Jackson County, North Carolina Basics:

Jackson County North Carolina - Government Site

Population: 40,500
Area: 491 square miles
County seat: Sylva
Area code(s) in use: 828
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 83.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 27.0%
Median household income: $36,403
Persons in poverty: 19.5%
Home ownership rate: 68.5%
Mean travel time to work: 19.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Haywood  Macon  Oconee (SC)  Pickens (SC)  Swain  Transylvania  

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Map of the Jackson County area

Our detail map of Jackson County shows the Jackson County, North Carolina boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Jackson County, North Carolina

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Jackson County Airport

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Devils Elbow

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Dicks Gap Bridge, Lower Rock Bridge

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Balsam - Willets - Ochre Hill Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Balsam - Willets - Ochre Hill Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Canada Volunteer Fire Department, Cashiers - Glenville Fire Department Station 1, Cashiers - Glenville Fire Department Station 2, Cashiers - Glenville Fire Department Station 3, Cherokee Fire Department Station 2, Cullowhee Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Cullowhee Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Cullowhee Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Glenville Cashiers Rescue Squad, Jackson County Rescue Squad, Qualla Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Qualla Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Savannah Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Savannah Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Sylva Volunteer Fire Department, Tuckasegee Power Plant, Western Carolina University Emergency Medical Services

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Ash Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bradley Cemetery, Brasstown Cemetery, Broom Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Bumgarner Cemetery, Cagle Cemetery, Cathey Cemetery, Clayton Cemetery, Coward Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Crawford Cemetery, Dicks Creek Cemetery, Dills Cemetery, Dills Cemetery, Erastus Cemetery, Evvitt Cemetery, Franklin Cemetery, Gunter Cemetery, Henry Cemetery, Hensley Cemetery, Hoyle Cemetery, Hyatt Cemetery, Keener Cemetery, Love Cemetery, Love Chapel Cemetery, Lower Zachary Cemetery, Mathis Cemetery, Nations Cemetery, Norman Cemetery, Norman-Blanton Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Old Campground Cemetery, Parris Cemetery, Queen Cemetery, Reagan Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Sherrill Cemetery, Smook Cemetery, Sneed Cemetery, Sols Creek Cemetery, Stamper Cemetery, Stephenson Cemetery, Stillwell Cemetery, Sutton Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Tolley Cemetery, Tom Nations Cemetery, Union Hill Cemetery, Upper Zachary Cemetery, Ward Cemetery, Whiteside Cove Cemetery, Woodring Cemetery, Worley Chapel Cemetery, Wyke Cemetery

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Cashiers Census Designated Place, Cullowhee Census Designated Place, Glenville Census Designated Place

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Balsam Grove Church, Big Ridge Church, Blue Wing Church, Buff Creek Church, Catherine Chapel, Cedar Cliff Church, Cherokee Church, Dicks Creek Church, Double Spring Church, East Fork Church, Hamburg Church, Heady Mountain Church, Hyatt Chapel Church, Liberty Church, Little Savannah Church, Locust Field Church, Long Branch Church, Love Chapel, Macedonia Church, Moses Creek Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Neddie Mountain Church, New Savannah Church, Ochre Hill Church, Oldfield Church, Patterson Chapel Church, Pleasant Grove Church, River Hill Church, Riverview Church, Rock Springs Church, Savannah Church, Scotts Creek Church, Shoal Creek Church, Shoal Creek Church, Sols Creek Church, Sols Creek Church, Water Falls Church, Webster Church, Wesleyan Church, Whiteside Church, Wolf Mountain Church, Wrights Creek Church, Yellow Mountain Church

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Bald Cliff, Cedar Cliffs, Chattooga Cliffs, Horseshoe Rock, Onion Cliff, River Cliffs, Salt Rock, Sheep Cliff, Wildcat Cliffs

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Baumrucker Dam, Bear Creek Dam, Cashiers Lake Dam, Cedar Cliff Dam, Dillsboro Dam, Frady Cove Dam, Glenville Dam, Hampton Lake Dam, Hodge Dam, Hogback Dam, Holly Berry Mountain Dam, Homer Burgess Dam, Intermont Dam, Lupton Lake Dam, McGuire Lake Dam, Meadow Lake Dam, Richard Wood Lower Dam, Richard Wood Upper Dam, Sapphire Lake Dam, T Fields Dam, Tanasee Lake Dam, Thorpe Dam, Trout Lake Dam, Tuckasegee Lake Dam, Webb Lake Dam, Whiteside Lake Dam, Wolf Creek Dam

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Betsy Falls, Dill Falls, Fairfield Falls, High Falls, Maidenhair Falls, Onion Cliff Falls, Onion Falls, Schoolhouse Falls, Slatten Falls, Soco Falls, Thurston Hatcher Falls, Twin Falls, Upper Falls, Woodfin Falls

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Cabin Flats

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Bald Gap, Balsam Gap, Bear Mountain Gap, Beetree Gap, Berry Gap, Betty Gap, Big Witch Gap, Boneyard Gap, Buck Gap, Buckeye Gap, Bull Gap, Burnt Cabin Gap, Cathey Gap, Cherry Gap, Chestnut Gap, Chestnut Gap, Cold Spring Gap, Cove Gap, Cowee Gap, Cullowhee Gap, Dead Heifer Gap, Deep Gap, Deep Gap, Deep Gap, Deep Gap, Dicks Gap, Dills Gap, Double Knob Gap, Drybone Gap, Flat Gap, Flat Gap, Flint Spring Gap, Gage Gap, Grassy Gap, Greens Gap, Gribble Gap, Hamburg Gap, Harris Gap, Heady Mountain Gap, Horse Stamp Gap, Indian Camp Gap, Jackie Spring Gap, Licklog Gap, Locust Gap, Logan Gap, Low Gap, Mack Gap, Mayapple Gap, Moss Gap, Mulkey Gap, Ned Gap, Packs Gap, Parker Gap, Peggy Gap, Perry Gap, Pinhook Gap, Polls Gap, Polly Middleton Gap, Rich Mountain Gap, Richland Gap, Rocky Knob Gap, Sam Queen Gap, Sandy Gap, Sassafras Gap, Sassafras Gap, Shut-In Gap, Soapstone Gap, Sugar Creek Gap, Turkeypen Gap, Wet Camp Gap, Wildcat Gap, Windy Gap, Windy Gap, Wolfpen Gap, Wolfpen Gap, Zacharys Gap

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MedWest - Harris Hospital

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Bull Pen, Bunches Bald Overlook, Camp Toxaway, Cliffs Condominiums, Cranberry Ridge Overlook, Dicks Creek, Fed Cove Overlook, Gateway, Hall, Hornbuckle Valley Overlook, Jackson County Farm, Jackson Plaza, Jenkins Ridge Overlook, Lickstone Overlook, Merrie Woode Camp, Out-Off Ridge Overlook, Plott Balsam Overlook, Qualla Housing Project, Rock Bridge, Soco Community Center, Soco Gap Parking Area, Sylva Plaza, Thunderstruck Ridge Overlook, Toxaway Mountain Lookout, Waterrock Knob Overlook, Yellow-Face Overlook

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Dillsboro Mine, Dillsboro Quarry, Grassy Ridge Mine

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Frontierland, Roy Taylor Forest, Santa's Land

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Judaculla Rock

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Addie, Argura, Balsam, Bessie, Beta, Big Ridge, Cashiers, Cowarts, Cullowhee, Dillsboro, East Laport, Erastus, Fallcliff, Fisher Creek, Forest Hills, Foster, Gay, Glenville, Greens Creek, Grimshawes, High Hampton, Indian Hills, Indian Place, Island Ford, Love Field, Norton, Olivet, Paint Town, Pumpkintown, Qualla, Rich Mountain, Ruby City, Savannah, Speedwell, Sylva, Tuckasegee, Webster, Willits-Ochre Hill, Wilmot, Wolf Mountain

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Allison Lake, Balsam Lake, Baumrucker Lake, Bear Creek Lake, Cashiers Lake, Cedar Cliff Lake, Fairfield Lake, Frady Cove Lake, Hampton Lake, Hidden Lake, Hodge Lake, Hogback Lake, Holly Berry Mountain Lake, Homer Burgess Lake, Hurricane Lake, Intermont Lake, Jenkins Lake, Lake Dillsboro, Lake Glenville, Lupton Lake, McGuire Lake, Meadow Lake, Richard Wood Lower Lake, Richard Wood Upper Lake, Sapphire Lake, Sylva Reservoir, T Fields Lake, Tanasee Creek Lake, Trout Lake, Tuckasegee Lake, Webb Lake, Whiteside Lake, Wolf Creek Lake

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Air Ridge, Bear Creek Ridge, Bearwallow Ridge, Big Ridge, Blackrock Ridge, Blackrock Ridge, Boar Ridge, Boardcamp Ridge, Brier Ridge, Brushy Fork Mountain, Carding Machine Ridge, Carver Ridge, Charley Ridge, Chattooga Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Cranberry Ridge, Cullowhee Mountain, Cut-Off Ridge, Dark Ridge, Devils Courthouse, Dobson Ridge, Dodgen Ridge, Ell Ridge, Eyelet Ridge, Firescald Ridge, Fork Ridge, Foxtown Ridge, Gage Ridge, Glassyrock Ridge, Goldspring Ridge, Gooseberry Ridge, Grassy Ridge, Grays Ridge, Green Mountain, Henson Ridge, Jenkins Ridge, Judaculla Ridge, Lickstone Ridge, Low Ridge, Middle Ridge, Milksick Ridge, Neddie Mountain, Old Bald Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Plott Balsams, Rocky Face Ridge, Savannah Ridge, Shouting Ridge, Snaggy Bald Ridge, Soapstone Ridge, Sugar Creek Ridge, Sugarloaf Ridge, The Dismal, Thunderstruck Ridge, Timber Ridge, Trail Ridge, Whiterock Ridge

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Caney Fork School, Charley Creek School, Double Spring School, Fairview Elementary School, Log Cabin School, Rock Bridge School, Scotts Creek School, Smoky Mountain Elementary School, Sylva-Webster High School, Western Carolina Teachers College, Whiterock School

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Cedar Valley Spring

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Abbs Creek, Allens Branch, Ash Branch, Bald Knob Branch, Barkers Creek, Bear Creek, Bearpen Branch, Bearpen Branch, Bearwallow Creek, Beck Branch, Beechflat Creek, Beetree Creek, Bell Coney Branch, Betsy Branch, Betty Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Laurel Branch, Big Witch Creek, Birch Ridge Creek, Blackrock Creek, Blake Branch, Blanton Branch, Bracken Creek, Bradley Branch, Brook Branch, Brushy Fork, Bryson Branch, Bryson Branch, Buckeye Branch, Buff Creek, Bumgarner Branch, Bumgarner Branch, Cabin Creek, Cagle Branch, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Cane Branch, Cane Creek, Caney Fork, Canoe Creek, Carson Branch, Cashie Branch, Cedar Creek, Cedar Valley Creek, Charley Creek, Chastine Creek, Cherry Gap Branch, Cherry Orchard Branch, Chestnut Ridge Creek, Coggins Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cope Creek, Coppermine Creek, Corbin Creek, Cow Mountain Branch, Cox Branch, Craig Creek, Cranberry Creek, Crooked Creek, Cub Branch, Cullowhee Creek, Dark Branch, Dark Ridge Creek, Deets Creek, Democrat Creek, Dicks Creek, Dickson Creek, Dills Creek, Dodgen Creek, Doe Branch, Doubletop Creek, Dryland Laurel Branch, East Fork Barkers Creek, East Fork Dicks Creek, East Fork Jenkins Creek, East Fork Moses Creek, East Fork Savannah Creek, Ell Branch, Em Branch, Fisher Creek, Flat Creek, Flat Creek, Flatwood Branch, Flint Spring Creek, Fowler Branch, Fowler Creek, Fowler Creek, Frady Creek, Frolictown Creek, Gage Creek, Gem Creek, Gibbs Branch, Gladie Creek, Glassyrock Creek, Goldspring Branch, Grassy Camp Creek, Grassy Creek, Green Creek, Greenland Creek, Greens Creek, Henry Creek, Hogback Creek, Honeycamp Branch, Hornbuckle Branch, Hornbuckle Creek, Hunter Jim Creek, Hurricane Creek, Indian Camp Branch, Indian Creek, Jacks Creek, Jacks Creek, Jackson Creek, Jeff Creek, Jenkins Creek, Joe Branch, John Brown Branch, Johns Creek, Jones Creek, Kiesee Creek, Kitchen Branch, Knob Creek, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Creek, Licklog Creek, Little Green Creek, Little Hogback Creek, Little Mill Creek, Little Mill Creek, Little Pine Creek, Little Savannah Creek, Little Trout Creek, Little Whitewater Creek, Locust Creek, Logan Creek, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Mack Town Branch, Mainey Branch, Middle Fork Barkers Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mince Branch, Mine Branch, Mink Branch, Monteith Branch, Moses Creek, Mud Creek, Mull Creek, Narrows Cove Branch, Nations Creek, Ned Branch, Neddie Creek, Nicholson Licklog Creek, Nix Creek, North Fork Scott Creek, Norton Creek, Norton Mill Creek, Ochre Hill Creek, Open Branch, Packs Creek, Panthertown Creek, Parker Branch, Parris Branch, Peewee Branch, Pine Creek, Piney Mountain Creek, Pinhook Creek, Polecat Branch, Pressley Creek, Queen Camp Creek, Raven Fork, Reed Branch, Rhoda Branch, Rich Mountain Branch, Robinson Creek, Rochester Creek, Rocky Branch, Rocky Face Branch, Rough Branch, Rough Branch, Rough Butt Creek, Rough Run, Sassafras Branch, Sassafras Creek, Savannah Creek, Schoolhouse Branch, Scotsman Creek, Scott Creek, Sheep Cliff Creek, Shell Branch, Shelton Creek, Shoal Creek, Shoal Creek, Shortoff Creek, Shut-in Creek, Silver Run Creek, Slatten Branch, Slickens Creek, Soapstone Creek, Soco Creek, Sols Creek, South Fork Sugarloaf Creek, Stillwell Branch, Sugar Branch, Sugar Creek, Sugar Fork, Sugarloaf Creek, Sutton Branch, Swimmer Branch, Tanasee Creek, Tatham Creek, Taylor Creek, Tilley Creek, Tooni Branch, Trays Island Creek, Trout Creek, Turkey Branch, Washington Creek, Wayehutta Creek, Webster Creek, West Fork Barkers Creek, West Fork Dicks Creek, West Fork Jenkins Creek, West Fork Moses Creek, West Fork Tuckasegee River, Whiterock Creek, Wilson Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Woodfin Creek, Woods Branch, Wrights Creek, Yellow Bird Branch, Yellow Patch Branch

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Alum Knob, Awl Knob, Bald Knob, Bald Mountain, Bald Rock Mountain, Barnett Knob, Bear Knob, Bear Mountain, Bearpen Mountain, Bearpen Mountain, Beck Knob, Beef Market Top, Beetree Knob, Bell Coney Mountain, Berry Mountain, Big Green Mountain, Big Knob, Big Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Rock Mountain, Blackrock Mountain, Blackrock Mountain, Boardtree Knob, Bonas Defeat, Brasstown Knob, Brown Mountain, Brown Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Bryson Knob, Buck Knob, Buck Knob, Buck Knob, Buck Knob, Buck Knob, Bull Pen Mountain, Buzzard Roost, Camp Mountain, Carter Top, Carver Mountain, Cedar Cliff, Cedar Cliff Mountain, Cedar Valley Knob, Charley Bald, Charley Knob, Cherry Knob, Chestnut Knob, Chestnut Mountain, Chestnut Mountain, Chimneytop Mountain, Choga Butt Knob, Coldsides Mountain, Cope Mountain, Cove Hill, Cow Mountain, Coward Bald, Coward Knob, Coward Mountain, Cowee Bald, Cowrock Mountain, Dobson Mountain, Double Knob, Double Top, Doubletop Mountain, Doubletop Mountain, Dryland Laurel, Eagle Knob, Ebb Knob, Ellicott Mountain, Fern Mountain, Flat Mountain, Fox Knob, Gage Bald, Gibson Knob, Glassyrock Mountain, Goat Knob, Grassy Knob, Grassy Top, Hawkins Knob, Heady Mountain, Hench Knob, Henderson Mountain, Herrin Knob, Hickory Flat Knob, Hickory Flats, Hickory Mountain, High Knob, High Knob, High Point, High Top, High Top, Hogback Mountain, Hooper Knob, Hornyhead Mountain, Hughes Knob, Isinglass Knob, Jacks Knob, Jenny Knob, Joe Mountain, Jonas Fields, Jones Knob, Judaculla Mountain, Kings Mountain, Kirby Knob, Laurel Knob, Laurel Knob, Little Bald Rock Mountain, Little Cow Mountain, Little Green Mountain, Little Hogback Mountain, Little Hogback Mountain, Little Panther Knob, Little Pilot Mountain, Little Sheep Cliff, Little Terrapin Mountain, Lizzie Mountain, Lone Bald, Lost Knob, Moffitt Mountain, Moss Knob, Mount Lyn Lowry, Neddie Knob, Nix Mountain, O'Dear Knob, Owen Mountain, Panther Knob, Panther Knob, Panther Knob, Parker Knob, Peak Knob, Perry Top, Pilot Mountain, Pine Knob, Piney Cliff, Piney Knob, Piney Mountain, Piney Ridge Knob, Pinnacle Bald, Polly Mountain, Poplar Mountain, Potato Knob, Prickly Ash Mountain, Pump Mountain, Rattlesnake Knob, Rattlesnake Knob, Rattlesnake Mountain, Raven Knob, Rich Mountain, Rich Mountain, Rich Mountain Bald, Richland Balsam, Riley Mountain, Robertson Mountain, Rocky Face, Rocky Face, Rocky Face, Rocky Face Knob, Rocky Knob, Rocky Knob, Rocky Mountain, Rough Mountain, Round Mountain, Rye Mountain, Sassafras Knob, Sassafras Knob, Sassafras Mountain, Sassafras Mountain, Sheep Knob, Sheep Mountain, Sheepback Mountain, Shelton Mountain, Shoal Mountain, Snaggy Bald, Sugarloaf Mountain, Terrapin Mountain, The Pinnacle, Thomas Peak, Tritt Knob, Turkey Knob, View Rock, Waterrock Knob, Webster Knob, Welch Top, Whiteside Mountain, Wildcat Knob, Wolf Knob, Wolf Knob, Wolf Mountain, Wolf Mountain, Yellow Face

  Towers     show all on map

Cowee Fire Tower, WRGC-AM (Sylva), WWCU-FM (Cullowhee)

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Whiteside Mountain National Recreation Trail

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Big Witch Tunnel, Bunches Bald Tunnel, Cowee Tunnel, Lickstone Ridge Tunnel

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Bart Cove, Big Cove, Brier Cove, Cabe Cove, Cashiers Valley, Chestnut Cove, Chewing Gum Cove, Cox Cove, Denton Cove, Dillard Canyon, Dills Cove, Fed Cove, Fisher Cove, Gibson Cove, Happy Hollow, Hazel Hollow, Hog Cove, Holcomb Cove, Hoot Owl Cove, Jenkins Cove, Jericho Cove, Keller Cove, Kitchen Cove, Lewis Cove, Lost Cove, Mill Cove, Monteith Cove, Press Cove, Rocky Hollow, Shook Cove, Shuler Cove, Sugar Cove, Thomas Cove, Thomas Valley, Till Cove, Whiteside Cove,

Jackson County, North Carolina Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteJackson County White population 34,66834,668  
American IndianJackson County American Indian population 3,8073,807
MixedJackson County Mixed population 810810
AsianJackson County Asian population 365364
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderJackson County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
North Carolina population by county