Macon County, North Carolina Basics:

Macon County North Carolina - Government Site

Population: 33,854
Area: 516 square miles
County seat: Franklin
Area code(s) in use: 828
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 85.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 20.4%
Median household income: $38,134
Persons in poverty: 19.6%
Home ownership rate: 74.2%
Mean travel time to work: 20.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Cherokee  Clay  Graham  Jackson  Rabun (GA)  Swain  

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Map of the Macon County area

Our detail map of Macon County shows the Macon County, North Carolina boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Macon County, North Carolina

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Macon County Airport

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Natural Bridge

  Basins     show all on map

Horse Cove, Punch Bowl

  Bends     show all on map

Coggins Bend, Raby Bend, The Horseshoe

  Bridges     show all on map

Big Creek Bridge, Lost Bridge, McCoy Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Burningtown - Iotla Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Clarks Chapel Fire and Rescue Department, Cowee Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Cowee Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Substation, Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, Cullasaja Gorge Fire and Rescue Department, Franklin Fire and Rescue Department, Highlands Fire Department, Highlands Rescue Squad, Macon County Emergency Medical Services - Franklin Station, Macon County Emergency Medical Services - Nantahala Station, Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Substation, Nantahala Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Otto Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Sky Valley - Scaly Mountain Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Wayah Ranger District Office, West Macon Fire and Rescue

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Angel Cemetery, Asbury Cemetery, Fout Cemetery, Franklin Cemetery, Highlands Cemetery, Horse Cove Cemetery, Lakey Cemetery, Mc Connell Cemetery, Mc Ghee Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Morgan Cemetery, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Rush Cemetery, Shepherd Cemetery, Stiles Cemetery, Strain Cemetery, Tellico Cemetery, Tippet Cemetery, Watkins Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery

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Asbury Church, Bethel Church, Bethlehem Church, Black Mountain Church, Buck Creek Church, Calvary Church, Carson Chapel, Cartoogechaye Church, Clark Chapel, Clear Creek Church, Cowee Church, Coweeta Church, Drymans Chapel, Ellijay Church, Gillespie Church, Hickory Knoll Church, Holiness Church (historical), Holly Springs Church, Iotla Church, Liberty Church, Little Buck Creek Church, Longview Church, Louisa Chapel, Maidens Chapel, Morrison Church, Mount Hope Church, Mount Sinai Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mulberry Church, Nantahala Number 1 Church, Nantahala Number 2 Church, Newman Chapel, Oak Grove Church, Oakdale Church, Patton Chapel, Pine Grove Church, Piney Grove Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Prentiss Church, Ridge Crest Church, Rose Creek Church, Saint Cyprian Church, Salem Church, Shortoff Church, Slagle Memorial Church, Sloans Chapel, Snow Hill Church, Sugar Fork Church, Tellico Church, Tessentee Church, Watauga Church, Wells Grove Church, Whiteoak Flats Church, Windy Gap Church

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Cedar Cliff, Cedar Cliff, Ramsey Cliff, Sunset Rock, The Catstairs, Western Cliffs, Winding Stairs

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Burningtown Dam, Cliffside Dam, Cold Springs Saddle Club Dam, Dicks Creek Dam, Grant Dam, Lake Charles Dam, Lake Emory Dam, Mint Lake Dam, Mirror Lake Dam, Moore Creek Lower, Moore Creek Upper, Nantahala Dam, NC Noname One-Hundred Thirty-Nine Dam, Osage Lake Dam, Pine Hill Trailer Park Dam, Porter Bend Dam, Pyle Dam, Queens Creek Dam, R C Balfour Lower Dam, Ravenel Lake Dam, Sequoyah Dam, Vitale Apple Orchard Dam, Watauga Vista Dam, Whiteoak Dam, Whites Lake Dam, Wildwood Mountain Dam, Wilson Lower Dam

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Berties Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Burningtown Falls, Cullasaja Falls, Dry Falls, Glen Falls, Highlands Falls, Queens Falls, Satulah Falls

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The Flat, The Flats, The Flats, Whiteoak Bottoms

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Nantahala National Forest

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Andy Gap, Bateman Gap, Bates Gap, Bearpen Gap, Bearpen Gap, Beasley Gap, Betty Creek Gap, Big Oak Gap, Big Stamp, Bigspring Gap, Blackoak Gap, Blackwell Gap, Blazed Gap, Board Gap, Broadway Gap, Brown Gap, Brown Gap, Buby Gap, Buckhorn Gap, Buddy Gap, Burgoin Gap, Burningtown Gap, Byrd Gap, Cadon Gap, California Gap, Camp Gap, Campbell Gap, Coldspring Gap, Cole Gap, Coleman Gap, Commissioner Gap, Coweeta Gap, Dan Gap, Deep Gap, Deer Gap, Emmaline Gap, Fed Gap, Flat Branch Gap, Flint Rock Gap, Flowers Gap, Frank Gap, Glassmine Gap, Gray Gap, Harrison Gap, Henson Gap, Hickory Gap, Howard Gap, Iotla Gap, Jimmy Gap, John Gap, Jones Gap, Kilby Gap, Kimsey Gap, Laurel Gap, Leatherman Gap, Licklog Gap, Licklog Gap, Locust Tree Gap, Locust Tree Gap, Low Gap, Middle Gap, Mill Gap, Mooney Gap, Morgan Cut, Mossy Back Gap, Mulberry Gap, Nickajack Gap, Otter Gap, Panther Gap, Park Gap, Penland Gap, Pin Gap, Pipetrack Gap, Plass Gap, Poplar Cove Gap, Pound Mill Gap, Pressley Gap, Rattlesnake Gap, Red Marble Gap, Reynolds Gap, Rich Gap, Richey Gap, Rock Gap, Rocky Gap, Runaway Gap, Saldeer Gap, Saltrock Gap, Sassafras Gap, Sassafras Gap, Shortoff Gap, Skeenah Gap, Snowbird Gap, Split Whiteoak Gap, Sutherland Gap, Swinging Lick Gap, Tellico Gap, Tuni Gap, Wallace Gap, Walnut Creek Gap, Walnut Gap, Wayah Gap, Whiterock Gap, Wilson Gap, Winding Stair Gap, Windy Gap, Wolf Gap, Wolfpen Gap, Wolfpen Gap, Yellow Mountain Gap

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Angel Medical Center, Highlands - Cashiers Hospital

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Dean Island

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McCoys Fishing Lake, Wilson Lakes

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Ammons Branch Campground, Appletree Campground, Arrowwood Glade Picnic Area, Arrowwood Glade Rearing Pools, Bigspring Gap Shelter, Blue Valley Campground, Camp Sequoyah, Carter Gap Appalachian Trail Shelter, Cliffside Lake Recreation Site, Cold Spring Appalachian Trail Shelter, Coweeta Experiment Forest Headquarters, Coweeta Experiment Station, Deep Gap Primitive Campground, East Franklin Shopping Center, Gold Mine, Highlands Country Club, Kimsey Creek Recreation Site, Locust Post, Middle Creek Mill, Nantahal River Launch Site, Nantahala Gorge Recreation Site, Nikwasi Indian Mound, North Carolina State Prison Camp, Palmer Street Shopping Center, Rock Gap Shelter, Siler Bald Shelter, Standing Indian Recreation Site, Standing Indian Shelter, Vanhook Glade Campground, Wayah Bald Recreation Site, Wayah Crest Camp Ground, Wesser Bald Lookout, Wilson Lick Ranger Station

  Mines     show all on map

Bonanza Mine, Caler Creek Ruby Mine, Cherokee Ruby and Sapphire Mine, Cowee Mountain Mine, Dale and Demkos Mine, Gem City Mine, Gibsons Ruby Mine, Gregorys Ruby Mine, Holbrooks Ruby Mine, Jacobs Mine, Jones Ruby Mine, Laurel Valley Mine, Lyle Knob Mine, Mason Mountain Rhodolite Mine, Masons Sapphire Mine, Mountain Top Gem Mine, Old Cardinal Mine, Rocky Face Mine, Rose Creek Mine, Sheffield Mine, Shulers Ruby Mine, Tubb Quarry, Yukon Mine

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Blue Valley Experimental Forest, Nantahala Game Lands, Standing Indian Wildlife Management Area, Vanhook Wayside Park

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Addington Mill, Aquone, Beechertown, Berry Mill, Blossomtown, Brendletown, Briertown, Burnett Fields, Burningtown, Cowee, Cozads Mill, Cullasaja, Dean, Deans Mill, East Franklin, Ellijay, Fairview, Franklin, Fulchertown, Gneiss, Higdonville, Highlands, Iotla, Iotla (historical), Kyle, Leatherman, Lickskillet, Malonee Mill, McClure Mill, McDonald Mill, Mountain Grove, Norton, Oak Grove, Oak Hill, Olive Hill, Orlando, Otto, Parrish Gap, Prentiss, Rainbow Springs, Riverside, Scaly Mountain, Shallow Ford, Shookville, Slickrock Ford, Stiles, Tellico, Teresita, Tumblerville, Union, Watkins Mill, Wayah Depot

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Etna Post Office, Wests Mill Post Office

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Cowee Mountains

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Cliffside Lake, Club Lake, Cold Springs Saddle Club Lake, Fisher Lake, Grant Lake, Harris Lake, Highlands Lake, Highlands Reservoir, Lake Charles, Lake Emory, Lake Sequoyah, Mint Lake, Mirror Lake, Moore Creek Lower Lake, Moore Creek Upper Lake, Nantahala Lake, Noname, Osage Lake, Pine Hill Trailer Park Lake, Pyle Lake, Queens Creek Lake, Randall Lake, Ravenel Lake, Ravenel Lake, Vitale Apple Orchard Lake, Watauga Vista Lake, Whites Lake, Wildwood Mountain Lake, Wilson Lower Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bates Ridge, Big Ridge, Billy Cabin Ridge, Blackwell Ridge, Bristle Ridge, Brushy Ridge, Brushy Ridge, Buzzard Roost Ridge, California Ridge, Cedar Cliff Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Cliff Ridge, Colts Ridge, Conley Ridge, Copper Ridge, Devil Den Ridge, Doubletop Fields, Fire Gap Ridge, Firescald Ridge, Fork Ridge, Fork Ridge, Foster Ridge, Gibson Ridge, Gnat Ridge, Granite City, Horse Ridge, Huckleberry Ridge, Hurrah Ridge, Indian Ridge, Kelly Ridge, Long Ridge, Lower Trail Ridge, Mc Donald Ridge, Messer Ridge, Middle Ridge, Middle Ridge, Middle Trail Ridge, Muskrat Ridge, Nantahala Mountains, Panther Ridge, Pat Stable Ridge, Pine Ridge, Polecat Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Roaring Fork Ridge, Rocky Bald Ridge, Rocky Knob Ridge, Runaway Ridge, Sassafras Ridge, Sawmill Ridge, Scream Ridge, Scream Ridge, Soco Ridge, Split Whiteoak Ridge, Straight Ridge, Tarkiln Ridge, Timber Ridge, Trail Ridge, Trail Ridge, Trimont Ridge, Upper Trail Ridge

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Buck Creek School (historical), Camp Branch School, Clark Chapel School (historical), Clear Creek School, Cowee School, Franklin School, Higdon School (historical), Holly Springs School, Mashburn Branch School (historical), Maxwell School (historical), Oak Ridge School, Oakdale School (historical), Olive Hill School (historical), Otter Creek School, Otto Elementary School, Pattons School (historical), Pine Grove School (historical), Rowlin School, Salem School, Scaly School, Slagle School, Walnut Creek School, Watauga School

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Rattlesnake Spring, Sulphur Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Abes Creek, Allen Branch, Allison Creek, Ammons Branch, Ammons Branch, Ammons Branch, Anderson Branch, Appletree Branch, Appletree Branch, Arnold Branch, Arrowhead Branch, Arrowwood Creek, Ash Flat Branch, Bad Branch, Ball Creek, Barkers Creek, Bateman Branch, Bates Branch, Batey Branch, Battle Branch, Battle Branch, Bearpen Creek, Bearpen Creek, Beasley Creek, Beech Cove Branch, Ben Creek, Bennies Branch, Berry Creek, Betty Creek, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Indian Creek, Big Laurel Branch, Big Laurel Creek, Big Norton Prong, Big Shoal Branch, Bird Branch, Black Creek, Black Mountain Branch, Blackrock Branch, Blaine Branch, Blazed Creek, Blockade Branch, Boardtree Branch, Bradley Branch, Bradley Creek, Bridge Branch, Brooks Creek, Brown Creek, Brush Creek, Brushy Branch, Bryson Branch, Bryson Branch, Bryson Branch, Buck Creek, Buckeye Creek, Burningtown Branch, Burningtown Creek, Cadon Branch, Caler Cove Branch, Caler Fork, Camp Branch, Camp Branch, Camprock Branch, Cane Creek, Carpenters Branch, Carter Branch, Cartoogechaye Creek, Cat Creek, Cherry Branch, Chestnut Orchard Branch, Choga Creek, Clear Creek, Cloer Branch, Cold Spring Creek, Commissioner Creek, Conley Camp Branch, Coon Creek, Corbin Creek, Cornet Branch, Cove Branch, Covefield Branch, Cowee Creek, Coweeta Creek, Crawford Branch, Cross Branch, Crow Creek, Cullasaja River, Cunningham Creek, Curtis Creek, Dalton Creek, Dates Creek, De Weese Branch, Devils Prong, Dicks Creek, Dirty John Creek, Dobson Branch, Doubletop Branch, Dowdle Branch, Downes Branch, Dry Branch, Dryman Fork, Drymans Branch, East Fork Overflow Creek, Edwards Branch, Edwards Creek, Ellijay Creek, Elmore Branch, Emory Branch, Evans Creek, Factory Branch, Fall Branch, Fall Branch, Falls Branch, Falls Branch, Falls Branch, Fulcher Branch, Garrison Branch, Gibby Branch, Gibson Cove Branch, Glade Creek, Gold Mine Branch, Gold Pit Creek, Grape Cove Branch, Gribble Branch, Gulf Branch, Gulf Fork, Hampton Branch, Hayes Mill Creek, Hemp Patch Branch, Henson Branch, Henson Creek, Hickory Branch, Hickory Knoll Creek, Higdon Branch, High Laurel Branch, Hoglot Branch, Holloway Branch, Holly Branch, Horse Cove Branch, Houston Branch, Howard Branch, Huckleberry Creek, Hughes Branch, Hurricane Creek, Hurricane Creek, Indian Branch, Indian Camp Branch, Indian Camp Branch, Indian Camp Creek, Ingram Branch, Iotla Branch, Iotla Creek, Jacob Branch, Jake Branch, James Creek, Jane Otter Branch, Jarrett Creek, Joe Creek, Joe Dave Branch, Joe Hicks Branch, John Branch, Johnson Branch, Jones Creek, Katie Creek, Kilby Creek, Kimsey Creek, Kit Spring Branch, Lakey Creek, Larry Brush Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Creek, Ledbetter Branch, Ledford Branch, Lee Branch, Lee Creek, Left Fork Partridge Creek, Left Prong Burningtown Creek, Left Prong Ray Branch, Left Prong Rough Fork, Lenoir Branch, Lickskillet Branch, Little Buck Creek, Little Choga Creek, Little Creek, Little Indian Creek, Little Laurel Creek, Little Lyman Prong, Little Rock Branch, Little Salt Rock Creek, Little Tuni Creek, Locust Tree Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Loudermilk Creek, Lowery Creek, Mashburn Branch, Mason Branch, Matherson Branch, Matlock Creek, May Branch, McDowell Branch, McKee Branch, Messer Creek, Mica City Creek, Middle Branch, Middle Creek, Mill Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Mint Branch, Monger Creek, Mooney Branch, Moore Creek, Moses Branch, Moss Branch, Mountainside Branch, Mulberry Creek, Muskrat Creek, Nichols Branch, Nichols Branch, Nickajack Creek, North Fork Coweeta Creek, North Fork Skeenah Creek, North Prong Ellijay Creek, Norton Branch, Norton Branch, Norton Branch, Nova Scotia Branch, Otter Creek, Overflow Creek, Owenby Branch, Park Creek, Parrish Creek, Partridge Creek, Pat Stable Branch, Peeks Creek, Piercy Creek, Pine Branch, Piney Knob Fork, Pinnacle Branch, Poindexter Branch, Polecat Branch, Poplar Cove Creek, Possum Branch, Possum Branch, Potts Branch, Potts Creek, Queen Branch, Queens Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rattlesnake Branch, Rattlesnake Creek, Ray Branch, Rhinehart Creek, Rickman Creek, Right Prong Ray Branch, Right Prong Rough Fork, Roaring Fork, Robin Branch, Rock Branch, Rocky Bald Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Branch, Rose Creek, Rough Fork, Rowland Branch, Rowlin Creek, Saltrock Branch, Sassafras Branch, Satser Branch, Satulah Branch, Sawmill Branch, Scott Branch, Shansfield Branch, Shepherd Creek, Shingletree Branch, Shoal Creek, Shop Branch, Shope Fork, Short Creek, Shot Pouch Creek, Siler Creek, Simon Branch, Skeenah Creek, Skitty Creek, Smart Branch, South Fork Skeenah Creek, South Skitty Branch, Split Whiteoak Branch, Stephens Creek, Stillhouse Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Sugar Cove Creek, Talley Mill Creek, Teague Branch, Tellico Creek, Tessentee Creek, Thomas Branch, Thompson Branch, Thompson Prong, Tippet Branch, Tippet Creek, Tom Branch, Trimont Branch, Trough Branch, Turtle Pond Creek, Tyler Branch, Wallace Branch, Walnut Creek, Watauga Creek, Waterloo Branch, Watkins Creek, Wayah Creek, Webb Branch, West Fork Overflow Creek, Wests Branch, Wheatfield Branch, Whiteoak Creek, Whiterock Branch, Wildcat Branch, Wildcat Creek, Wildes Creek, Wine Spring Creek, Wolf Creek, Wyant Branch, Yellow Patch Branch, Younce Creek, Youngs Camp Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Albert Mountain, Allen Mountain, Ammons Knob, Angel Mountain, Arch Hill, Bates Mountain, Bear Knob, Bearpen Mountain, Bearpen Mountain, Bee Tree Knob, Beech Cove Knob, Bench Mountain, Big Butt, Big Dog Mountain, Black Bald, Black Mountain, Blackrock Mountain, Blaine Knob, Bradley Butt, Bruce Knob, Brushy Face, Bryson Knob, Buck Knob, Buck Knob, Buck Mountain, Buck Water Mountain, Buckhorn Mountain, Burningtown Bald, Buzzard Knob, Buzzard Knob, Caler Knob, Carrol Knob, Cedar Cliff Mountain, Cedar Knob, Chestnut Knob, Chestnut Mountain, Chestnut Mountain, Chimney Knob, Chinquapin Mountain, Cole Mountain, Cope Knob, Copper Knob, Copper Ridge Bald, Corbin Knob, Corner Knob, Cornet Knob, Corundum Hill, Craig Mountain, Curtiss Knob, Davis Bald, Deadening Knob, Deerlick Knob, Dills Knob, Dobson Mountain, Dog Mountain, Doubletop Mountain, Dover Knob, Dowdle Knob, Downs Mountain, Duck Mountain, Everett Mountain, Fishhawk Mountain, Flat Knob, Flat Mountain, Fodderstack Mountain, Fork Mountain, Fork Mountain, Foster Knob, Frog Mountain, George Gray Mountain, Gibson Knob, Glade Mountain, Goat Bald, Goat Knob, Granny Green Mountain, Grant Knob, Grassy Knob, Grassy Knobs, Grindstone Knob, Guy Knob, Hall Mountain, Hannah Mountain, Happy Hill, Henderson Mountain, Hickory Knob, Hickory Knob, Higdon Mountain, High Holly, High Knob, High Top, Hogback Mountain, Holt Knob, Horseshoe Mountain, Horton Knob, Houston Knob, Hurricane Top, Hyatt Knob, Jack Knob, Jacobs Knob, Jane Knob, Jarrett Bald, Jarrett Knob, Jones Knob, Kate Knob, Keener Knob, Keener Mountain, Kettle Rock, Kimsey Bald, Kinley Mountain, Lamb Mountain, Lambert Mountain, Lark Knob, Leatherman Knob, Little Bald, Little Bearpen Mountain, Little Chimney Knob, Little Fishhawk Mountain, Little Fodderstack Mountain, Little Mountain, Little Pinnacle, Little Ridgepole Mountain, Little Rocky Mountain, Little Scaly, Little Yellow Mountain, Lowery Knob, Lyle Knob, Mason Mountain, McDowell Mountain, Milksick Knob, Mill Knob, Moore Knob, Mouse Mountain, Old Rocky Mountain, Onion Mountain, Osage Mountain, Ostin Knob, Otter Mountain, Owl Knob, Panther Knob, Panther Knob, Panther Mountain, Passmore Knob, Pat Knob, Patton Mountain, Peak Knob, Peggy Knob, Pendergrass Mountain, Penson Knob, Penson Mountain, Pickens Nose, Pine Knob, Pine Mountain, Pine Mountain, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Knob, Pinnacle Mountain, Podgys Mountain, Poplar Cove Knob, Queen Mountain, Rabbit Mountain, Rattlesnake Knob, Rattlesnake Knob, Rattlesnake Knob, Rattlesnake Knob, Rattlesnake Knob, Raven Mountain, Rector Knob, Rich Knob, Rich Mountain, Rich Mountain, Richey Knob, Ridgepole Mountain, Ridgepole Mountain, Riley Knob, Rockhouse Knob, Rocky Bald, Rocky Bald, Rocky Cove Knob, Rocky Knob, Rocky Knob, Rocky Knob, Rockyface Mountain, Roper Knob, Roper Knob, Rough Knob, Round Mountain, Runaway Knob, Sanders Knob, Sanders Knob, Sassafras Knob, Satulah Mountain, Scaly Mountain, Sheep Knob, Sheep Knob, Shope Knob, Shortoff Mountain, Siler Bald, Slick Rock, Slick Rock, Snakeden Knob, Snowbird Mountain, Steeltrap Knob, Tater Hill, Tater Hill, Tellico Bald, The Pinnacle, Thomas Knob, Thorn Mountain, Tin Cup Knob, Trimont Mountain, Turkey Knob, Turkey Knob, Turkey Knob, Wayah Bald, Wesser Bald, Whiterock Mountain, Wildcat Knob, Wildes Knob, Wilkes Knob, Wine Spring Bald, Wolf Rock, Wooten Mountain, Wykle Hill, Yellow Bald, Yellow Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

Albert Mountain Fire Tower, WFSC-AM (Franklin), WLTM-AM (Franklin), WRFR-FM (Franklin), Yellow Mountain Fire Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Ellicott Rock Trail, Gage Trail, Hurricane Creek Trail, Rartram Trail, Rufus Morgan Trail, Shortoff Mountain Trail, Stewart Trail, Thorn Mountain Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Nantahala Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Bald Cove, Baldwin Cove, Bear Cove, Blue Valley, Bryson Cove, Buck Cove, Bull Cove, Byrd Hollows, Caler Cove, Carson Cove, Cherry Cove, Chestnut Cove, Clanpit Cove, Cochran Cove, Cowl Cove, Crawford Cove, Diamond Valley, Dismal Cove, Falls Poplar Cove, Fed Cove, Green Cove, Jones Cove, Kelly Cove, Kimsey Cove, Lambert Cove, Lloyd Cove, Owenby Cove, Pol Miller Hollow, Poplar Cove, Poplar Cove, Poplar Cove, Porter Cove, Rocky Cove, Rocky Cove, Sally Cove, Sheep Hollow, Shope Cove, Stewart Cove, Sugar Cove, Sugar Cove, Tom Bryan Cove, Turkey Pen Cove, Walnut Cove, Wests Cove, Wilkes Cove, Willis Cove, Young Cove,

Macon County, North Carolina Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMacon County White population 32,50032,499  
BlackMacon County Black population 576575
MixedMacon County Mixed population 339338
American IndianMacon County American Indian population 237236
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMacon County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
North Carolina population by county