Garvin County, Oklahoma Basics:

Garvin County Oklahoma - Government Site

Population: 27,259
Area: 802 square miles
County seat: Pauls Valley
Area code(s) in use: 580 405
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 82.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 15.1%
Median household income: $38,356
Persons in poverty: 16.9%
Home ownership rate: 74.1%
Mean travel time to work: 22.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Carter  Grady  McClain  Murray  Pontotoc  Stephens  

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Map of the Garvin County area

Our detail map of Garvin County shows the Garvin County, Oklahoma boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Garvin County, Oklahoma

  Airports     show all on map

Bearden Private Airstrip, Burford Corporation Airport, Entropy Airport, Grimes Airport, Lindsay Municipal Airport, Mash Heliport, McKey Airport, Pauls Valley General Hospital Heliport, Pauls Valley Municipal Airport, Pauls Valley State School Heliport, Renavair Field

  Buildings     show all on map

Elmore City Emergency Medical Services, Elmore City Volunteer Fire Department, Hennepin Fire District, Katie Fire Department, Lindsay Emergency Medical Services, Lindsay Fire Department, Maysville Fire Department, Paoli Fire Department, Pauls Valley Fire Department, Pernell Fire Department, Riddle Store, Rush Creek Fire Department, Stratford Ambulance, Stratford Fire Department, Walker Fire District, Wynnewood Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Abney Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery, Butterly Cemetery, Carver Cemetery, Civit Cemetery, Clabber Flats Cemetery, Corley Cemetery, Dixon Chapel Cemetery, Dripping Springs Cemetery, Dulin & Walner Cemetery, Elmore City Cemetery, Erin Springs Cemetery, Fivemile Creek Cemetery, Florence Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Hopewell Cemetery, Katie Cemetery, Klondike Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Little Flock Cemetery, Maysville Cemetery, McGee Cemetery, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Oaklawn Cemetery, Paoli Cemetery, Purdy Cemetery, Randolph Cemetery, Robberson Cemetery, Sandy Hill Cemetery, Shirley Cemetery, State School Cemetery, Sweet Home Cemetery, The Old Cemetery, Tussy Cemetery, Whitebead Cemetery, Wynnewood View Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Arbuckle Baptist Association Church, Assembly of God Church, Baptist Church, Bethel Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Christian Church, Christian Life Pentecostal Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of the Nazarene, Cottrells Mission, Dixon Chapel Presbyterian Church, Eastern Gate Baptist Church, Fair Oak Church, Faith Cathedral, Faith Temple, First Assembly of God, First Assembly of God, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Tuttle, First Christian Church, First Church of God, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Free Holiness Church, Grace Baptist Church, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Home Sweet Home Church, Iron Chapel Freewill Baptist Church, Liberty Baptist Church, Liberty Christian Fellowship Church, Life Spring Family Church, Little Flock Church, Love Baptist Church, Love Church, Methodist Church, Midway Church, Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mountain View Church, Mountain View Church of Christ, Mountain View Full Gospel Church, New Heights Baptist Church, New Life United Pentecostal Church, Pearl Assembly of God Church, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Prairie View Mission, Presbyterian Church, Roady Church, Saint Michaels Episcopal Church, Saint Timothy Church, Salem Church, Sandy Hill Church, Shady Grove Church, Southside Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Tuttle Christian Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, United Pentecostal Church, United Pentecostal Church, United Pentecostal Church, Valley Christian Church, Valley View Church, Victory Baptist Church, Walker Church, Word of Faith Church, Wynnewood First United Methodist Church

  Dams     show all on map

Allen Gss Number 1 Dam, Allen Gss Number 2 Dam, Bear Hybarger Site 3 Dam, Bear Hybarger Site 4 Dam, Bear Hybarger Site 5 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 1 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 10 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 13 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 14 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 15 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 2 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 3 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 4 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 6 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 8 Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 8a Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 8b Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 8c Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 8d Dam, Cherokee Sandy Site 9 Dam, Chigley Sandy Creek Site 4 Dam, Chigley Sandy Creek Site 5 Dam, Chigley Sandy Creek Site 6 Dam, Chigley Snady Creek Site 3 Dam, Daugherty Gss Number 1 Dam, Grider Gss Number 1 Dam, Hammers Gss Number 1 Dam, Hettick Gss Number 3 Dam, Hill Gss Number 1 Dam, Jones Gss Number 1 Dam, Jones Pond Dam, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site K1 Dam, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N1 Dam, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N2 Dam, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N3a Dam, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N3b Dam, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N4 Dam, Marcum Gss Number 1 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site B1 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site B3 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site B4 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site B5 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site B6 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site B7 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site H-34 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site H10 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site H2 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site H5 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site H6 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site H7 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site H9a Dam, Maysville Laterals Site H9b Dam, Maysville Laterals Site H9c Dam, Maysville Laterals Site L1 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site L3 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site L4 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site L5 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site L6 Dam, Maysville Laterals Site L7 Dam, McCaskill Gss Number 1 Dam, Oknoname 04901 Dam, Oknoname 04902 Dam, Oknoname 04903 Dam, Oknoname 04904 Dam, Oknoname 04905 Dam, Oknoname 04906 Dam, Oknoname 04907 Dam, Oknoname 04908 Dam, Oknoname 04909 Dam, Oknoname 04910 Dam, Oknoname 04911 Dam, Oknoname 04912 Dam, Oknoname 04913 Dam, Oknoname 04914 Dam, Oknoname 04915 Dam, Oknoname 04916 Dam, Oknoname 04917 Dam, Oknoname 04918 Dam, Oknoname 04919 Dam, Oknoname 04920 Dam, Oknoname 04921 Dam, Oknoname 04922 Dam, Oknoname 04923 Dam, Pauls Valley Dam, Peavine Creek Site 1 Dam, Peavine Creek Site 10 Dam, Peavine Creek Site 2 Dam, Peavine Creek Site 3 Dam, Peavine Creek Site 6 Dam, Peavine Creek Site 7 Dam, Peavine Creek Site 9 Dam, Richardson Gss Number 1 Dam, Round Creek Site 1 Dam, Round Creek Site 2 Dam, Round Creek Site 3 Dam, Rush Creek Site 106 Dam, Rush Creek Site 26 Dam, Rush Creek Site 28 Dam, Rush Creek Site 29 Dam, Rush Creek Site 31 Dam, Rush Creek Site 32 Dam, Rush Creek Site 34 Dam, Rush Creek Site 35 Dam, Rush Creek Site 36 Dam, Rush Creek Site 37 and 39b Dam, Rush Creek Site 38a Dam, Rush Creek Site 39a Dam, Rush Creek Site 39c Dam, Rush Creek Site 47 Dam, Sandy Creek Site 14 Dam, Sandy Creek Site 15 Dam, Sandy Creek Site 27 Dam, Sandy Creek Site 28 Dam, Shamley Gss Number 1 Dam, Speaks Gss Number 1 Dam, Temple Gss Number 1 Dam, Terry Gss Number 1 Dam, Washington Creek 1 Dam, Washington Creek 2 Dam, Washington Creek Site 3 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 1 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 100 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 102 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 106 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 107 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 108 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 110 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 111 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 113 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 115 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 116 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 117 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 118 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 119 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 122 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 123 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 124 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 126 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 127 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 2 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 227 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 228 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 229 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 3 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 50 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 51 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 52 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 56 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 57 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 59 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 6 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 62 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 63 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 64 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 65 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 66 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 72 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 73 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 76 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 77 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 78 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 80 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 81 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 82 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 85 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 86 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 92 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 93 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 94 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 95 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 96 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 98 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 99 Dam, Williamson Gss Number 1 Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Pauls Valley General Hospital, Pauls Valley State Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Horseshoe Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Burr Shopping Center, Camp Keno Taunee, Fort Arbuckle Ruins, Gulf Junction, Valley Plaza Shopping Center

  Oilfields     show all on map

East Maysville Oil Field, East Pauls Valley Oil Field, Golden Trend Oil Field, Hoover Oil Field, Lewis Oil Field, Maysville Oil Field, North Antioch Oil Field, Northeast Antioch Oil Field, Northeast Butterly Oil Field, Northeast Civit Oil Field, Northeast Nahola Oil Field, Pauls Valley Oil Field, South Butterly Oil Field, Southeast Hoover Oil Field, Southeast Pauls Valley Oil Field, Southeast Stratford Oil Field, Southwest Lewis Oil Field, West Pauls Valley Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Wacker Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Antioch, Boudinot, Brady, Carver, Civit, Elmore City, Eola, Erin Springs, Foster, Hennepin, Hoover, Katie, Lindsay, Maysville, McCarty, McGee, Neill, Paoli, Pauls Valley, Pernell, Purdy, Satterwhite, Story, Stratford, Wallville, White Bead, White Bead Hill (historical), Whitebead, Wynnewood

  Post Offices     show all on map

Antioch Post Office, Arbuckle Post Office (historical), Banner Post Office (historical), Bartley Post Office (historical), Beef Creek Post Office (historical), Brady Post Office (historical), Cherokee Town Post Office (historical), Civet Post Office (historical), Edgewood Post Office (historical), Elmore City Post Office, Elmore Post Office (historical), Eola Post Office (historical), Erin Springs Post Office (historical), Fort Arbuckle Post Office (historical), Foster Post Office, George Post Office (historical), Hennepin Post Office, Hickey Post Office (historical), Himmonah Post Office (historical), Hoover Post Office (historical), Katie Post Office (historical), Kiser Post Office (historical), Klondike Post Office (historical), Layton Post Office (historical), Lindsay Post Office, Maysville Post Office, McCarty Post Office (historical), McGee Post Office (historical), Paoli Post Office (historical), Pauls Valley Post Office, Pernell Post Office, Purdy Post Office (historical), Robberson Post Office (historical), Rockbridge Post Office (historical), Story Post Office (historical), Stratford Post Office, Theoda Post Office (historical), Walker Post Office (historical), Wallville Post Office (historical), Walner Post Office (historical), White Bead Hill Post Office (historical), Whitebead Post Office (historical), Wynne Wood Post Office (historical), Wynnewood Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Allen Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Allen Gss Number 2 Reservoir, Bear Hybarger Site 3 Reservoir, Bear Hybarger Site 4 Reservoir, Bear Hybarger Site 5 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 1 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 10 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 13 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 14 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 15 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 2 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 3 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 4 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 6 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 8 Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 8a Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 8b Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 8c Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 8d Reservoir, Cherokee Sandy Site 9 Reservoir, Chigley Sandy Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Chigley Sandy Creek Site 4 Reservoir, Chigley Sandy Creek Site 5 Reservoir, Chigley Sandy Creek Site 6 Reservoir, Daugherty Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Grider Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Hammers Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Hettick Gss Number 3 Reservoir, Hill Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Jones Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Jones Pond, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site K1 Reservoir, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N1 Reservoir, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N2 Reservoir, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N3a Reservoir, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N3b Reservoir, Kickapoo Sandy Creek Site N4 Reservoir, Marcum Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site B1 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site B3 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site B4 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site B5 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site B6 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site B7 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site H-34 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site H10 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site H2 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site H5 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site H6 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site H7 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site H9a Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site H9b Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site H9c Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site L1 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site L3 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site L4 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site L5 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site L6 Reservoir, Maysville Laterals Site L7 Reservoir, McCaskill Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Oknoname 04708 Reservoir, Oknoname 04901 Reservoir, Oknoname 04902 Reservoir, Oknoname 04903 Reservoir, Oknoname 04904 Reservoir, Oknoname 04905 Reservoir, Oknoname 04906 Reservoir, Oknoname 04907 Reservoir, Oknoname 04909 Reservoir, Oknoname 04910 Reservoir, Oknoname 04911 Reservoir, Oknoname 04912 Reservoir, Oknoname 04913 Reservoir, Oknoname 04914 Reservoir, Oknoname 04915 Reservoir, Oknoname 04916 Reservoir, Oknoname 04917 Reservoir, Oknoname 04918 Reservoir, Oknoname 04919 Reservoir, Oknoname 04920 Reservoir, Oknoname 04921 Reservoir, Oknoname 04922 Reservoir, Oknoname 04923 Reservoir, Pauls Valley Lake, Peavine Creek Site 1 Reservoir, Peavine Creek Site 10 Reservoir, Peavine Creek Site 2 Reservoir, Peavine Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Peavine Creek Site 6 Reservoir, Peavine Creek Site 7 Reservoir, Peavine Creek Site 9 Reservoir, Richardson Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Round Creek Site 1 Reservoir, Round Creek Site 2 Reservoir, Round Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 106 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 26 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 28 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 29 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 31 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 32 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 34 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 35 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 36 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 37 and 39b Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 38a Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 39a Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 39c Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 47 Reservoir, Sandy Creek Site 14 Reservoir, Sandy Creek Site 15 Reservoir, Sandy Creek Site 27 Reservoir, Sandy Creek Site 28 Reservoir, Shamley Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Speaks Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Temple Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Terry Gss Number 1 Reservoir, Washington Cr 2 Reservoir, Washington Creek Site 1 Reservoir, Washington Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 1 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 100 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 102 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 106 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 107 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 108 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 110 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 111 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 113 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 115 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 116 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 117 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 118 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 119 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 122 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 123 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 124 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 126 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 127 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 2 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 227 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 228 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 229 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 3 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 50 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 51 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 52 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 56 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 57 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 59 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 6 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 62 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 63 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 64 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 65 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 66 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 72 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 73 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 76 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 77 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 78 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 80 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 81 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 82 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 85 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 86 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 92 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 93 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 94 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 95 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 96 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 98 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 99 Reservoir, Williamson Gss Number 1 Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

Central Elementary School, Dunbar School, Elmore City - Pernell Elementary School, Elmore City Senior High School, Hughes School, Jackson Elementary School, Jefferson Early Learning Center, Joy Primary School, Lee Elementary School, Lindsay Elementary School, Lindsay High School, Lindsay Middle School, Maysville Elementary School, Maysville High School, New Hope School, Oak Dale School, Paoli Elementary School, Paoli High School, Parkview School, Pauls Valley High School, Pauls Valley Junior High School, Pauls Valley State School, Pernell School, Story School, Stratford Elementary School, Stratford High School, Stratford Junior High School, Walker School, Whitebead Elementary School, Wynnewood High School, Wynnewood Middle School

  Streams     show all on map

Beef Creek, Burkhart Creek, Cavel Creek, Cheek Creek, Cherokee Sandy Creek, Criner Creek, East Peavine Creek, East Rock Creek, Eightmile Creek, Finn Creek, Five Mile Creek, Fivemile Creek, Gaddis Creek, Garrison Creek, Happy Hollow Creek, Honey Creek, Hybarger Creek, Keel Sandy Creek, Larimore Creek, Little Canadian Sandy Creek, Little Peavine Creek, Negro Sandy Creek, Owl Creek, Panther Creek, Peavine Creek, Red Branch, Rock Creek, Rounds Creek, Rush Creek, Salt Creek, Sandy Creek, Spring Creek, Squirrel Creek, West Owl Creek, West Rock Creek, Whisky Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wildhorse Creek, Willow Sandy Creek, Wolf Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Table Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KGOK-FM (Pauls Valley), KVLH-AM (Pauls Valley),

Garvin County, Oklahoma Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteGarvin County White population 22,70722,706  
American IndianGarvin County American Indian population 2,2082,207
MixedGarvin County Mixed population 1,4171,417
BlackGarvin County Black population 763763
AsianGarvin County Asian population 136136
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderGarvin County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2727

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