Cherokee County, North Carolina Basics:

Cherokee County North Carolina - Government Site

Population: 27,032
Area: 455 square miles
County seat: Murphy
Area code(s) in use: 828
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 83.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 15.6%
Median household income: $34,981
Persons in poverty: 15.1%
Home ownership rate: 81.6%
Mean travel time to work: 22.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Clay  Fannin (GA)  Graham  Macon  Monroe (TN)  Polk (TN)  Swain  Union (GA)  

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Map of the Cherokee County area

Our detail map of Cherokee County shows the Cherokee County, North Carolina boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Cherokee County, North Carolina

  Airports     show all on map

Tusquitee Airport, Western Carolina Regional Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Moose Cove, Ramp Cove

  Bends     show all on map

Die Bend, Fowler Bend, Hamby Bend, Harshaw Bottom, John Green Bend, Loudermild Bend, Racetrack Bend, Ramsey Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Andrews Fire Department, Andrews Rescue Squad, Bellview Volunteer Fire Department, Cherokee County Emergency Medical Services Station 1, Cherokee County Emergency Medical Services Station 2, Cherokee County Emergency Medical Services Station 3, Cherokee County Rescue Squad, Culberson Volunteer Fire Department, Grape Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Hanging Dog Volunteer Fire Department, Hiwassee Dam Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters, Hiwassee Dam Volunteer Fire Department Substation, Martins Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Murphy Fire Department Station 1, Murphy Fire Department Substation, Peachtree Volunteer Fire Department, Ranger Volunteer Fire Department, Tusquitee Ranger District Office, Unaka Volunteer Fire Department, Valleytown Volunteer Fire Department, Wolf Creek Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Allen Cemetery, Beech Creek Cemetery, Bryson Cemetery, Clonts Cemetery, Decker Cemetery, Dickey Cemetery, Farrow Cemetery, Ferguson Cemetery, Garrett Cemetery, Haigler Cemetery, Hamby Cemetery, Hickey Cemetery, Hiwassee Cemetery, Hyatt Cemetery, James Cemetery, James Cemetery, Kirkland Cemetery, Lenderman Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Mc Guire Cemetery, Morrow Cemetery, Moss Cemetery, New Prospect Cemetery, Old Martins Creek Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Payne Cemetery, Persimmon Creek Cemetery, River Hill Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Suit Cemetery, Sunset Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Timpson Cemetery, Unaka Cemetery, Valley River Cemetery, Valleytown Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Wells Cemetery, Young Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Marble Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Bearpaw Church, Beaver Creek Church, Bell Hill Church, Bethel Church, Boiling Spring Church, Fairview Church, Flax Creek Church, Hampton Memorial Church, Hanging Dog Church, Harmony Church, Harris Chapel, Hiwassee Church, Hopewell Church, Junaluska Church, Little Brasstown Church, Little Glade Church, Macedonia Church, Macedonia Church, Maggie Chapel, Moccasin Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Liberty Church, Mount Moriah Church, Mount Nebo Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Mount Zion Church, New Hope Church, New Hope Church, New Martins Creek Church, New Prospect Church, Notla Church, Oak Grove Church, Old Martins Creek Church, Owl Creek Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Poindexter Church, Ranger Church, Red Marble Church, Reids Chapel, River Valley Church, Shady Grove Church, Shoal Creek Church, Simonds Chapel, Snow Hill Church, Swanson Church, Temple Church, Upper Peachtree Church, Valley River Church, Vengeance Creek Church, Wehutty Church, Will Scott Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Cobb Bluff, Crowder Bluff, Lovers Leap

  Crossings     show all on map

Fain Ford

  Dams     show all on map

Apalachia Dam, Brewer Lake Dam, Harold Wells Dam, Hideaway Mountain Lake Dam, Hiwassee Dam, Persimmon Dam, Persimmon Dam, Pied Piper Dam Lower, Pied Piper Dam Upper, Sandy Gap Dam Number One, Sandy Gap Dam Number Two, Tanglewood Dam Number Two, Tanglewood Dam Upper, Whitmire Dam Lower, Whitmire Dam Upper, Wood Lake Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Kennedy Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Ammon Bottom, Chestnut Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

Allen Gap, Angelico Gap, Arp Gap, Bearpen Gap, Bearpen Gap, Beaver Gap, Beaverdam Gap, Betts Gap, Birch Spring Gap, Blackwell Gap, Bowman Gap, Bryson Gap, Bryson Gap, Burns Gap, Canedy Gap, Celia Gap, Coldspring Gap, Coldspring Gap, Cole Gap, Coleman Gap, Cozad Gap, Cumberland Gap, Deaden Tree Gap, Derreberry Gap, Eagle Gap, Franklin Gap, Granny Squirrel Gap, Grassy Gap, Hanging Dog Gap, Harshaw Gap, Harshaw Gap, Hayes Gap, Hipps Gap, Hogjaw Gap, Hogpen Gap, Hogpen Gap, Hurricane Gap, Indian Grave Gap, Indian Grave Gap, Jenks Gap, Jim Bell Gap, Junaluska Gap, Jutts Gap, Locust Gap, Locust Gap, Marr Gap, Michael Gap, Moccasin Gap, Moody Stamp, Morrow Gap, Moss Gap, Nancy Gap, Nealy Gap, Old Road Gap, Owl Creek Gap, Pack Gap, Peels Gap, Peter Dick Gap, Piney Gap, Porterfield Gap, Red Log Gap, Sandy Gap, Sandy Gap, Sandy Gap, Sandy Gap, Sled Runner Gap, Steel Trap Gap, Swansee Gap, Tanbark Gap, Tarkiln Gap, Tate Gap, Tatham Gap, Three Fork Gap, Tipton Gap, Unicoi Gap, Will King Gap, Wolf Creek Gap, Wolfpen Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Murphy Medical Center

  Locales     show all on map

Andrews Plaza, Bear Paw, Bear Paw Resort Dock, Beech Creek Seed Orchard, Belview Community Center, Birch, Clarks Store, Dukes Lodge, Fain Cabin, Georgia State Prison Camp, Hanging Dog Recreation Site, Lake Cherokee Picnic Area, Lake Cherokee Recreation Site, Macedonia, Moss, Panther Top Lookout, Ranger, Shields, Terrazo Switch, Upper Peachtree, Valley Village Shopping Center, Walker Field

  Military     show all on map

Fort Butler (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Blue Quarry, Grey Quarry, Mission Quarry, Rubble Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Ten Commandments

  Populated Places     show all on map

Andrews, Arrwood Mill, Bates Creek, Bellview, Boiling Springs, Buffalo, Burger Town, Coalville, Culberson, Ebenezer, Fields of the Wood, Friendship, Grandview, Grape Creek, Hardin, Hiwassee, Hiwassee Village, Hothouse, Johnsonville, Jones Mill, Letitia, Liberty, Maltby, Marble, Martins Creek, Mission, Murphy, Oak Grove, Oak Park, Ogreeta, Peachtree, Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Valley, Postell, Regal, Rhodo, Sales Ford, Sunny Point, Texana, Tomotla, Topton, Unaka, Valleytown, Vests, Violet, Wehutty, Wolf Creek, Woodville

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Apalachia Lake, Brewer Lake, Harold Wells Lake, Hideaway Mountain Lake, Hiwassee Lake, Lake Cherokee, Persimmon Lake, Pied Piper Lake Lower, Pied Piper Lake Upper, Sandy Gap Lake Number One, Sandy Gap Lake Number Two, Tanglewood Lake Number Two, Tanglewood Lake Upper, Whitmire Lake Lower, Whitmire Lake Upper, Wood Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Bear Hug Ridge, Benny Ridge, Bryson Lead, Buckhorn Ridge, Chestnut Orchard Ridge, Collett Ridge, Copper Ridge, Fishermare Ridge, Fork Ridge, Fork Ridge, Groundhog Ridge, Hipps Ridge, Horse Ridge, Long Ridge, Nim Ridge, Old Mattie Ridge, Parks Ridge, Peckerwood Ridge, Pine Stand Ridge, Rocky Fence Ridge, Sled Runner Ridge, Snakeden Ridge, State Ridge, Steel Trap Ridge, Stewart Ridge, Tibb Ridge, Townhouse Ridge, Valley River Mountains, Wolf Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Andrews Elementary School, Andrews High School, Campbell Folk School, Hiwassee Dam School, Janaluska School, Macedonia School, Marble Elementary School, Martins Creek Elementary School, Murphy Elementary School, Murphy High School, Peachtree Elementary School, Ranger School, Rhodo School, Slow Creek School, Unaka Elementary School, White Church School

  Springs     show all on map

Little Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Aaron Creek, Adams Branch, Alfred Creek, Allen Branch, Allmon Branch, Allmon Creek, Anderson Creek, Ash Cove Creek, Ashturn Creek, Augen Branch, Baine Branch, Bald Creek, Barnett Branch, Bates Creek, Beach Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Hug Creek, Bearpen Branch, Bearpen Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Beavers Branch, Beech Creek, Beetree Branch, Bell Creek, Bettis Branch, Bevins Branch, Big Cove Branch, Big Dam Branch, Bob Allen Branch, Bob Branch, Bob Creek, Bolden Branch, Brady Branch, Brendle Branch, Brittian Branch, Britton Creek, Brokeleg Branch, Brown Creek, Brushy Creek, Bryson Branch, Bryson Branch, Bryson Creek, Buckberry Branch, Buckhorn Branch, Buckhorn Creek, Burl Branch, Burnt Branch, Burnt Shanty Branch, Burnthouse Branch, Butler Creek, Calhoun Branch, Camp Creek, Campground Branch, Cane Creek, Catstair Branch, Chambers Creek, Chestnut Log Branch, Cindy Branch, Cindy Branch, Clayton Branch, Cobb Creek, Coefield Branch, Coefield Creek, Coldspring Branch, Coldspring Branch, Collett Creek, Colvard Creek, Colvard Creek, Cook Creek, Cook Creek, Copper Creek, Cornwell Branch, Cowmire Branch, Cozad Branch, Crane Creek, Crawford Branch, Culbert Branch, Dan Holland Creek, Davis Creek, Derreberry Branch, Dick Branch, Dickey Branch, Dinkin Cove Creek, Dockery Creek, Dockery Creek, Doctor Branch, Donaldson Branch, Elbow Creek, Elliott Branch, Fall Branch, Farmer Branch, Fine Comb Branch, Fishermare Branch, Flat Branch, Flat Branch, Flat Branch, Flax Creek, Floyde Branch, Frankum Branch, Freeman Branch, Gabby Branch, Garland Branch, Garrett Creek, Garringer Branch, George Martin Branch, Gipp Creek, Gold Branch, Graham Branch, Granny Squirrel Branch, Grape Creek, Grape Thicket Branch, Graybeard Creek, Gregory Branch, Griggs Branch, Grindstone Branch, Groundhog Branch, Gumflats Creek, Gumlog Creek, Hampton Creek, Hanging Dog Creek, Harris Creek, Harshaw Branch, Hayes Mill Creek, Hibbert Branch, Hickey Branch, Hicks Branch, Highfall Branch, Highfall Branch, Hogan Branch, Hogpen Branch, Horton Branch, Hurricane Branch, Hyatt Creek, Hyatt Creek, Hyatt Mill Creek, Ingram Branch, Jack Davis Branch, Jackson Branch, Jenick Branch, Jenks Branch, John Mason Branch, John Newton Branch, Johnson Creek, Jones Branch, Junaluska Creek, Keener Branch, Kennedy Creek, Kilby Branch, Ladd Branch, Lamb Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Left Fork Webb Creek, Lindsey Branch, Little Brasstown Creek, Little Creek, Little Dam Branch, Little Owl Creek, Locust Gap Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Luther Branch, Mag Ashe Branch, Magazine Branch, Marble Creek, Martin Creek, Mary Branch, Mary Branch, Mason Branch, Matherson Creek, Mc Clellan Creek, Mc Comb Branch, Melton Creek, Messer Branch, Micken Branch, Mike Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Miller Branch, Mission Branch, Mistletoe Creek, Moccasin Creek, Moody Branch, Moody Branch, Morgan Creek, Morris Creek, Morrow Branch, Mose Creek, Moss Branch, Nancy Hawkins Branch, Nick Branch, North Fork Rapier Mill Creek, North Shoal Creek, Nottely River, Owenby Creek, Owl Creek, Pace Branch, Painter Branch, Palmer Branch, Panther Branch, Parker Branch, Parsons Branch, Patterson Branch, Peachtree Creek, Peachtree Creek, Peckerwood Creek, Persimmon Creek, Phillips Creek, Pile Creek, Pinhook Branch, Pipes Branch, Pole Bridge Branch, Polecat Branch, Polecat Branch, Pot Log Branch, Potter Branch, Pounding Mill Branch, Powder Burnt Branch, Powell Branch, Pretty Pine Branch, Puett Creek, Puncheon Branch, Quinn Creek, Radder Creek, Radford Branch, Rail Cove Branch, Ramp Cove Branch, Rapier Mill Creek, Rattler Branch, Rhea Branch, Ricket Branch, Ricks Branch, Right Fork Bear Branch, Right Fork Webb Creek, Right Prong Martin Creek, Roberts Branch, Rocky Knob Branch, Rogers Creek, Rominger Creek, Rose Creek, Rose Creek, Round Mountain Branch, Sales Branch, Sam Branch, Sam Newton Branch, Sassafras Branch, Sawmill Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Seibold Branch, Shadwick Branch, Sharp Branch, Shop Branch, Shuler Creek, Silvermine Branch, Simon Branch, Slate Creek, Slickrock Branch, Slow Creek, Snap Branch, Snead Branch, Sneed Branch, Snyder Creek, Song Branch, South Fork Rapier Mill Creek, South Shoal Creek, Spread Eagle Branch, Stamey Branch, Stewart Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Strange Branch, Sudderth Branch, Sunk Branch, Tank Branch, Tatham Creek, Taylor Branch, Taylor Creek, Thompson Branch, Thrash Creek, Tipton Creek, Tom Branch, Tom Thumb Creek, Town Branch, Townhouse Creek, Trail Branch, Truett Branch, Truett Branch, Turkeypen Branch, Turnpike Creek, Tweed Branch, Underwood Branch, Valley River, Vengeance Creek, Wagon Timber Branch, Walker Mill Creek, Watkins Creek, Weaver Branch, Webb Creek, Welch Mill Creek, Wesley Martin Branch, West Prong Grape Creek, Whitaker Branch, White Branch, Will Creek, Will Scott Creek, Wilson Branch, Woody Branch, Worm Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Abbot Top, Angelico Mountain, Bates Mountain, Beaver Top, Beaver Top, Beaverdam Bald, Bell Mountain, Bill Top, Bird Knob, Blackwell Mountain, Braden Mountain, Brushy Head Mountain, Bryant Mountain, Buck Knob, Buck Knob, Burger Knob, Burger Mountain, Buzzard Roost, Canedy Mountain, Cantrell Top, Carroll Knob, Chestnut Gap Mountain, Chestnut Mountain, Clink Webster Mountain, Damons Mountain, Dave Bellew Top, Deaden Top, Dickey Mountain, Dickey Top, Dillard Top, Doll Top, Fain Mountain, Fains Knob, Farmer Top, Farmer Top, Flea Mountain, Fort Butler Mountain, Franklin Mountain, Franklin Mountain, Freeman Knob, Ghormley Mountain, Graham Top, Grassy Top, Halls Knob, Hanging Dog Mountain, Hangover Top, Harris Top, Harris Top, Hawk Knob, Haydon Top, Hays Knob, Hazelnut Knob, Hibbert Mountain, High Peak, High Top, Indian Top, Jack Top, Jenks Knob, Joe Top, John Ish High Top, Jones Knob, Kennedy Top, Kildeer Mountain, Leatherwood Mountain, Little Bald, Little Peak, London Bald, Mary King Mountain, Mason Knob, McDaniel Bald, Mission Mountain, Moccasin Mountain, Monroe Mountain, Mumblehead Top, Nit Top, Old Mattie Top, Pack Mountain, Pack Top, Panther Top, Parker Mountain, Patterson Top, Payne Mountain, Peels High Top, Piercy Bald, Pine Knob, Poorhouse Mountain, Radford Top, Rall Top, Rattlesnake Knob, Rich Knob, Rocky Face, Rocky Knob, Rocky Knob, Rocky Spring Top, Rocky Top, Rose Top, Round Mountain, Round Top, Round Top, Shingle Top, Shorty Top, Shuler Mountain, Signal Pole Hill, Stalcup Top, Stewart Mountain, Stewart Mountain, Stockade Mountain, Swansee Knob, Tipton Knob, Turner Top, Vance Mountain, Weatherman Bald, Wehutty Mountain, Wells Mountain, West Mountain, Whiteoak Knob, Wildcat Mountain, Will Scott Mountain, Wolf Knob, Yates Top, Yellow Knob, Young Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

WCVP-AM (Murphy), WKRK-AM (Murphy)

  Trails     show all on map

CHoga Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Ash Cove, Bear Cove, Benny Cove, Big Cove, Big Cove, Brooks Cove, Buckeye Cove, Buzzard Cove, Charlotte Cove, Coffey Cove, Dick Cove, Fain Cove, Fate Puett Cove, Gowans Cove, Hampton Cove, Hamstring Valley, Hughes Hollow, Jenkins Cove, Joe Cove, John West Cove, Kilby Cove, Kimsey Cove, Milksick Cove, Penland Cove, Penland Cove, Rail Cove, Rhea Cove, Roberts Cove, Round Cove, Shanty Cove, Slatey Cove, Swag Cove, Tava Cove, Trull Cove, Turkey Pen Hollow, Wet Hollow, Will Puett Cove,

Cherokee County, North Carolina Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCherokee County White population 25,43725,437  
MixedCherokee County Mixed population 649648
American IndianCherokee County American Indian population 378378
AsianCherokee County Asian population 162162
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCherokee County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2727

Additional population tables :
State population table
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