King School, Marble Elementary School, Murphy School, Nashwauk-Keewatin High School, North Elementary School, Philip Murray Elementary School, Riverview School, Saint Joseph's Catholic School, Southwest Elementary School, Squaw Lake Elementary School, University of Minnesota Experiment Station, Van Dyke Elementary School, Wendigo School

  Streams     show all on map

Arrowhead Lake Creek, Ball Club River, Balsam Creek, Bass Brook, Bear River, Blackwater Creek, Bowerman Brook, Bowman Creek, Bowstring River, Bruce Creek, Caldwell Brook, Castle Creek, Clearwater Creek, Coon Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Crane Creek, Day Brook, Deer Creek, Deer River, Dinner Creek, Dunbar Creek, Dunbar River, East River, Evans Creek, Farley Creek, First River, Fishermans Brook, Fletcher Creek, Gale Brook, Grouse Creek, Hanson Creek, Harrison Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hinken Creek, Island Lake Creek, Island Lake Creek, Jessie Brook, Johnson Creek, Leighton Brook, Little Turtle Creek, Middle Creek, Moose Brook, Moose Creek, O'Brien Creek, Otter Creek, Oxhide Creek, Pickerel Creek, Pigeon River, Plum Creek, Pohl Creek, Popple River, Potato Creek, Prairie River, Raven Creek, Rice Creek, Rice Creek, Rice River, Rock Creek, Rosholt Creek, Sand Creek, Simpson Creek, Skimerhorn Creek, Smith Creek, Snowball Creek, South Fork Coon Creek, Split Hand Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Lake Creek, Stevens Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Point Brook, Sucker Brook, Sugar Brook, Swine Creek, Tank Creek, Third River, Trout Creek, Turtle River, Twomile Creek, Venning Creek, Wabana Creek, Wade Brook, Wagner Creek, Welcome Creek, West Branch Floodwood River, West Fork Prairie River, Windigo Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bengal Hill, Big Thunder Peak, Blueberry Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Cut-off Lake

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Bass Lake Lookout Tower, Birch Hill Lookout Tower, Blueberry Hill Lookout Tower, Day Lake Lookout Tower, Dixon Lake Lookout Tower, Farley Hill Lookout Tower, Jessie Lake Lookout Tower, Jessie Lake Pit, KAXE-FM (Grand Rapids), KMFY-FM (Grand Rapids), KOZY-AM (Grand Rapids), KXGP-FM (Deer River), Link Lake Lookout Tower, Plum Creek Lookout Tower, Scenic Lookout Tower, Stokes Lookout Tower, Stony Ridge Lookout Tower, Thistledew Lookout Tower, Wagner Lake Lookout Tower, Winnie Lookout Tower

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Buttonbox Trail, Cameron Lake Trail, Cutfoot Sioux National Recreation Trail, Elmwood Island Trail System, Link Lake Trail, Lost '40' Trail, Plum Creek Trail, Simpson Creek Trail System, Skeeter Lake Trail System, Spur Lake Trail System, Stingy Lake Trail, Suomi Hills Trail System, Taconite Trail, Turtle Mound Trail, Valley River Trail, Wasson Lake Trail, Wilson Lake Trail,

Itasca County, Minnesota Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteItasca County White population 42,29642,296  
American IndianItasca County American Indian population 1,6761,675
MixedItasca County Mixed population 996996
BlackItasca County Black population 181181
AsianItasca County Asian population 136135
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderItasca County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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