Madison County, North Carolina Basics:

Madison County North Carolina - Government Site

Population: 20,873
Area: 450 square miles
County seat: Marshall
Area code(s) in use: 828
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 80.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 18.2%
Median household income: $38,658
Persons in poverty: 17.4%
Home ownership rate: 75.5%
Mean travel time to work: 29.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Buncombe  Cocke (TN)  Greene (TN)  Haywood  Unicoi (TN)  Yancey  

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Map of the Madison County area

Our detail map of Madison County shows the Madison County, North Carolina boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Madison County, North Carolina

  Airports     show all on map

Wolf Ridge Airport

  Bends     show all on map

Bailey Bend, Bull Hole

  Bridges     show all on map

Deep Water Bridge, Palmer Ford Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Big Pine Volunteer Fire Department, Country Volunteer Fire Department, Ebbs Chapel Volunteer Fire Department, Hot Springs Fire Department, Laurel Volunteer Fire Department, Madison County Ambulance Service, Madison County Ambulance Service, Madison County Ambulance Service, Mars Hill Volunteer Fire Department, Marshall Community Volunteer Fire Department, Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Walnut Community Volunteer Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Anderson Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Angel Cemetery, Arrington Cemetery, Baldwin Cemetery, Ball Cemetery, Belva Cemetery, Big Pine Cemetery, Briggs Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Bryan Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Buckner Cemetery, Buckner Cemetery, Buckner Cemetery, Bullman Cemetery, Capps Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Chambers Cemetery, Click Cemetery, Coates Cemetery, Cook Cemetery, Crooked Ridge Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Dill Cemetery, Dockery Cemetery, Dry Pond Cemetery, Ebenezer Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Engle Cemetery, Fortner Cemetery, Franklin Cemetery, Franklin Cemetery, Freeman Cemetery, Freeman Cemetery, Gahagan Cemetery, Gardner Cemetery, Gentry Cemetery, George Cemetery, Gibbs Cemetery, Goforth Cemetery, Gosnell Cemetery, Gosnell Cemetery, Grapevine Cemetery, Hagen Cemetery, Heck Creek Cemetery, Henderson Cemetery, Hunter Cemetery, Hurricane View Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Lunceford Cemetery, Maney Cemetery, Marshall Cemetery, Marshbanks Cemetery, Massey Cemetery, Mc Elroy Cemetery, McDevitt Cemetery, Merrill Cemetery, Metcalf Cemetery, Murray Gap Cemetery, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Old Station Cemetery, Payne Cemetery, Payne Cemetery, Peek Cemetery, Radford Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Ray Cemetery, Ray Cemetery, Rector Cemetery, Rector Cemetery, Reed Cemetery, Reynolds Cemetery, Rice Cemetery, Rice Cemetery, Roberson Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Roddy Cemetery, Runion Cemetery, Runnion Cemetery, Sams Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Shook Cemetery, Sprinkle Cemetery, Sprouse Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Thomason Cemetery, Tillery Cemetery, Treadway Cemetery, Waddell Cemetery, West Cemetery, Whitt Cemetery, Whitt Cemetery, Wild Cemetery, Woody Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Anderson Branch Church, Antioch Church, Arrington Branch Church, Balding Chapel, Ball City Church, Balm Grove Church, Bear Creek Church, Bear Creek Church, Bethel Church, Big Laurel Church, Bonnie Hill Church, Bradmon Chapel, Bright Hope Church, Brigman Chapel, Bull Creek Church, Caney Fork Church, Cedar Hill Church, Chestnut Hill Church, Church of God, Crossrock Church, Davis Chapel, Dry Branch Church, East Fork Church, Enon Church, Fairview Church, Gabriel Creek Church, Gap-of-the-Mountain Church, Grand View Church, Grapevine Church, Hayes Run Church, Highland Church, Hopewell Church, Hurricane Chapel, Job Chapel, Kalamazoo Church, Laurel Bend Church, Laurel Branch Church, Laurel Fork Church, Laurelton Chapel, Liberty Church, Little Creek Church, Little Ivy Church, Little Sandymush Church, Lusk Chapel, Middle Fork Church, Middle Laurel Church, Mill Ridge Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Mount Zion Church, New Prospect Church, North Fork Church, Oak Hill Church, Old Bull Creek Church, Paint Fork Church, Paint Gap Church, Paynes Chapel, Peek Chapel, Piney Grove Church, Pleasant Valley Church, Primitive Church, Rector Chapel, Red Hill Church, Sexton Church, Shady Grove Church, Shoal Hill Church, Teague Chapel, Upper Laurel Church, Zion Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Baxter Cliff, Blackstack Cliffs, Stony Spur Cliff, Vann Cliff, Whiterock Cliff

  Dams     show all on map

Ivy Dam, Mars Hill Reservoir Dam, McGee Dam, NC Noname Two-Hundred Thirteen Dam, Redmon Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Big Flat, Cherry Flats, Jones Meadow, Whiteoak Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

Anderson Gap, Andy Gap, Bailey Gap, Bearpen Gap, Bearwallow Gap, Bearwallow Gap, Bearwallow Gap, Big Pine Gap, Billy Gap, Bobs Gap, Boone Cove Gap, Boyd Gap, Bryan Gap, Byard Gap, Cargle Gap, Catpen Gap, Chandler Gap, Chestnutlog Gap, Coley Gap, Cud Gap, Davidson Gap, Deep Gap, Devil Fork Gap, Doggett Gap, Dogwood Gap, Ellison Gap, Fort Gap, Garenflo Gap, Gragg Gap, Graveyard Gap, Hack Gap, Hamp Gap, Henson Gap, Hickorynut Gap, Hopewell Gap, Huckleberry Gap, Hurricane Gap, Indian Grave Gap, Jessie Gap, Kale Gap, Lemon Gap, Little Pine Gap, Little Sandy Gap, Locust Gap, Locust Gap, Locust Gap, Lovada Gap, Low Gap, Low Gap, Low Gap, Maney Gap, Maple Spring Gap, Mary Gap, Mashburn Gap, Meadow Gap, Mile Gap, Miller Gap, Moccasin Gap, Moody Gap, Moore Gap, Mulberry Gap, Murray Gap, Old Station Gap, Oldfield Gap, Pady Gap, Paint Gap, Partin Gap, Partridge Gap, Pleasant Gap, Potato Gap, Potato Gap, Pounding Mill Gap, Pump Gap, Radford Gap, Ramsey Gap, Reese Gap, Rice Gap, Roberts Gap, Sams Gap, Seng Gap, Spring Creek Gap, Sprouse Gap, Squirrel Gap, Stafford Gap, Street Gap, Sugar Cove Gap, Sugarloaf Gap, Tanyard Gap, Taylor Hollow Gap, Troublesome Gap, Walnut Gap, Walnut Gap, Weedy Gap, Whittaker Gap, Willis Gap, Windy Gap, Windy Gap, Wolfpit Gap

  Islands     show all on map

Bartley Island, Blennerhassett Island, Cane Islands, Huff Island, Mountain Island

  Locales     show all on map

Big Knob Lookout, Camp Creek Bald Lookout, CCC Camp Number F 7, Deer Park Mountain Trail Shelter, Ebb Chapel, Flint Gap Trail Shelter, French Broad Ranger Station, French Broad Work Center, Halls Store, Huckleberry Camp, Ivy, Little Laurel Trail Shelter, Lower Big Pine, Murray Branch Picnic Area, Nocona Siding, Rich Mountain Lookout, Rocky Bluff Recreation Site, Spring Mountain Trail Shelter, Volga

  Mines     show all on map

McCrary-Madison Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Rich-Laurel Wildlife Area

  Pillars     show all on map

House Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Allegheny, Allenstand, Andy Cove, Antioch, Barnard, Beech Glen, Belva, Bethel, Big Laurel, Big Pine, Bluff, Buckner, California, Carmen, Chapel Hill, Cutshalltown, Ebbs Mill, English, Faust, Foster Creek, Guntertown, Hot Springs, Hurricane, Ivy, Ivy Ridge, Jarrett Cove, Little Creek, Long Ridge, Luck, Lumptown, Lynch (historical), Mars Hill, Marshall, Paint Fork, Paint Rock, Petersburg, Redmon, Revere, Rice Mill, Rollins, Runion, Sandy Bottom, Sexton, Shaleville, Spillcorn, Spring Creek, Stackhouse, Terry Fork, Trust, Walnut, Walnut Creek, Waverly, White Rock, Worley

  Post Offices     show all on map

Barnard's Station Post Office, Joe Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Spring Creek Mountain, Walnut Mountains

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Mars Hill Reservoir, Marshall Watershed Lake, McGee Dam

  Ridges     show all on map

Allen Ridge, Alum Ridge, Angel Ridge, Appletree Ridge, Bailey Ridge, Bearpen Ridge, Big Ridge, Blackpine Ridge, Brushy Ridge, Buckeye Ridge, Buzzard Roost Ridge, Canebrake Ridge, Chimneyrock Ridge, Connor Ridge, Dan Knob Ridge, Deading Ridge, Dockery Ridge, Dog Ridge, Dry Pond Ridge, Edging Rock, Emiline Ridge, Fork Ridge, Gladden Ridge, Golden Ridge, Grapevine Ridge, Grassland Ridge, Grassy Ridge, Green Ridge, Haw Ridge, Hickory Spur, High Poplar Ridge, High Ridge, Highrock Ridge, Highrock Ridge, Hogback Ridge, Hopewell Ridge, Leadmine Ridge, Lisenbee Ridge, Lovers Leap Ridge, Middle Ridge, Mill Ridge, Mill Ridge, Mine Ridge, Oak Ridge, Odell Ridge, Old Trail Ridge, Partridge Gap Ridge, Pilot Ridge, Polecat Ridge, Ramsey Ridge, Ramsey Ridge, Rocky Ridge, Rocky Ridge, Rod Ridge, Roundtop Ridge, Scraggy Ridge, Seng Ridge, Sevenmile Ridge, Shinbone Ridge, Snakeden Ridge, Stony Spur, Trail Ridge, Trail Ridge, Turkeypen Ridge, Wolfpit Ridge, Worley Mill Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Bright Hope School, Bull Creek School, Center School, Doe Branch School, Hot Springs Elementary School, Keener School, Laurel Elementary School, Laurel Valley School, Lower Big Pine School, Madison High School, Madison Seminary, Marshall Elementary School, Marshall Primary School, Meadow Fork School, Miller Gap School, Piney Grove School, Poplar Gap School, Rice School, Roaring Fork School, Spring Creek School, Upper Big Pine School, Upper Grapevine School, Upper Little Pine School, Walnut Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Big Rock Spring, Bubbling Springs, Cold Spring, Hot Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Allen Creek, Allman Branch, Ammons Branch, Ammons Branch, Amos Creek, Anderson Branch, Appletree Branch, Arrington Branch, Back Branch, Bailey Branch, Bailey Branch, Baker Branch, Baker Creek, Bald Branch, Baltimore Branch, Banjo Branch, Barnes Branch, Barrett Branch, Baxter Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bearpen Branch, Bearpen Branch, Bearwallow Branch, Bearwallow Branch, Beck Branch, Bee Branch, Bee Branch, Bee Branch, Beetree Creek, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Creek, Big Deadening Branch, Big Hurricane Creek, Big Laurel Creek, Big Pine Creek, Big Rocky Branch, Billy King Branch, Blood River, Bone Camp Creek, Boyd Branch, Bradley Branch, Brush Creek, Buckeye Branch, Buckner Branch, Buckner Branch, Bull Creek, Caldwell Branch, Caldwell Branch, California Creek, Callahan Branch, Calvin Creek, Caney Fork, Cargle Branch, Cascade Branch, Casey Bow Branch, Catpen Branch, Chandler Creek, Charley Branch, Charlotte Branch, Chimney Creek, Clear Branch, Clover Branch, Cody Branch, Cold Spring Branch, Cook Branch, Coonpatch Branch, Crane Branch, Crooked Creek, Cutshall Branch, Dade Branch, Dans Branch, Davis Branch, Davis Branch, Dill Branch, Doe Branch, Doggett Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Creek, Duckmill Creek, East Fork Bull Creek, East Fork Little Creek, East Fork Shut-In Creek, East Prong Hickey Fork, Eller Branch, Fall Branch, Fall Branch, Fall Branch, Fall Branch, Fisher Branch, Fisher Branch, Flea Branch, Flint Level Branch, Foster Creek, Friezeland Creek, Frisby Branch, Gabriel Creek, Gentry Branch, Georgia Branch, Gilbert Branch, Gosnell Branch, Granger Branch, Grass Creek, Greasy Branch, Greasy Branch, Griffin Branch, Grooms Branch, Gunter Branch, Halewood Creek, Hampton Creek, Hayes Run, Heck Creek, Hensley Branch, Hensley Branch, Hickey Fork, Hickory Ridge Branch, Hickorylog Branch, Higgins Branch, High Shoal Branch, Highshoal Branch, Hogskin Branch, Holcombe Branch, Holcombe Branch, Holland Creek, Hopewell Branch, Hopis Branch, Horse Branch, Hunter Branch, Hunter Creek, Indian Camp Branch, Indian Grave Gap Branch, Ingle Branch, Ivy Creek, Ivy Gap Branch, Jack Branch, Jarvis Branch, Jasperfield Branch, John Branch, Johnson Branch, Jones Branch, Jordan Branch, King Creek, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Levi Branch, Lewis Branch, Lisenbee Branch, Little Bald Branch, Little Bear Branch, Little Bottom Branch, Little Creek, Little Creek, Little Creek, Little Foster Creek, Little Hurricane Creek, Little Ivy Creek, Little Laurel Creek, Little Pine Creek, Little Prong, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Mountain Branch, Maple Spring Branch, McDevitt Branch, Meadow Branch, Meadow Fork, Middle Fork California Creek, Mill Creek, Mink Branch, Morrow Branch, Mountain Island Branch, Murray Branch, North Fork Big Pine Creek, North Prong Little Pine Creek, Nowhere Branch, Paint Fork, Palmer Camp Branch, Panhandle Branch, Panther Branch, Panther Branch, Parker Branch, Pawpaw Creek, Peace Branch, Peter Cove Creek, Pine Branch, Polly Branch, Ponder Branch, Ponder Branch, Ponder Creek, Pounding Mill Branch, Profitt Branch, Pump Branch, Puncheon Camp Branch, Puncheon Camp Branch, Puncheon Fork, Raccoon Branch, Raccoon Branch, Ray Branch, Rector Branch, Rector Branch, Redbud Branch, Reems Branch, Reservoir Branch, Revis Branch, Rice Branch, Roaring Fork, Roaring Fork, Roberts Branch, Rock Branch, Rock Branch, Rock Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rocky Branch, Roddy Branch, Rough Branch, Sawmill Branch, Shade Branch, Shake Rag Branch, Shavrey Branch, Shelton Branch, Shelton Branch, Shelton Laurel Creek, Shook Branch, Shut-In Creek, Silver Mine Creek, Simmons Branch, Skiffly Branch, Sliding Knob Branch, Smith Branch, Sodom Branch, South Fork Big Pine Creek, South Prong Little Pine Creek, Spillcorn Creek, Spring Creek, Sprinkle Branch, Sprinkle Creek, Sprinkler Branch, Sprouse Branch, Squirrel Branch, Station Branch, Steve Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Sugar Camp Branch, Sugar Camp Branch, Sugarcamp Branch, Sugartree Branch, Sweetwater Branch, Tarlton Branch, Terry Fork, Thomas Branch, Thomas Branch, Tilden Metcalf Creek, Tillery Branch, Trent Branch, Tug Fork, Turkey Branch, Turkey Creek, Tweed Branch, Walker Branch, Wallin Branch, Walnut Creek, Watermelon Branch, West Branch Walnut Creek, West Fork Bull Creek, West Fork Little Creek, West Fork Shut-In Creek, West Prong Hickey Fork, Whiteoak Creek, Whiteoak Flats Branch, Whiterock Branch, Wild Branch, Wild Branch, Wildcat Branch, Willie Metcalf Creek, Wilson Branch, Wilson Branch, Wolf Branch, Wolf Laurel Branch, Woodson Branch, Wooleyshot Branch, Woolsey Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Alum Knob, Angelico Knob, Bald Knob, Bald Mountain, Barnard Knob, Barnett Mountain, Big Butt, Big Firescald Knob, Big Knob, Big Knob, Big Knob, Big Knob, Bluff Mountain, Broomstraw Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Buck Knob, Buck Knob, Butt Mountain, Camp Creek Bald, Carter Mountain, Cedar Knob, Chestnut Mountain, Cold Knob, Coldspring Mountain, Dan Knob, Dan Payne Mountain, Deer Park Mountain, Devil Knob, Devils Den Mountain, Deweese Mountain, Dick Knob, Divide Mountain, Divide Mountain, Dixon Mountain, Doggett Knob, Duckett Top, Ed Knob, Elk Wallow Knob, Ephraim Knob, Farmer Mountain, Flint Mountain, Fork Mountain, Foxtown Mountain, Fradys Rough, Franklin Mountain, Frozen Knob, Gosnell Knob, Granger Mountain, Grapevine Knob, Grassland Mountain, Grassy Knob, Gravel Knob, Green Ridge Knob, Hack Knob, Hap Mountain, Hensley Mountain, Hicks Mountain, High Knob, High Rock, High Rock, Highrock, Hogback Mountain, Hogback Mountain, Hooker Knob, Horse Knob, Hot Springs Mountain, Huckleberry Knob, Icy Cliff Knob, Jack Trail Mountain, Lamb Knob, Lick Rock, Licklog Knob, Little Bald Mountain, Little Firescald Knob, Little Knob, Little Mountain, Locust Knob, Lone Knob, Lonesome Mountain, Long Mountain, Lower Haw Knob, Mary Knob, Max Patch Mountain, Middle Mountain, Mikes Knob, Mill Knob, Mitchell Knob, Mollie Mountain, Moody Knob, Mule Stomp, No Business Knob, Nofat Mountain, Paint Rock, Panther Knob, Panther Knob, Peter Cove Mountain, Pilot Knob, Piney Mountain, Piney Mountain, Piney Mountain, Price Mountain, Rector Butt, Rector Mountain, Red Hill Knob, Redoak Mountain, Reed Mountain, Rich Knob, Rich Knob, Rich Mountain, Richland Mountain, Roaring Fork Mountain, Roberts Mountain, Rock Knob, Roddy Mountain, Rough Knob, Round Mountain, Sally Mountain, Sapling Mountain, Sheepstamp Knob, Slaty Knob, Sliding Knob, Snaggy Point, Snakeden Mountain, Sodom Mountain, South Mountain, Spring Creek Mountain, Spring Mountain, Stafford Knob, Starret Knob, Stony Knob, Sugarloaf Knob, Sugarloaf Mountain, Tennessee Bluff, Turkey Mountain, Turkeypen Knob, Walnut Knob, Watershed Mountain, Whiteoak Knob, Wolf Mountain, Wooded Mountain, Zade Knob

  Towers     show all on map

Duckett Lookout Tower, WMMH-AM (Marshall), WVMH-FM (Mars Hill)

  Trails     show all on map

Big Creek Trail, Pounding Mill Trail, Whiteoak Flats Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Allman Hollow, Anderson Cove, Barns Cove, Beasley Cove, Big Cove, Brady Hollow, Brigman Hollow, Burton Cove, Capps Hollow, Cowbell Hollow, Dave Bright Cove, Davis Cove, Deep Gap Hollow, Elbow Hollow, Gunter Cove, Harris Cove, Hickman Cove, Hog Cove, Hollow Log Cove, Jess Cove, Kent Hollow, Maney Cove, Mill Cove, Mine Hollow, Plemmons Cove, Polecat Hollow, Rice Cove, Robinson Laurel, Round Cove, Stevens Cove, Stokely Hollow, Tett Cove, Turkey Cove, Whitt Hollow, Wildcat Hollow, Worley Cove,

Madison County, North Carolina Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMadison County White population 20,14220,142  
BlackMadison County Black population 292292
MixedMadison County Mixed population 271271
AsianMadison County Asian population 104104
American IndianMadison County American Indian population 6362
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMadison County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
North Carolina population by county