Otoe County, Nebraska Basics:

Otoe County Nebraska - Government Site

Population: 15,735
Area: 616 square miles
County seat: Nebraska City
Area code(s) in use: 402
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 91.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 21.2%
Median household income: $50,917
Persons in poverty: 12.2%
Home ownership rate: 72.7%
Mean travel time to work: 22.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Atchison (MO)  Cass  Fremont (IA)  Gage  Johnson  Lancaster  Nemaha  

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Map of the Otoe County area

Our detail map of Otoe County shows the Otoe County, Nebraska boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Otoe County, Nebraska

  Airports     show all on map

Gress Farms Airport, Grundman Airport, Nebraska City Municipal Airport, Roll Brothers Airport, Saint Marys Hospital Heliport, Syracuse Hospital Heliport, Watermeier Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Burr Rescue Squad Incorporated, Burr Volunteer Fire Department, Douglas Public Library, Douglas Rescue Squad, Douglas Volunteer Fire Department, Dunbar Volunteer Fire Department, Grand Army of the Republic Hall, Morton-James Public Library, Nebraska City Fire Department, Nebraska City Police Department, Nebraska City Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Old Freighters Museum, Otoe County Courthouse, Otoe County Museum of Memories, Otoe County Sheriffs Office, Otoe Volunteer Fire Department, Palmyra Fire and Rescue, Palmyra Memorial Library, Syracuse Police Department, Syracuse Public Library, Syracuse Rescue Service Incorporated, Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department, Talmage Community Fire Department, Talmage Public Library, Talmage Rescue Squad, Wildwood House

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Biggs Cemetery, Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bunten Cemetery, Camp Creek Cemetery, Cowles Cemetery, Dudley Cemetery, Dughman Cemetery, Dunbar Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Hope Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Palmyra Cemetery, Park Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Rosewood Cemetery, Saint Benedicts Cemetery, Saint Leos Cemetery, Saint Martins Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Schacht Cemetery, Solon Cemetery, Spahnle Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Unadilla Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Warner Cemetery, Wyuka Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Woodland Hills Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Arbor Christian Fellowship, Baha'i Faith, Bethel United Church of Christ, Calvary Community Church, Camp Creek Chapel, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Christian Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Delaware Church, Dunbar Presbyterian Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Lutheran Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Evangelical Lutheran Church, First United Methodist Church, Holy Trinity Church, Hope Lutheran Church, Hopewell Church, Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall, Luther Memorial Church, North Branch Church, Pentecostal Kings Church, Presbyterian Church, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Saint Benedicts Catholic Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns United Church of Christ, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Leo Catholic Church, Saint Martin Catholic Church, Saint Marys Catholic Church, Saint Marys Episcopal Church, Saint Paulinus Catholic Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Syracuse Baptist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, Zion United Church of God

  Dams     show all on map

Berner Dam, Brehm Dam, Brownell Creek Dam 1-1, Brownell Creek Dam 1-4, Brownell Creek Dam 1-A, Brownell Creek Dam 10-2, Brownell Creek Dam 11-6, Brownell Creek Dam 11-A, Brownell Creek Dam 12-3, Brownell Creek Dam 12-A, Brownell Creek Dam 13-4, Brownell Creek Dam 13-6, Brownell Creek Dam 16-A, Brownell Creek Dam 2-A, Brownell Creek Dam 3-6, Brownell Creek Dam 4-1, Brownell Creek Dam 6-A, Brownell Creek Dam 7-A, Brownell Creek Dam 8-3, Brownell Creek Dam 8-A, Brownell Creek Dam 9-A, Buffalo City Dam, Burr Dam, Demey Dam, Dieter Dam, Fargo Dam, Gibbs Dam, Heirs Dam, Janeke Dam, Janssen Dam, Jay Dam, Johnson Dam, Little Nemaha River Dam 3-1, Little Nemaha River Dam 3-1A, Little Nemaha River Dam 3-1B, Mohr Dam, N F Little Nemaha Dam 4-14, N F Little Nemaha Dam 4-F, Peterson Dam, Reuter Dam, Roper Dam, Wilson Creek Dam 1-10, Wilson Creek Dam 1-15, Wilson Creek Dam 1-24, Wilson Creek Dam 1-F, Wilson Creek Dam 1-N, Wilson Creek Dam 12-11, Wilson Creek Dam 12-17, Wilson Creek Dam 12-2, Wilson Creek Dam 12-3, Wilson Creek Dam 12-6, Wilson Creek Dam 12-9B, Wilson Creek Dam 12-T, Wilson Creek Dam 2-2, Wilson Creek Dam 2-21, Wilson Creek Dam 2-23, Wilson Creek Dam 2-26, Wilson Creek Dam 2-27, Wilson Creek Dam 2-28, Wilson Creek Dam 2-2b, Wilson Creek Dam 2-32, Wilson Creek Dam 2-6, Wilson Creek Dam 2-H, Wilson Creek Dam 2-J, Wilson Creek Dam 2-N, Wilson Creek Dam 2-S, Wilson Creek Dam 2-X, Wilson Creek Dam 2-Y, Wilson Creek Dam 3-2, Wilson Creek Dam 3-6, Wilson Creek Dam 3-C, Wilson Creek Dam 4-11, Wilson Creek Dam 4-15, Wilson Creek Dam 5-15, Wilson Creek Dam 5-5, Wilson Creek Dam 5-C, Wilson Creek Dam 5-F, Wilson Creek Dam 5-H, Wilson Creek Dam 5-J, Wilson Creek Dam 6-4, Wilson Creek Dam 6-5, Wilson Creek Dam 6-7, Wilson Creek Dam 6-8, Wilson Creek Dam 7-19-E, Wilson Creek Dam 7-8, Wilson Creek Dam 7-9, Wilson Creek Dam 7-A, Wilson Creek Dam 8-12, Wilson Creek Dam 8-5, Wilson Creek Dam 8-B, Wilson Creek Dam 8-H, Wilson Creek Dam 9-1, Wilson Creek Dam 9-6, Wilson Creek Dam 9-C, Zahn Dam, Ziegler Creek Dam Z-1, Ziegler Creek Dam Z-15, Ziegler Creek Dam Z-16, Ziegler Creek Dam Z-17, Ziegler Creek Dam Z-5-1, Ziegler Creek Dam Z-5-3, Ziegler Creek Dam Z-5-4, Ziegler Creek Dam Z-6-2

  Hospitals     show all on map

Ambassador Nebraska City, Community Memorial Hospital, Duffs Friendship Villa, Eye Surgical Associates, Family Physicians of Nebraska City, Family Physicians of Talmage, Good Samaritan Center, Mid-Plains Eyecare Center, Mid-Plains Eyecare Center, Midwest Dermatology Clinic, Nebraska City Dental Clinic, Nebraska City Foot Clinic, Nebraska City Manor, Physicians Clinic, Saint Marys Community Hospital, Syracuse Dental Clinic, Syracuse Medical Center, Tabitha Health Care Services

  Islands     show all on map

Frazers Island

  Locales     show all on map

Arbor, Barney (historical), Bartlett and Company Elevator, Burr (historical), Camp Catron, Delaware (historical), Douglas (historical), Dunbar, Elberon (historical), Farmers Co-op Company Elevator, Farmers Co-op Elevator, Farmers Cooperative Company Elevator, Farmers Union Co-op Elevator, Grain Service Company Elevator, Greenwood Farmers Co-op Elevator, Lorton (historical), Minersville (historical), Montana, Nebraska City, Nehawka Farmers Co-op Elevator, Olson (historical), Otoe (historical), Palmyra, Palmyra RV Camp, Paul, Prairie Owl Campground, Summit (historical), Syracuse, Syracuse Campground, Syracuse Country Club, Syracuse Grain Incorporated Elevator, Table Creek Golf Course, Talbot (historical), Talmage (historical), Tangeman (historical), Turllington (historical), Unadilla, Victorian Acres RV Park and Campground, Wildwood Golf Course, Woodland Hills Golf Course, Worcester (historical), WX Siding (historical), Wyoming, Xenia (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Fort Kearny (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Arbor Lodge Historical Marker, Arbor Lodge State Historical Park, Indian Treaty Monument Historical Marker, John Brown Park, Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail - Missouri River Visitors Center, Mayhew Cabin Historical Marker, Nebraska City - Fort Kearney Cutoff Historical Marker, Nebraska City Historical Marker, Old Fort Kearny Historical Marker, Riverview Marina State Recreation Area, Steinhart Park, Talmage Nebraska Historical Marker, Triple Creek State Wildlife Management Area, Wilson Creek State Wildlife Management Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Applewood Mobile Home Park, Burr, Cio (historical), Delta (historical), Douglas, Dunbar, Elberon, Lorton, Minersville, Nebraska City, Otoe, Palmyra, Park EZ Mobile Home Court, Paul, Spring Grove City (historical), Syracuse, Talmage, Tangeman, Unadilla, Wyoming

  Post Offices     show all on map

Arlington Post Office (historical), Avondale Post Office (historical), Burr Post Office, Camp Creek Post Office (historical), Colona Post Office (historical), Delaware City Post Office (historical), Delta Post Office (historical), Douglas Post Office, Dover Post Office (historical), Dresden Post Office (historical), Dunbar Post Office, Ela Post Office (historical), Farmersville Post Office (historical), Fort Kearny Post Office (historical), Hamilton Post Office (historical), Kearney City Post Office (historical), Lorton Post Office, Minersville Post Office (historical), Nebraska City Post Office, North Branch Post Office (historical), Old Wyoming Post Office (historical), Osage Post Office (historical), Otoe City Post Office (historical), Otoe Post Office, Paisley Post Office (historical), Palmyra Post Office, Paul Post Office (historical), Solon Post Office (historical), Swift Post Office (historical), Syracuse Post Office, Talmage Post Office, Turlington Post Office (historical), Unadilla Post Office, Victoria Post Office (historical), Wyoming Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Brehm Reservoir, Brownell Creek Reservoir 1-1, Brownell Creek Reservoir 1-4, Brownell Creek Reservoir 1-A, Brownell Creek Reservoir 10-2, Brownell Creek Reservoir 11-6, Brownell Creek Reservoir 11-A, Brownell Creek Reservoir 12-3, Brownell Creek Reservoir 12-A, Brownell Creek Reservoir 13-6, Brownell Creek Reservoir 16-A, Brownell Creek Reservoir 18-2, Brownell Creek Reservoir 2-4, Brownell Creek Reservoir 3-6, Brownell Creek Reservoir 4-1, Brownell Creek Reservoir 6-A, Brownell Creek Reservoir 7-A, Brownell Creek Reservoir 8-3, Brownell Creek Reservoir 8-A, Buffalo City Reservoir, Burr Reservoir, Chase Hoppe Reservoir 9-A, Demey Reservoir, Fargo Reservoir, Janeke Reservoir, Janssen Reservoir, Jay Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir, Little Nemaha River Reservoir 3-1, Little Nemaha River Reservoir 3-1A, Little Nemaha River Reservoir 3-1B, N F Little Nemaha Reservoir 4-14, N F Little Nemaha Reservoir 4-F, Wilson Creek Reservoir, Wilson Creek Reservoir 1-10, Wilson Creek Reservoir 1-15, Wilson Creek Reservoir 1-24, Wilson Creek Reservoir 1-9, Wilson Creek Reservoir 1-F, Wilson Creek Reservoir 1-N, Wilson Creek Reservoir 12-11, Wilson Creek Reservoir 12-16, Wilson Creek Reservoir 12-17, Wilson Creek Reservoir 12-18, Wilson Creek Reservoir 12-2, Wilson Creek Reservoir 12-3, Wilson Creek Reservoir 12-6, Wilson Creek Reservoir 12-9B, Wilson Creek Reservoir 12-T, Wilson Creek Reservoir 1o-4, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-14, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-19, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-2, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-21, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-26, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-27, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-28, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-2b, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-3, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-32, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-6, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-H, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-J, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-N, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-S, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-X, Wilson Creek Reservoir 2-Y, Wilson Creek Reservoir 3-2, Wilson Creek Reservoir 3-6, Wilson Creek Reservoir 4-15, Wilson Creek Reservoir 5-15, Wilson Creek Reservoir 5-5, Wilson Creek Reservoir 5-C, Wilson Creek Reservoir 5-F, Wilson Creek Reservoir 5-H, Wilson Creek Reservoir 5-J, Wilson Creek Reservoir 6-4, Wilson Creek Reservoir 6-5, Wilson Creek Reservoir 6-7, Wilson Creek Reservoir 6-8, Wilson Creek Reservoir 7-19-E, Wilson Creek Reservoir 7-8, Wilson Creek Reservoir 7-9, Wilson Creek Reservoir 7-A, Wilson Creek Reservoir 8-12, Wilson Creek Reservoir 8-5, Wilson Creek Reservoir 8-B, Wilson Creek Reservoir 8-H, Wilson Creek Reservoir 9-1, Wilson Creek Reservoir 9-6, Wilson Creek Reservoir 9-C, Wilson Creek Reservoir I- 23, Wilson Creek Reservoir Z-2a, Zahn Reservoir, Ziegler Creek Reservoir Z-1, Ziegler Creek Reservoir Z-15, Ziegler Creek Reservoir Z-16, Ziegler Creek Reservoir Z-17, Ziegler Creek Reservoir Z-5-1, Ziegler Creek Reservoir Z-5-3, Ziegler Creek Reservoir Z-5-4, Ziegler Creek Reservoir Z-6-2

  Schools     show all on map

Baker School (historical), Buchanan School, Camp Creek School (historical), Dewey School (historical), Douglas Schools, Evergreen School (historical), Ferguson School (historical), Giles Public School, Greggsport School (historical), Harmony School, Hayward Elementary School, Hazel Dell Public School, Howe School (historical), Lincoln Grove School (historical), Lourdes Central High School, Lourdes Primary School, Main School (historical), Maple Grove Public School, Maple Grove School (historical), Maple Grove School (historical), McCartney Public School, McWilliams School (historical), Nebraska City Middle School, Nebraska City Northside School, Nebraska City Senior High School, Nebraska Schools for Visually Handicapped, Nemaha Valley School, Otoe Public School, Palmyra Junior-Senior High School, Peru State Regional Technology Center, Pleasant Grove School (historical), School Number 10 (historical), Second Ave School, Sixth Street School, Smallfoot Public School, Sunnyside School (historical), Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Schools, Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Schools, Unadilla Public School, Valley School (historical), Valleyside School (historical), Walnut Creek School (historical), Walnut Hill School (historical), Washington School (historical), Waterloo School (historical), Zion Public School

  Streams     show all on map

Boxelder Creek, Brownell Creek, Camp Creek, Deer Creek, East Chute, Flood Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fox Creek, Goose Creek, Henry Creek, Hooper Creek, Jordan Creek, Little Muddy Creek, Muddy Creek, North Branch Camp Creek, North Fork Little Nemaha River, North Table Creek, Owl Creek, Pratts Branch, Rock Creek, Russell Creek, Sand Creek, Silver Creek, South Branch Camp Creek, South Branch Weeping Water Creek, South Fork Little Nemaha River, South Table Creek, Spring Creek, Threemile Creek, Walnut Creek, Weeping Water Creek, West Chute, Wilson Creek, Wilson Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Wyoming Creek, Ziegler Creek

  Towers     show all on map

KFRX-FM (Lincoln), KNCY-AM (Nebraska City), KNCY-FM (Nebraska City), KNCY-FM (Nebraska City)

  Trails     show all on map

Arbor Day Trail - Nebraska City Trail, Arbor Lodge Trail, Steamboat Trace Trail,

Otoe County, Nebraska Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteOtoe County White population 15,27915,278  
MixedOtoe County Mixed population 189188
BlackOtoe County Black population 110110
AsianOtoe County Asian population 7978
American IndianOtoe County American Indian population 6362
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderOtoe County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1615

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