Custer County, Oklahoma Basics:

Custer County Oklahoma - Government Site

Population: 28,554
Area: 989 square miles
County seat: Arapaho
Area code(s) in use: 580
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 84.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 25.7%
Median household income: $43,917
Persons in poverty: 17.1%
Home ownership rate: 62.5%
Mean travel time to work: 18.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Beckham  Blaine  Caddo  Dewey  Roger Mills  Washita  

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Map of the Custer County area

Our detail map of Custer County shows the Custer County, Oklahoma boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Custer County, Oklahoma

  Airports     show all on map

City of Clinton Hospital Heliport, Clinton Regional Airport, Hutchinson Landing Strip, Kolb Landing Strip, Schumacher Field, Thomas Municipal Airport, Thomas P Stafford Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Arapaho Volunteer Fire Department, Butler Emergency Medical Services, Butler Fire Department, Cheyenne and Arapaho Emergency Medical Services, Clinton Fire Department, Custer City Fire Department, Oklahoma Veterans Center, Sinor Emergency Medical Services Clinton Headquarters, Sinor Emergency Medical Services Thomas, Sinor Emergency Medical Services Weatherford, Thomas Volunteer Fire Department, Weatherford Ambulance Service, Weatherford Fire Department

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Cheyenne Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Anthon Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Arapaho Cemetery, Beck Cemetery, Bethany Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bradley Cemetery, Butler Cemetery, Cabaniss Cemetery, Chapel Hill Cemetery, Clinton Cemetery, Clinton Indian Hospital Cemetery, Edwardsville Cemetery, Elm Cemetery, Forney Cemetery, German Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Gyp Cemetery, Independence Cemetery, John Old Crow Cemetery, Krimmer Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Moorewood Cemetery, Mound Olive Cemetery, Mound Valley Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Newton Cemetery, Osceola Cemetery, Parkersburg Cemetery, Prairie View Cemetery, Red Rock Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Sare Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, South Cedar Cemetery, Stafford Cemetery, Summit Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Thompson Pixlee Cemetery, Tuberculosis Sanatorium Cemetery, Valley View Cemetery, Vicksburg Cemetery, Zion Cemetery

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Cheyenne-Arapaho Oklahoma Tribal Statistical Area

  Churches     show all on map

Antioch Church, Arapaho Christian Church, Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church, Baptist Hispanic Mission, Bethany Brethren in Christ, Brethren in Christ Church, Broadway Heights Baptist Church, Catholic Parish Hall, Cedar Church, Chapel Hill Church, Christ Community Church, Christian Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of the Brethren, Church of the Nazarene, Clinton Indian Baptist Church, Colter Church, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Custer Avenue Baptist Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Faith Christian Fellowship, Federated Church, First Assembly of God, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church-Healdton, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Church of God, First Mennonite Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Free Will Baptist Church, German Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Independence Church, Indian Mission Church, Nazarene Church, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Pine Acres Mennonite Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Valley Church, Prairie View Church, Restoration Church, Saint Eugene Catholic Church, Saint Marks Episcopal Church, Saint Marys Catholic Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Southeast Church of Christ, Southwestern Christian Church, Templo Monte Sinai Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Baptist Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, Vicksburg Church, Wesley Foundation Church, Zion Amish Mennonite Church, Zion Church, Zion Evangelical Free Church

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Adams Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 105 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 16 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 17 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 18 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 19 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 20 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 21 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 22 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 23 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 24 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 25 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 27 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 28 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 29 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 30 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 31 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 32 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 33 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 34 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 35 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 36 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 37 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 38 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 39 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 40 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 42 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 43 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 44 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 45 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 46 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 47 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 49 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 50 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 51 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 52 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 53 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 54 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 55 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 56 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 57 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 58 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 59 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 60 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 61 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 62 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 63 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 64 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 65 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 66 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 67 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 68 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 70 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site 71 Dam, Barnitz Creek Site L73 Dam, Barntiz Creek Site 48 Dam, Bear Creek Site 14 Dam, Bear Creek Site 3 Dam, Bear Creek Site 4 Dam, Bear Creek Site 5 Dam, Bear Creek Site 6 Dam, Bear Creek Site 7 Dam, Bear Creek Site 8 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 1 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 10 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 11 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 12 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 13a Dam, Beaver Creek Site 2a Dam, Beaver Creek Site 2b Dam, Beaver Creek Site 2c Dam, Beaver Creek Site 3 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 4 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 5 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 7 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 8 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 9 Dam, Beaver Creek Site 9a Dam, Bob Decker Dam, Bozeman and McBride Dam, Buckmaster Dam, Buehler Dam, Butler Laterals Site 101 Dam, Butler Laterals Site 103 Dam, Butler Laterals Site 2 Dam, Butler Laterals Site 3 Dam, Butler Laterals Site 4 Dam, Butler Laterals Site 5 Dam, Butler Laterals Site 6 Dam, Butler Laterals Site 8 Dam, Caldwell Dam, Cartwright Dam, Chirstensen Dam, Creach Dam, Crissmon Dam, Deputy Dam, Don F Dickey Dam, Donley Dam, Ernst Dam, Foss Dam, Gannaway and Berry Dam, George Cornell Dam, Gerrong Dam, Glenn Dickey Dam, Hadley Dam, Haskett Dam, Hayes Dam, Hunnicutt Dam, John Eyster Dam, Johnston Dam, Kaukental Dam, Kendall Dam, Kippinberger Dam, Miller Dam, Mossburg Dam, Oknoname 039001 Dam, Oknoname 039002 Dam, Oknoname 039003 Dam, Panther Creek Watershed Site 1 Dam, Panther Creek Watershed Site 2 Dam, Panther Creek Watershed Site 3 Dam, Panther Creek Watershed Site 4 Dam, Panther Creek Watershed Site 5 Dam, Panther Creek Watershed Site 6 Dam, Quartermaster Creek Site 22 Dam, Quartermaster Creek Site 28 Dam, Quartermaster Creek Site 29 Dam, Quartermaster Creek Site 30 Dam, Quartermaster Creek Site 31 Dam, Quartermaster Creek Site 32 Dam, Quartermaster Site 19 Dam, Quartermaster Site 19b Dam, Quartermaster Site 23 Dam, Quartermaster Site 24 Dam, Quartermaster Site 25 Dam, Quartermaster Site 26 Dam, Quartermaster Site 27 Dam, Ronald Sewell Dam, Roy Higgins Dam, Roy Sheppard Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 1 Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 10 Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 11 Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 2 Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 5 Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 6 Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 7 Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 8 Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 9 Dam, Soldier Creek Watershed Site L-12 Dam, South Clinton Laterals Site 6 Dam, South Clinton Laterals Site L9 Dam, Ternes Dam, Turkey Creek Site 1 Dam, Turkey Creek Site 2 Dam, V Fletcher Dam, Whiteshield Creek Site 5 Dam, Woldridge Dam, Woldridge Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Integris Clinton Regional Hospital, USPHS Indian Health Center, Weatherford Regional Hospital

  Locales     show all on map

Alfalfa, Bellview Community Hall, Chapel Hill School, Darco Square Shopping Center, Dripping Springs Camp, Fransen Siding, Northpark Shops, Parkersburg School, Red Rock School, Sunnyside Community Hall, Weatherford Shopping Center

  Parks     show all on map

Baker Park, Foss State Park, Klump Park, Lake View Recreation Area, Lions Park, Lions Park, McLain Rogers Park, Nance Park, Rader Park, Washita National Wildlife Refuge, Weber Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Anthon, Arapaho, Butler, Clinton, Cody, Custer City, Dead Women Crossing, East Junction, Foley, Independence, Indianapolis, McClure, Moorewood, Osceola (historical), Parkersburg, Ralph, Stafford, Sunset, Thomas, Weatherford

  Post Offices     show all on map

Anthon Post Office (historical), Arapaho Post Office, Belle Post Office (historical), Belleview Post Office (historical), Bellview Post Office (historical), Butler Post Office, Camp Morris Post Office (historical), Claude Post Office (historical), Clinton Post Office, Colonel Post Office (historical), Cora Post Office (historical), Custer City Post Office, Custer Post Office (historical), Dewey Post Office (historical), Dillion Post Office (historical), Edwardsville Post Office (historical), Elm Post Office (historical), Gip Post Office (historical), Golden Post Office (historical), Graves Post Office (historical), Hampton Post Office (historical), Hobson Post Office (historical), Independence Post Office (historical), Indianapolis Post Office (historical), Lawter Post Office (historical), Leota Post Office (historical), Lonestar Post Office (historical), Moorewood Post Office (historical), Osceola Post Office (historical), Parker Post Office (historical), Pixlee Post Office (historical), Quartermaster Post Office (historical), Rathbone Post Office (historical), Rogers Post Office (historical), Samsville Post Office (historical), Sevenoaks Post Office (historical), Stafford Post Office (historical), Swan Post Office (historical), Taylor Post Office (historical), Thomas Post Office, Veak Post Office (historical), Weatherford Post Office (historical)

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Sugar Loaf Mound

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 105 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 16 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 17 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 18 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 19 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 20 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 21 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 22 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 23 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 24 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 25 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 27 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 28 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 29 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 30 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 31 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 32 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 33 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 34 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 35 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 36 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 37 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 38 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 39 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 40 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 42 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 43 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 44 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 45 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 46 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 47 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 48 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 49 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 50 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 51 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 52 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 53 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 54 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 55 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 56 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 57 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 58 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 59 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 60 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 61 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 62 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 63 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 64 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 65 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 66 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 67 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 68 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 70 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site 71 Reservoir, Barnitz Creek Site L73 Reservoir, Bear Creek Site 14 Reservoir, Bear Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Bear Creek Site 4 Reservoir, Bear Creek Site 5 Reservoir, Bear Creek Site 6 Reservoir, Bear Creek Site 7 Reservoir, Bear Creek Site 8 Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 1 Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 10 Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 11 Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 12 Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 2a Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 2b Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 2c Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 5 Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 7 Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 8 Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 9a Reservoir, Beaver Creek Site 9a Reservoir, Berrong Reservoir, Bob Decker Reservoir, Bozeman and McBride Reservoir, Buehler Reservoir, Butler Laterals Site 101 Reservoir, Butler Laterals Site 103 Reservoir, Butler Laterals Site 2 Reservoir, Butler Laterals Site 3 Reservoir, Butler Laterals Site 4 Reservoir, Butler Laterals Site 5 Reservoir, Butler Laterals Site 6 Reservoir, Butler Laterals Site 8 Reservoir, Caldwell Reservoir, Cartwright Reservoir, Christensen Reservoir, Creach Reservoir, Crissman Reservoir, Deputy Reservoir, Dickey Reservoir, Dickey Reservoir, Eaver Creek Site 4 Reservoir, Ernst Reservoir, Foss Reservoir, George Cornell Reservoir, Hadley Reservoir, Haskett Reservoir, Hunnicutt Reservoir, John Eyster Reservoir, Johnston Reservoir, Kaiser Reservoir, Kaukental Reservoir, Kippinberger Reservoir, Miller Reservoir, Mossburg Reservoir, Oknoname 039001 Reservoir, Oknoname 039002 Reservoir, Panther Creek Watershed Site 1 Reservoir, Panther Creek Watershed Site 2 Reservoir, Panther Creek Watershed Site 3 Reservoir, Panther Creek Watershed Site 4 Reservoir, Panther Creek Watershed Site 5 Reservoir, Panther Creek Watershed Site 6 Reservoir, Quartermaster Creek Site 28 Reservoir, Quartermaster Creek Site 29 Reservoir, Quartermaster Creek Site 30 Reservoir, Quartermaster Creek Site 31 Reservoir, Quartermaster Creek Site 32 Reservoir, Quartermaster Site 19 Reservoir, Quartermaster Site 19b Reservoir, Quartermaster Site 22 Reservoir, Quartermaster Site 23 Reservoir, Quartermaster Site 24 Reservoir, Quartermaster Site 25 Reservoir, Quartermaster Site 27 Reservoir, Ronald Sewell Reservoir, Roy Higgins Reservoir, Roy Sheppard Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 1 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 10 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 11 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 2 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 5 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 6 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 7 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 8 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site 9 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Watershed Site L-1 Reservoir, South Clinton Laterals Site 6 Reservoir, South Clinton Laterals Site L9 Reservoir, Sportsman Lake, Ternes Reservoir, Turkey Creek Site 1 Reservoir, Turkey Creek Site 2 Reservoir, V Fletcher Reservoir, Waurtermaster Site 26 Reservoir, Whiteshield Creek Site 5 Reservoir, Woldridge Reservoir, Woldridge Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

Arapaho Elementary School, Arapaho High School, Burcham Elementary School, Butler Elementary School, Butler High School, Clinton High School, Clinton Middle School, Custer City High School, Custer Independent School, Jefferson School, Mulberry School, Nance Elementary School, Southwest Elementary School, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Southwestern State College, Thomas - Fay - Custer Unified High School, Thomas - Fay - Custer Unified Junior High School, Thomas Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Weatherford East Elementary School, Weatherford High School, Weatherford Middle School, Weatherford West Elementary School, Western Oklahoma Christian School

  Streams     show all on map

Barnitz Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Deer Creek, Comet Creek, Crooked Creek, Dry Creek, East Barnitz Creek, Hal Stouts Creek, Hines Creek, Horse Creek, Little Deep Creek, Little Deer Creek, Little Panther Creek, Little Soldier Creek, North Branch Quartermaster Creek, North Quartermaster Creek, Oak Creek, Panther Creek, Pitts Creek, Quartermaster Creek, Soldier Creek, Turkey Creek, Turtle Creek, Twin Creek, West Barnitz Creek, West Quartermaster Creek, White Shield Creek, Whiteshield Creek, Wild Horse Creek

  Towers     show all on map

KBXR-FM (Weatherford), KSWR-FM (Clinton), KWEY-AM (Weatherford), KXOL-AM (Clinton), Radio Tower (KKCC),

Custer County, Oklahoma Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCuster County White population 24,15724,156  
American IndianCuster County American Indian population 1,9991,998
MixedCuster County Mixed population 1,0281,027
BlackCuster County Black population 942942
AsianCuster County Asian population 400399
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCuster County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2928

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