Swain County, North Carolina Basics:

Swain County North Carolina - Government Site

Population: 14,099
Area: 528 square miles
County seat: Bryson City
Area code(s) in use: 828
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 80.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 18.4%
Median household income: $43,426
Persons in poverty: 22.5%
Home ownership rate: 78.1%
Mean travel time to work: 18.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Blount (TN)  Cherokee  Cocke (TN)  Graham  Haywood  Jackson  Macon  Monroe (TN)  Sevier (TN)  

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Map of the Swain County area

Our detail map of Swain County shows the Swain County, North Carolina boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Swain County, North Carolina

  Airports     show all on map

Ferguson Field Municipal, Sossamon Field Airport

  Basins     show all on map

The Horseshoe, Turkey Cove, Upper Flats

  Bends     show all on map

Horseshoe Bend, Horseshoe Bend, Nick Bottom

  Buildings     show all on map

Alarka Volunteer Fire Department, Bryson City Fire Department, Cherokee Fire Department, Cherokee Fire Department Station 3, Cherokee Tribal Emergency Medical Services, Swain County Emergency Medical Services, Swain County Rescue Squad, West Swain Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Beck Cemetery, Birdtown Cemetery, Blankenship Cemetery, Bone Valley Cemetery, Bradley Cemetery, Bradshaw Cemetery, Breedlove Cemetery, Brendle Cemetery, Brush Creek Cemetery, Cable Branch Cemetery, Cable Cemetery, Carver Cemetery, Chambers Cemetery, Cochran Cemetery, Conner Cemetery, Connor Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Copper Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, De Hart Cemetery, Deep Creek Cemetery, Entoe Cemetery, Estes Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Floyd Cemetery, Galbraith Cemetery, Grant Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Higdon Cemetery, Husky Cemetery, Jenkins Cemetery, Jenkins Cemetery, Jenkins Cemetery, Jenkins Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Kirkland Cemetery, Lambert Cemetery, Laney Cemetery, Lauada Cemetery, Laurel Branch Cemetery, Ledbetter Cemetery, Lower Noland Cemetery, Mac Cemetery, McClure Cemetery, McHan Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Morrow Cemetery, Nations Cemetery, Orr Cemetery, Owl Cemetery, Payne Cemetery, Pilkey Cemetery, Posey Cemetery, Proctor Cemetery, Queen Cemetery, Queens Cemetery, Randall Cemetery, Round Top Cemetery, Sawyer Cemetery, Sherrill Cemetery, Slave Cemetery, Stiles Cemetery, Sutton Cemetery, Swain Memorial Cemetery, Tabor Cemetery, Tabor Cemetery, Truitt Cemetery, Upper Noland Cemetery, Watkins Cemetery, Watkins Cemetery, Welch Cemetery, Wesser Cemetery, Wiggins-Watson Cemetery, Windy Gap Cemetery, Woody Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Cherokee Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Antioch Church, Arlington Church, Bethabara Church, Big Cove Church, Big Cove Mission, Brush Creek Church, Cochran Church, Cold Springs Church, Connelly Creek Church, Deep Creek Church, Deep Gap Church, East Alarka Church, Euchella Church, Galbraith Church, Governors Island Church, Hightower Church, Hillside Church, Holly Spring Church, Midway Church, Morning Star Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Vernon Church, Mount Zion Church, Nantahala Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Parkview Church, Piney Grove Church, Rock Church, Rock Creek Church, Rock Hill Church, Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Saint Joseph Church, Sawmill Hill Church, Sequoyah Church, Silver Creek Church, Silvermine Church, Spruce Grove Church, Straight Fork Church, Thomas Chapel, Tow String Church, Victory Church, Watia Church, Yellow Hill Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Eagle Rocks, The Jump-up

  Dams     show all on map

Bryson City Dam, Cheoah Valley Dam, Fontana Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Flat Creek Falls, Little Creek Falls, Mingo Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Hickory Bottom, Poplar Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

Augerhole Gap, Bearpen Gap, Bearpen Gap, Beech Gap, Beechnut Gap, Big Abrams Gap, Birch Spring Gap, Black Camp Gap, Board Camp Gap, Brier Lick Gap, Broke Yoke Gap, Brushy Gap, Buck Gap, Buckeye Gap, Bunches Gap, Chambers Creek Gap, Charley Gap, Cherokee Gap, Cherry Gap, Cold Spring Gap, Cold Spring Gap, Collins Gap, Collins Gap, Copper Gap, Dalton Gap, Davis Gap, Deals Gap, Deep Creek Gap, Deep Gap, Deep Gap, Deep Gap, Deep Gap, Deeplow Gap, DeLozier Gap, Double Spring Gap, Dry Sluice Gap, Easy Ridge Gap, Ekaneetlee Gap, Evans Gap, False Gap, Flat Top Gap, Flint Gap, Flint Spring Gap, Fox Gap, Grassy Gap, Grassy Gap, Grave Gap, Gunter Gap, Haw Gap, Hewitt Gap, Hickory Nut Gap, Hickorynut Gap, Hightower Gap, Hogback Gap, Indian Gap, Indian Grave Gap, Indian Grave Gap, Licklog Gap, Little Abrams Gap, Locust Gap, Low Gap, Lower Sassafras Gap, Luftee Gap, Maple Sugar Gap, Martins Gap, Massie Gap, McCampbell Gap, McCampbell Gap, Meadow Gap, Mineral Gap, Mud Gap, Mule Gap, Newfound Gap, Peachtree Gap, Pickens Gap, Pilot Gap, Pin Oak Gap, Porters Gap, Proctor Field Gap, Red Ridge Gap, Rich Gap, Rich Gap, Robinson Gap, Roses Gap, Rye Patch, Sally Gap, Sams Gap, Sassafras Gap, Sassafras Gap, Sheep Pen Gap, Sherrill Gap, Sherrill Gap, Shuler Gap, Siles Gap, Silvermine Gap, Soapstone Gap, Starkey Gap, Sugartree Gap, Tali Gap, Terrell Gap, The Narrows, Turkey Cove Gap, Tuskee Gap, Una Gap, Upper Sassafras Gap, Walker Gap, Water Oak Gap, Wesser Gap, Whiteoak Flats, Wilke Gap, Will Gap, Windy Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Cherokee Indian Hospital, MedWest - Swain Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Governors Island

  Locales     show all on map

Alarka Dock, Almond Park Dock, Bald Creek Campground, Ballhoot Scar Overlook, Balsam Mountain Campground, Big Witch Overlook, Birch Spring Shelter Spring, Calhoun Campsite, Camp Living Water, Cascades Campsite, Deep Creek Campground, Dowell Dock, Flat Creek Campsite, Forney Ridge Parking Area, Frye Mountain Lookout, Greasy Branch Dock, Heintooga Overlook, Horsetrough Ridge Overlook, Monteith Camp, Moore Springs Shelter, Mountainside Theater, Oconaluftee River Overlook, Poke Patch Campsite, Raven Fork Overlook, Round Bottom Campground, Smokemont, Thomas Divide Overlook, Tuckasegee Dock, Valley Village Shopping Center, Webb Overlook, Wesser Creek Shelter

  Mines     show all on map

Fontana Copper Mine, Hewitt Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Ferebee Memorial Picnic Area, Sassafras Gap Recreation Site, Swain County Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alarka, Almond, Big Laurel, Birdtown, Bryson City, Bryson Place, Carson Mill, Cherokee, De Hart Mill, Ela, Fairfax, Franklin Grove, Halls Ford, Hewitt, Jackson Line, Jenkins Place, Lackey Hill, Lauada, Maple Springs, Nantahala, Needmore, Oconaluftee Indian Village, Proctor, Ravensford, Roundhill, Solola Valley, Talc Mountain, Three Forks, Unahala, Wesser, Whittier, Wright Place

  Ranges     show all on map

Glory Mountain

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bryson City Reservoir, Cheoah Valley Lake, Fontana Lake, Oconaluftee Lake, Tuc-a-way Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Ace Enloe Ridge, Alarka Mountains, Asgini Ridge, Bald Ridge, Balsam Ridge, Bearpen Ridge, Bearpen Ridge, Bearwallow Ridge, Beaugard Ridge, Bee Ridge, Beetree Ridge, Big Fork Ridge, Big Fork Ridge, Big Grill Ridge, Big Ridge, Big Slick Ridge, Blockhouse Ridge, Breakneck Ridge, Buckhorn Ridge, Bulldie Ridge, Bumgardner Ridge, Burnt Spruce Ridge, Canepatch Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Chiltoskie Ridge, Dalton Ridge, Dasohga Ridge, De Armond Ridge, Devils Court House Ridge, Easy Ridge, Elbow Ridge, Enloe Ridge, Firescald Ridge, Flint Ridge, Fork Ridge, Forney Ridge, Forrester Ridge, Gibson Ridge, Gunlock Ridge, Hawk Ridge, Hayes Ridge, Heintooga Ridge, Hickorynut Mountain, High Rock Ridge, Highland Ridge, Horse Cove Ridge, Horse Ridge, Horseshoe Ridge, Horseshoe Ridge, Horsetrough Ridge, Huggins Ridge, Hughes, Hughes Ridge, Hurricane Ridge, Hyatt Ridge, Indian Ridge, Ivy Ridge, Jenkins Trail Ridge, Jerry Bald Ridge, Jim Ute Ridge, Jumpup Ridge, Katalsta Ridge, Killpecker Ridge, Lawson Gant Lot, Little Chestnut Ridge, Little Grill Ridge, Locust Ridge, Loggy Ridge, Lone Pine Ridge, Long Cove Ridge, Long Drive Ridge, Long Hungry Ridge, Long Ridge, Loudermilk Ridge, Middle Fork Ridge, Middle Ridge, Mine Ridge, Mount Glory Ridge, Noland Divide, Nuna Ridge, Overlook Ridge, Panther Den Ridge, Paw Paw Ridge, Pilot Ridge, Piney Ridge, Pinnacle Ridge, Proctor Ridge, Pullback Ridge, Rapid Creek Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Raven Ridge, Ravens Roost Ridge, Red Ridge, Redman Ridge, Rocky Fork Ridge, Rough Arm, Rough-hew Ridge, Round Mountain Ridge, Russell Field, Saddleback Ridge, Sawbrier Ridge, Scarlet Ridge, Shawano Ridge, Short Ridge, Shot Beech Ridge, Shuckstack Ridge, Snakeden Ridge, Snakeden Ridge, Spray Ridge, Starkey Ridge, Stony Mountain Ridge, Suli Ridge, Sunkota Ridge, Takassah Ridge, Thomas Ridge, Tunnel Ridge, Twentymile Ridge, Wasulu Ridge, Welch Ridge, White Oak Ridge, Whiteoak Ridge, Wild Cherry Ridge, Wolf Ridge, Woolly Ridge, Yanu Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Alarka School, Almond School, Brush Creek School, Swain County High School, Watia School, White Oak School, Whittier Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Blowing Spring, Icewater Spring, Mc Gee Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Ace Creek, Adams Creek, Aden Branch, Advalorem Branch, Aiken Branch, Alarka Creek, Ammons Branch, Andreas Branch, Anthony Branch, Anthony Branch, Asgini Branch, Augerhole Branch, Bald Branch, Bald Branch, Balsam Corner Creek, Batsaw Branch, Battle Creek, Battles Branch, Bear Creek, Bearmeat Branch, Bearpen Branch, Bearpen Branch, Bearpen Branch, Bearwallow Branch, Becks Branch, Bee Branch, Bee Gum Branch, Bee Gum Branch, Beech Flats Prong, Beetree Creek, Betts Branch, Big Branch, Big Creek, Big Flats Branch, Big Head Branch, Big Tommy Branch, Bills Creek, Birchfield Branch, Bird Falls Branch, Black Camp Branch, Blacksnake Branch, Bluff Branch, Board Camp Creek, Board Cove Branch, Bone Valley Creek, Boomer Branch, Boulder Branch, Bowers Creek, Bradley Fork, Breedlove Branch, Brewer Branch, Bridge Creek, Brush Creek, Brushy Branch, Bryson Branch, Buckhorn Branch, Buckner Branch, Buckner Branch, Bulldie Creek, Bumgardner Branch, Bunches Creek, Burnett Branch, Burnt Ridge Branch, Byrd Branch, Cabe Branch, Cabin Branch, Cable Branch, Calhoun Branch, Calhoun Branch, Camp Branch, Camp Ten Branch, Canebrake Branch, Chambers Branch, Chambers Creek, Charley Branch, Chasm Prong, Chasteen Creek, Cherry Branch, Cherry Cove Branch, Cherry Creek, Chesquaw Branch, Chestnut Cove Creek, Chokeberry Branch, Christian Branch, Clark Branch, Clear Branch, Cliff Branch, Clingmans Creek, Cochran Branch, Cold Spring Branch, Cold Spring Branch, Coldspring Branch, Collins Creek, Connelly Creek, Coon Branch, Cooper Creek, Cope Branch, Couches Creek, Cripple Creek, Cullasaja Branch, Dalton Branch, Dancing Branch, Dans Branch, Dark Branch, Davis Branch, Davis Creek, De Hart Branch, Deals Branch, Deep Creek, Deep Gap Branch, Defeat Branch, DeHart Branch, DeHart Creek, Desolation Branch, Dolph Branch, Drinklog Branch, Duck Branch, Durham Branch, Eagle Creek, Ecoah Branch, Ekaneetlee Creek, Elbow Branch, Elliott Cove Branch, Enloe Creek, Estes Branch, Euchella Branch, Fall Branch, Falls Branch, Falls Branch, First Hurricane Branch, Fishtrap Branch, Fishtrap Branch, Flat Bald Branch, Flat Branch, Flat Creek, Forney Creek, Fountain Branch, Fox Branch, Frisbee Branch, Frowning Rock Prong, Galamore Branch, Galbraith Creek, Georges Branch, Gibby Branch, Gibby Branch, Glady Branch, Goldmine Branch, Goose Creek, Grant Branch, Grass Branch, Grassy Branch, Grassy Branch, Grassy Branch, Grassy Branch, Grassy Branch, Gray Wolf Creek, Greasy Branch, Green Branch, Gulf Prong, Gunna Creek, Gunter Branch, Hammer Branch, Handpole Branch, Haw Gap Branch, Hawk Ridge Branch, Hazel Creek, Heintooga Creek, Hermit Branch, Hickory Bottom Branch, Hickory Flat Branch, Hickorynut Branch, Hideaway Brook, Hogpen Branch, Holden Cove Branch, Holder Cove Branch, Huggins Branch, Huggins Creek, Hughes Branch, Hunter Creek, Hurricane Branch, Hurricane Branch, Hurricane Branch, Huskey Creek, Hyatt Branch, Hyatt Creek, Improvement Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Ivy Branch, Jack Bradley Branch, Jake Branch, James Camp Branch, Jarrett Camp Branch, Jenkins Branch, Jenkins Branch, Jenny Branch, Jim Mac Branch, Jim Ute Branch, John Henry Camp Creek, Johnny Branch, Johnson Branch, Jonas Creek, Jones Creek, Jones Creek, Judy Branch, Juney Whank Branch, Kahneska Branch, Kanati Fork, Kate Branch, Keeyuga Creek, Keg Drive Branch, Kephart Prong, Kirkland Branch, Kirkland Creek, Lambert Branch, Lands Creek, Lane Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Gap Branch, Lawson Gant Lot Branch, Ledbetter Creek, Ledge Creek, Left Fork Deep Creek, Left Fork Raven Fork, Left Fork Redman Creek, Lemmons Branch, Lemmons Branch, Lettuce Branch, Lewellyn Branch, Licklog Creek, Little Alarka Creek, Little Fork, Little Huggins Branch, Little Huggins Creek, Little Jonas Creek, Little Laurel Creek, Little Niagara Creek, Little Peachtree Creek, Little Steeltrap Creek, Little Tommy Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Cove Branch, Long Creek, Lost Cove Creek, Louie Camp Branch, Lower Grassy Branch, Lower Ripshin Branch, Lynn Camp Branch, Madcap Branch, Madcap Branch, Magazine Branch, Manse Branch, Maple Branch, Marr Branch, Mason Branch, Matt Branch, McCoy Branch, McCracken Branch, Meadow Branch, Messer Branch, Middle Fork Raven Fork, Middle Peachtree Creek, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Creek, Miller Branch, Mine Branch, Mineral Gap Branch, Mingo Creek, Mingus Creek, Minnie Ball Branch, Monkey John Branch, Moody Branch, Moore Branch, Moore Springs Branch, Morris Branch, Mountain Branch, Mudcut Branch, Myers Branch, Nantahala River, Nettle Creek, Newton Branch, Nicks Nest Branch, Noland Creek, North Fork Chambers Creek, Noyah Branch, Nunda Branch, Oconaluftee River, Old House Branch, Owl Branch, Owl Branch, Painter Branch, Panther Branch, Paw Paw Creek, Payne Branch, Peachtree Creek, Pecks Corner Branch, Peruvian Branch, Pigeon Creek, Pigeon Creek, Pilkey Creek, Pine Gap Branch, Piney Wood Creek, Pinnacle Creek, Pleasant Branch, Pole Bridge Branch, Pole Bridge Branch, Pole Road Creek, Poplar Hollow Branch, Poplar Pole Branch, Proctor Branch, Proctor Creek, Proctor Sang Branch, Pump Branch, Queen Branch, Quillaree Branch, Ramp Cove Branch, Rapid Creek, Raven Creek, Raven Fork, Redman Creek, Reeny Branch, Right Fork Cold Spring Branch, Right Fork Raven Fork, Right Fork Redman Creek, Right Fork Wesser Creek, Right Prong Ledge Creek, Roaring Creek, Robinson Branch, Rock Camp Branch, Rock Camp Run, Rocky Fork, Roses Branch, Rough Arm Branch, Round Bottom Creek, Round Mountain Branch, Rowan Branch, Rye Patch Branch, Sahlee Creek, Sally Sam Branch, Salola Branch, Sandy Gap Branch, Sassafras Branch, Sawbrier Branch, Sawmill Creek, Scald Branch, Scarlet Ridge Creek, Scarred Branch, Second Hurricane Branch, Selma Creek, Shehan Branch, Shell Bark Branch, Shelter Branch, Shepherd Creek, Sherrill Cove Branch, Short Branch, Silvermine Branch, Silvermine Creek, Simmons Branch, Sitton Creek, Skidder Branch, Slab Camp Branch, Slick Rock Branch, Slipoff Branch, Smith Branch, Soapstone Branch, Soggy Hill Branch, Spence Cabin Branch, Spread Branch, Springhouse Branch, Springhouse Branch, Steeltrap Creek, Stevenson Branch, Stiles Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Stillwell Creek, Straight Fork Raven Fork, Stratton Branch, Sugar Fork, Sweat Heifer Creek, Sweet Branch, Table Rock Branch, Tabor Branch, Tale Mountain Branch, Tarkiln Branch, Taywa Creek, Tennessee Branch, Thermo Branch, Thicket Branch, Thomas Cove Branch, Thomason Branch, Thumper Branch, Tom Branch, Tooni Branch, Toot Hollow Branch, Totherow Branch, Tow String Creek, Townhouse Branch, Trap Branch, Tub-Mill Creek, Tuckasegee River, Tunnel Branch, Turkey Branch, Turkey Pen Branch, Twentymile Creek, Una Creek, Upper Grassy Branch, Upper Long Creek, Upper Ripshin Branch, Walkers Creek, Washout Branch, Watertank Branch, Watia Creek, Watkins Branch, Welch Branch, Welch Branch, Welch Branch, Wesser Creek, Wesser Creek, West Fork Chambers Creek, White Mans Glory Creek, White Walnut Branch, Whiteoak Branch, Whiteside Creek, Whitewater Branch, Wiggins Branch, Wiggins Creek, Wikle Branch, Wild Cherry Branch, Wildcat Branch, Wildcat Branch, Wildcat Branch, Will Branch, Williams Branch, Wolf Creek, Woolly Ridge Branch, Worley Branch, Yanu Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Ammons Knob, Andrews Bald, Baines Mountain, Barker Butt, Bearwallow Bald, Becks Bald, Bee Knob, Big Butte, Big Chestnut Bald, Big Swag, Blackrock Knob, Blockhouse Mountain, Breedlove Mountain, Brier Knob, Brier Lick Knob, Briertown Mountain, Buckhorn Bald, Bunches Bald, Buzzardroost Mountain, Charlies Bunion, Cherry Knob, Chiltoes Mountain, Coburn Knob, Cold Spring Knob, Collins Mountain, Connelly Mountain, Cowstamp Mountain, De Armond Bald, DeHart Bald, Devils Race Patch, Devils Tater Patch, Doe Knob, Evans Knob, Fern Knob, Flat Creek Bald, Forge Knob, Fork Mountain, Fork Mountain, Fox Knob, Fry Mountain, Grassy Top, Greer Knob, Gregorys Little Bald, Hawk Knob, Heintooga Bald, Hemlock Knob, Hickorynut Knob, High Rocks, Hurricane Mountain, Hyatt Bald, Jackson Line Mountain, Jenkins Knob, Jerry Bald, Kelly Bennett Peak, Laurel Top, Ledge Bald, Little Bald, Little Bald, Little Chestnut Bald, Little Shuckstack, Locust Knob, Lowing Bald, Luftee Knob, Marks Knob, Masa Knob, Matt Mountain, McCampbell Knob, McHan Knob, Mica Knob, Mine Mountain, Mount Ambler, Mount Buckley, Mount Clark, Mount Collins, Mount Davis, Mount Glory, Mount Hardison, Mount Kephart, Mount Love, Mount Noble, Mount Sequoyah, Mount Squires, Mount Stand Watie, Mount Weaver, Mount Yonaguska, Nettle Creek Bald, Newton Bald, Ogle Knob, Paint Mountain, Parson Bald, Peaks Bald, Pecks Corner, Phillip Knob, Pigpen Flats, Pilot Knob, Pond Knob, Potato Hill, Potato Hill Bald, Powell Knob, Rattlesnake Knob, Rattlesnake Knob, Raven Den, Rich Mountain, Richland Mountain, Rocky Face Mountain, Rocky Knob, Rocky Top, Round Mountain Knob, Round Top, Roundtop Knob, Sassafras Knob, Scott Knob, Sharp Top, Shear Knob, Sheep Knob, Sheep Wallow Knob, Shepherd Bald, Shope Knob, Shuckstack, Silers Bald, Slipoff Knob, Soapstone Knob, Soco Bald, Spence Field, Spruce Mountain, Suli Knob, The Pinnacle, The Sawteeth, Thermo Knob, Thunderhead Mountain, Turkey Flyup, Tyre Knob, Una Mountain, Welch Bald, White Top, Will Knob, Wolf Knob, Woodward Knob, Worley Knob

  Towers     show all on map

Mount Noble Lookout Tower, WBHN-AM (Bryson City)

  Trails     show all on map

Long Hungry Ridge Trail, Wesser Creek Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Rattlesnake Mountain Tunnel, Sherrill Cove Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Adams Hollow, Battle Cove, Big Cove, Billy Cove, Chestnut Cove, Coot Cove, Dog Cove, Euchella Cove, Flower Cove, Fowler Cove, Gibson Cove, Grape Cove, Grapevine Cove, Grill Cove, Hamilton Hollow, Hickory Cove, Hickory Cove, Hickory Cove, Horse Cove, Improvement Cove, Johns Cove, Johnson Cove, Locust Cove, Lynn Cove, Martin Cove, McHan Cove, Milksick Cove, Miller Cove, Nantahala Gorge, Odear Cove, Phipps Cove, Poplar Cove, Poplar Cove, Poplar Cove, Poplar Cove, Possum Hollow, Ramp Cove, Slab Cove, The Gorges, The Narrows, Watson Cove,

Swain County, North Carolina Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSwain County White population 9,3629,361  
American IndianSwain County American Indian population 3,9053,905
MixedSwain County Mixed population 606606
BlackSwain County Black population 141140
AsianSwain County Asian population 7070
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSwain County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
North Carolina population by county