Cuyahoga County, Ohio Basics:

Cuyahoga County Ohio - Government Site

Population: 1,266,049
Area: 457 square miles
County seat: Cleveland
Area code(s) in use: 440 216
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 87.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 29.1%
Median household income: $43,861
Persons in poverty: 17.7%
Home ownership rate: 61.2%
Mean travel time to work: 23.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Geauga  Lake  Lorain  Medina  Portage  Summit  

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Map of the Cuyahoga County area

Our detail map of Cuyahoga County shows the Cuyahoga County, Ohio boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

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1st District Police Station Heliport, 4th District Police Station Heliport, Back Achers Heliport, Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland Clinic Foundation Heliport, Cleveland Police Department 6th District Heliport, Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, CPC Parma Heliport, Cuyahoga County Airport, Cuyahoga County Hospital Heliport, Deaconess Hospital Heliport, Donn Heliport, Gilbert Airport, Golf Course Heliport, Harper Ridge Airport, Ingalls Airport, Jackson Road Heliport, Joy Plant Heliport, Lutheran Medical Center Heliport, Marymount Hospital Heliport, Meridia Huron Hospital Heliport, Mount Sinai Medical Center Heliport, Parma Community Hospital Heliport, Som Jackson Heliport, Southwest General Hospital Heliport, Strattons Heliport, Strongsville Airport (historical), University Hospitals of Cleveland Heliport, V J S Heliport

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East Basin, West Basin

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Clifton Beach, Huntington Beach, Perkins Beach

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Collision Bend, Irishtown Bend, Ox Bow Bend

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Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge, Central Viaduct (historical), Commerce Park Plaza, Detroit Avenue Bridge, Detroit Superior Viaduct, Fulton Road Bridge, Hope Memorial Bridge, Innerbelt Bridge, Main Avenue Viaduct, Station Road Bridge, Tinkers Creek Aqueduct, Union Terminal Viaduct, West Third Street Bridge

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A B Bonds Junior Administration Building, A W Smith Building, Adelbert Gymnasium, Adelbert Hall, Advance Ambulance, Allen Memorial Medical Library, Allen Theatre, Almira Theatre (historical), Alta Branch Cleveland Public Library, Altenheim, Altenheim Home for the Aged, Alvernia Rest Home, Ambassador Theatre (historical), Art and Drama Center, Baker Building, Baldwin Library, Bardons and Oliver Building, Bay Village Branch Library, Bay Village City Hall, Bay Village Fire Department, Bay Village Police Department, Beachwood City Hall, Beachwood Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Beachwood Fire Department Station 2, Beachwood Police Department, Bedford Branch Library, Bedford City Hall, Bedford Division of Fire, Bedford Heights City Hall, Bedford Heights Fire Department, Bedford Police Department, Bentleyville Police Department, Berea Childrens Home, Berea City Hall, Berea Fire Department, Berea Police Department, Bernet Hall, Bingham Building, Bingham Engineering Building, Black Cultural Center, Bloch Block, Bohannon Science Center, Bond Court Building, Bonneville Tower, Bratenah Building, Bratenahl Village Hall, Brecksville Fire Department, Brecksville Police Department, Brecksville Stables, Brecksville Town Hall, Broadview Heights Fire Department Station 1, Broadview Heights Fire Department Station 2, Broadview Heights Town Hall, Broadway Branch Cleveland Public Library, Brook Park City Hall, Brook Park Fire Department Station 2, Brook Park Fire Department Station 3, Brook Park Fire Department Station 4, Brook Park Police Department, Brooklyn Branch Cleveland Public Library, Brooklyn City Hall, Brooklyn Fire Department Station 1, Brooklyn Heights Police Department, Brooklyn Heights Public Hall, Brooklyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department, Bruening Hall, Cahoon Nursery, Campion Hall, Carnegie Hall, Carnegie Medical Building, Carnegie West Branch Cleveland Public Library, Carpatina Hall, Center For Minority Public Health, Chagrin Falls Fire Department, Chagrin Falls Police, Chagrin Plaza Building East, Chagrin Plaza Building West, Chagrin-Richmond Plaza, City of Cleveland Emergency Medical Services, Clark Hall, Cleveland Arena (historical), Cleveland Burke Lakefront Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting, Cleveland Christian Home, Cleveland City Hall, Cleveland Clinic Solon Family Health Care Center, Cleveland Fire Department Station 1, Cleveland Fire Department Station 10, Cleveland Fire Department Station 11, Cleveland Fire Department Station 13, Cleveland Fire Department Station 17, Cleveland Fire Department Station 20, Cleveland Fire Department Station 21, Cleveland Fire Department Station 22, Cleveland Fire Department Station 23, Cleveland Fire Department Station 24, Cleveland Fire Department Station 26, Cleveland Fire Department Station 28, Cleveland Fire Department Station 30, Cleveland Fire Department Station 31, Cleveland Fire Department Station 33, Cleveland Fire Department Station 36, Cleveland Fire Department Station 38, Cleveland Fire Department Station 39, Cleveland Fire Department Station 4, Cleveland Fire Department Station 40, Cleveland Fire Department Station 41, Cleveland Fire Department Station 42, Cleveland Fire Department Station 43, Cleveland Fire Department Station 5, Cleveland Fire Department Station 6, Cleveland Fire Department Station 7, Cleveland Fire Department Station 9, Cleveland Health Education Museum, Cleveland Health Sciences Library, Cleveland Heights City Hall, Cleveland Heights Fire and Emergency Medical Services Station 1, Cleveland Heights Fire and Emergency Medical Services Station 2, Cleveland Heights Police Department, Cleveland Heights Public Library, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Fire Rescue Department, Cleveland House of Correction, Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum, Cleveland Municipal Court, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland Police Department, Cleveland Police Department Community Policing, Cleveland Police Department Fifth District Headquarters, Cleveland Police Department First District Headquarters, Cleveland Police Department Fourth District Headquarters, Cleveland Police Department Second District Headquarters, Cleveland Police Department Third District Headquarters, Cleveland Police Mounted Unit, Cleveland Police Ports and Harbors Unit, Cleveland Public Hall, Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland State University Convocation Center, Codrington Hall, Collins Tennis Center, Collinwood Branch Cleveland Public Library, Collinwood Community Hunger Center, Colman Court, Commerce Park Circle Building, Commerce Park Corners, Constitution Hall, County Nursing Home Number Two for the Aged, Courthouse Square, Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, Crawford Hall, Crittenden Block, Crown Water Filtration and Pump Station, Crystal Tower, Cuyahoga County Criminal Court, Cuyahoga County Detention Home, Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office, Cuyahoga Heights Fire Department, Cuyahoga Heights Public Hall, D J Lombardo Student Center, Daisy Hill Greenhouses, Darling Building, Darwood Building, Dauby Science Center, Dean's Greenhouse, Diamond Building, Dietsch Hall, Dolan Hall, Don Shula Sports Center, Donald Martens and Sons Ambulance Service, East 131st Street Branch Library, East 79th Street Branch Cleveland Public Library, East Breakwater Light, East Cleveland City Hall, East Cleveland Fire and Emergency Medical Services Headquarters, East Cleveland Fire and Emergency Medical Services Station 2, East Cleveland Police Department, East Cleveland Public Library, East End Branch Young Mens Christian Association, East End Neighborhood House, East Hall, Eastman Branch Cleveland Public Library, Eaton Center, Eliza Jennings Home for Aged Women, Elred Hall, Elysium (historical), Emerson Building, Emsthausen Hall, Enterprise Hall, Erieview Plaza, Euclid City Hall, Euclid Fire Department Station 1, Euclid Fire Department Station 2, Euclid Fire Department Station 3, Euclid Fire Station Number 3, Euclid Historical Museum, Euclid Hunger Center, Euclid Police Department, Euclid Public Library, Fairmount Pumping Station, Fairview Park City Hall, Fairview Park Fire Department, Fairview Park Police Department, Fairview Park Regional Branch Cuyahoga County Public Library, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Fenn Tower, Findley Hall, Fleet Branch Cleveland Public Library, Freiberger Library, Fritzsche Center, Frostville Museum, Fulton Branch Cleveland Public Library, Galvin Hall, Garden Center of Greater Cleveland, Garfield Heights City Hall, Garfield Heights Fire Department Station 1, Garfield Heights Fire Department Station 2, Garfield Heights Police Department, Gates Mills Police Department, Gates Mills Village Hall, Gates Mills Volunteer Fire Department, George Worthington Building, Gilcrest Building, Glennan Building, Glenville Branch Cleveland Public Library, Glenwillow Village Hall, Glenwillow Village Police Department, Goodrich House Community Center, Grace Hall, Grand Arcade, Grasselli Library, Great Lakes Museum, Gries Library, Gund Hall, Gunderson Building, Hallinan Center, Hamm Ambulance Service, Hanna Building, Hanson Hall, Harold T Clark Library, Haydn Hall, Heritage Hall, Highland Heights City Hall, Highland Heights Fire Department, Highland Heights Police Department, Highland Hills Fire Department, Highland Hills Police Department, Hillcrest Ambulance Service, Hilliard Block, Hough Branch Cleveland Public Library, Howard Dittrick Museum of Historical Medicine, Hoyt Atrium, Hoyt Block, Hunting Valley Police Department, Hunting Valley Village Hall, Huntington Building, Huntington Playhouse, Independence City Hall, Independence Fire Department, Independence Police Department, Ingalls Library, Jefferson Branch Cleveland Public Library, Jessica Gund Memorial Library, John E Hubbard Memorial Hall, Johnson Block, Johnson Natatorium, Josaphat Arts Hall, Joseph and Feiss Building, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Kamm Hall, Key Tower, Kirtland Pump Station, Klein Hall, Klein-Marks Building, Knuth Community Center, Kohler Hall, Kulas Auditorium, Kulas Musical Arts Building, Lake Park Tower, Lakeside Place, Lakewood Center North, Lakewood City Hall, Lakewood Fire Department, Lakewood Fire Department Station 2, Lakewood Fire Department Station 3, Lakewood Police - Neighborhood Policing Ward 4 Office, Lakewood Police Department, Lakewood Public Library, Landmark Office Towers, Lang Hall, Liberty Hall, Look About Lodge, Lorain Branch Cleveland Public Library, Lyndhurst City Hall, Lyndhurst City Police Department, Lyndhurst Fire Department, Madison Branch Lakewood Public Library, Mahler Museum, Maple Heights City Hall, Maple Heights Fire Department, Maple Heights Fire Department Station 2, Maple Heights Police Department, Maple Heights Regional Library, Marmarosher Jewish Center, Martin Luther King Branch Cleveland Public Library, Marting Hall, Mather Gymnasium, Mather Hall, Mather Memorial Building, Matthew O'Brien Campus Center, Mayfield Heights City Hall, Mayfield Heights Fire Department, Mayfield Town Hall, Mayfield Village Fire Department, Medical Transportation Associates Limited Liability Company, Memorial Branch Cleveland Public Library, Mercantile Building, Mercantile Exchange Building North, Merner-Pfeiffer Hall, Middleburg Heights City Hall, Middleburg Heights Fire Department, Middleburg Heights Police Department, Miles Park Branch Cleveland Public Library, Millis Science Center, Millor Hall, Mobil Martin Emergency Medical Services, Moreland Hills Police Department, Moreland Hills Village Hall, Morley Chemistry Laboratory, Mount Pleasant Branch Cleveland Public Library, Mount Royal Villa Nursing Home, Mullen Academic Building, Murphy Hall, Murphy Hall, Musician Towers, National City Center, National Terminals Warehouse, New York Coach Building, Newburgh Heights Fire Department, Newman Center, Noble Neighborhood Branch Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, North Hall, North Olmsted Branch Cuyahoga County Public Library, North Olmsted City Hall, North Olmsted City Police Department, North Olmsted Fire Department Station 1, North Olmsted Fire Department Station 2, North Point Tower, North Randall Fire Department, North Randall Town Hall, North Royalton Branch Cuyahoga County Public Library, North Royalton City Hall, North Royalton Fire Department Station 1, North Royalton Fire Department Station 2, North Royalton Police Department, Northeast Ohio Medical Reserve Corps, Northeast Pre - Release Center, Nottingham Branch Cleveland Public Library, Nottingham Water Filtration and Pump Station, Nurses Choice Ambulance, O'Malley Center for Communication and Language Arts, Oakwood Village Fire Department, Oakwood Village Hall, Oakwood Village Police Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol - Cleveland Metro Patrol Post, Olin Building, Olmsted Falls City Hall, Olmsted Falls Fire Department, Olmsted Falls Police Department, Olmsted Township Fire Department, Olmsted Township Hall, One Cleveland Center, One to One Fitness Center, Orange Town Hall, Orange Village Fire Department, Orange Village Police Department, Orangewood Place Office Building, Otis Terminal, Pacelli Hall, Pardee Hall, Parma City Hall, Parma Fire Department Station 1, Parma Fire Department Station 2, Parma Fire Department Station 3 Headquarters, Parma Fire Department Station 4, Parma Fire Department Station 5, Parma Heights Branch Library, Parma Heights City Hall, Parma Heights Fire Department, Parma Municipal Court, Parma Police Station, Parma Regional Library, Parma Ridge Branch Library, Parma Theatre (historical), Parma-Snow Branch Library, Parmadale Orphanage, Parmatown Towers, Patrician Nursing Home, Pepper Pike City Hall, Pepper Pike Fire Department, Perry-Payne Building, Physicians Medical Transport Team, Pilla Center, Prestige Center, Public Auditorium, Quail Building, Quincy Branch Cleveland Public Library, Rabbi Enoch H Kronheim Memorial Library, Ralph M Besse Library, Renaissance Building, Rice Branch Library, Richard F Celeste Biomedical Research Building, Richardson's Greenhouse, Richmond Heights City Hall, Richmond Heights Fire Department, Richmond Heights Police Department, Ritter Library, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rockefeller Building, Rockefeller Physics Building, Rockport Branch Cleveland Public Library, Rocky River City Hall, Rocky River Fire Department, Rocky River Police Department, Rocky River Public Library, Rocky River Stables, Rodman Hall, Root and McBride-Bradley Building, Rural / Metro Corporation Northern Ohio, Sachsenheim Hall, Saint Andrews Abbey, Saint Anthonys Home for Working Boys, Saint Augustine Manor Home for the Aged, Saint Charles Parish Hall, Saint Elizabeths Hall, Saint Joseph Home for the Aged, Saint Joseph Home for the Aged (historical), Saint Josephs On the Lake Retreat House, Saint Mark Center, Saint Marys Orphan Asylum for Females (historical), Saint Michaels Hall, Saint Michaels Hall, Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical), Saylor Hall, Sears Library, Secure Care Transportation Group, Seven Hills City Hall, Seven Hills Fire Department, Seven Hills Police Department, Severance Hall, Shaker Heights City Hall, Shaker Heights Fire Department Station 1, Shaker Heights Fire Department Station 2, Shaker Heights Police Department, Shaker Heights Public Library, Shore Civic Centre, Sister Dorothy Kazel Global Awareness Center, Slovene Home for the Aged, Slovenia Hall, Solon City Hall, Solon Fire Department Station 1, Solon Fire Department Station 2, Solon Fire Department Station 3, Solon Police Department, Sophia Center, South Branch Cleveland Public Library, South Brooklyn Branch Cleveland Public Library, South Euclid Branch Library, South Euclid City Hall, South Euclid Fire Department, South Euclid Police Department, Squire Rich Historical Museum, Statler Office Tower, Sterling Branch Cleveland Public Library, Stone Block, Stone Dining Hall, Strongsville City Hall, Strongsville Fire and Emergency Services Station 1, Strongsville Fire and Emergency Services Station 2, Strongsville Fire and Emergency Services Station 3, Strongsville Fire and Emergency Services Station 4 Headquarters, Strosacker Auditorium, Strosacker College Union, Stroup Hall, Superior Branch Cleveland Public Library, Sutowski Hall, Swiss Hall, Temple Museum, Terrace Towers, The Heights Jewish Center, The Jones Home School and Home for Friendless Children, Thistledown Race Track Emergency Medical Services, Tomlinson Hall, Ukrainian National Hall, University Circle Regional Branch Library, University Circle Research Center, University Heights Branch Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, University Heights City Hall, University Heights Fire Department, University Heights Police Department, Ursuline Educational Center, Valley View Fire Department, Valley View Town Hall, Variety Theatre, Villa Sancta Anna Home, Walton Hills Police Department, Walton Hills Village Hall, Walz Branch Cleveland Public Library, Ward Hall, Waring Block, Warrensville Heights City Hall, Warrensville Heights Fire Department Station 1, Warrensville Heights Fire Department Station 2, Warrensville Heights Police Department, Wasmer Gallery, Water Tower Plaza Building, West Breakwater Light, West Park Branch Cleveland Public Library, West Side Community House, Western Reserve Building, Western Reserve Historical Society Museum, Westlake City Hall, Westlake Fire Department Station 1, Westlake Fire Department Station 2, Westlake Police Department, Wheeler Hall, White Building, Wickenden Building, Wilker Hall, Willson Tower, Woodland Branch Cleveland Public Library, Woodmere Fire Department, Woodmere Village Police Department, Yost Hall

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West Channel Rocky River

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Acacia Park Cemetery, Adams Street Cemetery, Alger Cemetery, Anshe Emeth Cemetery, Barr Road Cemetery, Bedford Center Cemetery, Beechwood Cemetery, Brooklyn Cemetery, Brooklyn Heights Cemetery, Brookmere Cemetery, Butternut Ridge Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Coe Ridge Cemetery, Denison Cemetery, East Cleveland Cemetery, Elija Cemetery, Erie Cemetery, Euclid Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery, Fairview Park Cemetery, Garfield Tomb, German Lutheran Cemetery, Glenville Cemetery, Grove Hill Cemetery, Harvard Grove Cemetery, Highland Park Cemetery, Hillcrest Cemetery, Hogsback Cemetery, Holy Cross Cemetery, Holy Ghost Cemetery, Immanuel Cemetery, Jackson Family Plot, Jewish Cemetery, Kinsman Road Cemetery, Knollwood Cemetery, Lake View Cemetery, Lakeside Cemetery, Lakewood Park Cemetery, Lutheran Cemetery, Maple Ridge Cemetery, Maple Shade Cemetery, Mayfield Cemetery, Mayfield Union Cemetery, Monroe Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mount Sinai Cemetery, Nelaview Cemetery, North Royalton Cemetery, Orange Cemetery, Orange Hill Cemetery, Parma Heights Cemetery, Parma Public Cemetery, Polish Cemetery, Ridge Road Cemetery Number 1, Ridge Road Cemetery Number 2, Riverside Cemetery, Roselawn Cemetery, Royalton Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Saint Adalbert Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Patricks Cemetery, Saint Paul Cemetery, Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Saint Peters Cemetery, Saint Theodosius Cemetery, Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, Strongsville Cemetery, Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery, Warrensville Cemetery, Warrensville West Cemetery, West Park Cemetery, Whitehaven Memorial Park, Willett Cemetery, Woodland Cemetery, Woodvale Cemetery, Workmans Cemetery, Zion Cemetery, Zion Memorial Park Cemetery

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Old River

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Abyssinia Baptist Church, All Saints Polish National Catholic Church, All Souls Universalist Church (historical), Allen Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, Alphia Baptist Church, Amasa Stone Chapel, Ambassadors For Christ, Annunciation Catholic Church, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Apostolic Christian Church, Apostolic Church of God, Apostolic Church of God (historical), Apostolic Faith Tabernacle, Apostolic God in Christ Church, Apostolic Oneness Church, Archwood Avenue Congregational Church (historical), Archwood United Church of Christ, Ascension Catholic Church, Aspinwall Church of God, Assumption Catholic Church, Athens Fire Baptized Holiness Church, Avon Baptist Church, Bay Presbyterian Church, Bay United Methodist Church, Beachland Presbyterian Church, Bedford Christian Church, Bedford Church of the Nazarene, Bedford First United Methodist Church, Bedford Heights Evangelical Church, Berea Baptist Church, Beth Haknesseth Anshe Grodno (historical), Bethany Assembly of God Church, Bethany Baptist Church, Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bethany German Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), Bethany Presbyterian Church, Bethany United Church of Christ, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Bethel Church of the Nazarene, Bethel Evangelical Free Church (historical), Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bethesda on the Bay Lutheran Church, Bethlehem Congregational Church (historical), Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Beulah Baptist Church, Beulah Baptist Church, Bible Baptist Church, Bolton Avenue Presbyterian Church (historical), Bosworth Road Presbyterian Church (historical), Boulevard Presbyterian Church of Euclid, Broadview Baptist Church, Broadway Methodist Church, Brooklyn Heights Congregational Church, Brooklyn Memorial United Methodist Church, Brooklyn Missionary Church, Brooklyn United Presbyterian Church, Brookside Church of God, Brookside Missionary Baptist Church, Buddhist Temple of Cleveland, Buna Vistire Romanian Orthodox Church, Byzantine Monastery of Saint Clare, Calvary Apostolic Assembly Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Church of God in Christ, Calvary Evangelical United Brethren Church, Calvary Hill Baptist Church, Calvary Lutheran Church, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Calvary Reformed Church, Calvary United Methodist Church of Lakewood, Calvary Wesleyan Church, Calvin United Presbyterian Church, Carmel of the Holy Family, Catedrala Orthodox Romana Americana, Cedar Hill Baptist Church, Central Christian Church, Century Church, Chapel Hill Assembly of God Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ Lutheran Church for the Deaf, Christ Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Christ the King Catholic Church, Christ the King Church, Christ United Church of Christ, Christ United Methodist Church, Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, Christian Pentecostal Assembly Church, Christian Tabernacle Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ Congregational, Church of Faith, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God (historical), Church of God and Saints of Christ, Church of God in Christ, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of Our Lord, Church of the Advent, Church of the Ascension, Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Church of the Covenant, Church of the Cross United Methodist Church, Church of the Epiphany, Church of the Epiphany, Church of the Good Shepherd, Church of the Good Shepherd, Church of the Holy Ghost, Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Church of the Incarnation, Church of the Living God, Church of the Master, Church of the Nazarene (historical), Church of the Saviour, Cleveland Baptist Temple (historical), Cleveland Church of Christ, Cleveland Heights Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Cleveland Heights Presbyterian Church, Collinwood Christian Church, Collinwood Congregational Church, Collinwood Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Collinwood Pentecostal Church, Community African Methodist Episcopal Church, Community Church, Community Friends Church, Concordia Lutheran Church, Congregation Shaarey Tikvah, Corithian Baptist Church, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Cory United Methodist Church, Cottage Chapel (historical), Crawford Road Christian Church, Daisy Avenue Church of God (historical), Denison Avenue United Church of Christ, Detroit Avenue Methodist Church, Divine Revelation Church, Dolloff Road Church of God, Dover Congregational Church, Dunham Christian Church, Early Church of God in Christ, East Cleveland Congregational Church, East End Baptist Church (historical), East End Church of God in Christ, East End Missionary Baptist Church, East Glenville United Methodist Church, East Mount Vernon Baptist Church, East Mount Zion Baptist Church, East Shore United Methodist Church, Ebenezer Evangelical United Brethren Church (historical), Eighth United Church of Christ (historical), Elim Gospel Chapel, Elizabeth Baptist Church, Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Emmanuel Chapel (historical), Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Emmanuel United Brethren Church (historical), Emmaus Lutheran Church (historical), Epiphany Catholic Church, Epworth-Euclid United Methodist Church, Erie Street Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Erin Avenue German Baptist Church, Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Euclid Avenue Baptist Church (historical), Euclid Avenue Christian Church (historical), Euclid Avenue Church of God, Euclid Avenue Congregational Church, Euclid Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Euclid Lutheran Church, Euclid Street Presbyterian Church (historical), Evangel Assembly of God Church, Evangelistic Baptist Church, Everlasting Missionary Baptist Church, Fairmount Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Fairmount Presbyterian Church, Fairview Baptist Church, Fairview Grace United Methodist Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Faith Memorial Church, Faith Tabernacle Church, Faith United Methodist Church, Faith United Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Lutheran Church, Fidelity Baptist Church, Fifth Church of Christ Scientist (historical), Fifth United Church of Christ, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Cleveland (historical), First Bethel Baptist Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of God, First Church of the Brethren, First Church of the Nazarene, First Congregational Church (historical), First Congregational United Church of Christ, First English Lutheran Church (historical), First Evangelical United Brethren Church (historical), First Free Methodist Church, First German Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), First Hungarian Lutheran Church, First Hungarian Reformed Church of Cleveland, First Hungarian Spiritualist Church, First Lutheran Church of Strongsville, First Magyar Presbyterian Church, First Missionary Church, First Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), First Southern Baptist Church, First United Brethren Church (historical), First United Church of Christ, First United Methodist Church, First United Pentecostal Church, First United Presbyterian Church of East Cleveland, First Universalist Church of Olmsted, First Wesleyan Methodist Church, First Zion Baptist Church, Forest Hill Church of Christ, Forest Hill Presbyterian Church, Forestdale Presbyterian Church, Four Square Gospel Church, Fourth Church of Christ Scientist, Fourth Reformed Church (historical), Franklin Boulevard Methodist Church (historical), Franklin Circle Christian Church, Friendens Evangelical Reformed Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Friendship Mennonite Church, Fulton Road Baptist Church, Garden Street Mission (historical), Garfield Church, Gates Mills Methodist Episcopal Church, Gethsemane Baptist Church, Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church, Gladstone Baptist Church, Glendale Seventh Day Adventist Church, Glenville Church of Christ, Glenville Church of God, Glenville Community Church, Glenville Congregational Church (historical), Glenville Evangelical and Reformed Church (historical), Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church, Golden Rule Church of God, Good Hope Baptist Church, Good Shepherd Church, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Gospel Baptist Church, Gospel Church of God, Grace Congregational Church (historical), Grace Episcopal Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Presbyterian Church, Grace United Church of Christ, Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church, Greater Avery African Methodist Episcopal Church, Greater Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Greater Faith Baptist Church, Greater Friendship Baptist Church, Greater Gospel Temple, Greater Peace Missionary Baptist Church, Green Grove Baptist Church, Green Road Synagogue, Harkness Chapel, Hartsfield Tabernacle Baptist Church, Harvest Baptist Church, Hathaway Church, Hayden Avenue Baptist Church, Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Highland Christian Church, Holy Cross Catholic Church, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Holy Family Catholic Church of Parma, Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church, Holy Name Catholic Church, Holy Name Convent, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Holy Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church, Holy Rosary Church, Holy Trinity Church, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Holy Trinity Polish National Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hosea Missionary Baptist Church, Hough Avenue Church (historical), Hough Avenue United Church of Christ, House of God, House of Prayer, House of Prayer, Hungarian Assembly of God Church, Hungarian Bethany Church, Idaka Chapel (historical), Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Immanuel Swedish Lutheran Church (historical), Immanuel United Church of Christ, Independent Evangelical Church, Islamic Center of Cleveland, Italian Pentecostal Church, Jones Road Congregational Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kinsman-Union Congregational Church, Lake Shore Christian Church, Lake Shore Church, Lakeside Baptist Church, Lakewood Baptist Church, Lakewood Christian Church, Lakewood Church of the Nazarene, Lakewood Congregational Church, Lakewood First Church of Christ Scientist, Lakewood Presbyterian Church, Lakewood Seventh Day Adventist Church, Lakewood United Methodist Church, Lee Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church, Liberty Hill Baptist Church, Lilly Baptist Church, Lincoln Park Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Lindsay-Crossman Chapel, Little Church in the Vale, Living Word Foursquare Gospel Church of Parma, Love Divine Baptist Church, Lucianna Baptist Church, Lutheran Church of the Master, Madison Avenue Baptist Church (historical), Martin Luther Lutheran Church, Mayfield Temple, Mayflower Congregational Church (historical), Memorial Spiritualist Church, Messiah Baptist Church, Messiah Lutheran Church, Miles Avenue Church of Christ, Miles Park Baptist Church, Miles Park Methodist Church, Miles Park Presbyterian Church, Missionary Church, Morning Star Baptist Church, Most Holy Trinity Byzantine Catholic Church, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Mount Gillion Baptist Church, Mount Haven Baptist Church, Mount Hermon Baptist Church, Mount Hope United Holy Church of America, Mount Lebanon Baptist Church, Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Mount Nebo Baptist Church, Mount Nebo Baptist Church, Mount Olive Baptist Church (historical), Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church, Mount Olivet Church of God in Christ, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church (historical), Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Congregational Church, Naomi Missionary Baptist Church, Nativity Catholic Church, Nazarene Baptist Church, New Apostolic Church (historical), New Bethlehem Baptist Church, New Community Baptist Church, New Fellowship Baptist Church, New Freedom Ministries, New Joshua Baptist Church, New Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church, New Thought Temple (historical), New Wave Church of God in Christ, Ninth United Church of Christ, Noble Road Presbyterian Church, North Congregational Church (historical), North Olmsted Congregational Church (historical), North Presbyterian Church, North Royalton Christian Church, Nottingham United Methodist Church, Oehlhoff Methodist Church, Old Landmark Baptist Church, Old Stone Church, Olive Grove Baptist Church, Olivet Baptist Church, Olivet Baptist Church, One Hundred Fifth Street Church of God in Christ, Open Door Baptist Church, Original Church of God, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Our Lady of Good Counsel Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Lourdes National Shrine, Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Our Lady of Zyrovicy Byelorussian Orthodox Church, Our Redeemer Church, Our Savior Church, Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Our Saviors Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Park Congregational Church (historical), Parkwood Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Parkwood United Church of Christ, Parma Assembly of God Church, Parma Lutheran Church, Peace American Lutheran Church, Peace Baptist Church, Pearl Road Church of God, Pearl Road United Methodist Church, Pentecost Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pentecostal Church of Christ, Pentecostal Church of Christ, Pentecostal Faith Holiness Church of God, Pentecostal Healing Temple, Pentecostal Immanuel Church, Pentecostal Tabernacle, Pentecostal True Holiness Church of God, Peoples Community Church, Peoples-Hope United Methodist Church (historical), Phillips Avenue Presbyterian Church, Pilgrim Baptist Church, Pilgrim Church of Christ, Pilgrim Church of Our Lord Jesus, Pilgrim Congregational Church, Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hills United Methodist Church, Plymouth Church, Progressive Baptist Church of Tomorrow, Puritas Lutheran Church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Ridge Road Evangelical Community Church, Ridgewood United Methodist Church, Rockport United Methodist Church, Rocky River First Church of Christ Scientist, Rocky River Presbyterian Church, Rocky River United Methodist Church, Roumanian Baptist Church, Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church, Russian American Union Church, Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, Sagrada Familia Catholic Church, Saint Adalbert Catholic Church, Saint Adalbert Catholic Church, Saint Agatha Roman Catholic Church, Saint Agnes Catholic Church, Saint Albans Episcopal Church, Saint Albert the Great Catholic Church, Saint Aloysius Catholic Church, Saint Andrew Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church, Saint Andrews Abbey, Saint Andrews Catholic Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Angelas Catholic Church, Saint Anns Catholic Church, Saint Anthony Church, Saint Anthonys Catholic Church (historical), Saint Augustine Roman Catholic Church, Saint Barbara Roman Catholic Church, Saint Barnabas Church, Saint Bartholomew Catholic Church, Saint Basils Church, Saint Benedicts Roman Catholic Church, Saint Bernardettes Catholic Church, Saint Boniface Catholic Church, Saint Brendans Church, Saint Bridgets Catholic Church (historical), Saint Casimir Catholic Church, Saint Catherines Catholic Church, Saint Cecilias Catholic Church, Saint Charles Catholic Church, Saint Christines Catholic Church, Saint Christopher Catholic Church, Saint Christophers By-The-River Church, Saint Clares Catholic Church, Saint Clements Catholic Church, Saint Colemans Catholic Church, Saint Dominics Catholic Church, Saint Edwards Roman Catholic Church, Saint Elias Melkite Catholic Church, Saint Elizabeths Magyar Roman Catholic Church, Saint Emmericks Roman Catholic Church, Saint Eugenes Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint Felicitas Catholic Church, Saint Francis Catholic Church, Saint Francis Chapel, Saint Francis DeSales Catholic Church, Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Saint George Orthodox Church, Saint Georges Lithuanian Catholic Church, Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church, Saint Gregorys Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint Hedwig Catholic Church, Saint Helena Roumanian Greek Catholic Church, Saint Henrys Catholic Church, Saint Hyacinth Catholic Church, Saint Hyacinths Convent, Saint Ignatius Catholic Church, Saint Ignatius Convent, Saint Ignatius Roman Catholic Church, Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint James Anglican Church, Saint James Catholic Church, Saint James Church, Saint James Lutheran Church, Saint James Lutheran Church, Saint Jeromes Catholic Church, Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint John Baptist Church, Saint John Cantius Catholic Church, Saint John Lutheran Church, Saint John Lutheran Church, Saint John Lutheran Church, Saint John Neumann Church, Saint John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint Johns Beckwith Memorial Church, Saint Johns Cathedral, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Johns Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint Johns Nepomucene Church, Saint Johns United Church of Christ, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Saint Josephats Polish Catholic Church (historical), Saint Josephs Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Convent, Saint Josephs Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Josephs Roman Catholic Church, Saint Jude Catholic Church, Saint Ladislaus Catholic Church, Saint Lawrence Catholic Church, Saint Leo Catholic Church, Saint Lukes Catholic Church, Saint Lukes Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Saint Lukes Lutheran Church, Saint Lukes Protestant Episcopal Church, Saint Lukes United Church of Christ, Saint Malachis Catholic Church, Saint Marcus Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Saint Marian Catholic Church, Saint Marians Catholic Church, Saint Mark Lutheran Church, Saint Marks Baptist Church, Saint Marks Catholic Church, Saint Marks United Presbyterian Church, Saint Maron Maronite Catholic Church, Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church, Saint Martins Church, Saint Mary Catholic Church, Saint Mary of the Falls Catholic Church, Saint Marys Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint Marys Catholic Church, Saint Marys Catholic Church, Saint Marys Episcopal Church, Saint Marys of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church, Saint Marys Polish National Catholic Church, Saint Marys Romanian Orthodox Church, Saint Marys Romanian Orthodox Church, Saint Marys Ukrainian Catholic Church, Saint Matthew United Methodist Church, Saint Matthews Lutheran Church, Saint Mel Catholic Church, Saint Mel Convent, Saint Michaels Convent, Saint Michaels Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint Michaels Roman Catholic Church, Saint Michaels Russian Orthodox Church, Saint Monicas Catholic Church, Saint Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, Saint Paschal Baylon Catholic Church, Saint Patricks Catholic Church, Saint Patricks Catholic Church, Saint Paul Baptist Church, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Saint Pauls Catholic Church, Saint Pauls Catholic Church of Euclid, Saint Pauls Community Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church of East Cleveland, Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls German Methodist Church (historical), Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls United Church of Christ, Saint Peter and Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Peters Baptist Church, Saint Peters Catholic Church, Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Saint Philip Neri Catholic Church, Saint Philips Episcopal Church, Saint Phillips Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Philomena Catholic Church, Saint Pius X Catholic Church, Saint Procops Catholic Church, Saint Raphaels Catholic Church, Saint Richards Church, Saint Roberts Catholic Church, Saint Roccos Catholic Church, Saint Rose Catholic Church, Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church (historical), Saint Stanislaus Catholic Church, Saint Stanislaus Novitiate, Saint Stephens Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint Stephens Catholic Church, Saint Stephens Protestant Episcopal Church, Saint Teresa Holiness Science Church, Saint Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Saint Therese Catholic Church, Saint Thomas Aquinas Convent, Saint Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas Lutheran Church, Saint Thomas Lutheran Church, Saint Thomas More Catholic Church, Saint Timothy Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Timothys Catholic Church, Saint Vincent DePaul Catholic Church, Saint Vitus Catholic Church, Saint Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Saint Wenceslas Catholic Church, Saint Wenceslas Roman Catholic Church (historical), Saint Wendelin Catholic Church, Saint Williams Catholic Church, Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church, Saints Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church, Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church, Saints Philip and James Roman Catholic Church, San Juan Bautista Catholic Church, Sardis Baptist Church, Schifflein Christ Church (historical), Scranton Road Baptist Church, Second Church of Christ Scientist (historical), Second Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, Second Lakeview Baptist Church, Second Metropolitan Baptist Church, Second Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Second Mount Olive Baptist Church, Second New Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Second New Hope Baptist Church, Second Presbyterian Church (historical), Second Saint Luke Overcoming Church of God, Second Tabernacle Baptist Church, Seventh Church of Christ Scientist, Shaffer United Methodist Church, Shaker Square Hungarian Baptist Church, Sharon Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Sharon Pentecostal Church of God, Shaw Avenue Baptist Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Simpson United Methodist Church, Sisters of Notre Dame Convent, Sixth Church of Christ Scientist, Sixth United Presbyterian Church, South Haven United Church of Christ, South Presbyterian Church (historical), Spanish Assembly of God Church, Spiritual Science Church, Star of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Starlight Baptist Church, Stewarts Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Suburban Temple, Sunlight Baptist Church, Superior Avenue Baptist Church (historical), Superior Street Church (historical), Swedenborgian Church, Swedish Congregational Church (historical), Tabernacle Baptist Church (historical), Tabor Evangelical Church (historical), Temple Baptist Church, Temple Brith Emeth, Temple on the Heights, The Lane Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, The Masters United Methodist Church, The Word of God Church, Third Baptist Church (historical), Third Church of Christ Scientist, Third Presbyterian Church (historical), Transfiguration Polish Catholic Church, Tried Stone Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church (historical), Trinity Cathedral, Trinity Church, Trinity Congregational Church (historical), Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trinity Evangelical United Brethren Church, Trinity Lutheran Church of Lakewood, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Trinity United Church of Christ, Trinity United Methodist Church, Tristate Free Will Baptist Church, Triumph Church of the New Age, True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, Twentysecond United Presbyterian Church, Union Chapel (historical), Union Grove Baptist Church, Unitarian Society of Cleveland Church, United Free Will Baptist Church, United Glorious Church of God in Christ, United Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cleveland, United Methodist Church of Berea, United Methodist Church of Chagrin Falls, United Missionary Baptist Church, United Peace Baptist Church, Unity Lutheran Church, Universal Church of Truth (historical), Universal Hagars Spiritual Church, Universal Hagars Spiritual Church, University Church of Christ, University Euclid Church, Wade Memorial Chapel, Walworth Swedish Methodist Church (historical), Werner United Methodist Church, Wesley Methodist Church, West Bethel Baptist Church, West Boulevard Christian Church (historical), West Eightyfifth Street Gospel Hall, West Park Christian Reformed Church, West Park Congregational Church, West Park Friends Church, West Shore Unitarian Church, West Side Church of the Nazarene, West Side Hungarian Evangelical Lutheran Church, West Side Hungarian Reformed Church (historical), Westlake Christian Church, Westlake United Methodist Church, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Westside United Church of Christ, Willing Workers Baptist Church, Wilson Avenue Baptist Church (historical), Wilson United Methodist Church, Windermere United Methodist Church, Woodland Avenue Presbyterian Church (historical), Woodland Hills Union Church (historical), York Street Methodist Church (historical), Zion Gospel Church Number One, Zion Hill Baptist Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Zion Methodist Church, Zion United Church of Christ

  Cliffs     show all on map

Moss Point

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 10, Interchange 10, Interchange 11, Interchange 12A, Interchange 12B, Interchange 13, Interchange 149, Interchange 15, Interchange 153, Interchange 155, Interchange 156, Interchange 157, Interchange 158, Interchange 159, Interchange 159A, Interchange 159B, Interchange 16, Interchange 160, Interchange 161, Interchange 161A, Interchange 161B, Interchange 163, Interchange 165, Interchange 166, Interchange 167A, Interchange 167B, Interchange 169, Interchange 17, Interchange 170, Interchange 173A, Interchange 173B, Interchange 173C, Interchange 174A, Interchange 174B, Interchange 175, Interchange 176, Interchange 177, Interchange 178, Interchange 179, Interchange 180, Interchange 181, Interchange 182A, Interchange 182B, Interchange 183, Interchange 184A, Interchange 184B, Interchange 185, Interchange 21, Interchange 22, Interchange 23, Interchange 231, Interchange 233, Interchange 234, Interchange 237, Interchange 239, Interchange 24, Interchange 240, Interchange 244, Interchange 245, Interchange 246, Interchange 247, Interchange 25, Interchange 26, Interchange 26, Interchange 27, Interchange 28, Interchange 29, Interchange 3, Interchange 32, Interchange 35, Interchange 36, Interchange 6, Interchange 7

  Dams     show all on map

Baldwin Lake Dam, Chase Bag Company Lower Lake Dam, Chase Bag Company Upper Lake Dam, Echo Hills Lake Number One Dam, Fairmount Upground Reservoir Dam, Forest Hill Park Dam Number Two, Hayes Lake Dam, Lower Shaker Lake Dam, Upper Shaker Lake Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Bridal Veil Falls, Chagrin Falls, Great Falls, Mill Creek Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Chippewa Ford Field, Gardner Flats, Jackson Field, The Flats, Van Scoter Bottoms

  Harbors     show all on map

Cleveland Harbor, Eddys Boat Harbor, Turning Basin

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bay View Hospital (historical), Booth Hospital, Boulevard Hospital (historical), Bradley Road Hospital, Brecksville Veterans Administration Hospital, Broadview Center Hospital (historical), Chronic Illness Center, Church Square Family Health Center, Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital Shaker Campus, Cleveland Clinic Hospital, Cleveland Psychiatric Institute, Cleveland State Hospital, Clinic Hospital, Crile Hospital (historical), Deaconess Hospital, Doctors Hospital, East Thirtyfifth Street City Dispensary Health Center, Euclid Hospital, Fairhill Mental Health Center, Fairview Hospital, Ford Hospital, Forest City Hospital, Forest Hills Rest Home, Glenbeigh Hospital, Grace Hospital, Grace Hospital Fairview, Grace Hospital Huron, Grace Hospital Lakewood, Highland View County Hospital, Hillcrest Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Huron Hospital, J Glen Smith Health Center, Kindred Hospital - Cleveland, Kindred Hospital Cleveland Gateway, Lakewood Hospital, Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Wade Park Campus, Lutheran Hospital, Madonna Hall, Marine Hospital, Marymount Hospital, MetroHealth Medical Center, Midtown Nursing Home, Mount Sinai Hospital (historical), Newton D Baker Health Center, Oakwood Sanitarium, Parma Community General Hospital, Parma Medical Building, Polyclinic Hospital, Rainbow Hospital, Regency Hospital - Cleveland East, Regency Hospital - Cleveland West, Saint Anns Hospital, Saint John Medical Center, Saint Johns Hospital, Saint Lukes Emergency Center, Saint Lukes Hospital (historical), Saint Michael Hospital (historical), Saint Vincent Charity Hospital, South Pointe Hospital, Southwest General Health Center, Suburban Hospital, Sunny Acres Sanatorium, Talbert Hospital, University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, University Hospitals Bedford Medical Center, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, University Hospitals Richmond Medical Center, University Mednet Clinic, West Side County Clinic, Windsor Hospital, Womens Hospital (historical), Woodruff Memorial Institute (historical), Wright Nursing Center

  Islands     show all on map

Whiskey Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Clifton Lagoon, Eureka Lake, Lake Abram, Lake Isaac, Meadow Lake, Millpond, Neptune Lake, Smith Road Lakes, Wallace Lake

  Locales     show all on map

228th Shopping Center, Acacia Country Club, Albion Plaza Shopping Center, Albion Woods Reserved Picnic Area, Albion-Prospect Plaza Shopping Center, Arbor Park Place Shopping Center, Astorhurst Golf Course, Auto Drive-In (historical), Bagley Plaza Shopping Center, Baldwin Filtration Plant, Baldwin Picnic Area, Bay-Knoll Shopping Center, Beachcliff Market Square Shopping Center, Bedford Heights Industrial Park, Beechmont Country Club, Beechwood Place Shopping Center, Berea Commons Shopping Center, Berea Falls Scenic Overlook, Berea Plaza Shopping Center, Berea Station, Biddulph Plaza Shopping Center, Big Met Golf Course, Bond Industrial Park, Bonnie Park Picnic Area, Boston Square Plaza Shopping Center, Brecksville Nature Center, Brecksville Shopping Center, Brecksville Station, Briarcliffe Plaza Shopping Center, Briardale Greens Municipal Golf Course, Briarwood Golf Course, Brookgate Shopping Center, Brooklor Shopping Center, Brookpark and Broadview Shopping Center, Brookridge Shopping Center, Burrell Observatory, Camp Cheerful, Camp Cleveland, Canterbury Golf Club, Case Observatory, Cedar Center Plaza Shopping Center, Cedar Point Picnic Area, Cedar-Green Shopping Center, Chagrin Falls Shopping Center, Chagrin Falls Wastewater Treatment Facility, Chagrin Valley Country Club, Chagrin-Lee-Avalon Shopping Center, Channel Park Marina, Channons Crossing, Chippewa Creek Gorge Scenic Overlook, Chippewa Picnic Area, City of Brooklyn Landfill, Clark West 30th Shopping Center, Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland Municipal Stadium (historical), Cleveland West Pierhead Light, Cleveland Yacht Club, Cloverleaf Speedway, Collinwood Yard, Columbia-Detroit Shopping Center, Cottonwood Picnic Area, Crossroads Shopping Center, Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, Cuyahoga Regional Sanitary Landfill, Detroit-Linda Shopping Center, Dock Number 20, Dock Number 24, Dock Number 26, Dock Number 28, Dock Number 30, Dock Number 32, Dock Number 34, Doctor Dimiter Ramadanoff Water Treatment Plant, Dove Junction Shopping Center, East 55th Street Marina, East Gate Shopping Center, East Pier Light, East Pierhead Light, Easterly Wastewater Treatment Facility, Edgewater Park Marina, Edgewater Yacht Club, Egbert Picnic Area, Eton Square Shopping Center, Euclid Shopping Center, Euclid Square Mall Shopping Center, Euclid-Green Shopping Center, Fairmount Circle Shopping Center, Fairwood Shopping Center, Fern Hill Picnic Area, Five Points Shopping Center, Flats East Bank Station, Forest City Yacht Club, Forest Hills Shopping Center, Forest Picnic Area, Frankie Yankovic Square, Fulton Plaza Shopping Center, Garfield Mall Shopping Center, Garfield Park Nature Center, Garrett A Morgan Water Treatment Plant, George Finnie Stadium, Glenville Race Track (historical), Glenwillow Landfill, Golden Gate Shopping Center, Gordon Shore Boat Club, Grantwood Golf Club, Great Northern Corporate Center, Great Northern Mall Shopping Center, Great Northern Plaza Shopping Center, Great Northern Technical Center, Greenbriar Plaza Shopping Center, Greenlight Shopping Center, Gund Arena, Harriet Keeler Memorial Picnic Area, Harvard-Lee Shopping Center, Hawthorn Ridge Picnic Area, Hawthorne Valley Country Club, Haymarket (historical), Hemlock Creek Picnic Area, Hermits Hollow Picnic Area, Highpoint Plaza Shopping Center, Hilltop Plaza Shopping Center, Hiram House Camp, Home Links Golf Club, Independence Square Shopping Center, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Fresh Air Camp, Intake Crib Light, Intercity Yacht Club, Kamms Plaza Shopping Center, Kelley Picnic Area, Kentown Shopping Center, Kronheims Plaza Shopping Center, La Place Shopping Center, Lagoon Picnic Area, Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, Lake Picnic Area, Lake Shore Country Club, Lake Shore Shopping Center, Lakeside Yacht Club, Lakewood Country Club, Lander Circle, Lander Haven Country Club, Landerwood Plaza Shopping Center, Ledgewood Square Shopping Center, Lee-Judson Plaza Shopping Center, Lewis Road Riding Ring, Little Met Golf Course, Little Overlook, Lost Meadows Picnic Area, Lyman Circle, Lyndhurst Golf Course, Maple Grove Picnic Area, Mapletown Shopping Center, Martin Luther King Junior Shopping Center, Mastick Woods Golf Course, Mayfield Country Club, Mayland Shopping Center, Maymore Shopping Center, McFarland Homestead, Meadow Brook Market Square Shopping Center, Meadowood Country Club, Meadows Picnic Area, Memphis Picnic Area, Memphis-Fulton Shopping Center, Midtown Plaza Shopping Center, Midtown Plaza Shopping Center, Miles Drive-In (historical), Moreland Hills Country Club, Moses Cleveland Landing, Music Mound Picnic Area, North Chagrin Nature Center, North Coat Harbor/East 9th Street Station, North Mastick Picnic Area, North Olmsted Golf Club, North Quarry Picnic Area, Northeast Yacht Club, Northern Ohio Fairgrounds (historical), Northgate Shopping Center, Oak Grove Picnic Area, Oakwood Golf Club, Old Birch Picnic Area, Olmsted Plaza Shopping Center, Ottawa Point Reserved Picnic Area, Park Centre Shopping Center, Parkside Wastewater Treatment Plant, Parkway Shops Shopping Center, Parma Heights Park, Parmatown Mall Shopping Center, Parmatown Shopping Center, Pavilion Shopping Center, Pawpaw Picnic Area, Pearl South Plaza Shopping Center, Pearl-Brook Shopping Center, Pearl-York Shopping Center, Pepper Pike Country Club, Plateau Picnic Area, Progressive Field, Prospect Plaza Shopping Center, Puritas Junction (historical), Quarry Picnic Area, Ralph Perkins II Wildlife Center and Woods Garden, Randall Corners Shopping Center, Randall Park Mall Shopping Center, Randall Park Racetrack (historical), Randall Racetrack, Rear Quarry Picnic Area, Red Oak Picnic Area, Richmond Town Square Shopping Center, Ridge Park Square Shopping Center, Ridge-Day Shopping Center, Ridgewood Country Club, Rinis Plaza Shopping Center, River Plaza Shopping Center, Rockport Shopping Center, Rocky River Nature Center, Rocky River Shopping Center, Rosby Greenhouse and Berry Farm, Royalton Farms, Royalton Plaza Shopping Center, Royalton Road Landfill, Royalview Picnic Area, Royalwood Centre Shopping Center, Sagamore Grove Picnic Area, Saint Clairs Great Scott Shopping Center, Scenic Park Picnic Area, Sea Shell Marina, Seneca Golf Course, Settlers Landing Station, Severance Town Center Shopping Center, Shaker Heights Country Club, Shaker Square Shopping Center, Shaker-Moreland Shopping Center, Shawnee Hills Golf Course, Sleepy Hollow Golf Course, Snow Road Picnic Area, Snowville Shopping Center, Solar Shopping Center, Solon City Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, Solon Industrial Park, Solon Mall Shopping Center, Solon Square Shopping Center, South Harbor Terminal, South Mastick Picnic Area, South Park Shopping Center, South Quarry Picnic Area, Southerly Wastewater Treatment Facility, Southgate Shopping Center, Southland Shopping Center, Sprague Plaza Shopping Center, Sprague Square Shopping Center, Spring Vale Country Club, Square Plaza Shopping Center, Squaw Rock Picnic Area, Stepnorth Retail Cluster Mall Shopping Center, Stinchcomb-Groth Memorial Scenic Overlook, Strongsville Business Park, Strongsville Industrial Park, Strongsville Plaza Shopping Center, Strongsville South Plaza Shopping Center, Stuhr Woods Picnic Area, Sulphur Springs Picnic Area, Sycamore Marina, Taylor Commons Plaza Shopping Center, The Galleria at Erieview Shopping Center, The Shelterhouse Picnic Area, The Triangle at University Circle Shopping Center, Thistledown Racetrack, Thrift City Shopping Center, Timber Ridge Plaza Shopping Center, Tinkers Creek Gorge Scenic Overlook, Town and Country Villa Shopping Center, Towne Center Plaza Shopping Center, Towne Centre Shopping Center, Tri-City Plaza Shopping Center, Trolley Turn Picnic Area, Turney Dunham Plaza Shopping Center, Turneytown Shopping Center, Union Stockyards (historical), Union Terminal, University Circle, Van Aken Shopping Center, Victory Plaza Shopping Center, Village Square Shopping Center, Wallace Lake Picnic Area, Wallings Plaza Shopping Center, Warren Village Shopping Center, Warrior Stadium (historical), Welsh Woods Picnic Area, West 25th Street-Ohio City Station, West 3rd Street Station, West Bay Plaza Shopping Center, West Pier Light, West Pierhead Light, West Side Market, West Valley Plaza Shopping Center, Westerly Wastewater Treatment Facility, Westgate Shopping Center, Westlake Yachting Club, Westown Square Shopping Center, Westridge Plaza Shopping Center, Westwood Country Club, Westwood Town Center Shopping Center, Whiskey Island Yacht Club, White City Amusement Park (historical), Wildwood Yacht Club, Williamsport Plaza Shopping Center, Willis Picnic Area, Willow Bend Picnic Area, Willow Grove Golf Course, Windy Ridge Picnic Area, Wolf Picnic Area, Yorktown Shopping Center

  Military     show all on map

Camp Brown (historical), Camp Cleveland (historical), Camp Taylor (historical), Camp Wade (historical), Camp Wood (historical), Central Armory (historical), Cleveland Grays Armory (historical), Cleveland Harbor United States Coast Guard Station (historical), Fort Huntington (historical), Nike Site CL-02C (historical), Nike Site CL-02L (historical), Nike Site CL-34C (historical), Nike Site CL-34L (historical), Nike Site CL-48C (historical), Nike Site CL-48L (historical), Nike Site CL-59C (historical), Nike Site CL-59L (historical), Nike Site CL-69L (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Bluestone Quarries

  Parks     show all on map

Ambler Heights Historic District, Ambler Park, Archwood Avenue Historic District, Barton-Bradley Recreation Field, Beachwood Park, Bedford Chagrin Parkway, Bedford Metro Reserve, Bedford Reservation, Big Creek Metro Reservation, Big Creek Parkway, Big Creek Reservation, Birdtown Historic District, Bohlken Park, Bonny Banks Park, Boxley Park, Bradley Park, Bradley Woods Reservation, Brainard Park, Brecksville Metropolitan Reservation, Brecksville Reservation, Broadway Avenue Historic District, Brookside Park, Bunns Lake Wildlife Area, Byers Field, Cahoon Park, Cain Park, Calvin Park, Center Park, Central Avenue Recreation Center, Chagrin Falls Triangle Park Commercial Historic District, Chagrin Falls West Side Historic District, Chagrin State Scenic River, Chagrin Valley Parkway, Clagu Park, Clague Park, Clark Recreation Center, Cleveland Aquarium (historical), Cleveland Heights Swimming Pool, Cleveland Lakefront State Park, Cleveland Lakefront State Park, Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Department, Cleveland Zoological Park, Clifton Park Lakefront Historic District, Clinton Park (historical), Coe Lake Park, Coulter Avenue Park, Cove Park, Crossburn Playground, Cudell Park, Cudell Recreation Center, Cultural Gardens, Cumberland Park, Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area, Dellwood Park, Denison Park, Denison Park, Donald Gray Garden, Dora Lee Payne Park, Dove Playground, Dunham Park, East Eightyninth Street Historic District, East Fourth Street Historic District, Eastbrook Playground, Edgewater State Park, Edwards Park, Elizabeth B Blossom Subdivision Historic District, Elmwood Park, Elmwood Playground, Emery Park, Erieview Plaza, Estabrook Playground, Euclid Beach Park, Euclid Creek Park, Euclid Creek Reservation, Euclid Heritage Park, Euclid Memorial Park, Euclid Park, F B Fairfax Recreation Center, Fairhill Road Village Historic District, Fairmount Boulevard Historic District, Fairview Park, Fairview Park, Ferguson Playground, Finnigan Field, Foltz Park, Forest Hill Historic District, Forest Hill Park, Forest Hill Parkway, Forestwood Park, Fort Huntington Park, Franklin Avenue Historic District, Franklin Circle, Gardenview Horticultural Park, Garfield Park, Gerald Park, Gilmore Playground, Glamer Park, Glenview Park, Gordon Park, Gordon Square Historic District, Grant Playground, Graphite-Bronze Park, Green Valley Park, Gunning Playground, Halloran Park, Hardware Field (historical), Hawley Playground, Henritze Park, Heritage Park, Herman Playground, Hetzer Park, Hollywood Park, Huntington Park, Impet Park, Jaite Mill Historic District, James Hanna Park, Jefferson Park, John Mucklo Park, John Muir Park, Kauffman Park, Kentucky Garden, Kerruish Park, Kingsbury Run Park, Kirtland Park, Kurtz Park, Lake Abram Metropolitan Reservation, Lake Isaac Waterfowl Sanctuary, Lakewood Park, League Park, Lexington Green Park, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Recreation Center, Linden Park, List Lane Park, Lou Groza Field, Lowe Playground, Lucille Heasley Soccer Field, Luna Park (historical), Madison Park, Magnolia-Wade Park Historic District, Market Square, Marlborough Park, Memorial Field, Memorial Field Park, Memorial Park, Memorial Park, Miles Park, Miles Park Historic District, Miles Playfield, Mill Stream Run Metropolitan Reservation, Miller Playground, Mohican Playground, Morgana Park, Mother of Perpetual Help Shrine, Nathan Hale Park, Nela Park, Newton Avenue Historic District, Nike Park, North Olmsted Park, North Olmsted Recreation Center, North Park, Ohio City Preservation District, Pattison Park, Plaza At Huron Point, Portland-Outhwaite Recreation Center, Puritas Springs Park (historical), Quarry Park, Rainey Park, Reese Park, Regency Park, Regent Playground, Ridgewood Lake Park, Riverside Park, Riverside Park, Roadside Park, Robert "Bump" Taylor Field, Rockefeller Park, Rocky River Reservation, Rocky River Reservation, Rogers Road Field, Royalview Park, Saint Clair Recreation Center, Sandy Hook Park, Schweickert Field, Selwick Park, Shaker Heights Park, Shaker Square, Shaker Square Historic District, Shaker Village Historic District, Shaw Rink Park, Sims Park, Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Solon Community Park, South Chagrin Reservation, Southpark, Sportsmens Park, State Road Park, Sterling Park, Stinchcomb Memorial, Strongsville Wildlife Area, Stroud Park, Superior Avenue Historic District, Surrarrer Park, Taliak Field, The Mall, Tri-City Park, Tuland Playground, Tyler Field, Valleywood Park, Van Horn Field, Wade Park, Wade Park Historic District, Wagar Park, Walters Grove Park, Walton Hills Park, Warszawa Neighborhood Historic District, Washington Park, Wasmer Field, Wedo Park, White City Park, Wildwood Park, Willard Park, Willow Park, Wilsons Mills Settlement Historic District, Woodland Hills Park, York Road Recreation Field, Yorktown Green Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alexander, Alger Settlement (historical), Ambler Heights, Applecreek Village, Ashbury Towers, Bay Village, Beachwood, Bedford, Bedford Heights, Bement, Bennetts Corners, Bentleyville, Berea, Beulah Park, Big Italy, Binola, Birds Nest, Bluestone, Bratenahl, Brecksville, Brighton (historical), Broadview Gardens, Broadview Heights, Brook Park, Brook Park Mobile Home Park, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Acres, Brooklyn Heights, Chagrin Falls, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Clifton Park, Coe Ridge (historical), Coits, Collamer, Collinwood, Columbia Center (historical), Columbia Park, Cowans (historical), Cudell, Cuyahoga Heights, Doans Corners, Dutch Alley, Eagle Cliff, East Cleveland, Eight Mile (historical), Enterprise (historical), Euclid, Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park, Euclid Heights, Euclid Homes (historical), Evergreen Manor, Fairmount, Fairview Park, Falls Junction, Five Points, Four Points, Frostville (historical), Garden Valley, Garfield Heights, Gates Mills, Glendale, Glenville, Glenwillow, Glenwillow Mobile Home Park, Gresham, Griffithsburg (historical), Henry, Hidden Cove Mobile Home Park, Highland Heights, Highland Hills, Horse Shoe Glens (historical), Horst (historical), Hough, Hunting Valley, Ideal Mobile Home Park, Independence, Jaite, Josephatowa, Kamms Corner, Karlin, Lake Hamlet (historical), Lakeview Terrace, Lakewood, Libby Aurora Mobile Home Park, Linndale, Little Arabia, Little Bohemia, Little Italy, Ludlow, Lyndhurst, Manhattan Beach, Maple Heights, Marcy (historical), Mayfield, Mayfield Heights, McKinley, Middleburg Heights, Miles, Mill Creek (historical), Miller Mobile Homes, Moreland Hills, Mount Pleasant, Navy Park Housing Project (historical), New Chinatown, Newburgh Heights, Noble, Noble Beach (historical), North Dover, North Linndale, North Olmsted, North Randall, North Royalton, North Solon, North Warrensville (historical), Nottingham, Oakwood, Ohio City, Old Chinatown, Olmsted, Olmsted Falls, Olmsted Trailer Park, Orange, Orange Center, Pardee (historical), Parkview, Parma, Parma Heights, Pepper Pike, Phinneys Corners (historical), Pleasant Valley, Poznan, Randall, Richmond Heights, River Edge, Rockport, Rocky River, Seven Hills, Shaker Heights, Short Line Junction, Slavic Village, Solon, Sorrento, South Brooklyn, South Euclid, Southpark, Spragueville (historical), Strongsville, The Angle, Town House Corners (historical), Tremont, Twin Oaks, University Heights, Valley View, Valleyview Homes (historical), Vigil, Walling Corners, Walton Hills, Warrensville, Warrensville Heights, Waterford Crossing, West Dover, West View, Westlake, Westpark, Westwood Farms, Willeyville (historical), Willow, Woodhill Homes, Woodmere

  Post Offices     show all on map

Barry Post Office (historical), Bay Village Post Office (historical), Beachland Station Cleveland Post Office, Bedford Post Office (historical), Bement Post Office (historical), Berea Post Office, Binola Post Office (historical), Bluestone Post Office (historical), Brecksville Centre Post Office (historical), Brooklyn Post Office (historical), Brooklyn Village Post Office (historical), Burnetts Corners Post Office (historical), Chaffee Post Office (historical), Chagrin Falls Post Office, Chagrin Run Post Office (historical), Claribel Post Office (historical), Cleveland Heights Branch Cleveland Post Office, Clifton Park Post Office (historical), Collinwood Station Cleveland Post Office, Columbia Post Office (historical), Doans Corners Post Office (historical), Dover Bay Post Office (historical), Eagle Cliff Post Office (historical), East Cleveland Post Office (historical), East Cleveland Post Office (historical), East End Post Office (historical), Edgewater Branch Lakewood Post Office, Euclid Post Office (historical), Fairmount Post Office (historical), Forest Hill Post Office (historical), Gates Mills Post Office, Gilruth Post Office (historical), Glenville Post Office (historical), Glenwillow Post Office (historical), Goldwood Post Office (historical), Gresham Post Office (historical), Independence Post Office (historical), Jaite Post Office (historical), Kamms Post Office (historical), Lake View Post Office (historical), Lakewood Post Office, Lelands Corners Post Office (historical), Lyndhurst Post Office (historical), Mapes Corners Post Office (historical), Maple Heights Post Office, Mayfield Post Office (historical), McKinley Post Office (historical), Middleburgh Post Office (historical), Miles Post Office (historical), Mosspoint Post Office (historical), Newburgh Post Office (historical), Noble Post Office (historical), North Linndale Post Office (historical), North Olmsted Post Office, North Randall Post Office (historical), North Royalton Post Office (historical), Ohio City Post Office (historical), Olmsted Falls Post Office, Olmsted Post Office (historical), Orange Post Office (historical), Pardee Post Office (historical), Parma Post Office (historical), Pearlbrook Station Cleveland Post Office, Rockport Post Office (historical), Rocky River Post Office (historical), Shaker Heights Station Cleveland Post Office, Solon Post Office (historical), Sorrento Post Office (historical), South Euclid Post Office (historical), South Park Post Office (historical), Station A Cleveland Post Office, Station H Cleveland Post Office, Strongsville Post Office (historical), Vigil Post Office (historical), Warrensville Post Office (historical), West Cleveland Post Office (historical), West Dover Post Office (historical), West Park Post Office (historical), West Park Station Cleveland Post Office, Westlake Post Office (historical), Westview Post Office (historical), Willow Post Office (historical), Willow Station Cleveland Post Office, Wilson Mills Post Office (historical), Windemere Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Baldwin Lake, Baldwin Reservoir, Beyers Pond, Briar Hill Lake, Chase Bag Company Lower Lake, Chase Bag Company Upper Lake, Coe Lake, Echo Hills Lake Number One, Fairmount Reservoir, Forest Hill Park Reservoir Number Two, Green Lake, Hayes Lake, Kentucky Street Reservoir (historical), Kinsman Reservoir, Lake Abram, Lake Elissa, Lake View Cemetery Flood Control Reservoir, Lower Shaker Lake, Marshall Lake, Shaker Lakes, Upper Shaker Lake, Wade Lagoon

  Ridges     show all on map

Butternut Ridge, Center Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

A B Hart Junior High School, Academy of Creative Expressions, Academy of Human Resources, Academy of Medicine, Academy of Music (historical), Adams High School (historical), Addams High School, Addison High School, Adrian Elementary School, Albion Elementary School, Albion Junior High School, Alcott School, Alexander Graham Bell School for the Deaf, Alexander Hamilton Junior High School, Alfred A Benesch Elementary School, Almira Elementary School, Anderson School, Andrew J Rickoff Elementary School, Annunciation School, Anthony Wayne Elementary School (historical), Archbishop James P Lyke Elementary School, Arlington Elementary School, Artemus Ward Elementary School, Arthur Road Middle School, Asbury Seminary (historical), Ascension School, Assumption School, Attucks School, Audubon Junior High School, Aurora Upper Intermediate School, Aviation High School, Baldwin-Wallace College, Ballard Brady Middle School, Barkwill School, Barton School, Bassett Elementary School, Bates School, Bay High School, Bay Middle School, Beach School, Beachwood Adult Training Center, Beachwood High School, Beachwood School, Beaumont High School, Bedford High School, Beechbrook Orphanage, Beehive School, Bellefaire School, Belvoir Elementary School, Benedictine High School, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Berea High School, Bethlehem School, Big Creek Elementary School, Birch Primary School, Blessed Sacrament School (historical), Blossom Hill School, Bolton Elementary School, Bolton School, Boulevard Elementary School, Boulevard Elementary School, Boulevard Elementary School, Bratenahl Public School, Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School, Brewer School, Broadview Heights High School, Broadview School, Broadway Elementary School, Brobst School, Brooklawn Elementary School, Brooklyn High School, Brookpark Memorial Elementary School, Brookridge Elementary School, Brooks Military School (historical), Brooks School for Young Ladies and Misses (historical), Brownell Junior High School (historical), Brush High School, Bryden Elementary School, Buhrer School (historical), Burroughs School, Business Entrepreneurship And Technology Academy, Butternut Primary School, Caledonia Elementary School, Canterbury Elementary School, Carl and Louis Stokes Central Academy, Carylwood Elementary School, Case Elementary School, Case Western Reserve University, Case Woodland School, Cathedral Latin High School (historical), Cedar Hill School, Center For Urban And Environmental Studies, Center Junior High School, Central Elementary School, Central High School, Central Junior High School, Central School, Chagrin Falls High School, Chagrin Falls Middle School, Chambers Elementary School, Chanel High School, Charles Dickens Elementary School, Charles Orr Academy, Chesterfield School, Chestnut Intermediate School, Chestnut School, Christ Lutheran School, Christ the King School (historical), Clara E Westropp Fundamental Education Center, Clark Elementary School, Cleveland Academy (historical), Cleveland Central Catholic School-Broadway Campus, Cleveland Free School (historical), Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland Learning Center - Halle (historical), Cleveland Lutheran High School (historical), Cleveland Marshall Law School, Cleveland Medical College (historical), Cleveland Music School, Cleveland School, Cleveland Seminary for Girls (historical), Coe School, Coffinberry School, Collinwood Junior High School, Colonel John Glenn Elementary School, Columbia School, Columbus Intermediate School, Community Christian Academy, Corlett Elementary School, Corpus Christi School, Coventry Elementary School, Cranwood Elementary School, Cuyahoga Community College - West Campus, Cuyahoga County Childrens School, Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School, Cuyahoga Heights High School, Dag Hammarskjold Elementary School, Daniel Morgan Elementary School, David N Myers College, Davies School, Dawnings School, Denison Elementary School, Dentzler Elementary School, Detroit School (historical), Dike Montessori Elementary School, Dike School (historical), Doan School, Doctor Frank Drake Elementary School, Dorothy E Lewis Elementary School, Douglas MacArthur Year Round School (historical), Dover Elementary School, Dreams Academy, Dunham Elementary School, Dunham School, Eagle Academy, East Clark Elementary School, East Denison School, East High School, East Madison Elementary School (historical), East Technical High School, Eastwood Elementary School, Edison School, Edith Whitney Elementary School, Eleanor B Rainey Memorial Industrial Institute, Eliot Junior High School, Ellenwood Elementary School, Elmwood Elementary School, Emerson Middle School, Empire Junior High School, Epiphany School, Euclid High School, Euclid Park Elementary School, Fairfax Elementary School, Fairmount Temple School, Fairview High School, Fairwood Elementary School, Falls Junior High School, Fenn College, Fernway Elementary School, Fitch School, Ford Middle School, Forest Primary School, Forest View School, Forrest School, Frances P Bolton School of Nursing, Frank L Wiley Middle School, Franklin D Roosevelt Academy, Franklin Elementary School, Franklin School, Fredrick Roehm Middle School, Fruitland School, Fuchs Mizrachi Hebrew Day School, Fullerton School, Garfield Elementary School, Garfield Elementary School, Garfield Heights High School, Garfield Middle School, Garnett Elementary School, Gates Mills Elementary School, General Johnnie E Wilson Military Academy, Genesis High School, George Washington Carver Public School (historical), Gesu School, Gibbons School, Giddings Elementary School, Gilbert School, Gilles-Sweet School (historical), Gilmour Academy, Gladstone School (historical), Glen Oak School, Glenbrook Elementary School, Glendale Elementary School, Glenview School, Glenville High School, Goldwood School, Gracemount Elementary School, Granger Elementary School, Grant Elementary School, Granwood School, Grdina Elementary School, Green Valley Elementary School, Greenbriar Junior High School, Greenview Junior High School, H Barbara Booker School, Hanna Perkins School, Harding Middle School, Harrison Elementary School, Harry E Davis Junior High School, Hart Junior High School, Harvard Elementary School (historical), Hathaway-Brown School, Hawken School, Hayes Elementary School, Hebrew Academy, Heights High School, Helen Muraski Elementary School, Heskett Middle School, Hicks School (historical), Highland Drive Elementary School, Hilliard Elementary School, Hillside Junior High School, Hilltop Elementary School, Hilton Elementary School, Hoban-Dominican High School (historical), Hodge School, Holly Lane Elementary School, Holmes School, Holy Cross School, Holy Family School, Holy Family School, Holy Ghost School, Holy Name School, Holy Redeemer School (historical), Holy Rosary School (historical), Holy Spirit Academy, Holy Trinity School, Horace Mann Middle School, Horizon Science Academy, Hough School, Howard Chapman Elementary School, Howells Junior High School, Hruby Conservatory of Music (historical), Immaculate Conception School, Immanuel School, Incarnate Word Academy, Independence High School, Independence Middle School, Independence Primary School, Indian Hills School (historical), Institute of Business, Law and Technology, Interstate Elementary School (historical), Iowa-Maple Elementary School, J F Kennedy High School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jefferson Junior High School, Jesse Owens Academy, Jesus and Mary School (historical), John Carroll University, John Dewey Elementary School, John Hay High School, John Huntington Polytechnic Institute (historical), John Muir Elementary School, John W Raper Public School, Johnson School, Joseph F Landis Elementary School, Joseph M Gallagher School, Kennard Junior High School (historical), Kensington School, Kentucky Elementary School, Kings Academy, Kinsman Elementary School (historical), Koeppe School, La Fayette School, Lake School, Lake School, Lakewood Branch Saint Paul Lutheran School, Lakewood Catholic Academy, Lakewood High School, Landon Elementary School (historical), Laura and Alvin Siegal College of Jewish Studies, Laurel School, Lawn School, Leadership And Human Services Institute, Leadership And Urban Awareness Academy, Lechner School, Lee Burneson Middle School, Lenox Elementary School, Lewis F Mayer Junior High School, Lighthouse Academy, Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln Junior High School, Lincoln-West High School, Lomond Elementary School, Longfellow Elementary School, Longmead Elementary School (historical), Longwood School (historical), Loomis Elementary School, Louis Agassiz Elementary School, Louis Pasteur Elementary School, Lourdes Academy, Lourdes Education Center, Lowden Elementary School, Ludlow Elementary School, Luis Munoz Marin School, Lulu Diehl Junior High School, Lutheran High School, Lutheran High School East, Madison Elementary School, Magnificant High School, Malvern School (historical), Mandel School of Applied Social Science, Maple Heights High School, Maple Intermediate School, Mapledale Elementary School (historical), Margaret A Ireland Elementary School, Marion School, Mark Twain School, Marotta Elementary School (historical), Marshall High School, Mary B Martin Elementary School, Mary McLeod Bethune Public School, Marycrest School, Marymount High School, Mayfair Elementary School, Mayfield Center Elementary School, Mayfield Center High School, Mayfield High School, Mayfield Road School, Mayflower Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School, Memorial Junior High School, Memorial Lutheran School, Memphis Elementary School (historical), Mercer Elementary School, Merrick Junior High School, Messiah Lutheran School, Metro Catholic Parish School, Michael R White Elementary School, Middle School, Midpark High School, Miles Elementary School, Miles Park Elementary School, Milford School, Mill School, Millridge Elementary School, Monticello Middle School, Moody Junior High School, Mooney Junior High School, Moreland Hills Primary School, Moreland School, Morris School (historical), Moses Cleaveland Elementary School, Mound Elementary School (historical), Mount Auburn Elementary School, Mount Calvary School, Mount Pleasant Elementary School (historical), Mount Saint Josephs Convent, Muraski School, Murray Hill School, Nathan Hale Junior High School, Nathanial Hawthorne Elementary School, Nativity School, Nazareth Academy, Neely Elementary School (historical), New Hope School, Newton D Baker School of Arts, Noble Elementary School, Noble School, Normandy Elementary School, Normandy High School, North Olmsted High School, North Olmsted Middle School, North Royalton High School, Northwood Elementary School (historical), Notre Dame Academy, Notre Dame College, Nottingham School (historical), Oakville Road School, Observation Public School (historical), Ohio College of Podiatry, Old District 10 Schoolhouse, Olive Bedford Allen Elementary School, Oliver Hazard Perry Elementary School, Olmsted Falls High School, Olmsted Falls Middle School, Onaway Elementary School, Orange High School, Orchard Elementary School, Orchard Middle School, Our Lady of Good Counsel School, Our Lady of Mercy School, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Our Lady of Peace School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Our Lady of the Angels School, Outhwaite School, Oxford Elementary School, Padua High School, Parknoll Elementary School, Parkside Middle School, Parkview Elementary School, Parkview Elementary School, Parkwood Elementary School (historical), Parma Community Hospital Education Center, Parma Developmental Center School, Parma High School, Parma Park Elementary School, Patrick Henry Middle School, Paul Bellemy Elementary School (historical), Paul Revere Elementary School, Pearl Road Elementary School, Pepper Pike Elementary School, Pine Intermediate School, Pinnacle Academy, Pleasant Valley Junior High School, Pleasant View School, Polaris Vocational Center, Prodigy Academy, Prospect School, Puritas School, Quincy School (historical), Ramah School, Raub School, Rawlings Junior High School, Raymond Elementary School, Regina High School, Renaissance School Of Fine Arts, Renwood Elementary School, Rhodes High School, Rice School, Richmond Heights Elementary School, Richmond Heights High School, Richmond Heights Middle School, Richmond Road School, Ridge Road Junior High School, Ridgebrook Elementary School, Ridgebury Elementary School, River Edge School, Riverside Elementary School, Roadoun School, Robert Fulton Elementary School, Robert H Jamison Junior High School, Robinson G Jones Elementary School, Rockefeller School, Rockside Elementary School, Rocky River High School, Rocky River Junior High School, Roosevelt Elementary School, Roosevelt Elementary School, Roosevelt School, Rose Mary School, Rosedale Elementary School (historical), Rowland Elementary School, Roxboro Elementary School, Roxboro Middle School, Roxbury Elementary School, Royal Ridge School, Royal View Elementary School, Royalton Road School, Rozelle Elementary School, Russell Erwine Elementary School (historical), Rutherford B Hayes School, S R Zellers Elementary School, Sackett School, Sacred Heart of Jesus School (historical), Saint Adalbert School, Saint Adalbert School, Saint Agatha School, Saint Agnes School, Saint Albert the Great School, Saint Aloysius School, Saint Andrews School, Saint Angelas School, Saint Anns School, Saint Augustine School, Saint Barbaras School, Saint Bartholomew School, Saint Benedict School (historical), Saint Bernardette School, Saint Boniface School, Saint Brendans School, Saint Casimir School, Saint Catherines School (historical), Saint Cecilias School, Saint Charles School, Saint Christine Catholic School (historical), Saint Christophers School, Saint Clares School, Saint Clements School (historical), Saint Colemans School (historical), Saint Columbkille School and Church, Saint Dominics School, Saint Edwards High School, Saint Edwards School, Saint Emmericks School, Saint Felicitas School, Saint Francis De Sales School, Saint Francis School, Saint Francis School, Saint George School, Saint Gregorys School, Saint Gregorys School, Saint Hedwigs School, Saint Henrys School, Saint Hyacinth School (historical), Saint Ignatius College, Saint Ignatius School, Saint James School (historical), Saint Jeromes School, Saint John Bosca School, Saint John Cantius Elementary School (historical), Saint Johns Cantius High School, Saint Johns College, Saint Johns Day School (historical), Saint Johns High School, Saint Johns Nepomucene School, Saint Johns School, Saint Johns School, Saint Johns School, Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Technical School, Saint Joseph School, Saint Josephats School, Saint Josephs Academy High School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Judes School, Saint Ladislaus School, Saint Lawrence School, Saint Leo School, Saint Lukes School, Saint Lukes School (historical), Saint Malachi School, Saint Margaret Mary School (historical), Saint Margaret School, Saint Marians School, Saint Marks School, Saint Marks School, Saint Martin De Porres High School, Saint Martins School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys Seminary, Saint Mels School, Saint Michaels School, Saint Monicas School, Saint Paschal Baylon School, Saint Patricks School, Saint Patricks School (historical), Saint Paul School, Saint Pauls Lutheran School, Saint Pauls School, Saint Pauls School, Saint Peters School, Saint Philip Neri School (historical), Saint Philomena School, Saint Procops School, Saint Raphaels School, Saint Richards School, Saint Robert School, Saint Rocco School, Saint Rose of Lima School (historical), Saint Stanislaus School, Saint Stephen Byzantine School, Saint Thereses School, Saint Thomas Aquinas School, Saint Thomas More School, Saint Timothy School (historical), Saint Vincents School, Saint Vitus School (historical), Saint Wenceslas Catholic School (historical), Saint Wendelin School, Saint Williams School, Saints Cyril and Methodius School, Saints Peter and Paul School, Saints Peter and Paul School, Saints Philip and James School (historical), Schaff Junior High School, Schauffler College of Religious and Social Work (historical), School of Applied Science,Design and Technology, School Of Business And International Affairs, School Of Health,Leadership And Wellness, School Of Inquiry,Innovation And Technology, School Of Leadership, School Of Medicine,Public Health And Justice, School Of Science And Technology, School of the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Scranton Elementary School, Seven Hills School, Severance-Millikin School, Shaker Heights High School, Shaker Heights Middle School, Shaw High School (historical), Shore High School (historical), Shuler Junior High School, Smith Elementary School, Snowview School, Solomon Schechter Day School, Solon High School, Southlyn School, Sowinski School, Spruce Primary School, Stafford Elementary School, Stanard School, State Road Elementary School, Stephen E Howe Public School, Sterling School, Street Academy (historical), Strongsville High School, Stroud School, Sunbeam Elementary School, Sunview Elementary School, Superior Elementary School, Superior Street School (historical), Surrarrer Elementary School, Sussex School, Taft Elementary School, Taylor Academy (historical), Technology Institute, Thomas Elementary School, Thoreau Park Elementary School, Tod School, Transfiguration School, Tremont Montessori School, Union Elementary School, University School, Upson Elementary School, Urban Community School, Ursuline Academy, Ursuline College, Ursuline College, Valley Forge High School, Valley View Boys Leadership Academy, Valley Vista Elementary School, Victory Park School, Villa Angela Academy (historical), Villa Angela-Saint Joseph High School, W H Kirk Middle School (historical), Wade Park Elementary School, Wallings School, Walton School, Waring School, Warner Elementary School (historical), Warren School (historical), Warrensville Heights High School, Warrensville Heights Junior High School, Washington Irving School, Washington Park School, Washington School, Watterson-Lake Elementary School, Waverly Elementary School, West High School (historical), West Technical High School (historical), West Trade School, Westerly Elementary School, Westlake High School, Westwood Elementary School, Willard Elementary School (historical), William Cullen Bryant Elementary School, William Foster Elementary School, William H Brett Elementary School (historical), William Holmes McGuffey Elementary School, William Rainey Harper Elementary School, Williams School, Willow Public School (historical), Wilson Junior High School, Woodbury Junior High School, Woodland Elementary School, Woodland Hills Elementary School, Wooldridge School, Wooster School, Wright Junior High School, Zion Lutheran School (historical), Zion School

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Abram Creek, Baker Creek, Baldwin Creek, Beaver Meadow Run, Big Creek, Blue Rock Brook, Burk Branch, Cahoon Creek, Chevy Branch Big Creek, Chippewa Creek, Claribel Creek, Colleda Branch Big Creek, Countrymans Creek, Creek Chub Run, Cuyahoga River, Doan Brook, East Branch Big Creek, East Branch of Euclid Creek, East Branch Rocky River, Euclid Creek, Grindstone Brook, Griswold Creek, Hawthorne Creek, Healey Creek, Indian Creek, Kingsbury Run, Mill Creek, Minnie Creek, Morgan Run, Ninemile Creek, Plum Creek, Pond Brook, Porter Creek, Redstone Run, Rocky River, Sagamore Run, Shaker Brook, Sperry Creek, Spring Brook, Stevenson Brook, Stickney Creek, Stony Creek, Tinkers Creek, Treadway Creek, Tuttle Creek, Verbsky Creek, Walnut Creek, West Branch Big Creek, West Branch Rocky River, West Creek, Willey Creek, Willow Brook, Willow Creek, Wood Creek

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Acid Hill, Cedar Point, East Hill, Granger Hill, Orange Hill, Smith Hill

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Poudunk Swamp (historical)

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KYW Radio Tower, WABQ Radio Tower, WABQ-AM (Cleveland), WBNX-TV (Akron), WBWC-FM (Berea), WBWC-FM (Berea), WCCD-AM (Parma), WCLV-FM (Cleveland), WCPN-FM (Cleveland), WCRF-FM (Cleveland), WCSB-FM (Cleveland), WDOK Radio Towers, WDOK-FM (Cleveland), WERE-AM (Cleveland), WEWS-TV (Cleveland), WGAR-FM (Cleveland), WHK-AM (Cleveland), WJMO-AM (Cleveland Heights), WJMO-FM (Cleveland Heights), WJW-TV (Cleveland), WKNR-AM (Cleveland), WKYC-TV (Cleveland), WLTF-FM (Cleveland), WMJI-FM (Cleveland), WMJI-FM (Cleveland), WMMS-FM (Cleveland), WNCX-FM (Cleveland), WOIO-TV (Shaker Heights), WQAL-FM (Cleveland), WQHS-TV (Cleveland), WRDZ-AM (Cleveland), WRMR-AM (Cleveland), WRUW-FM (Cleveland), WUAB-TV (Lorain), WUJC-FM (University Heights), WVIZ-TV (Cleveland), WWWE-AM (Cleveland), WZAK-FM (Cleveland)

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Bears Gully, Deans Gully, Fletchers Gully

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A B Williams Memorial Woods, Harriet Keeler Memorial Woods,

Cuyahoga County, Ohio Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCuyahoga County White population 820,400820,399  
BlackCuyahoga County Black population 382,347382,346
AsianCuyahoga County Asian population 35,44935,449
MixedCuyahoga County Mixed population 24,05524,054
American IndianCuyahoga County American Indian population 3,7983,798
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCuyahoga County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1,2661,266

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State population table
Ohio population by county