Cherry County, Nebraska Basics:

Cherry County Nebraska - Government Site

Population: 5,743
Area: 5960 square miles
County seat: Valentine
Area code(s) in use: 402 308
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 92.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 21.0%
Median household income: $45,172
Persons in poverty: 11.1%
Home ownership rate: 70.2%
Mean travel time to work: 15.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bennett (SD)  Blaine  Brown  Grant  Hooker  Keya Paha  Shannon (SD)  Sheridan  Thomas  Todd (SD)  Tripp (SD)  

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Map of the Cherry County area

Our detail map of Cherry County shows the Cherry County, Nebraska boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Cherry County, Nebraska

  Airports     show all on map

Becker Field, Cole Memorial Airport, Davis Ranch Airport, Flying Diamond Landing Strip, Higgins Brothers Airport, Merrill Landing Strip, Merritt Dam Landing Strip, Miller Field Airport, Runner Landing Area Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Devils Hole, Sand Hills

  Basins     show all on map

Arkansas Valley, Barent Valley, Big Dry Valley, Calf Creek Valley, Chamberlain Valley, Cutcomb Valley, Dry Valley, Dry Valley, Gem Valley, Grove Valley, Gypsy Valley, Harr Valley, Heath Valley, Ideal Valley, James Valley, Lake Springs Valley, North Valley, Peterson Valley, Pole Creek Valley, Powderhorn Valley, Pullman Valley, Remalia Valley, Rosebud Valley, Sweetwater Valley, Tennessee Valley, Tombstone Valley, Waupan Valley, White Valley, Wilson Valley

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Cedar Bay

  Bridges     show all on map

Allen Bridge, Anderson Bridge, Berry Bridge, Boiling Spring Bridge, Borman Bridge, Brewer Bridge, Bryan Bridge, Buffalo Bridge, Case Bridge, Clifford Bridge, Cornell Bridge, County Line Bridge, Crane Bridge, Darr Bridge, Falls Bridge, Garner Bridge, Hockenbary Bridge, Hook Bridge, Indian Bridge, Lavaca Bridge, Lions Bridge, Madison Bridge, Mogle Bridge, Moosman Bridge, Parker Bridge, Riemenschneider Bridge, Rockford Bridge, Shelbourn Bridge, Webster Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Centennial Hall, Cherry County Court House, Cherry County Historical Society Museum, Cherry County Sheriff's Office, Cody Police Department, Cody Volunteer Fire Department, Crookston Fire Department Satellite Station, Eve Bowring Visitor Center, Kilgore Volunteer Fire Department, Merriman Volunteer Fire Department, Mid - Cherry Rural Fire District, Nicbrara Ranger Station, Sandhills Museum, Sandhills Rescue - Ambulance Service, Valentine Police Department, Valentine Public Library, Valentine Visitors Center, Valentine Volunteer Fire Department, Wood Lake Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Ainsworth Canal, Horseshoe Drainage Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Hackberry Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Center Cemetery, Giles Cemetery, James Cemetery, Kewanee Cemetery, Lamson Cemetery, Larson Cemetery, Lavaca Cemetery, Minnechaduza Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Prairie Lawn Cemetery, Richland Harmony Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Sparks Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Brownlee Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Berean Fundamental Church, Elsmere Church, Evangelical Free Church, First Baptist Church, Gordon Valley Church (historical), Grace Lutheran Church, Lakeview Christian Reformed Church, Our Savior Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Presbyterian Church, Saint Joan of Arc Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Nicholas Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, Wood Lake Union Church, Zion Church, Zion Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Zion Lutheran Church Wisconsin Synod

  Dams     show all on map

Adamson Dam, Coble Dam, Cornell Dam, Cox Dam Number 1, Cox Dam Number 1-A, Cox Dam Number 2, Fox Dam Number 2, Goodwin Dam, Gordon Valley Dam, Merritt Dam, O'Kief Dam, Pierce Milling Plant Dam, Shell Lake, Shell Lake Dam, Valentine City Park Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Berry Falls, Big Falls, Fort Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Smith Falls, Snake River Falls, Tyler Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Bens Flat, Brownlee Flats, Chesterfield Flats, Church Flat, Connely Flat, Enscow Flat, Evies Flat, Farm Flat, German Flats, Horseshoe Meadow, Hutch Jack Flat, Lavaca Flats, Lee Flats, Lovejoy Flats, Marsh Flat, Poole Flat, Prairie Dog Flats, Rat Meadow, School Section Flat, Scott Meadow, Slim Meadow, Trickle Flat, Winter Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Samuel R McKelvie National Forest

  Hospitals     show all on map

Cherry County Hospital, Cherry County Physicians Clinic, McCormick Eye Clinic, Pine View Clinic, Pine View Good Samaritan Center, Valentine Vision Center

  Islands     show all on map

Fritzs Island, Hog Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Alkali Lake, Alkali Lake, Alkali Lake, Alkali Lake, Alkali Pond, Badger Lake, Bakers Lake, Bean Soup Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Pond, Big Alkali Lake, Big Buck Lake, Big Dad Lake, Big Lake, Big Lake, Blue Crane Lake, Bobtail Lake, Bornemann Lake, Bos Lake, Braunsweiger Lake, Bray Lake, Bristol Lake, Brush Lake, Bull Lake, Burr Lake, Campbell Lake, Card Lake, Carpenter Lake, Carrico Lakes, Castle Lake, Cedar Lake, Cedar Lake, Cedar Lake, Center Lake, Chamberlin Lake, Church Lake, Clear Lake, Clear Lake, Clubhouse Lake, Cody Lake, Coffee Lake, Coffey Lake, Coleman Lake, Coleman Lake, Coleman Pond, Collier Lake, Conway Lake, Cotton Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Cow Lake, Cullison Lake, Dads Lake, Dads Lake, Dead Cow Lake, Devils Punch Bowl Lake, Dewey Lake, Dillie Lake, Dooley Lake, Downing Lake, Dry Lake, Dry Valley Lake, Duck Lake, Duck Lake, Durbin Lake, East Twin Lake, East Twin Lake, Edwards Lake, Ell Lake, Ell Lake, Esther Lake, Evy Lake, Fawn Lake, Fender Lake, Flowing Well Lake, Frye Lake, Goose Lake, Goose Lake, Goose Lake, Goose Lake, Goose Lake, Green Lake, Green Lake, Gus Lake, Hackberry Lake, Hart Lake, Hay Lake, Heath Lake, Hill Lake, Holst Lake, Home Lake, Home Valley Lake, Homestead Lake, Horseshoe Bend Pond, Horseshoe Lake, Hudson Lake, Humpert Lake, Indian Lake, Jack Rabbit Lake, Jim Lake, Keller Lake, Krumpf Lake, Lake George, Lake John, Larson Lake, Leach Lake, Little Alkali Lake, Little Alkali Lake, Little Buck Lake, Little Coleman Lake, Little Dad Lake, Little Hay Lake, Little Skull Lake, Log Cabin Lake, Log Cabin Lake, Lone Tree Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Lord Lakes, Lost Lake, Lovejoy Lake, Lowes Lake, Mallard Lake, Mally Lake, Marsh Lake, Marty Lake, McKeel Lake, Medicine Lake, Melvin Lake, Middle Lake, Middle Marsh Lake, Mill Pond, Moon Lake, Moore Lake, Mother Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mule Lake, Muleshoe Lake, Mullis Lake, Murphy Lake, Negrohead Lake, Nelson Lake, North Marsh Lake, North Twin Lake, North Twin Lake, Packingham Lake, Palmer Lake, Pelican Lake, Pelican Lake, Piester Lake, Pony Lake, Preston Lake, Rat Lake, Rat Lake, Rat Lake, Rat Lake, Rat Lake, Rattlesnake Lake, Red Deer Lake, Red Mill Lake, Red Willow Lake, Robinson Lake, Rogers Lake, Roseberry Lake, Round Lake, Round Lake, Round Lake, Ruby Lake, S B Lake, Sand Beach Lake, School Lake, School Section Lake, School Section Lake, Schoolhouse Lake, Shaup Lake, Sherman Pond, Shigley Lake, Shore Lake, Short Lake, Sively Lake, Skull Lake, Slim Jim Lake, Smith Lake, Soda Lake, Solitare Lake, South Marsh Lake, South Marsh Lake, South Twin Lake, South Twin Lake, Spall Lake, Speck Lake, Speckel-Meir Lake, Spencer Lake, Spring Lake, Square Lake, Steve Lake, Stevenson Lake, Stout Lake, Sunflower Lake, Swan Lake, Swan Lake, Tate Lake, Thirty-One Lake, Thirty-Six Lake, Three Corners Lake, Tony Lake, Tree Claim Lake, Tree Lake, Trout Lake, Trucks Lake, Trumbull Lake, Turpin Lake, Twentyone Lake, Twin Lakes, Twomile Lake, Vaughn Lake, Watts Lake, Weed Lake, West Cottonwood Lake, West Twin Lake, White Willow Lake, Whitewater Lake, Wild Mare Lake, Willow Lake, Willow Lake, Windmill Lake, Winslow Lake, Wolf Lake, Y Lake

  Locales     show all on map

A Andrews Ranch, A Bar Ranch, A Keller Ranch, ABA Ranch, Abbott Ranch, Adam Ranch, Adam Ranch, Adamson Ranch, Adamson Ranch, Albert Timm Ranch, Anders Ranch, Anderson Lake, Andrews Ranch, Archie Kime Ranch, Arnot Ranch, Arthur Bowring Sandhill Ranch, Ayers (historical), B Adam Ranch, B Hanna Ranch, B Wright Ranch, Bachelor (historical), Bachelor Ranch, Baker Ranch, Balius Ranch, Barnes Ranch, Baseggio Ranch, Bates Ranch, Bear Creek Ranch, Beck Ranch, Becker Ranch, Beckwith Ranch, Beeds Landing Area Campground, Beel Ranch, Beem Ranch, Ben Cady Ranch, Berry Bridge Campground, Bestol Ranch, Beyersdorf Ranch, Blahaveck Ranch, Blaine Runner Ranch, Boardman Creek Area Campground, Bob Moreland Ranch, Bob Runner Ranch, Boltz Ranch, Bonifield Ranch, Bornemann Ranch, Bos Ranch (historical), Botts Ranch, Bow and Arrow Ranch, Box T Ranch, Boyer Ranch, Boyer Ranch, Breuklander Ranch, Broad Ranch, Brock (historical), Brockmoller Ranch, Broken Box Ranch, Bryan Bridge Scenic Overlook, Bryant Ranch, Bufinch Ranch, Burge Ranch, Burley Ranch, Burton Ranch, Bush Ranch, C C Wiese Ranch, C E Wise Ranch, C Pound Ranch, C Reiser Ranch, C Schultz Ranch, Calf Creek (historical), Card Ranch, Carpenter Ranch, Carrier Camp, Carver Ranch, Castle Ranch, Chappel Ranch, Cherry County Fairgrounds, Churchill Ranch, Churn Ranch, Clair Carpenter Ranch, Cobb Ranch, Cobb Ranch, Cobb Ranch, Coble Ranch, Cody City Park Campground, Cole Ranch, Conners Campground, Cooperative Non-Stock Grain Association Elevator, Copeland Ranch, Corkin Ranch, Corral, Cottonwood Lake Camping Area, Crookston, Crookston Grain and Fertilizer Incorporated Elevator, Curtis Ranch, D Cox Ranch, D Hanna Ranch, D Phillips Ranch, Dale Cady Ranch, Dalgren Ranch, Daniels Ranch, Davis Ranch, Deer Park Country Club, Diamond Bar Ranch, Diamond Bar Ranch, Dittmer Ranch, Downing Ranch, Downing Ranch, Duck Brand Ranch, Dumbbell Ranch, E Garwood Ranch, E Henderson Ranch, E Wobig Ranch, Eden Springs (historical), Egan Ranch, Elsberry Ranch, Emil Fuchser Ranch, Emmons Ranch, Ewart Ranch, F Gibson Ranch (historical), F Hanna Ranch, F Henderson Ranch, F Hinton Ranch, F Marshall Ranch, F Phillips Ranch, Fair Ranch, Fairbanks Camp, Ferguson Ranch, Fisher Ranch, Ford Ranch, Foster Ranch, Frank Timm Ranch, Frye Ranch, Fuchser Ranch, G Drinkwater Ranch, G Horner Ranch, Gale Ranch, Galloway Ranch, Ganser Ranch, Gardner Ranch, Garould Fairhead Ranch, George Jansen Ranch, Georgia, Gibson Ranch (historical), Gilaspie (historical), Giles Ranch, Goodwin Ranch, Gordon Valley Ranch, Graham Ranch, Grahams Camp, Gray Ranch, Grover Hill Ranch, Grow Ranch, Gudgel Ranch, H Cox Ranch, H Hinton Ranch, H Hoyt Ranch, H Reiser Ranch, Hanna Ranch, Harmon Ranch, Harms Ranch, Hassel Ranch, Hathorn Ranch, Hatters Bridge, Hay Creek Ranch, Hay Valley Ranch, Heath Ranch, Held Ranch, Henderson Ranch, Heth Ranch, Higgins Brothers Ranch (historical), Higgins Ranch, Hiram Ranch (historical), Hockenbary Ranch, Hoef-Scheer Ranch, Hog Farm, Holler Ranch, Hooper Ranch, Hornsby Ranch, Howarth Ranch, Iske Ranch, J Cline Ranch, J Garwood Ranch, J Lee Ranch, J Schneider Ranch, J Schultz Ranch, J Westover Ranch, Jamison Ranch, Jay Fairhead Ranch, Jensen Ranch, Jerry Jansen Ranch, JHL Ranch, Jim Miller Ranch, Johnson Ranch, K King Ranch, K King Ranch (historical), Keller Ranch, Keller Ranch (historical), Kelley Ranch, Keys Ranch, Kidder Ranch, Kimble Ranch, Kime Rinch, Kimes Camp, Kingsbury Ranch (historical), Kinneyville (historical), Knight Ranch, Knight Ranch, Knudsen Ranch, Krajeski Ranch, Kramer Ranch, Krueger Ranch, Kudelka Ranch, L Adam Ranch, L Hoyt Ranch, L Phipps Ranch, L Schneider Ranch, Lackey (historical), Ladely Ranch, Lazy Trails Angus Ranch, Leach Ranch, Lefler Ranch, Liebermann Ranch, Lindberg Ranch, Loeb Ranch, Losh Ranch, Lost Creek Cattle Company Ranch, Lovejoy Ranch, Lowe Ranch, Lowe Ranch, Luther Ranch, M Cline Ranch, M Lee Ranch, Maahs Ranch, MacBeth Ranch, Marshall and Son Ranch, May Ranch, McClaran Ranch, McCloud Ranch, McConaughey Ranch, McConaughey Ranch, McCreath Ranch, McDonald Ranch, McGaughey Ranch, McGinley Ranch, McKee Ranch, McLeod Ranch, McLeod Ranch, McMurty Ranch, Melville Ranch, Merrill Ranch, Merritt Reservoir Main Area Campground, Merritt Reservoir State Recreation Area, Merritt Trading Post and RV Park, Merz Ranch, Metz Ranch, Middle Prong (historical), Miles Ranch, Miller Ranch, Miller Ranch, Minor Camp, Minor Ranch, Mishler Ranch, Mogle Ranch, Monnier Ranch, Moody Ranch, Moreland Ranch, Moreland Ranch, Morris Ranch, Morris Ranch, Morton Administrative Site, Murphy Ranch, Murry Ranch, N Hanna Ranch, Neilson Ranch, Newton Ranch, Nielsen Ranch, Nielsen Ranch, Niemoth Ranch, Nollette Ranch, Old Scholtes Ranch, Olsen Ranch, Ormesher Ranch, Osburn Overlook, P Goodwin Ranch, Paine Place, Palmer Ranch, Parmer (historical), Pavlik Ranch, Paxson Ranch, Pearson Ranch, Pearson Ranch, Pederson Ranch, Peterson Ranch, Peterson Ranch, Phillips Camp, Phillips Ranch, Phillips Ranch, Phipps Ranch, Piercy Ranch, Piper Ranch, Planting Camp, Pound Ranch, Powder Horn Area Campground, Powderhorn Ranch, Prentice Ranch, Prindle Ranch, Pullman Ranch, Punta de Flecha Ranch, Qualley Ranch, Quarter Circle Bar Ranch, Quible Ranch, R Wobig Ranch, Ravenscroft Ranch, Red Deer Ranch, Reeves (historical), Richardson Ranch, Ridge Ranch, Robertson Ranch, Rocking J Ranch, Rocky Ford Campground, Roesch Ranch, Rogers Ranch, Rolling Stone Ranch, Roseberry Ranch, Roth Ranch, Rothwell Ranch, Roxby (historical), Russell Ranch, S Hanna Ranch, Sandoz Ranch, Sasse - Vinton Ranch Incorporated, Saults Ranch, Scheer Ranch, Schlack Ranch, Schleuter Ranch, Schlueter Ranch, Schmit Ranch, Scholtes Ranch, School Number 75, Sears Ranch, Sears Ranch, Seventy-one Bar Ranch, Shadbolt Ranch, Shadbolt Ranch, Shadbolt Ranch, Shadbolts Ranch, Shady Spot RV Camp, Shald Ranch, Shanley Ranch, Sharps Campground, Shaul Ranch, Sherman Ranch, Shields Ranch, Siding (historical), Simmons Ranch, Simonson and Lowe Ranch, Simonson Ranch, Skinner Ranch, Slocum Ranch, Snake River Area Campground, Soudan (historical), Sparks Store and RV Camp, Spencer Ranch, Starr Camp, Starr Ranch, Stasch Brothers Ranch, Steer Creek Camp, Steer Creek Campground, Steffen Ranch, Sterns Ranch, Stetter Ranch, Steve Kime Ranch, Steve Moreland Ranch, Stevens Ranch, Stevens Ranch, Stichka Ranch, Stolzenburg Ranch, Strunk Ranch, Sunny Slope Ranch, Swanson Camp, Swanson Ranch, Swanson Ranch, Sweeney Ranch, Swendener Ranch, T Reiser Ranch, T Trappel Ranch, Tailbone Ranch, Taylor Ranch, Thayer Ranch, Thomas Ranch, Three Bar Ranch, Tiny Town, Triangle B Ranch, Tumblin Ranch, Turner Ranch, Turner Ranch, Turner Ranch, U - Cross Ranch, U Cross Ranch, U Cross Ranch, U-Cross Ranch, V Louden Ranch, Valentine City Park Campground, Valentine KOA Campground, Valentine Motel and RV Park, Valentine State Fish Hatchery, Van Dusen Ranch, Van Winkle Ranch, Vian Ranch, Vobdy Ranch, Voss Ranch, W Adam Ranch, W D Phipps Ranch, W L Adam Ranch, W Marshall Ranch, W Reiser Ranch, Wacky West Travel Park, Walker Ranch, Walking Circle Ranch, Wallingford Ranch, Walt Kime Ranch, Walter Timm Ranch, Warden Ranch, Weber Ranch, Weber Ranch, West Spear Ranch, Wickman Ranch, Wiley Ranch, Wiley Ranch, Winston Ranch (historical), Wolfenden Ranch, Wolfenden Ranch, Wood Lake City Park Campground, Woodsons Windmill, Wrage Ranch, Wright Ranch, Wychoff Ranch, Yancey Ranch, Yaryan Ranch, Yauney Ranch, Yeager Ranch, Zlomke Ranch

  Parks     show all on map

Anderson Bridge State Wildlife Management Area, Arthur Bowring Sandhills Ranch State Historical Park, Ballards Marsh State Wildlife Management Area, Big Alkali State Wildlife Management Area, Borman Bridge Wildlife Management Area, Bryan Bridge Historical Marker, Cody City Park, Colburn Park, Cottonwood Lake State Recreation Area, Ecological Park, Fort Niobrara Historical Marker, Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge, Meritt Reservoir State Wildlife Management Area, Merry Land Park, Opening the Sandhills Historical Marker, Rat and Beaver Lake State Wildlife Management Area, Schlagel Creek State Wildlife Management Area, Shell Lake State Wildlife Management Area, Smith Falls State Park, Valentine City Park, Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, Valentine Trailhead Park, Willow Lake State Wildlife Management Area, Wood Lake City Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Arabia, Bayonne, Brownlee, Cascade, Cody, Conterra, Crookston, Doughboy, Eli, Elsmere, Falter Place, German Settlement (historical), Giles (historical), Goose Creek (historical), Hartgraves Place, Hire, Irwin, Kennedy, Kilgore, Leat, Littles Trailer Court, Merriman, Nenzel, Piercy Place, Simeon, Sparks, Sweetheart Trailer Court, Thatcher, Valentine, Wood Lake

  Post Offices     show all on map

Arabia Post Office (historical), Arlena Post Office (historical), Audacious Post Office (historical), Badger Lake Post Office (historical), Bailey Post Office (historical), Balfe Post Office (historical), Banner Post Office (historical), Bayonne Post Office (historical), Big Creek Post Office (historical), Boiling Spring Post Office (historical), Britt Post Office (historical), Burge Post Office (historical), Capawell Post Office (historical), Cascade Post Office (historical), Cashswan Post Office (historical), Cherry Post Office (historical), Chesterfield Post Office (historical), Clement Post Office (historical), Cody Post Office, Compton Post Office (historical), Conquest Post Office (historical), Conterra Post Office (historical), Crookston Post Office, Curlew Post Office (historical), Dandale Post Office (historical), Dean Post Office (historical), Dewey Lake Post Office (historical), Doughboy Post Office (historical), Eli Post Office (historical), Elizabeth Post Office (historical), Elsmere Post Office, Enlow Post Office (historical), Erik Post Office (historical), Ethel Post Office (historical), Fee Post Office (historical), Fern Post Office (historical), Fort Niobrara Post Office (historical), Gallop Post Office (historical), Gard Post Office (historical), Gregory Post Office (historical), Harlan Post Office (historical), Harmony Post Office (historical), Hire Post Office (historical), Hood Post Office (historical), Idella Post Office (historical), Irwin Post Office (historical), Junod Post Office (historical), Kennedy Post Office (historical), Kewanee Post Office (historical), Kilgore Post Office, King Post Office (historical), Lake Post Office (historical), Lavaca Post Office (historical), Leat Post Office (historical), Lewanna Post Office (historical), Lund Post Office (historical), Marmora Post Office (historical), Martindale Post Office (historical), Matteson Post Office (historical), McCann Post Office (historical), Meldon Post Office (historical), Melpha Post Office (historical), Merriman Post Office, Nenzel Post Office, Newton Post Office (historical), Nodine Post Office (historical), Oasis Post Office (historical), Pass Post Office (historical), Pearson Post Office (historical), Penbrook Post Office (historical), Poors Ranch Post Office (historical), Prentice Post Office (historical), Pullman Post Office (historical), Putman Post Office (historical), Red Deer Post Office (historical), Rex Post Office (historical), Riege Post Office (historical), Rita Park Post Office (historical), Rolf Post Office (historical), Simeon Post Office, Sparks Post Office, Survey Post Office (historical), System Post Office (historical), Thatcher Post Office (historical), Tioga Post Office (historical), Trouble Post Office (historical), Valentine Post Office, Vian Post Office (historical), Wells Post Office (historical), Wood Lake Post Office, Wrage Post Office (historical)

  Rapidss     show all on map

Conners Rapid, The Chute

  Reserves     show all on map

Fort Niobrara Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Coble Reservoir, Cox Dam Number 2, Cox Reservoir Number 1, Cox Reservoir Number 1, Fish Hatchery Lake, Fox Reservoir Number 2, Goodwin Reservoir, Gordon Valley Reservoir, Merritt Reservoir, Merritt Reservoir, O'Kief Reservoir, Pierce Milling Plant Reservoir, School House Lake Reservoir, Shell Lake, Valentine Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

Andrews School, Ballard Marsh Public School, Boardman Creek School, Boiling Spring School, Brownlee Public School, Calf Creek School, Carver Public School, Cascade School, Central Elsmere School, Cherry School, Cody-Kilgore Eleventary School, Cody-Kilgore High School, Compton School, Consolidated School (historical), Cornell Dam School, Cox School, Crackerbox School, Crookston Public School, Cutcomb Lake School, Delight School, Dry Valley School, Duck Lake School, East School Number 8, Eatinger School, Elsmere Public School, Ferguson - Becker School (historical), Goose Creek Public School, Gordon Creek School, Grace Eve Lutheran School, Harns School, Hart Lake School, Hinton School, Huddle School, Irwin Public School, Keller School (historical), Kennedy School, Kewanee School, Medicine Lake School, Merriman Public School, Merryland Park School, Mother Lake Public School, New Harmony School, North Elsmere School, North School Number 135, North Valley School, North Wrage School, Northwest Cherry School, Pioneer Public School, Prentice School, Red Mill School, Reigle School, Rockford School, Schlagel School, School Number 10, School Number 100, School Number 102, School Number 103, School Number 108, School Number 109, School Number 112, School Number 113, School Number 114 (historical), School Number 116, School Number 117, School Number 12, School Number 121, School Number 123, School Number 124, School Number 127, School Number 129, School Number 13, School Number 13, School Number 131, School Number 134 (historical), School Number 134 (historical), School Number 137, School Number 138, School Number 149, School Number 150 (historical), School Number 151, School Number 162 (historical), School Number 165, School Number 166, School Number 167, School Number 168 (historical), School Number 17, School Number 173, School Number 175, School Number 179, School Number 181, School Number 182, School Number 183, School Number 186, School Number 19, School Number 20, School Number 21, School Number 21, School Number 23, School Number 24, School Number 25, School Number 26, School Number 28, School Number 3, School Number 33, School Number 34, School Number 37, School Number 38, School Number 39, School Number 4, School Number 41, School Number 42, School Number 45, School Number 48, School Number 49, School Number 53, School Number 56, School Number 57 (historical), School Number 58, School Number 60, School Number 61, School Number 64, School Number 66, School Number 67, School Number 68, School Number 73, School Number 74, School Number 75, School Number 76, School Number 83, School Number 83, School Number 85, School Number 86, School Number 87, School Number 89 (historical), School Number 90, School Number 91, School Number 94, School Number 95, Sears School, Simeon Public School, South Elsmere School, South School Number 135, South Wrage School, Sparks Public School, Starr School, Tioga-Burge School, Valentine Elementary School, Valentine Middle School, Valentine Rural High School, Virginia School, Ward School, Wells School, West School Number 8, Willow Valley School, Wood Lake Public School, Zion Lutheran School

  Springs     show all on map

Boiling Spring, Buckhorn Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Bear Creek, Betsy Creek, Big Beaver Creek, Big Creek, Boardman Creek, Brush Creek, Brush Creek, Bull Creek, Calf Creek, Cedar Creek, Clapp Creek, Clifford Creek, Coon Creek, Crooked Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Evergreen Creek, Fairfield Creek, Fishberry Creek, Goose Creek, Gordon Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Heckel Creek, Horse Creek, Leander Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Lost Creek, Medicine Creek, Middle Branch Middle Loup River, Minnechaduza Creek, Mud Creek, North Branch Middle Loup River, North Fork Plum Creek, Pass Creek, Pole Creek, Rush Creek, Sandy Richards Creek, Schlagel Creek, Short Creek, Snake River, South Branch Middle Loup River, South Fork Fairfield Creek, South Fork Plum Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Steer Creek, Wamaduze Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Aljo Hill, Flattop, Frederick Peak, Giant Hill, Indian Hill, Indian Hill, Rock Hill, Rustlers Roost, Sevenmile Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Ballards Marsh, Carpenter Lake, Chamberlain Swamp, Dipping Vat Meadow, Duck Lake, Fish Lake, Gay Lake, Gem Lake, Gus Lake, Hill Meadow, Horseshoe Lake, Keller Lake, Little Steen Marsh, Mayhew Lake, Morgan Lake, Murphy Swamp, Nelse Lake, O'Brien Lake, Pearson Swamp, Reiser-Shockley Swamp, Silver Lake, Slonaker Lake, Spring Lake, Stub Lake, Swanson Swamp, Vrender Swamp, West Twin Lake, Zimmerman Lake

  Towers     show all on map

Eagle Point Lookout Tower, KRNE-FM (Merriman), KRNE-TV (Merriman), KVSH-AM (Valentine), Lookout Tower Number 1

  Trails     show all on map

Fort Niobrara Trail, Smith Falls Trails

  Valleys     show all on map

Allen Valley, Camp Valley, Cooper Canyon, Cox Canyon, Gem Valley, Government Canyon, Horseshoe Valley, Hospital Valley, McCann Canyon, McFarland Canyon, Rose Valley, Spring Canyon, Styre Canyon, Wamaduze Valley, Willow Valley,

Cherry County, Nebraska Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCherry County White population 5,2265,226  
American IndianCherry County American Indian population 322321
MixedCherry County Mixed population 155155
AsianCherry County Asian population 1717
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCherry County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Nebraska population by county