Caddo County, Oklahoma Basics:

Caddo County Oklahoma - Government Site

Population: 29,680
Area: 1278 square miles
County seat: Anadarko
Area code(s) in use: 405 580
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 82.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.5%
Median household income: $38,155
Persons in poverty: 20.8%
Home ownership rate: 71.5%
Mean travel time to work: 21.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Blaine  Canadian  Comanche  Custer  Grady  Kiowa  Washita  

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Map of the Caddo County area

Our detail map of Caddo County shows the Caddo County, Oklahoma boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Caddo County, Oklahoma

  Airports     show all on map

Anadarko Municipal Airport, Carlin Lawrence Airport, Carnegie Municipal Airport, Carnegie Municipal Hospital Heliport, Hinton Municipal Airport, King Airport, Lasley Landing Strip, Lasley Private Airport, Lawrence Landing Strip, Manar Landing Strip, Red Rock Airport, Wheeler Landing Strip

  Bays     show all on map

Carnegie Cove, Farmers Slough, Kardokas Slough, Marina Cove, Martin Arm

  Buildings     show all on map

Alden Fire Department, Alfalfa Rural Volunteer Fire Department, Anadarko Fire Department Emergency Medical Services, Apache Ambulance Service, Apache Volunteer Fire Department, Binger Fire Department, Broxton Fire Department, Caddo Nation Firefighters, Carnegie Fire Department, Cement Volunteer Fire Department, Cogar Community Fire Department, Crow Roost Rural Volunteer Fire Department, Cyril Ambulance Service, Cyril Fire Department, Eakly Fire Department, Fly Inn Number 2 Fire Department, Fort Cobb Fire Department, Gracemont Fire Department, Green Acres Volunteer Fire Department, Hinton Volunteer Fire Department, Hydro Volunteer Fire Department, Lookeba Town Fire Department, New Hope Volunteer Fire Association, Sickles Volunteer Fire Association, Swan Lake Volunteer Firefighters, Twin City Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Albert Cemetery, Alden Cemetery, Alfalfa Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Binger Cemetery, Botone Cemetery, Cache Creek Cemetery, Carnegie Cemetery, Cedar Creek Cemetery, Celestial Gardens Cemetery, Cement Cemetery, Comanche Indian Cemetery, Constien Cemetery, Daugamah Cemetery, Eakly Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Fort Cobb Cemetery, Graceland Cemetery, Gracemont Cemetery, Greenfield Cemetery, Hinton Cemetery, Kiowa Cemetery, Lookeba Cemetery, Memory Lane Cemetery, Mound Valley Cemetery, Pleasant View Cemetery, Poage Cemetery, Radford Cemetery, Red Stone Cemetery, Rest Haven Cemetery, Roach Cemetery, Rock Springs Cemetery, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Saint Peter Lutheran Cemetery, Scott Cemetery, Sickles Cemetery, Spring Creek Cemetery, Ware Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Caddo-Wichita-Delaware Oklahoma Tribal Statistical Area, Kiowa-Comanche-Apache-Fort Sill Apache/Caddo-Wichita-Delaware Joint-Use Oklahoma Tribal Statistical Area

  Churches     show all on map

Alfalfa Baptist Church, Alfalfa Methodist Church, Apache Church, Armstrong Baptist Church, Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church, Baptist Church, Behel Assembly of God Church, Bellview Church, Bethel Church, Binger Baptist Church, Botone Memorial Church, Cache Creek Full Gospel Church, Cache Indian Mission, Caddo Church, Canaan Church, Carnegie Church, Cedar Creek Church, Cedar Dale Indian Mission, Cedar Lake Chapel, Cedar Valley Church, Chache Creek Mission (historical), Christian Church, Christian Church, Church of Apache, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Cogar Church, Community Church, Elderberry Church, Fairview Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Caddo Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First United Methodist Church, Full Gospel Church, Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church, Grace Church, Gracemont Holiness Church, Gracemont United Methodist Church, Greater First Baptist Church, Greenfield Church, Highland Church, Hinton Missionary Baptist Church, Indian Capital Baptist Church, Lookeba Methodist Church, Lookeba Missionary Baptist Church, Macedonia Church, Memorial Church, Methodist Church, Methodist Church, Methodist Church, Methvin Memorial Mission, Midway Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mountain View Church, Nazarene Church, New Covenant Pentecostal Church, New Hope Church, Oakdale Church, Pentecostal Church, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, Pleasant Valley Church, Pleasant View Church, Red Stone Church, Rock Springs Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Saint Johns Lutheran Church, Saint Patricks Church, Saint Pauls United Methodist Church, Saint Peters Lutheran Church, Saint Thomas Lutheran Church, Scott Baptist Church, Sickles Community Church, Spring Creek Church, Spring Creek Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church of Apache, Victory Assembly of God, Virginia Avenue Baptist Church, Ware Chapel, Westselline Church, Wichita Mission

  Dams     show all on map

Cobb Creek Site 101 Dam, Cobb Creek Site 102 Dam, Cobb Creek Site 4 Dam, Cobb Creek Site 5 Dam, Cobb Creek Site 6 Dam, Cowden Laterals Site 10 Dam, Cowden Laterals Site 101 Dam, Cowden Laterals Site 11 Dam, Cowden Laterals Site 12 Dam, Cowden Laterals Site 13 Dam, Cowden Laterals Site 14 Dam, Cowden Laterals Site 9 Dam, Delaware Creek Site 108 Dam, Delaware Creek Site 8 Dam, Fast Runner Creek Site 3 Dam, Fast Runner Site 1 Dam, Fast Runner Site 2 Dam, Fast Runner Site 4 Dam, Fort Cobb Dam, Fort Cobb Dam, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 1 Dam, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 10 Dam, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 11 Dam, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 12 Dam, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 13 Dam, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 2 Dam, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 7 Dam, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 9 Dam, Hinton Sewage Pond Dam, Lake Chickasha Dam, Little Washita Creek Site 23 Dam, Little Washita Creek Site 24 Dam, Little Washita Creek Site 25 Dam, Little Washita Creek Site 26 Dam, Little Washita Creek Site 27 Dam, Little Washita Creek Site 28 Dam, Little Washita Creek Site 29 Dam, Little Washita Creek Site 49 Dam, Okmoname 015009 Dam, Oknoname 015002 Dam, Oknoname 015003 Dam, Oknoname 015004 Dam, Oknoname 015004 Dam, Oknoname 015006 Dam, Oknoname 015008 Dam, Oknoname 015010 Dam, Oknoname 015011 Dam, Oknoname 015012 Dam, Oknoname 015015 Dam, Oknoname 015016 Dam, Oknoname 015017 Dam, Oknoname 015018 Dam, Oknoname 015019 Dam, Oknoname 015020 Dam, Oknoname 015021 Dam, Oknoname 015022 Dam, Oknoname 015023 Dam, Oknoname 015024 Dam, Oknoname 015025 Dam, Oknoname 015026 Dam, Oknoname 051013 Dam, Saddle Mountain Site 3 Dam, Salyer Lake Dam, Southwestern Power Station Number 3 Dam, Spring Creek Site 102 Dam, Spring Creek Site 103 Dam, Spring Creek Site 2 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 1 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 10 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 101 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 102 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 103 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 105 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 11 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 12 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 13 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 14 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 15 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 16 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 17 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 18 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 19 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 2 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 20 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 21 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 210 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 22 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 23 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 24 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 25 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 26 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 27 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 28 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 29 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 3 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 30 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 31 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 33 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 34 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 35 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 36 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 37 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 38 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 39 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 4 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 40 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 41 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 42 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 4a Dam, Sugar Creek Site 5 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 6 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 7 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 8 Dam, Sugar Creek Site 9 Dam, Sugar Creek Site L-44 Dam, Sugar Creek Site L43 Dam, Sugar Creek Site L45 Dam, Sugar Creek Site L46 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 1 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 10 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 101 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 1a Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 2 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 2a Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 3 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 4 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 5 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 6 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 7 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 8 Dam, Tonkawa Creek Site 9 Dam, Zobisch Lake Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Carnegie Tri - County Municipal Hospital

  Locales     show all on map

Caddo Country Club, Camp George Thomas, Camp Red Rock, Fort Sill Apache Tribal Complex, Holiness Camp, Horseshoe Canyon Camp, Huntley, Indian Community Center, Kiwanis Youth Camp, McCool, Nazarene Camp, Petree Plaza, Southern Plains Plaza

  Parks     show all on map

Apache Downs, Cyril Park, Fort Cobb State Park, Fort Cobb State Public Hunting Area, Fort Cobb State Wildlife Management Area, Randlett Park, Red Rock Canyon State Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Rock Mary

  Populated Places     show all on map

Albert, Alden, Alfalfa, Anadarko, Apache, Apache Wye, Binger, Boone, Bridgeport, Broxton, Carnegie, Cement, Cogar, Cyril, Dutton, Eakly, Fort Cobb, Gracemont, Hatchetville, Hinton, Indian City, Lookeba, Nowhere, Pine Ridge, Sickles, Spring Creek, Squaretop, Stecker, Swan Lake, Three-Way Corner, Washita

  Post Offices     show all on map

Albert Post Office (historical), Alden Post Office (historical), Alfalfa Post Office (historical), Anadarko Post Office, Apache Post Office, Binger Post Office, Boise Post Office (historical), Bridgeport Post Office (historical), Broxton Post Office (historical), Canyon Post Office (historical), Carnegie Post Office, Cement Post Office, Cobb Post Office (historical), Cogar Post Office (historical), Cox Post Office (historical), Crosby Post Office (historical), Cullen Post Office (historical), Cyril Post Office, Dell Post Office (historical), Drew Post Office (historical), Eakly Post Office, Exendine Post Office (historical), Fort Cobb Post Office, Frick Post Office (historical), Gracemont Post Office, Hazzard Post Office (historical), Hinton Post Office, Hydro Post Office, Imi Post Office (historical), Ison Post Office (historical), Jewel Post Office (historical), Kidder Post Office (historical), Lacrosse Post Office (historical), Leal Post Office (historical), Lemon Post Office (historical), Libbie Post Office (historical), Lookeba Post Office, Neola Post Office (historical), Onasco Post Office (historical), Oney Post Office (historical), Radium Post Office (historical), Randlett Post Office (historical), Scott Post Office (historical), Shell Post Office (historical), Sickles Post Office (historical), Sprout Post Office (historical), Stecker Post Office (historical), Sturm Post Office (historical), Swanlake Post Office (historical), Thompson Post Office (historical), Vicmurdock Post Office (historical), Vrooman Post Office (historical), Washita Post Office (historical), Wellman Post Office (historical), Wilber Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

South Hills

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Cobb Creek Site 101 Reservoir, Cobb Creek Site 102 Reservoir, Cobb Creek Site 4 Reservoir, Cobb Creek Site 5 Reservoir, Cobb Creek Site 6 Reservoir, Cowden Laterals Site 10 Reservoir, Cowden Laterals Site 101 Reservoir, Cowden Laterals Site 11 Reservoir, Cowden Laterals Site 12 Reservoir, Cowden Laterals Site 13 Reservoir, Cowden Laterals Site 14 Reservoir, Cowden Laterals Site 9 Reservoir, Delaware Creek Site 108 Reservoir, Delaware Creek Site 8 Reservoir, Fast Runner Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Fast Runner Site 1 Reservoir, Fast Runner Site 2 Reservoir, Fast Runner Site 4 Reservoir, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 1 Reservoir, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 10 Reservoir, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 11 Reservoir, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 13 Reservoir, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 2 Reservoir, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 7 Reservoir, Fort Cobb Laterals Site 9 Reservoir, Fort Cobb Reservoir, Fort Cobb Reservoir, Hinton Sewage Pond, Hunt Lake, Lake Chickasha, Little Washita Creek Site 23 Reservoir, Little Washita Creek Site 24 Reservoir, Little Washita Creek Site 25 Reservoir, Little Washita Creek Site 26 Reservoir, Little Washita Creek Site 27 Reservoir, Little Washita Creek Site 28 Reservoir, Little Washita Creek Site 29 Reservoir, Little Washita Creek Site 49 Reservoir, Oknaname 015018 Reservoir, Oknoname 015002 Reservoir, Oknoname 015003 Reservoir, Oknoname 015004 Reservoir, Oknoname 015004 Reservoir, Oknoname 015006 Reservoir, Oknoname 015008 Reservoir, Oknoname 015009 Reservoir, Oknoname 015010 Reservoir, Oknoname 015011 Reservoir, Oknoname 015012 Reservoir, Oknoname 015013 Reservoir, Oknoname 015015 Reservoir, Oknoname 015016 Reservoir, Oknoname 015017 Reservoir, Oknoname 015019 Reservoir, Oknoname 015020 Reservoir, Oknoname 015021 Reservoir, Oknoname 015022 Reservoir, Oknoname 015023 Reservoir, Oknoname 015024 Reservoir, Oknoname 015025 Reservoir, Oknoname 015026 Reservoir, Public Service Reservoir Number 3, Rogers Lake, Saddle Mountain Site 3 Reservoir, Salyer Lake, Southwestern Power Station Reservoir, Spring Creek Site 102 Reservoir, Spring Creek Site 103 Reservoir, Spring Creek Site 2 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 1 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 10 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 101 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 102 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 103 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 105 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 11 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 12 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 13 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 14 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 15 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 16 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 17 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 18 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 19 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 2 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 20 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 21 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 210 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 22 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 23 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 24 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 25 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 26 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 27 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 28 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 29 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 30 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 31 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 33 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 34 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 35 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 36 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 37 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 38 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 39 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 4 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 40 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 41 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 42 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 4a Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 5 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 6 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 7 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 8 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site 9 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site L-44 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site L43 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site L45 Reservoir, Sugar Creek Site L46 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 1 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 10 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 101 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 1a Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 2a Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 4 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 5 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 6 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 7 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 8 Reservoir, Tonkawa Creek Site 9 Reservoir, Weidenmaier Lakes, Zobisch Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Alden School (historical), Alfalfa School, Anadarko East Elementary School, Anadarko High School, Anadarko Middle School, Apache Elementary School, Apache High School, Apache Middle School, Binger - Oney Elementary School, Binger - Oney High School, Boone Middle School, Caddo Kiowa Technology Center, Carnegie Elementary School, Carnegie High School, Carnegie Junior High School, Cement Elementary School, Cement High School, Cyril Elementary School, Cyril High School, Eakly Elementary School, Eakly High School, Fort Cobb - Broxton High School, Fort Cobb - Broxton Lower Elementary School, Fort Cobb - Broxton Middle School, Fost School, Gracemont Elementary School, Gracemont High School, Hinton Elementary School, Hinton High School, Hinton Middle School, Hydro - Eakly Elementary School, Hydro - Eakly High School, Hydro - Eakly Middle School, Lincoln School, Lookeba - Sickles Elementary School, Lookeba - Sickles High School, Mission Elementary School, Mound Valley School, Oney School, Riverside Indian School, Riverview School, Sunset Elementary School, West School

  Streams     show all on map

Bellamy Creek, Boggy Creek, Boxelder Creek, Buck Creek, Bullet Creek, Buzzard Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cherry Dale Creek, Chetonia Creek, Cobb Creek, Cook Creek, County Line Creek, Crooked Creek, Dead Woman Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Delaware Creek, Dry Creek, East Branch Little Washita Creek, East Fork Delaware Creek, Fiat Draw Creek, Fisher Creek, Fivemile Creek, Gokey Creek, Hog Creek, Keechi Creek, Kickapoo Creek, Kohnoosky Creek, Lake Creek, Leaper Creek, Lost Creek, Medicine Creek, Mission Creek, Nunn Creek, Punjo Creek, Running Creek, Soldier Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Stinking Creek, Sugar Creek, Tahoe Creek, Tonkawa Creek, Two Hatchet Creek, West Fork Delaware Creek, West Ionine Creek, West Washita River, White Bread Creek, Wild Cat Creek, Wildcat Creek, Willow Creek, Yellow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Dead Woman Mound, Ghost Mound, Twin Mounds

  Towers     show all on map

KRPT-AM (Anadarko), KRPT-FM (Anadarko)

  Valleys     show all on map

Cedar Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Devils Canyon, Fisher Canyon, Horseshoe Canyon, Stockton Canyon, White Canyon,

Caddo County, Oklahoma Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCaddo County White population 19,29219,292  
American IndianCaddo County American Indian population 7,5987,598
MixedCaddo County Mixed population 1,7811,780
BlackCaddo County Black population 890890
AsianCaddo County Asian population 8989
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCaddo County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3029

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