Carteret County, North Carolina Basics:

Carteret County North Carolina - Government Site

Population: 67,750
Area: 506 square miles
County seat: Beaufort
Area code(s) in use: 252 910
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 88.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 23.8%
Median household income: $47,506
Persons in poverty: 14.1%
Home ownership rate: 70.7%
Mean travel time to work: 23.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Craven  Jones  Onslow  

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Map of the Carteret County area

Our detail map of Carteret County shows the Carteret County, North Carolina boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Carteret County, North Carolina

  Airports     show all on map

Atlantic Field Marine Corps Outlying Field, Bogue Field Marine Corps Auxiliary Field, Circle P Farm Airport, Jackson Private Airport, Michael J. Smith Field Airport, Morehead City Airport, Morehead City State Port Terminal Airport, Star Hill Golf Club Airport, Triple M Airport, Wolf's Den Airport

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Crystal Coast

  Bars     show all on map

Amity Shoal (historical), Beaufort Restoration Grounds, Bird Shoal, Black Hammock Point, Bluff Shoal, Bogue Banks, Cape Lookout Shoals, Catfish Point, Core Banks, Cowpen Point, Cross Rock, Drum Shoals, Flounder Rock, Garbacon Shoal, Goose Creek Shoals, Great Shoal, Hog Island Reef, Kingfish Shoal, Merkle Hammock, Middle Core Banks, Mount Vernon Rock, Mullet Shoal, Mullet Shoal, North Core Banks, Old Burying Grounds, Ophelia Banks, Oyster Rocks, Power Squadron Spit, Rattan Spit, Shackleford Banks, Shep Shoal, South Core Banks, Turnagain Bay Spit, Turtle Rock, Vera Cruz Shoal, White Rock

  Bays     show all on map

Abraham Bay, Allen Slough, Back Bay, Back Sound, Bald Hill Bay, Barry Bay, Bell Creek, Big Gut, Blair Channel, Blinds Hammock Bay, Bogue Inlet, Bogue Shores, Bogue Sound, Brett Bay, Broad Creek, Brooks Creek, Bull Creek, Calico Bay, Calico Creek, Casey Bay, Cedar Bay, Cedar Creek, Cedar Island Bay, Core Creek, Core Sound, Crab Point Bay, Daniel Swash, Davis Bay, Deep Bend, Deep Gut, Deer Pond, Dennis Bay, Ditch Cove, Dowdy Bay, East Bay, Eastmouth Bay, Fort Macon Creek, Fortin Bay, Fulcher Creek, Gable Creek, Gibbs Creek, Goose Bay, Goose Bay, Goose Bay, Great Island Bay, Green Point Cove, Hampton Bay, Head of the Hole, Henry Hills Harbor, Henry Jones Creek, Hogpen Bay, Horse Island Cove, Horton Bay, Jacks Bay, Jarrett Bay, Johnson Creek, Johnsons Bay, Jump Run, Lewis Creek, Lighthouse Bay, Little Creek, Long Bay, Lookout Bight, Meredith Bend, Merkle Bay, Merkle Hammock Creek, Middens Creek, Money Island Bay, Mullet Cove, Nameless Bay, Negro Creek Bay (historical), Nelson Bay, Newstump Bay, Noras Cove, North Bay, North Bay, Oilles Creek, Owens Bay, Oyster Creek, Oyster Creek, Oyster Creek, Pasture Creek, Peters Cove, Pettiford Creek Bay, Piney Island Bay, Pitman Creek, Point of Grass Creek, Point of Island Bay, Raleigh Bay, Rattan Bay, Royal Point Bay, Rumley Bay, Sanborns Gut, Sanders Creek, South Bay, South Leopard Creek, Spit Bay, Stump Bay, Styron Bay, Tar Landing Bay, Taylor Bay, The Swash, Thorofare Bay, Tump Gut, Turnagain Bay, Wade Creek, Wading Creek, Ware Creek, West Bay, West Thorofare Bay, Westmouth Bay, Whale Creek, Whitehurst Creek, Willis Creek, Willis Creek, Yacht Basin, Yaupon Hammock Gut

  Beaches     show all on map

Bare Sand Beach, Deer Field Shores, Indian Beach, Indian Beach, Old House Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Sand Island, The Sands

  Bridges     show all on map

Atlantic Beach - Morehead City Bridge, Grayden Paul Bridge, Piggotts Bridge, The Causeway, Thorofare Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Atlantic Beach Fire Department, Atlantic Beach Police Chief, Atlantic Beach Town Hall, Atlantic Fire Department, Beaufort Emergency Medical Services, Beaufort Fire Department, Beaufort Police Department, Beaufort Town Hall, Bogue Bank Country Club, Britthaven of Newport, Broad and Gales Creek Rescue Squad, Broad and Gales Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Cape Carteret Police Department, Carolinas Center for Surgery, Carteret County Civic Center, Carteret County Criminal Court, Carteret County Museum of History, Carteret County Public Library, Carteret County Sheriff's Office, Carteret Historical Museum, Cedar Island Volunteer Fire Department, Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, Davis Volunteer Fire Department, Emerald Isle Emergency Medical Services, Emerald Isle Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Emerald Isle Fire Department Station 2, Emerald Isle Police Department, Harborview Health Care Center, Harkers Island Fire and Rescue Squad, Indian Beach Police Department, Life Saving Service Station (historical), Marshallberg Volunteer Fire Department, Mill Creek Fire and Rescue Department, Morehead City Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department Station 1, Morehead City Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department Station 2, Morehead City Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department Station 3, Morehead City Hall, Morehead City Police Chief, Morehead City Police Department, Newport Fire Department, Newport Fire Department Substation, Newport Police Department, Newport Police Department, Newport Town Hall, North Carolina Marine Resources Center, North Carolina Maritime Museum, North Carolina State Highway Patrol, North Carolina State Prison - Carteret Correctional Center, North River and Laurel Road Volunteer Fire Department, Otway Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Pine Knoll Shores Fire Department, Pine Knoll Shores Police Department, Pine Knoll Shores Rescue Squad, Pine Knoll Shores Town Hall, Salter Path Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, Schooner Shores Group Home, Sealevel Fire / Rescue, South River - Merrimon Fire Department, South River Merrimon Rescue Squad, Spooners Creek Marina, Stacy Volunteer Fire Department, Stella Volunteer Fire Department, Taylor Hospital and Extended Care Facility, United States Coast Guard - Emerald Isle Station, United States Coast Guard Fire Department Station 4 Fort Macon, Western Carteret Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Harlowe Canal, John Ditch, Old Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Archer Point, Bells Point, Big Marsh Point, Bottle Run Point, Broad Creek Point, Camp Point, Cape Lookout, Cape Point, Cedar Bay Point, Cedar Island Point, Cedar Point, Cedar Point, Cedar Point, Cedar Point, Corn Sage Point, Corncrib Point, Cowpen Point, Crab Point, Crab Point, Crab Point Neck, Cricket Island Point, Deep Bend Point, Deep Hole Point, Douglas Point, Dowdy Point, Drum Point, Drum Pond Point, Ennett Point, Fish Hawk Point, Fishing Point, Gallant Point, Gallants Point, Gaskill Point, Gloucester Point, Goose Bay Point, Great Island Point, Green Point, Green Point, Green Point, Green Point, Guthrie Point, Hall Point, Hammock Point, Hancock Point, Harkers Point, Haulover Point, Hog Island Point, Hog Point, Holland Point, Horse Island Point, Horse Point, Horsepen Point, Horton Point, Howland Point, Humphrey Point, Jacks Bay Point, King Point, Lawton Point, Lenoxville Point, Long Bay Point, Long Point, Long Point, Long Point, Lookout Point, Marsh Hen Point, Merkle Bay Point, Middens Point, Mill Point, Mulberry Point, Newstump Point, Old Channel Point, Oyster Creek Pit, Pasture Point, Penn Point, Piney Point, Point of Beach, Point of Grass, Point of Grass, Point of Marsh, Point of the Narros, Procks Point, Rock Point, Royal Point, Rush Point, Sand Hill Point, Sand Point, Sanders Point, Sandy Point, Sandy Point, Sandy Point, Shackleford Point, Shell Point, Shepards Point, Shingle Point, Ship Point, Short Point, South Point, Steep Point, Steep Point, Stone Point, Swimming Point, The Spit, Tombstone Point, Tump Point, Wading Point, Waterbush Point, Western Point, Westward Point, White Point, White Point, Willis Point, Winthrop Point, Wreck Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Babb-Dixon Cemetery, Bay View Cemetery, Community Cemetery, Gilgo Cemetery, Isaiah Cemetery, Lupton Cemetery, Murphy Cemetery, Newport Cemetery, Ocean View Cemetery, Stacy Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Atlantic Census Designated Place, Broad Creek Census Designated Place, Davis Census Designated Place, Gloucester Census Designated Place, Harkers Island Census Designated Place, Marshallberg Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Bank Channel, Banks Channel, Barden Inlet, Barden Inlet, Beaufort Channel, Beaufort Inlet, Bulkhead Channel, Burden Channel, Burthen Channel, Carrot Island Channel, Cedar Inlet, Crab Point Thorofare, Cross Shoal Channel, Drum Inlet (historical), Gallants Channel, Great Ditch, Great Island Creek, Great Marsh Creek, Harbor Channel, High Hills Inlet, Hog Island Narrows, Hoop Pole Creek, Horse Island Channel, Lighthouse Channel, Main Channel, Morehead City Channel, North River Channel, North River Thorofare, Ocracoke Inlet, Old Channel, Shackleford Slue, Sheep Island Slue, Steep Point Channel, Steep Point Channel, Swash Inlet, The Ditch, The Narrows, The Narrows, The Passage, The Straits, Wallace Channel

  Churches     show all on map

Bayview Church, Bettie Church, Bridgeway Church, Calvary Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Beaufort, Freewill Church, Freewill Church, Grace Presbyterian Church, Graham Chapel, Hadnot Church, Harlowe Church, Island Road Baptist Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Live Oak Grove Church, Maranatha Pentecostal Holiness Church, Merrimon Church, Methodist Church, Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, North River United Methodist Church, Otway Free Will Baptist Church, Purvis Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Queen Street Missionary Baptist Church, Reels Chapel, Refuge Fellowship Church, Saint Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church, Saint Marks Chapel, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Soundview Church, Straits United Methodist Church, Tattles Grove Church, The Beaufort Original Freewill Baptist Church, Woodville Church

  Guts     show all on map

Baymarsh Thorofare, Beaufort Inlet Channel, Big Gut, Cabs Creek, Caggs Creek, Cheesemans Inlet, Codds Creek, Deep Slough, End of Island Slough, Evergreen Slough, Fishing Creek, Fullers Ditch, Gutter Creek, Horse Island Creek, Horsepen Creek, Lewis Creek, Miry Gut, Money Slough, Neal Creek, New Drum Inlet, Old Drum Inlet, Ophelia Inlet, Rawson Creek, Raymond Sand, Rich Island Gut, Sand Island Inlet, Sandy Landing, Sheep Pen Creek, Snake Gut, Taylor Creek, The Haulover, Thorofare, Try Yard Creek, Wainwright Slue, Warren Gilgos Creek, Whalebone Inlet, Zack Creek

  Harbors     show all on map

Anchorage Marina, Dockside Marina, Island Harbor Marina, L R Rose Marina and Boatworks, Morris Marina, N C State Port Authority, Portside Marina

  Hospitals     show all on map

Carteret General Hospital, Eastern Carteret Medical Center, Park Sealevel Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Baregrass Island, Beach Island, Beacon Island, Beacon Island Roads, Bean Island, Bean Island, Bear Hammock, Bear Island, Bells Island, Big Deep Marsh Island, Big Island, Big Swan Island, Blinds Hammock, Browns Island, Bunch of Hair, Carrot Island, Casey Island, Cat Island, Cedar Hammock, Cedar Hammock, Cedar Hammock, Cedar Island, Chain Shot Island, Cockle Marsh Island, Cotton Hammock, Cow Island, Cowpen Island, Cricket Island, Davis Island, Dog Islands, Dump Island, Evergreen Island, Fortin Island, Goat Island, Goose Island, Great Island, Great Marsh Island, Gull Island, Gunning Hammock Island, Guthrie Hammock, Harbor Island, Hard Working Lumps, Harkers Island, High Hills, Hog Island, Horse Island, Horse Island, Horse Island, Horse Island, Horse Island, Hunting Island, Hunting Island, Inner Grass Lump, Jacks Island, Jones Island, Kathryne Jane Islands, Lewis Island, Little Deep Marsh Island, Little Swan Island, Long Island, Lovett Island, Lovis Shore, Money Island, Morgan Island, Mud Island, Myrtle Island, North Rock, Oak Hammock, Outer Grass Lump, Phillips Island, Pilontary Islands, Piney Island, Piney Island, Pivers Island, Porters Island, Portsmouth Island, Raccoon Island, Radio Island, Rumley Hammock, Rush Island, Salters Lumps, Sam Winsors Lump, Sam Winter Lump, Sheep Island, Sheep Island, Sheep Islands, Shell Castle, Shell Island, Ship Shoal Island, Shooting Hammock, Simons Island, South Island, Sugarloaf Island, Teal Island, The High Hills, Tump Island, Wainwright Island, Whalebone Island, Whitehurst Island, Wood Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Drum Pond, Great Pond, Great Pond, Mullet Pond, Patsy Pond, Willow Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Atlantis Station Shopping Center, Barge Landing Basin, Beaufort Biological Laboratory, Beaufort Docks, Bogue Inlet Pier, Camp Glen, Camp Morehead, Cape Lookout Lighthouse, Carteret County Landfill, Carteret Rod and Gun Club, Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, Cedar Point Recreation Site, Coral Bay Shopping Center, Cypress Bay Shopping Center, Davis Landing, Duke University Marine Laboratory, Ferry Landing, Ferry Landing, Gaskill Landing, Head of Bay, Hoop Pole Landing, Ira Morris Camp, Market Place Shopping Center, Morehead City Country Club, Morehead Gulf Docks, Morehead Plaza Center, North Caroling Marine Resources Center, Oceana Pier, Parkway Shopping Center, Portsmouth Village Ranger Station, Rices Path, South Lees, Sportsmans Pier, Star Hill Golf and Country Club, Volvee Camp, Whitehouse Forks, Willis Landing, Yellow Hill Landing

  Military     show all on map

Coast Guard Station Fort Macon, Ford Dobbs (historical), Fort Hampton (historical), Fort Macon (historical), Point of Marsh Target Airfield

  Parks     show all on map

Cape Lookout National Seashore, Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge, Croatan Game Land, Dickson Park, Fort Macon State Park, Highland Park, Mansfield Park, Newport River Park, Rachael Carson National Estuarine Sanctuary, Swinson Park, Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Ayers Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Open Grounds

  Populated Places     show all on map

Apple Mobile Home Park, Ashley Place, Atlantic, Atlantic Beach, Atlantic Mobile Home Park, Ballow Mobile Home Park, Bay Woods, Bayshore Park, Beaufort, Beaufort Meadows, Bertram Mobile Home Park, Bettie, Bogue, Bogue View Shores, Bonham Heights, Broad Creek, Bucks Corner, Cape Carteret, Cape Lookout, Carolina City, Cedar Island, Cedar Point, Cedarville Estates, Coastal Mobile Estates, Coastal Shores, Conner Village, Core Creek, Country Club East, Country Club Point, Crab Point Village, Crotan Mobile Home Park, Davis, Docs Mobile Home Park, Dunescape Condos, Emerald Isle, Foxlair, Gloucester, Goodwin Hills, Harkers Island, Harlowe, Hedrick Estates, Hilltop Acres, Holly Springs, Hollywood, Indian Beach, Joslyn Trace, Keeter Park, Kuhns, Lake and Shores Estates, Lakeside Mobile Home Park, Lands End, Lenoxville, Little Port, Lola, Lukens, Lupton, Mandy Farms, Mansfield, Marshallberg, Masontown, Masontown, McDaniels, Merrimon, Mill Creek, Mitchell Village, Money Island Beach, Morehead City, New Visitors Center, Newport, North Harbor, North River, North River Corner, North Woods, Oaksmith Acres, Oakwood Acres, Ocean, Ocean Crest, Ocean Spray Mobile Home Estates, Otway, Pages Mobile Home Park, Paradise Bay Mobile Home Park, Pebble Beach, Peletier, Pine Knoll Shores, Point Emerald Villas, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Village, Queens Court, River Heights, River Road Estate Mobile Home Park, Roe, Rollingwoood Acres, Salter Path, Seagate, Sealevel, Shell Landing, Smyrna, Sound of the Sea, South River, Spooners Creek East Harbor, Spooners Creek Harbor, Spooners Creek North, Sportsmans Village, Stacy, Steep Pines Fork, Stella, Straits, Straits Haven, Sunrise Point, The Black Cat, The Haystacks, Thornes Farm Trailer Park, Triple S Marina Village, Tusk, Union Point, Wildwood, Wildwood Mobile Home Park, Williston, Yucca Village

  Post Offices     show all on map

Atlantic Beach Post Office (historical), Atlantic Post Office, Davis Post Office, Emerald Isle Post Office

  Reserves     show all on map

Pocosin Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Herring Pond, Mill Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Davis Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Atlantic School, Beaufort Elementary School, Beaufort High School, Beaufort Middle School, Bogue School, Broad Creek Middle School, Camp Glenn Elementary School, Carteret Community College, Cemetery Newport Elementary School, Charles S Wallace High School, Harkers Island School, Morehead Elementary School, Morhead City Middle School, Newport Elementary School, River Road School, Roe School, Saint Egbert School, Schoolhouse, Smyrna Elementary School, Stacy School, West Carteret High School

  Streams     show all on map

Alligator Creek, Annis Run, Archer Creek, Benneys Creek, Berrys Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Ramhorn Branch, Billys Branch, Black Creek, Blakes Branch, Boathouse Creek, Broad Creek, Broad Creek, Broad Creek, Brown Creek, Buck Creek, Cadduggen Creek, Caleb Branch, Cales Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Swamp Creek, Coffee Creek, Crabbing Creek, Cullie Creek, Cypress Drain, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Hole, Deer Creek, Dixon Creek, Doe Creek, Dubling Creek, Duck Creek, Dumpling Creek, East Fork South River, East Prong Broad Creek, East Prong Gales Creek, East Prong Jasons Branch, Eastman Creek, Eastman Creek, Elisha Creek, Feltons Creek, Flag Creek, Fork Creek, Fulchers Creek, Fur Creek, Gales Creek, Garbacon Creek, Ghouls Fork, Gillikin Creek, Glover Creek, Godfry Branch, Golden Creek, Goose Creek, Great Creek, Hadnot Creek, Hannah Branch, Hardy Creek, Harlowe Creek, Henrys Creek, Horsepen Creek, Howland Creek, Hull Swamp, Hunting Island Creek, Iron Creek, Janes Creek, Jasons Branch, Jonaquin Creek, Jumping Run, Juniper Branch, Laurel Branch, Lewis Creek, Little Creek, Little Creek, Little Creek Swamp, Little Deep Creek, Little Port Brook, Little Ramhorn Branch, Little Run, Lodge Creek, Lynch Creek, Main Prong, Mairey Branch, Marina Creek, Meadows Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Milldam Branch, Millis Swamp, Mingo Creek, Money Island Swamp, Mulberry Creek, Mulberry Point Creek, Mullet Gut, Newby Creek, Newport River, North Leopard Creek, North River, Northwest Prong Newport River, Old House Creek, Parsons Creek, Peak Swamp, Peletier Creek, Pettiford Creek, Piney Creek, Reedy Branch, Royal Creek, Russell Creek, Salters Creek, Sanders Creek, Sandy Branch, Sandy Branch, Sandy Huss Creek, School House Branch, Sheep Pen Creek, Shoe Branch, Sikes Branch, Sikes Branch East Prong, Sleepy Creek, Smiths Swamp, Smiths Swamp Branch, Smyrna Creek, Snows Swamp Branch, South River, Southwest Creek, Southwest Prong, Southwest Prong Newport River, Spooner Creek, Starkey Creek, Styron Creek, Thomas Creek, Turner Creek, Tusk Creek, Ward Creek, West Fork South River, West Prong Broad Creek, Williston Creek, Wolf Branch, Wolf Swamp

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Hill, Diamond City Hills, George Hills, High Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Bay Marsh (historical), Beach Marsh, Big Marsh, Big Shoal Marsh, Broad Creek Marsh, Calico Creek Marsh, Conch Shoal Marsh, Davis Marsh, Horse Marsh, King Point Marsh, Lakes Pocosin, Long Marsh, Middle Marshes, Newport Marshes, North River Marsh, Point of Island, Sheephead Marsh, Thomas Marsh, Town Marsh, White Shoal Marsh, Wolves Den

  Towers     show all on map

Cedar Island Bay Light, Cedar Island Light, Peletier Fire Tower, Sheep Island Slue Light, Sheep Island Slue Light, South River Light, Thorofare West Day Beacon, Thorofare West Light, Wallace Channel Beacon, Wallace Channel Light, Wallace Channel Light, WBMA-AM (Beaufort), WMBJ-FM (Morehead City), WMBL-AM (Morehead City), WZYC-FM (Newport)

  Trails     show all on map

Neusiok Trail

  Woods     show all on map

Hoop Pole Woods,

Carteret County, North Carolina Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCarteret County White population 60,90760,907  
BlackCarteret County Black population 4,2684,268
MixedCarteret County Mixed population 1,3551,355
AsianCarteret County Asian population 745745
American IndianCarteret County American Indian population 407406
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCarteret County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 6867

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