Lake County, Minnesota Basics:

Lake County Minnesota - Government Site

Population: 10,813
Area: 2109 square miles
County seat: Two Harbors
Area code(s) in use: 218
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 92.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 20.2%
Median household income: $47,210
Persons in poverty: 13.1%
Home ownership rate: 81.3%
Mean travel time to work: 20.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Cook  St. Louis  

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Map of the Lake County area

Our detail map of Lake County shows the Lake County, Minnesota boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lake County, Minnesota

  Airports     show all on map

Anthony Private Airport, Richard B Helgeson Airport, Silver Bay Municipal Airport, Weideman International Airport

  Bars     show all on map

Gooseberry Reef

  Bays     show all on map

Agate Bay, Back Bay, Bass Bay, Bayley Bay, Beaver Bay, Belmore Bay, Burlington Bay, Crystal Bay, Flood Bay, Hoist Bay, Inlet Bay, Islet Bay, Jackfish Bay, Klobuchar Bay, Little Two Harbors, Mist Bay, Mud Bay, Mulkuk Bay, Newfound Bay, North Bay, Pickerel Bay, Pine Bay, Pipestone Bay, Pork Bay, Rice Bay, Thursday Bay, Wednesday Bay, Wilderness Bay, Wind Bay

  Bridges     show all on map

Silver Bay City Library

  Buildings     show all on map

3M Museum, Beaver Bay Volunteer Fire Department, Edna G Tugboat Museum, Finland Volunteer Fire Department, Lake County Arena, Lake County Courthouse, Law Enforcement Center, Lighthouse Point Museum, Quetco Wilderness Research Center, Silver Bay Police Department, Silver Bay Volunteer Fire Department, Two Harbors City Hall, Two Harbors Library, Two Harbors Volunteer Fire Department

  Capes     show all on map

Caribou Point, Corundum Point, Granite Point, Shovel Point, Split Rock Point, United States Point, Wegens Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Finland Cemetery, Holy Spirit Catholic Cemetery, Isabella Memorial Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Toimi Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Finland Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Lewis Narrows

  Churches     show all on map

Bay Area Vineyard, Evangelical Free Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Isabella Union Chapel, Jehovah's Witnesses Congregation, Knife River Lutheran Church, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Our Saviours Church, Palisade Baptist Church, Saint Mary's Church, Silver Bay Baptist Church, Silver Creek Community Church, Sychar Lutheran Church, Two Harbors Jehovah's Witnesses, United Protestant Church, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Lafayette Bluff, Nester Bluffs, Silver Cliff

  Dams     show all on map

Birch Lake Dam, Cross River Number Three Dam, Dam Five Lake Dam, Dam Number One, Dam Number Two, Edwin Hansen Pond Dam, Gabbro Lake Number 1 Dam, Gabbro Lake Number Two Dam, Heinz-Meschbach Wildlife Pond Dam, Lake Number One Dam, Lake Number Two Dam, McDougal Lake Dam, Murphy Lake Number 1 Dam, Prairie Portage Dam, Richard Lammi SCS Dam, Sullivan Lake Dam, Two Harbors Dock Dam, Wilson Lake Dam, Wind Lake Dam, Winton Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Basswood Falls, Beaver River Falls, Caribou Falls, Glenn Avon Falls, Gooseberry Falls, Illgen Falls, Last Falls, Lower Basswood Falls, Newton Falls, Pancake Falls, Pipestone Falls, Wheelbarrow Falls

  Forests     show all on map

Bear Island State Forest, Finland State Forest, Isabella Lake State Forest, Lake Insula State Forest, Minnesota State Forest, Superior National Forest

  Hospitals     show all on map

Barrass Cottage, Bay Area Health Center, Community Health Center, Lake View Cottages, Lake View Home, Lake View Hospital, Minnesota Veterans Home, Sunrise Nursing Home

  Islands     show all on map

Beaver Island, Beaver Island, Birch Island, Burnt Island, Camp Island, Canoe Island, Center Island, Charlies Island, East Island, Encampment Island, Fire Island, Gary Island, Gull Rock, Half Burnt Island, Half Dog Island, Harri Island, Hausons Island, Horseshoe Island, Indian Grave Island, Isles of Pine, Knife Island, Lincoln Island, Lovers Island, Mile Island, New York Island, Norway Island, Pellet Island, Robbins Island, Squirrel Island, The Rock, Three Sisters Island, Washington Island, Wieland Island, Williamson Island

  Lakes     show all on map

'R' Lake (historical), Abinodji Lake, Acker Lake, Acorn Lake, Adams Lake, Adventure Lake, Agamok Lake, Ahmakose Lake, Ahsub Lake, Albino Lake, Alger Lake, Alice Lake, Alseth Lake, Alsike Lake, Alworth Lake, Amber Lake, Amberger Lake, Amimi Lake, Amoeber Lake, Andek Lake, Anit Lake, Annie Lake, Arkose Lake, Arrow Lake, Art Lake, Artlip Lake, Ashdick Lake, Ashigan Lake, Assawan Lake, Astray Lake, August Lake, Azion Lake, Azure Lake, Bag Lake, Baird Lake, Bakekana Lake, Bald Eagle Lake, Balmy Lake, Balsam Lake, Baltic Lake, Bandana Lake, Barter Lake, Baskatong Lake, Basswood Lake, Beam Lake, Bean Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Bearskin Lake, Beaver Hut Lake, Beaver Lake, Becoosin Lake, Bedford Lake, Beetle Lake, Benezie Lake, Bensen Lake, Besho Lake, Bewon Lake, Bill Lake, Bine Lake, Birch Lake, Birdsey Lake, Birl Lake, Black Lake, Blackstone Lake, Blesener Lake, Blinker Lake, Blissful Lake, Blue Jay Lake, Blue Wing Lake, Bluebill Lake, Bog Lake, Boga Lake, Bogberry Lake, Bonanza Lake, Bone Lake, Bonga Lake, Bonnie Lake, Boot Lake, Boulder Lake, Bow Lake, Bowstring Lake, Boze Lake, Brewis Lake, Briar Lake, Briddle Lake, Bridge Lake, Bright Lake, Browns Lake, Bruin Lake, Brunch Lake, Brush Lake, Bubbles Lake, Bugo Lake, Bullet Lake, Bullfrog Lake, Bullrush Lake, Bunny Lake, Bushel Lake, Bushman Lake, Bushwah Lake, Butterfly Lake, Byron Lake, Cabin Lake, Cacabic Lake, Cache Lake, Calamity Lake, Calico Lake, Camdre Lake, Camp Lake, Campers Lake, Campfire Lake, Canal Lake, Canoe Lake, Canta Lake, Cap Lake, Capote Lake, Carefree Lake, Cargo Lake, Carney Lake, Carp Lake, Cat Eyes Lake, Cat Lake, Cattyman Lake, Caveman Lake, Cedar Lake, Chaco Lake, Charity Lake, Cherry Lake, Chickadee Lake, Chipmunk Lake, Chippewa Lake, Chow Lake, Christianson Lake, Churn Lake, Circle Lake, Clam Lake, Clark Lake, Clear Lake, Clearwater Lake, Clevise Lake, Cliff Lake, Climax Lake, Climber Lake, Cloquet Lake, Club Lake, Cobalt Pond, Coffee Lake, Comfort Lake, Conchu Lake, Conic Lake, Continental Lake, Cook County Lake, Cook Lake, Cookoosh Lake, Coon Lake, Coot Lake, Cortes Lake, Cougar Lake, Cowan Lake, Cramer Homestead Lake, Cramer Lake, Crest Lake, Crocket Lake, Crooked Lake, Cross River Lake, Crosscut Lake, Crown Lake, Cup Lake, Dan Lake, Darlet Lake, Deep Lake, Delay Lake, Delta Lake, Denley Lake, Diana Lake, Dime Lake, Dipper Lake, Disappointment Lake, Discovery Lake, Divide Lake, Dix Lake, Doghouse Lake, Dorothy Lake, Douse Lake, Doyle Lake, Drag Lake, Dragon Lake, Drake Lake, Driller Lake, Drumstick Lake, Dumbbell Lake, Dunnigan Lake, Dutton Lake, East Chub Lake, East Lake, East Moccasin Lake, Echo Lake, Eddy Lake, Edge Lake, Edward Lake, Egge Lake, Eighteen Lake, Eikala Lake, Ekbeck Lake, Elixir Lake, Elk Lake, Ella Hall Lake, Ellen Lake, Elton Lake, Embla Lake, Ennis Lake, Ensign Lake, Eskwagama Lake, Ester Lake, Exploit Lake, Explorer Lake, Fable Lake, Faith Lake, Fall Lake, Fallen Arch Lake, Fantail Lake, Farm Lake, Fast Lake, Fee Lake, Ferman Lake, Ferne Lake, Finch Lake, Finn Pond, Fire Lake, Fish Lake, Fishdance Lake, Fisher Lake, Fishfry Lake, Fishtrap Lake, Flapper Lake, Flash Lake, Flat Horn Lake, Folly Lake, Fool Hen Lake, Fools Lake, Found Lake, Fourtown Lake, Fran Lake, Frank Lake, Fraser Lake, Fred Lake, Frog Lake, Frolic Lake, Frond Lake, Fry Lake, Fulton Lake, Fungus Lake, Fury Lake, Gabbro Lake, Gander Lake, Garden Lake, Gem Lake, Gertrude Lake, Gerund Lake, Gesend Pond, Gibson Lake, Gift Lake, Gijikiki Lake, Glacier Pond, Glen Lake, Glitter Lake, Gobetween Lake, Gogie Lake, Goldeneye Lake, Good Lake, Grass Lake, Green Wing Lake, Greenstone Lake, Greenwood Lake, Griddle Lake, Grouse Lake, Grub Lake, Grubstake Lake, Gull Lake, Gunsten Lake, Gypo Lake, Gypsy Lake, Hack Lake, Hanson Lake, Harbor Lake, Hare Lake, Harica Lake, Harmony Lake, Harness Lake, Harriet Lake, Harris Lake, Hat Lake, Hatchet Lake, Haven Lake, Hawks Nest Lake, Hazel Lake, Heart Lake, Helen Lake, Hide Lake, Highland Lake, Highlife Lake, Hjalmer Lake, Hoe Lake, Hogback Lake, Hogstrom Lake, Hoist Lake, Holiday Lake, Holt Lake, Homestead Lake, Hood Lake, Hope Lake, Horse Lake, Horsefish Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hotfoot Lake, Hube Lake, Hudson Lake, Hula Lake, Hum Lake, Hump Lake, Humpback Lake, Hush Lake, Ima Lake, Image Lake, Incus Lake, Indiana Lake, Inga Lake, Isabella Lake, Jack Lake, Jackfish Lake, Jackpot Lake, Janis Lake, Jasper Lake, Jenny Lake, Jerky Lake, Jewell Lake, Jinx Lake, Jitterbug Lake, John Elk Lake, John Lake, Johnson Lake, Jordan Lake, Jouppi Lake, Judd Lake, Jug Lake, Juggler Lake, Jump Lake, Jupiter Lake, Jut Lake, Kaapoo Lake, Kaiak Lake, Kale Lake, Kallio Lake, Kamimela Lake, Kane Lake, Kari Lake, Katherine Lake, Katydid Lake, Kawasachong Lake, Kawishiwi Lake, Kayoskh Lake, Kek Lake, Kekekabic Lake, Kekekabic Ponds, Kemptons Lake, Kettle Lake, Kiana Lake, Kickshaw Lake, Kitigan Lake, Kivandeba Lake, Kivaniva Lake, Knife Lake, Kobe Lake, Koma Lake, Kowalski Lake, Kutka Lake, Kuusi Lake, Labrador Pond, Lake Carol, Lake Culkin, Lake Four, Lake Gegoka, Lake Insula, Lake of the Clouds, Lake Polly, Lake Three, Lake Twentythree, Langley Lake, Lark Lake, Lax Lake, Leatherleaf Lake, Ledge Lake, Leg Lake, Legler Lake, Lena Lake, Leskinen Lake, Lethe Lake, Lillian Lake, Link Lake, Little Bear Lake, Little Spring Lake, Little Wampus Lake, Little Wilson Lake, Lobo Lake, Lois Lake, Loki Lake, Long Lake, Lookout Lake, Lost Lake, Lounge Lake, Lulu Lake, Lunar Lake, Lupus Lake, Luster Lake, Lynch Lake, Madden Lake, Magnet Lake, Maingan Lake, Makwa Lake, Malberg Lake, Maniwaki Lake, Manomin Lake, Marathon Lake, Marble Lake, Marble Lake, Mayfly Lake, Maymay Lake, Maze Lake, McDougal Lakes, Medas Lake, Median Lake, Melon Lake, Meme Lake, Micmac Lake, Midas Lake, Minerva Lake, Mirror Lake, Mirth Lake, Missionary Lake, Mist Lake, Mitawan Lake, Moiyaka Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Lake, Moosecamp Lake, Morris Lake, Mosquito Lake, Mound Lake, Mud Lake, Mueller Lake, Mugwump Lake, Murphy Lake, Museum Lake, Muskeg Lake, Muskrat Lake, Muzzle Lake, My Lake, Myth Lake, Nabek Lake, Nave Lake, Nawakwa Lake, Nectar Lake, Neglige Lake, Newfound Lake, Newton Lake, Nicado Lake, Nickel Lake, Niki Lake, Nine A M Lake, Ninemile Lake, Nipisiquit Lake, No-see-um Lake, North Wilder Lake, Norway Lake, Nuthatch Lake, Odeima Lake, Ogishkemuncie Lake, Ojibway Lake, Omaday Lake, Orchid Lake, Organ Lake, Organ Lake, Osier Lake, Otter Lake, Ottertrack Lake, Outlaw Lake, Ova Lake, Paccini Lake, Pace Lake, Paco Lake, Pagami Lake, Pakwene Lake, Pan Lake, Pangi Lake, Panhandle Lake, Papoose Lake, Parent Lake, Path Lake, Pea Soup Lake, Pear Lake, Pear Lake, Pearl Lake, Peavey Lake, Peerless Lake, Pelt Lake, Perdu Lake, Perent Lake, Peron Lake, Phantom Lake, Phospor Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pickle Lake, Pietro Lake, Pike Lake, Pioneer Lake, Pitcha Lake, Pitfall Lake, Placid Lake, Planted Lake, Plukesley Lake, Plum Lake, Plume Lake, Pompous Lake, Porridge Lake, Portage Lake, Pose Lake, Pouch Lake, Powwow Lake, Promise Lake, Puffer Lake, Quadga Lake, Quartz Lake, Rabbit Lake, Rail Lake, Railroad Lake, Range Lake, Rapture Lake, Rat Lake, Raven Lake, Recline Lake, Record Lake, Redface Lake, Redfin Lake, Redskin Lake, Redstart Lake, Reflection Lake, Refuge Pond, Repast Lake, Rice Lake, Riddle Lake, Ridgepole Lake, Rifle Lake, Rivalry Lake, River Lake, Robin Lake, Rock Island Lake, Rock of Ages Lake, Roe Lake, Rookie Lake, Rota Lake, Round Island Lake, Sable Lake, Saddle Lake, Sagus Lake, Sand Lake, Sandpit Lake, Sapphire Lake, Sash Lake, Saukko Lake, Sauna Lake, Sawmill Lake, Scanlon Lake, Scarp Lake, Scotch Lake, Scott Lake, Screamer Lake, Secret Lake, Section Eight Lake, Section Sixteen Lake, Section Twelve Lake, Section Twenty-nine Lake, Sedative Lake, Seed Lake, Sema Lake, Serpent Lake, Shallow Lake, Shallow Lake, Shamrock Lake, Shepo Lake, Shoepack Lake, Shoofly Lake, Short Lake, Shoveller Lake, Silver Island Lake, Sink Lake, Siren Lake, Sister Lake, Skindance Lake, Skoota Lake, Skull Lake, Slade Lake, Slate Lake, Slowfoot Lake, Slumber Lake, Small Lake, Smite Lake, Snatch Lake, Snowbank Lake, Snusbox Lake, Soap Lake, Solitude Lake, Sommers Lake, Sonju Lake, Source Lake, Sourdough Lake, South Arm Knife Lake, South Farm Lake, South Hope Lake, South Wigwam Lake, South Wilder Lake, Sova Lake, Spear Lake, Sphagnum Lake, Spice Lake, Spider Lake, Spigot Lake, Spinnan Lake, Splash Lake, Spoon Lake, Spree Lake, Sprig Lake, Spruce Lake, Spur Lake, Square Lake, Starlight Lake, Starling Lake, Steamhaul Lake, Steer Lake, Stewart Lake, Stony Lake, Stringer Lake, Struggle Lake, Strup Lake, Stub Lake, Sucker Lake, Sullivan Lake, Sumpet Lake, Sun Lake, Sundown Lake, Superstition Lake, Surprise Lake, Swamp Lake, Swing Lake, Sylvania Lake, T Lake, Tanner Lake, Teamster Lake, Tetagouche Lake, Thermal Lake, Thirtythree Lake, Thomas Lake, Thomas Lake, Three Eagle Lake, Thunderbird Lake, Tick Lake, Tickle Lake, Tin Can Mike Lake, Toe Lake, Tofte Lake, Tomahawk Lake, Tomlinson Lake, Tommy Lake, Tonic Lake, Tony Lake, Topaz Lake, Tord Lake, Tornado Lake, Totem Lake, Townline Lake, Trader Lake, Tradition Lake, Trail Lake, Trappers Lake, Travois Lake, Treasure Lake, Tremolo Lake, Triangle Lake, Trident Lake, Trinity Lake, Trust Lake, Trust Lake, Turkey Lake, Turtle Lake, Twilight Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Two Deer Lake, Upland Lake, Upper Uranus Lake, Uranus Lake, Van Lake, Vee Lake, Vein Lake, Vera Lake, Victor Lake, Vierge Lake, Vivian Lake, Vivid Lake, Wabosons Lake, Wadop Lake, Wagner Lake, Wampus Lake, Wanless Lake, Warbler Lake, Washte Lake, Water Tank Lake, Watonwan Lake, Weapon Lake, Weasel Lake, Webfoot Lake, Wedge Lake, West Chub Lake, West Moccasin Lake, Whist Lake, White Iron Lake, Whitefish Lake, Whittler Lake, Whiz Lake, Wilbur Lake, Wilson Lake, Wind Lake, Windy Lake, Wisini Lake, Witness Lake, Wolftrack Lakes, Wolverine Lake, Wood Lake, Woodcock Lake, Wooden Leg Lake, Wye Lake, Yoke Lake, Your Lake, Zitkala Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Baptism River Rest Area, Big Blaze Campground and Cabins, Birch Lake Campground, Birch Lake Dam Rest Area, Burlington Bay Campground, Camp Buckskin, Carp Portage, Divide Lake Campground, Dumbell Lake Picnic Area, East Breakwater Light, Fall Lake Campground, Flat Horn Lake Recreation Site, Gooseberry Falls Rest Area, Highland (historical), Hogback Lake Recreation Site, Isabella, Kawishiwi Lake Campground, Knife River, Knife River Campground, Knife River Rest Area, Lake County Fair Grounds, Lake County Fairgrounds - Camping, Lakeview National Golf Course, Little Isabella River Campground, Little Knife Portage, Long Lake Camp, McDougal Lakes Campground, Municipal Water and Light Plant, Ninemile Campground, Northern Exposure Campground, Penmaraliter Campground, Rocky Shores Campground, Silver Bay Country Club, Silver Rapids Lodge and Campground, South Kawishiwi River Camp, Split Rock Cabins, Split Rock Lighthouse, Superior Forest Lodge and Campground, Swamp Portage, Tetagouche Lake Campground, Timber Trail Resort and Campgrounds, Two Harbors Light, Two Harbors Lighthouse, Two Harbors Railroad Station, Wagon Wheel Campground, Wanless, West Breakwater Light, White Pine Picnic Area, Wildhurst Campgrounds

  Military     show all on map

Finland Air Force Station, Finland Air Force Station (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

3 Spot Historical Marker, Arthur V Rohweder Memorial Highway Historical Museum, Baptism River State Park, Buchanan Historical Marker, Geology Behind the Waterfalls Geological Marker, Geology Complicates Bridge Foundation Historical Marker, Geology of the Split Rock Canyon Region Geological Marker, George H Crosby Manitou State Park, Gooseberry Falls Concourse, Gooseberry Falls State Park, Kawashiwi River Wayside Park, Lake Superior Agate Geological Marker, Lakeview Park, Odegard Park, Palisade Head Historical Marker, Paul Van Hoven Park, Segog Park, Silver Creek Cliff Wayside Park, Split Rock Lighthouse Overlook, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Split Rock Trail Head Wayside Park, Tettegouche State Park, Thomas Owens Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Picture Rock, Table Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alger, Baptism Crossing, Beaver Bay, Beaver Crossing, Bell Harbor, Castle Danger, Cramer, Darby Junction, East Beaver Bay, Finland, Forest Center, Greenwood Junction, Happy Wanderer, Highland, Illgen City, Isabella, Jay See Landing, Jordan, Kelly Landing, Kennedy Landing, Knife River, Larsmont, Lauren, Lax Lake, Little Marais, Little Marais Postoffice, London, Manitou Junction, Maple, Martin Landing, McNair, Murphy City, Norshor Junction, Prairie Portage, Sawbill Landing, Scott Junction, Section Thirty, Silver Bay, Silver Creek, Silver Rapids, Stewart, Toimi, Two Harbors, Voyageur Trailer Park, Waldo, Wales, Wheeler Landing, White Iron, Whyte, Winter, York

  Post Offices     show all on map

Avery Post Office (historical), Beaver Bay Post Office, Brule River Post Office (historical), Burlington Post Office (historical), Dellacross Post Office (historical), Drummond Post Office (historical), Forest Center Post Office (historical), Isabella Post Office (historical), Knife River Post Office, Larsmont Post Office (historical), Lax Lake Post Office (historical), Marcy Post Office (historical), Mellen Post Office (historical), Palisade Post Office (historical), Pigeon River Post Office (historical), Sawbill Landing Post Office (historical), Section Thirty Post Office (historical), Sellwood Post Office (historical), Silver Bay Post Office, Splitrock Post Office (historical), Two Harbors Post Office, Wales Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Sawtooth Mountain

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Birch River, Dam Five Lake, Gabbro Lake, Gabbro Lake Number 1, Garden Lake, Lake One, Lake Two, Little Gabbro Lake, Majaya Lake, McDougal Lake, Milepost Seven Tailings Ponds, Murphy Lake, Rap Lake, Sucker Lake, Sullivan Lake, Wigwam Lake, Wilson Lake, Wind Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Great Lakes School of Logging, Isabella School, John A Johnson School, Johnson School, Kelly High School, Long Lake School, MacDonald Middle School, Minnehaha School, Northwoods Christian Academy, Section Thirty School, Two Harbors High School

  Streams     show all on map

Ahmoo Creek, Amenda Creek, Arrow Creek, Arrowhead Creek, August Creek, Bald Eagle Creek, Balsam Creek, Baptism River, Barto Creek, Basswood River, Beany Creek, Beaver River, Big Thirtynine Creek, Bill Creek, Blesener Creek, Blue Jay Creek, Bone Creek, Bud Creek, Cabin Creek, Camp Creek, Camp East Creek, Caribou River, Cedar Creek, Cloudy Spring Creek, Cobalt Creek, Coffee Creek, Comfort Creek, Coyote Creek, Crow Creek, Crown Creek, Crystal Creek, Dago Creek, Denley Creek, Drumstick Creek, Dumbbell River, East Branch Baptism River, East Branch Beaver River, East Branch Fortythree Creek, East Split Rock River, Egge Creek, Ekbeck Creek, Encampment River, Fall Creek, Ferne Creek, Filson Creek, Folly Creek, Fool Hen Creek, Fortythree Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fry Creek, Fulton Creek, Good Creek, Gooseberry River, Green Wing Creek, Greenwood River, Harriet Creek, Harris Creek, Harry Creek, Heffelfinger Creek, Hen Creek, Hill Creek, Hockamin Creek, Hog Creek, Hoist Creek, Homestead Creek, Hope Creek, Horse River, Houghtaling Creek, Inga Creek, Isabella River, Island River, Jack Creek, Jack Pine Creek, Jackpot Creek, Jasper Creek, Junction Creek, Kawishiwi River, Keeley Creek, Kelly Creek, Kennedy Creek, Kinney Creek, Kit Creek, Knife River, Landa Creek, Langley River, Leskinen Creek, Lillian Creek, Little Gooseberry River, Little Isabella River, Little Knife River, Little Langley River, Little Manitou River, Little Marais River, Little Mud Creek, Little Stewart River, Little Thirtynine Creek, Louse River, Madden Creek, Maki Creek, Manitou River, Maniwaki Creek, Martin Creek, Mary Ann Creek, McCarthy Creek, Mink Creek, Mitawan Creek, Moose Creek, Murphy Creek, Muskeg Creek, Nelsens Creek, Nicado Creek, Nickel Creek, Ninemile Creek, Nip Creek, Nira Creek, Osier Creek, Pagami Creek, Palisade Creek, Perent River, Petes Creek, Phoebe River, Powwow Creek, Record Creek, Ridgepole Creek, Robin Creek, Rock Cut Creek, Sand River, Sawmill Creek, Schoolhouse Creek, Scott Creek, Silver Creek, Skunk Creek, Skunk Creek, Snake Creek, Snake River, South Branch Manitou River, South Greenwood Creek, South Kawishiwi River, Spawn Creek, Sphagnum Creek, Spur End Creek, Stewart River, Stockade Creek, Stony Creek, Stony River, Strand Creek, Sullivan Creek, Superstition Creek, Tomlinson Creek, Tord Creek, Trappers Creek, Trappers Creek, Uncle Judas Creek, Walter Creek, Wanless Creek, Weiss Creek, Wenho Creek, West Branch Baptism River, West Branch Beaver River, West Branch Fortythree Creek, West Camp Creek, West Split Rock River, Whyte Creek, Wilbur Creek, Williams Creek, Wilson Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Day Hill, Disappointment Mountain, Gustafson Hill, Jack Pine Mountain, Mariner Mountain, Mount Weber, Palisade Head, Peabody Hill, Pork City Hill, Stony Tower Hill, White Hills

  Swamps     show all on map

Murphy Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

Arrow Lookout Tower, Bud Hill Lookout Tower, Cloquet Lookout Tower, Fernberg Lookout Tower, Finland Lookout Tower, Kekekabic Lookout Tower, Marble Lookout Tower, Stony Lookout Tower, Wanless Lookout Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Crooked Lake Trail, Kekekabic Trail, Moosewalk Snowmobile Trail, North Shore Snowmobile Trail, Old Pines Trail, Powwoun Trail, Snowbank Trail,

Lake County, Minnesota Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLake County White population 10,53210,531  
MixedLake County Mixed population 141140
American IndianLake County American Indian population 5454
BlackLake County Black population 4343
AsianLake County Asian population 3232
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLake County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Minnesota population by county