Torrance County, New Mexico Basics:

Torrance County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 16,046
Area: 3345 square miles
County seat: Estancia
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 82.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 12.2%
Median household income: $31,538
Persons in poverty: 25.9%
Home ownership rate: 81.8%
Mean travel time to work: 31.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bernalillo  Guadalupe  Lincoln  San Miguel  Santa Fe  Socorro  Valencia  

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Map of the Torrance County area

Our detail map of Torrance County shows the Torrance County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Torrance County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Corona Airport, Estancia Municipal Airport, J and M Farms Airport, Moriarty Airport, Mountainair Municipal Airport, Transwestern Pipeline Number 7 Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Norea del Rincon, West Mesa

  Arroyos     show all on map

Arroyo de Manzano, Arroyo de San Jose, Arroyo de Tajique, Arroyo del Cuervo, Caņada de Chinchonte, Caņada de la Miga, Caņada de la Perra, Chaves Draw, Cola del Gallo Arroyo

  Basins     show all on map

Brown Lake

  Buildings     show all on map

AT and SF RR Depot in Mountainair, Berkshire Hotel Historic Site, Encino Fire and Rescue, Estancia Fire Department, Estancia Police Department, Estancia Public Library, Moriarty Community Library, Moriarty Fire Department, Moriarty Historical Society Museum, Moriarty Police Department, Mountainair Civic Library, Mountainair Fire and Rescue, Mountainair Municipal Auditorium, Mountainair Police Department, Punta (historical), Salinas National Monument Headquarters and Visitor Center, Torrance County Detention Facility, Torrance County District 2 Volunteer Fire Department, Torrance County Sheriff's Office, Torreon Volunteer Fire Department Station 4 Tajique, Willard Fire Department

  Capes     show all on map

El Cabo

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bosque Peak Cemetery, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Cedarvale Cemetery, Duran Cemetery, Duran Cemetery, Encino Cemetery, Estancia Cemetery, Farmer Cemetery, Garland Cemetery, Guadalupe Cemetery, Hindi Family Cemetery, Kayser-Eastview Cemetery, La Cienega Mission Cemetery, Lucy Cemetery, Manzano Cemetery, Manzano Churchyard Cemetery, Manzano Hills Cemetery, McIntosh Cemetery, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Mount Carmel Cemetery, Mount View Cemetery, Mountainair Cemetery, Negra Cemetery, Old Tajique Cemetery, Pinos Wells Cemetery, Progresso Cemetery, Protestant Cemetery, Punta de Agua Catholic Cemetery, Punta de Agua Cemetery, Purcella Eastview Cemetery, Red Hills Cemetery, Round Top Cemetery, Saint John Nepomucene Cemetery, Tajique Catholic Church Cemetery, Torreon Catholic Cemetery, Torreon Cemetery, Willard Cemetery, Willard Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

C Davis Place Census Designated Place, Duran Census Designated Place, Encino Division (historical), Indian Hills Census Designated Place, Jarett Place Census Designated Place, Manzano Census Designated Place, Manzano Springs Census Designated Place, McIntosh Census Designated Place, Tajique Census Designated Place, Torreon Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Baptist Church, Bethel United Methodist Church, Cedar Grove Church, Church of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, East Mountain Assembly of God Church, Estancia United Methodist Church, Estancia Valley Catholic Parish, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Moriarty, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Frontier Church, Good News Baptist Church, Immanuel Southern Baptist Church, La Cienega Mission, Moiuntainair Christian Center, Saint Alice Church, Willard Baptist Church

  Crossings     show all on map

226 Palma Interchange, 234-Flying C Interchange, 243-Milagro Interchange, Clines Corner Interchange, Longhorn Ranch Interchange, McKenzie Interchange, Wagon Wheel Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Mescalero Lake Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Atkinson Flats, Gooch Flats

  Forests     show all on map

Mountainair Ranger District, Mountainair Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Chupadera Gap, Comanche Pass, Roach Pass, Serape Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Central New Mexico Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Aragons Lake, Bog Hole, Cedar Lake, Chico Lake, Espinosa Lake, Fain Lake, Laguna Blanca, Laguna del Perro, Lake Baldes, Rock Lake, Rock Lake, Salina Lake, Santa Barbara Lake, Telephone Lake, Texas Lake, Wire Lake, Wyatt Lake

  Locales     show all on map

A Hindi Ranch, Abo Ruins, Abrahm Ranch, Achinson Ranch, Aguya, Albuquerque Trailhead, Ansley Windmill, Atkinson Windmill, Ballinger Ranch, Barales School, Bates Ranch, Beedle Windmill, Berkshire Ranch, Berkshire Windmill, Bianca (historical), Bigbee Ranch, Bosque Trailhead, Brandenburg Ranch, Broncho, Brown Ranch, Brunson Ranch, Bullington Ranch, Butler Ranch, Cain Ranch, Calvert, Camaleon (historical), Capilla Peak Campground, Capilla Peak Observatory, Carrizo Windmill, Cecil Windmill, Cerro Blanco Trailhead, Chato School, Chavez Ranch, Chupadera Windmill, Clark Ranch, Clines Corners Weather Station, Clines Ranch, Cottonwood Trailhead, D Devaney Ranch, D Williams Ranch, Davis Ranch, Davis Ranch, Dean Ranch, Dean Ranch, Dean Ranch, Devaney Ranch, DeVaney Ranch, Devaney Windmill, Dressler Ranch, Dubois Center Windmill, Dunlap Ranch, Dunmoor, E Devaney Ranch, Eagle (historical), Eastview School, Eclipse Windmill Historic Site, El Chinchonte Ranch, El Ranchero Berkshire, Elliott Ranch, Erramousbe Ranch, Estes Windmill, Five Mile Windmill, Flowers Ranch, Flying C Ranch, Forest Windmill, Fourth of July Campground, Fox Ranch, Garcia Ranch, Garcia Windmill, Garden Windmill, Going Thing Ranch, Gold Grade (historical), Gomer Ranch, Goodner Ranch, Gran Quivera Weather Station, Green Camp, Gustin Ranch, Gustins Ranch, H S Williams Ranch, Hale Ranch, Hansen Ranch, Helena (historical), Herring Windmill, Hibler Ranch, Hindi Ranch, Hinman Ranch, Hobbs Ranch, Hobbs Ranch, Hogg Ranch, Holliday Ranch, Hornsby Ranch, Houston Windmill, Indiole, Indiole (historical), Inlow Youth Camp, Jackson Ranch, Jew Windmill, Kayser Mill Trailhead, Kaysers Ranch, Kincheloe Homestead, L Williams Ranch, Lackey Ranch, Lamb Homestead, Lammon Ranch, Langley Ranch, LK Markel Ranch, Lo De Padilla, Longhorn Ranch, Lucero (historical), Lyod Ranch, Marsh Ranch, Martinez, Maxey Ranch, McGoragill Ranch, McIntosh Weather Station, McKenzie Ranch, Meadows Ranch, Mendonca Ranch, Mesa De Los Jumanos Ruins, Milbourn Ranch, Miller, Miller Ranch, Moe Ranch, Montano, Mountainair Pumping Station, Mountainair Ranger Station, Mountainair Rodeo Ground, Mountainair Weather Station, New Canyon Campground, Niemi Ranch, O L Markel Ranch, Old Price Ranch, Ortiz Ranch, Osborne Ranch, Osita Ranch, Ox Canyon Trailhead, Palma Weather Station, Pedernal Weather Station, Piedroso Windmill, Piggott Ranch, Pine Shadow Trailhead, Pino de la Virgen, Piņos Well, Pound Ranch, Price Ranch, Progresso Weather Station, Prueitt Ranch, Pruiett Windmill, Pueblo Blanco, Pueblo Colorado, Pueblo Pardo, Ranch Huntley, Rancho del Venado, Red Canyon Campground, Red Canyon Ranch, Red Canyon Trailhead, Red Canyon Windmill, Red Hill, Red Miller Point, Reynolds Windmill, Ruins Windmill, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument Visitor Center, Sharp Ranch, Shartzer Windmill, Silvia Ranch, Simpson Ranch, Sorule Homestead, Spangler Windmill, Spruill Ranch, Sprule Windmill, Sun Valley Ranch, Tabira Ruin, Tajique Cabin, Tajique Campground, Tajique Weather Station, Three Way Windmill, Tornado (historical), Trail Canyon Trailhead, Trinchera (historical), Trujillo Ranch, Two-legged Windmill, Waller Ranch, Well Old Price Ranch, West Windmill, Willard Substation, Wiltbank Windmill, YMCA Camp

  Military     show all on map

Moriarty Air Force Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Abo Mine, Adams Iron Pit, Bluehall I Kistler, Bronco Pit, Chief 1-A Pace Mine, Chief I Pace, Chupadera, Drice I Garland, Esatancia 2 Dehart, Estancia 1 Kellogg, Estancia 1 Kellogg Mine, Estancia 1 Kutchin, Estancia 1 Roland, Estancia 3 Dehart, Estancia 4 Dehart, Estancia 5 Dehart, Estancia I Crawford Mine, Fite Mine, Gabaldon Mine, Garner Mine, Geoslim Pit, Iron King, Jacks Pit, Lee I Milburn, Meyers 1 Milburn, Meyers 1 Smith, Mountainair Pit, Schockley, Scholle Plant Mine, Tina, Tina Barite Deposit

  Parks     show all on map

Abo Ruins Salinas National Monument Historical Marker, Edge of the Plains Historical Marker, Estancia Historical Marker, Gran Quivira Ruins National Monument Historical Marker, Greggs Trail Historical Marker, Laguna Del Perro Historical Marker, Lake Estancia Historical Marker, Manzano State Park, Mountainair Historical Marker, Quarai Ruins Salinas National Monument Historical Marker, Ranger Station Picnic Ground, Red Canyon Picnic Grounds, Salinas National Monument, Salinas National Monument Historical Marker, Salt Lakes Historical Marker, Trail of the Forty-niners Historical Marker

  Pillars     show all on map

Abo State Monument

  Populated Places     show all on map

Abo, Alexander Place, Anderson Place, Antelope Springs, Badenos (historical), Benson Place, Bermadez Place, Bianca, Brizendine Place, Broncho, Brown Place, C Davis Place, Candelaria Place, Carnero, Cavasos Place, Cedarvale, Chato, Chaves Place, Chupadera, Clines Corners, Culebra, D Candelaria Ranch, Danvik Place, Derramadero, Dummoor, Dunn Place, Duran, E Davis Place, East Manzano, El Gato, Encino, Estancia, Estancia Ranchettes, Gallegos, Glover Place, Gran Quivira, Hewitt Place, Hyde Place, Jarett Place, Johns Place, King Place, La Cienega, Los Chavez, Lucy, Maez Place, Manzano, Martin Place, Martin Place, Martinez, McIntosh, McKinley Place, Moorehead Place, Moriarty, Mountainair, Negra, Nelson Place, North Lucy, Otto, Palma, Pedernal, Pine Springs, Progresso, Punta de Agua, Riley Place, Romero Place, Roundtop (historical), Saiz Place, Sanchez Place, Scholle, Silio, Stockton Place, Tajique, Thompson Place, Thunderbird, Tornado, Torrance, Torreon, Varney, Wagner (historical), Willard, Witt, X Ray (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Abo Post Office (historical), Antelope Post Office (historical), Cedarvale Post Office (historical), Duran Post Office, Eastview Post Office (historical), Encino Post Office, Estancia Post Office, Goldgrade Post Office (historical), Gran Quivira Post Office (historical), Lucy Post Office (historical), Manzana Post Office (historical), Manzano Post Office (historical), McIntosh Post Office, Moriarty Post Office, Mountainair Post Office, Negra Post Office (historical), Palms Post Office (historical), Pedernal Post Office (historical), Pinoswells Post Office (historical), Progresso Post Office (historical), Punta De Agua Post Office (historical), Quarai Post Office, Red Cloud Post Office (historical), Scholle Post Office (historical), Tajique Post Office, Torrance Post Office, Torreon Post Office, Wagner Post Office (historical), Willard Post Office, Xray Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Animas Hills, Manzano Mountains, Pedernal Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Manzano Mountain Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Addison Tank, Alvas Tank, Apodaca Tank, Archuleta Tank, Ardans Tanks, Baca Dirt Tank, Bales Lake, Barber Tank, Baumgartner Tank, Bear Tank, Bell Tank, Bessie Tank, Big Seco Tank, Big Southwest Tank, Bigbee Tank, Bigger Tank, Bonito Tank, Bryan Tank, Burro Tank, Caņoncito Tank, Canyon Tank, Carrizo Tank, CC Tank, Charles Tank, Chavez Red Tank, Chilton Tank, Cistern Tank, Corner Tank, Corona Lake Tank, Corona Trick Tank, Cueva Tank, Demesio Tank, Diablo Tank, Dirt Tank, Dirt Tank, Drum Tank, Dry Trick Tank, Du Bois Trick Tank, DuBois Tank, DuBois West Tank, East Latigo Tank, East Willard Tank, El Represar de la Bolsa, Empedrados Tank, Estancia Park Lake, Far South Tank, Fence Line Tank, Fence Tank, Fish Tank, Forest Tank, Frank Tapia Tank, Gas Line Tank, Gate Tank, Gonzales Tank, Guadalupe Tank, Guys Tank, Haygood Tank, Highway Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Indian Tank, Indio Tank, Jog Tank, Joselino Tank, La Cueva Tank, Lackey Tank, Laguna Colorado, Lee Tank, Little Cougar Tank, Little Dry Tank, Little Seco Tank, Little West Tank, Lobo Tank, Longhorn Reservoir, Medders Tanks, Mesa Draw Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesa Trick Tank, Mescalero Reservoir, Mexican Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Midway Tank, Mule Tank, North Canyon Tank, North Simpson Tank, North Tank, Ojo la Casa Lake, Ortiz Tank, Phister Tank, Pino Tank, Pogue Tank, Posodera Tank, Potrillo Tank, Powerline Tank, Prairie Tank, Progresso West Tank, Prudencia Tank, Red Tank, Represar del Empedrado, Rock Canyon Tank, Rock House Tank, Round Top Tank, Ruins Tank, Sanchez Tank, Sawmill Tank, Shartzer Tank, Sotol Tank, Sotol Tank, South Tank, Southwest Tank, Squatty Tank, Tapia Tank Number 1, Torcido Tank, Trail Tank, Trigo Tank, Twin Tank, West Douglas Tanks, West Latigo Tank, White Tank, White Tank, Willard Tank, Wiltbank Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Comanche Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Center Point School, East Mesa School, Estancia Elementary School, Estancia High School, Estancia Middle School, Ewing School, Liberty School, Mountainair Elementary School, Mountainair High School, Mountainair High School, New Beginnings Christian School

  Springs     show all on map

Albuquerque Trail Spring, Apache Spring, Aspen Spring, Bartolo Spring, Bear Spring, Berrendo Spring, Big Spring, Bosquesito Spring, Box Spring, Buffalo Springs, Capilla Spring, Cave Spring, Cienigita Spring, Colorado Spring, Comanche Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Crow Spring, Deer Spring, Diablo Spring, Escondido Spring, Espinosa Spring, Estancia Spring, Estancita Spring, Fourth of July Spring, Garcia Spring, Glover Spring, Grose Spring, Gyp Spring, Hawkins Spring, Horsehead Spring, House Spring, Jaramillo Spring, Leoncito Spring, Little Kayser Spring, Log Spring, Lolito Spring, Los Vayas Spring, Lower Encino Spring, Lower Ox Spring, Milagro Spring, Mina Spring, New Canyon Number One Spring, New Canyon Number Two Spring, New Canyon Spring, No Name Spring, Ojito Los Burros Spring, Ojo Chiquito, Ojo de los Indios, Ojo del Indio, Ojo del Oso, Ojo del Rancho del Medio, Ojo La Casa, Ojo la Casa, Ojo los Caso, Ojo Medio, Ojo Perrito, Ojo Terreo Spring, Ojo Terrero, Piedra Lisa Spring, Pine Shadow Spring, Pitch Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Spring, Red Spring, Riley Ranch Spring, Saladito Spring, San Antonio Spring, San Rafael Spring, Sand Spring, Sherman Spring, Spencer Spring, Spruce Spring, Stinking Spring, Tejano Spring, Three Springs, Three Tree Spring, Tilio Spring, Torreon Spring, Trigo Spring, Turrieta Spring, Upper Encino Spring, Upper Fourth of July Spring, Upper Jaramillo Spring, Upper Ox Spring, Whisky Spring, White Rock Spring, Wild Cow Spring, Wildcat Spring, Yellowstone Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Arroyo Chinchonte, Arroyo Miga

  Summits     show all on map

Armijo Peak, Baldy, Beatty Hill, Bosque Peak, Camaleon, Camaleon Hill, Camaleon Mountain, Capilla Peak, Center Point Hill, Cerrito del Espia, Cerrito del Llano, Cerro Blanco, Cerro de la Lesna, Cerro del Conejo, Cerro del Pinos, Cougar Mountain, Duran Mesa, Eisenhart Hill, El Marge Hill, Gallo Peak, Guadalupe Peak, Howard Mountain, Jumanes Knob, Liberty Hill, Lobo Hill, Lobo Hill, Manzano Peak, Mesa Apodaca, Mesa de los Jumanos, Mesa Las Tapias, Mosca Peak, North Bosque Peak, Osha Peak, Palma Hill, Pedernal Mountain, Pino Mountain, Rattlesnake Hill, Red Hill, Round Top, Round Top, Trinchera Mesa

  Trails     show all on map

Albuquerque Trail, Bosque Trail, Cerro Blanco Trail, Crest Trail, Kayser Mill Trail, Monzano Creek Trail, Ojito Trail, Ox Canyon Trail, Pine Shadow Trail, Red Canyon Trail, Spruce Spring Trail, Yellowstone Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Amarillo Draw, Armijo Draw, Arroyo de la Miga, Arroyo de Yrisarri, Bachelor Draw, Bell Tank Canyon, Big Draw, Big Draw, Bigbee Draw, Buffalo Draw, C C Tank Canyon, Caņada de la Puerta, Caņon Barranco, Caņon Bonito, Caņon Colorado, Canon Cueva, Caņon Cueva del Leon, Caņon de Baca, Caņon de Cuervo, Caņon de Gallegos, Caņon de Jaramillo, Caņon de la Capilla, Canon de la Fuera, Caņon de la Gallina, Caņon de la Gotera, Canon de la Miga, Caņon de la Mina, Caņon de la Mula, Caņon de la Perra, Caņon de la Vereda, Caņon de las Palas, Caņon de los Moyos, Caņon de los Pino Reales, Canon de los Seis, Caņon de Novillo, Caņon de Oso, Caņon de Salas, Caņon de Tajique, Caņon de Terrero, Caņon de Torreon, Caņon de Troncon Negro, Caņon de Turieta, Caņon del Agua, Caņon del Agua Azul, Caņon del Apache, Caņon del Chato, Caņon del Encierro, Caņon del Jaral, Caņon del Ojo del Indio, Caņon del Ojo del Venado, Caņon del Ojo Redondo, Caņon del Pino, Caņon del Trigo, Caņon del Venado, Canon Espinoso, Caņon Largo, Caņon Latigo, Caņon los Joyos, Caņon Nuevo, Caņon Sal Si Puedes, Caņon Saladito, Caņon Saladito, Caņon Salado, Caņon Sapato, Caņoncito de Medio, Caņoncito de Milpa, Canyon Venado, Carneros Canyon, Carneros Draw, Carrizo Canyon, Carrizo Canyon, Chavez Draw, Chavez Draw, Cherry Canyon, Cienega Draw, Comanche Canyon, Compton Draw, Crawford Canyon, Dead Dog Canyon, Deer Canyon, Deuson Draw, Diablo Canyon, Diablo Canyon, El Marge Draw, Empedrados Draw, Encino Canyon, Encinoso Draw, Garcia Canyon, Gato Canyon, Goat Canyon, Homes Valley, Liberty Valley, Lion Canyon, Lobo Draw, Martin Canyon, McGillivray Draw, Mesa Draw, Mesteno Draw, Milbourn Draw, North Canyon, Ojito Canyon, Osita Draw, Ox Canyon, Pinavete Canyon, Pinavetito Canyon, Piņon Draw, Pintada Draw, Porcupine Draw, Pueblo Blanco Canyon, Rattlesnake Draw, Red Canyon, Red Canyon, Red Canyon Draw, Rogers Canyon, Round Top Draw, Salt Draw, Sand Canyon, Santo Niņo Canyon, South Canyon, Tabet Draw, Torreon Draw, Viejo Canyon, White Rock Canyon, Woodman Draw

  Wells     show all on map

070709112 Water Well, 100002 Water Well, 10004 Water Well, 10005 Water Well, 10008 Water Well, 10012 Water Well, 10019 Water Well, 10021 Water Well, 10022 Water Well, 10026 Water Well, 10027 Water Well, 10030 Water Well, 10036 Water Well, 10038 Water Well, 10042 Water Well, 10043 Water Well, 10044 Water Well, 10045 Water Well, 10047 Water Well, 10048 Water Well, 10051 Water Well, 10052 Water Well, 10055 Water Well, 10061 Water Well, 10064 Water Well, 10064 Water Well, 10066 Water Well, 10071 Water Well, 10074 Water Well, 10082 Water Well, 10084 Water Well, 10086 Water Well, 10087 Water Well, 10089 Water Well, 10090 Water Well, 10097 Water Well, 10099 Water Well, 10100 Water Well, 10102 Water Well, 10103 Water Well, 10106 Water Well, 10108 Water Well, 10109 Water Well, 10110 Water Well, 10111 Water Well, 10112 Water Well, 10115 Water Well, 10122 Water Well, 10130 Water Well, 10139 Water Well, 10141 Water Well, 10148 Water Well, 10154 Water Well, 10159 Water Well, 10160 Water Well, 10162 Water Well, 10167 Water Well, 10168 Water Well, 10169 Water Well, 10171 Water Well, 10172 Water Well, 10176 Water Well, 10182 Water Well, 10189 Water Well, 10191 Water Well, 10192 Water Well, 10193 Water Well, 10194 Water Well, 10196 Water Well, 10198 Water Well, 10205 Water Well, 10206 Water Well, 10207 Water Well, 10213 Water Well, 10214 Water Well, 10221 Water Well, 10225 Water Well, 10230 Water Well, 10233 Water Well, 10234 WAter Well, 10239 Water Well, 10240 Water Well, 310 Water Well, Abo Well, Allan Well, Angus Well, Antelope Well, Atkinson Well, Atkinson Well, Bell Well, Blas Well, Braswell Well, Brown Well, Buck Well, Canyon Well, Chalk Hill Well, Childress Well, Cottonwood Well, Coyote Well, Dempster Well, Draw Well, E-1439 Water Well, E-3859-S-Enlarged Well, Eagle Well, East Keen Well, East Water Well, East Well, Edwards Well, Everhart Well, Fain Well, Garcias Well, Goar Well, Goat Canyon Well, Griffin Well, Harky Well, Harris Well, High Lonesome Well, Hitch Post Water Well, Home Water Well, Kayser Well, Kerr Well, Little Five Wire Well, Lobo Well, Los Chavez Well, Lost Well, Lower Lobo Well, Marino Well, Martin Well, Mattock Well, Maxine Tank, Middle Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Middlewell Water Well, New Water Well, New Well, North Gora Well, North Well, North Well, North Well, Number 1 Water Well, Number 2 Water Well, Number 2 Water Well, Number 5 Water Well, Old Five Wire Well, Olympia Well, Priest Canyon Well, Prueitt Well, Railroad Well, Saladito Well, Savage Well, Shallow Well, Shaw Well, St Eng 3 Water Well, Stump Well, Test 4 Water Well, Transwestern Well, Twin Barn Well, Umbarger 1 Water Well, Valencia Well, Viejo Well, Water Well Number 2, West Douglas Well, West Keen Well, West Well, West Well,

Torrance County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteTorrance County White population 14,61814,617  
American IndianTorrance County American Indian population 578577
MixedTorrance County Mixed population 417417
BlackTorrance County Black population 321320
AsianTorrance County Asian population 8080
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderTorrance County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3232

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