Okmulgee County, Oklahoma Basics:

Okmulgee County Oklahoma - Government Site

Population: 39,584
Area: 697 square miles
County seat: Okmulgee
Area code(s) in use: 918
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 84.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 14.0%
Median household income: $39,142
Persons in poverty: 20.5%
Home ownership rate: 70.4%
Mean travel time to work: 25.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Creek  McIntosh  Muskogee  Okfuskee  Tulsa  Wagoner  

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Map of the Okmulgee County area

Our detail map of Okmulgee County shows the Okmulgee County, Oklahoma boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma

  Airports     show all on map

Ashley Airport, Eagle Creek Airport, Erroport Airport, Gerhart Airport, Henryetta Municipal Airport, Meadowlark Field, Okmulgee Regional Airport, Ragwing Acres Airport

  Bays     show all on map

Lions Cove, Salvation Army Cove

  Buildings     show all on map

Beggs Volunteer Fire Department, Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge, Dewar Fire Department, George Nigh Long Term Acute Care Hospital, George Nigh Rehabilitation Institute, Grayson Volunteer Fire Department, Henryetta Fire Department, Hoffman Volunteer Fire Department, Morris Fire Department, Nuyaka Fire Department, Okmulgee County Emergency Medical Services Headquarters, Okmulgee County Emergency Medical Services Henryetta, Okmulgee Fire Department, Okmulgee Fire Department Station 2, Okmulgee State Park, Okmulgee Wildlife Management Area, Plainview Volunteer Fire Department, Preston Volunteer Fire Department, Schulter Volunteer Fire Department, Twin Hills Volunteer Fire District, Wilson Volunteer Fire Department

  Capes     show all on map

Carpenters Point, Lions Point, Seascout Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Antioch Cemetery, Bald Hill Cemetery, Bald Hill Cemetery, Barnes Family Cemetery, Barnet-Fisher Cemetery, Beggs Cemetery, Big Cussetah Cemetery, Bruner Cemetery, Creek Mine Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Grayson Cemetery, Hoffman Cemetery, Huckaby Cemetery, Indian Cemetery, Isparhecher Cemetery, Jerusalem Cemetery, Little Cussetah Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Moore Creek Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, New Bethel Cemetery, New Post Oak Cemetery, Northwest Cemetery, Nuyaka Cemetery, Oakdale Cemetery, Oakwood Cemetery, Okmulgee Cemetery, Old Nuyaka Cemetery, Old Post Oak Cemetery, Pawhuska Cemetery, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Salem Cemetery, Sharp Cemetery, Sonora Cemetery, Southwest Cemetery, Stake Cemetery, West Lawn Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Creek Oklahoma Tribal Statistical Area

  Churches     show all on map

Abundant Life Church, Antioch Church, Apostolic Church, Apostolic House of Prayer, Assembly of God East Side, Assembly of God North Side, Aztec Church, Bald Hill Church, Baptist Church, Baptist Church South, Bethel Temple, Big Cussetah Church, Butler Methodist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Catholic Sisters Convent, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Concharty Church, Conversion Church, Courts of Praise Family Worship Church, Dewar First Baptist Church, Dewar United Pentecostal Church, Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Manna Bible Mission, First Assembly of God, First Assembly of God, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church Parsonage, First Grace Assembly Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Four Square Church, Gospel Tabernacle, Greater Jones Chapel, Greater Mount Zion Church, Groveania Church, Harper Chapel, Hectorville Church, Henryetta Bible Baptist Church, Henryetta Seventh Day Adventist Church, Hoffman First Baptist Church, Holy Temple Pentecostal Church, Honey Creek Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, Indian Mission, Liberty Church, Little Cussetah Church, Lone Tree Church, Lutheran Church of the Trinity, Manna Mission, Maranath Seventh Day Adventist Church, Methodist Church, Methodist Church, Morris Church, Mount Calvary Apostolic Church, Natura Mission, Nazarene Church, New Bethel Church, New Covenant Tabernacle Church, New Town Church, New Zion Church, Northwest Church, Osage Avenue Christian Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Power House Church, Praise and Worship Apostolic Church, Saint Anthony Church, Saint Michaels Catholic Church, Salem Baptist Church, Second Baptist Church, Shady Grove Church, Snake Creek Church, Southeast Oklahoma District Church, Southside Baptist Church, Tabernacle of Praise Church, Tallahassee Church, Town and Country Christian Church, United Pentecostal Church, United Pentecostal Church, Word of Life Holiness Church

  Dams     show all on map

Beggs Dam, Cane Creek Site 11 Dam, Cane Creek Site 12 Dam, Cane Creek Site 14 Dam, Cane Creek Site 15 Dam, Cane Creek Site 17 Dam, Cane Creek Site 18 Dam, Cane Creek Site 19 Dam, Cane Creek Site 21 Dam, Cane Creek Site 22 Dam, Cane Creek Site 5 Dam, Cane Creek Site 7 Dam, Cane Creek Site 9 Dam, Henryetta Dam, Little Deep Fork Creek Site 54 Dam, Morris Dam, New Beggs Lake Dam, Nichols Lake Dam, Okfuskee Tributaries Site N-1 Dam, Okfuskee Tributaries Site N-2 Dam, Okfuskee Tributaries Site N-4 Dam, Okmulgee Creek Site 1 Dam, Okmulgee Creek Site 2 Dam, Okmulgee Dam, Oknoname 111001 Dam, Oknoname 111002 Dam, Oknoname 111003 Dam, Oknoname 111004 Dam, Oknoname 111005 Dam, Oknoname 111006 Dam, Oknoname 111007 Dam, Oknoname 111008 Dam, Oknoname 111009 Dam, Oknoname 111010 Dam, Oknoname 111011 Dam, Oknoname 111012 Dam, Oknoname 111013 Dam, Oknoname 111014 Dam, Oknoname 111015 Dam, Oknoname 111016 Dam, Oknoname 111017 Dam, Oknoname 111018 Dam, Oknoname 111019 Dam, Oknoname 111021 Dam, Oknoname 111022 Dam, Oknoname 111023 Dam, Oknoname 111024 Dam, Oknoname 111025 Dam, Oknoname 111026 Dam, Oknoname 111027 Dam, Oknoname 111028 Dam, Oknoname 111029 Dam, Oknoname 111030 Dam, Oknoname 111031 Dam, Oknoname 111032 Dam, Oknoname 111033 Dam, Oknoname 111034 Dam, Oknoname 111035 Dam, Oknoname 111036 Dam, Oknoname 111037 Dam, Oknoname 111039 Dam, Oknoname 111039 Dam, Oknoname 111040 Dam, Oknoname 111041 Dam, Oknoname 111042 Dam, Oknoname 111043 Dam, Oknoname 111044 Dam, Oknoname 111045 Dam, Oknoname 111046 Dam, Oknoname 111047 Dam, Oknoname 111048 Dam, Oknoname 111049 Dam, Oknoname 111050 Dam, Oknoname 111051 Dam, Oknoname 111052 Dam, Oknoname 111053 Dam, Oknoname 111054 Dam, Oknoname 111055 Dam, Oknoname 111056 Dam, Oknoname 111057 Dam, Oknoname 111058 Dam, Oknoname 111059 Dam, Oknoname 111061 Dam, Oknoname 111062 Dam, Oknoname 111063 Dam, Oknoname 111064 Dam, Oknoname 111065 Dam, Oknoname 111066 Dam, Oknoname 111067 Dam, Oknoname 111068 Dam, Oknoname 111069 Dam, Oknoname 11106d Dam, Oknoname 111070 Dam, Oknoname 111071 Dam, Oknoname 111072 Dam, Oknoname 111073 Dam, Oknoname 111074 Dam, Oknoname 111075 Dam, Oknoname 111076 Dam, Oknoname 111077 Dam, Oknoname 111078 Dam, Oknoname 111079 Dam, Oknoname 111080 Dam, Oknoname 111081 Dam, Oknoname 111082 Dam, Oknoname 111083 Dam, Oknoname 111084 Dam, Oknoname 111085 Dam, Oknoname 111086 Dam, Oknoname 111087 Dam, Oknoname 111088 Dam, Oknoname 1111020 Dam, Salt Creek Site S-1 Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Henryetta Medical Center, Okmulgee Memorial Hospital

  Locales     show all on map

2000 Center, 2000 Shopping Center, Camp Burke, Four Corners, Mission Lane Shopping Center, Okmulgee Country Club, Okmulgee Waterworks, Southwood Plaza

  Oilfields     show all on map

Bryant Oil Field, Southeast Bryant Oil and Gas Field

  Parks     show all on map

Creek National Capitol, Hawthorn Park, Nichols Park, Okmulgee State Game Management Area, Okmulgee State Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Bald Hill, Beggs, Brundidge, Bryant, Coalton, Dentonville, Dewar, Dighton, Eram, Grayson, Gulftown, Hectorville, Henryetta, Hoffman, Kusa, Laden, Morris, Natura, Nuyaka, Okmulgee, Park Wheeler Corner, Preston, Pumpkin Center, Salem, Schulter, Spelter City, Sunrise, Wilson, Winchester

  Post Offices     show all on map

Baldhill Post Office (historical), Beggs Post Office, Browning Post Office (historical), Bryant Post Office (historical), Coalton Post Office (historical), Cobb Post Office (historical), Dewar Post Office, Dighton Post Office (historical), Eram Post Office (historical), Furrs Post Office (historical), Gaither Post Office (historical), Grayson Post Office (historical), Hance Post Office (historical), Hector Post Office (historical), Henryetta Post Office, Hoardsville Post Office (historical), Hoffman Post Office (historical), Jenness Post Office (historical), Konomis Post Office (historical), Kusa Post Office (historical), Major Post Office (historical), Manada Post Office (historical), Morris Post Office, Natura Post Office (historical), Naudack Post Office (historical), Nuyaka Post Office (historical), Okmulgee Post Office, Okmulkee Post Office (historical), Orcutt Post Office (historical), Preston Post Office, Schulter Post Office, Senora Post Office (historical), Sharp Post Office (historical), Tiger Post Office (historical), Tolan Post Office (historical), Wildcat Post Office (historical), Yarrow Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

High Spring Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Deep Fork Unit, Eufaula Wildlife Managment Area

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Beggs Lake, Cane Creek Site 11 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 12 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 14 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 15 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 17 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 18 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 19 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 21 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 5 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 7 Reservoir, Cane Creek Site 9 Reservoir, Flag Lake, Greenwood Lake, Henryetta Lake, Lake Henryetta, Little Deep Fork Creek Site 54 Reservoir, Morris Lake, New Beggs Lake, New Beggs Lake, Nichols Lake, Okfuskee Tributaries Site N-1 Reservoir, Okfuskee Tributaries Site N-2 Reservoir, Okfuskee Tributaries Site N-4 Reservoir, Okmulgee Creek Site 1 Reservoir, Okmulgee Creek Site 2 Reservoir, Okmulgee Lake, Oknoname 111001 Reservoir, Oknoname 111002 Reservoir, Oknoname 111003 Reservoir, Oknoname 111004 Reservoir, Oknoname 111005 Reservoir, Oknoname 111006 Reservoir, Oknoname 111007 Reservoir, Oknoname 111008 Reservoir, Oknoname 111009 Reservoir, Oknoname 111010 Reservoir, Oknoname 111011 Reservoir, Oknoname 111012 Reservoir, Oknoname 111013 Reservoir, Oknoname 111014 Reservoir, Oknoname 111015 Reservoir, Oknoname 111016 Reservoir, Oknoname 111017 Reservoir, Oknoname 111018 Reservoir, Oknoname 111019 Reservoir, Oknoname 111020 Reservoir, Oknoname 111021 Reservoir, Oknoname 111022 Reservoir, Oknoname 111023 Reservoir, Oknoname 111024 Reservoir, Oknoname 111025 Reservoir, Oknoname 111026 Reservoir, Oknoname 111027 Reservoir, Oknoname 111028 Reservoir, Oknoname 111029 Reservoir, Oknoname 111030 Reservoir, Oknoname 111031 Reservoir, Oknoname 111032 Reservoir, Oknoname 111033 Reservoir, Oknoname 111034 Reservoir, Oknoname 111035 Reservoir, Oknoname 111036 Reservoir, Oknoname 111037 Reservoir, Oknoname 111039 Reservoir, Oknoname 111039 Reservoir, Oknoname 111040 Reservoir, Oknoname 111041 Reservoir, Oknoname 111042 Reservoir, Oknoname 111043 Reservoir, Oknoname 111044 Reservoir, Oknoname 111045 Reservoir, Oknoname 111046 Reservoir, Oknoname 111047 Reservoir, Oknoname 111048 Reservoir, Oknoname 111049 Reservoir, Oknoname 111050 Reservoir, Oknoname 111051 Reservoir, Oknoname 111052 Reservoir, Oknoname 111053 Reservoir, Oknoname 111054 Reservoir, Oknoname 111056 Reservoir, Oknoname 111057 Reservoir, Oknoname 111058 Reservoir, Oknoname 111059 Reservoir, Oknoname 111061 Reservoir, Oknoname 111062 Reservoir, Oknoname 111063 Reservoir, Oknoname 111064 Reservoir, Oknoname 111065 Reservoir, Oknoname 111066 Reservoir, Oknoname 111067 Reservoir, Oknoname 111068 Reservoir, Oknoname 111069 Reservoir, Oknoname 11106d Reservoir, Oknoname 111070 Reservoir, Oknoname 111071 Reservoir, Oknoname 111072 Reservoir, Oknoname 111073 Reservoir, Oknoname 111074 Reservoir, Oknoname 111075 Reservoir, Oknoname 111076 Reservoir, Oknoname 111077 Reservoir, Oknoname 111078 Reservoir, Oknoname 111079 Reservoir, Oknoname 111080 Reservoir, Oknoname 111081 Reservoir, Oknoname 111082 Reservoir, Oknoname 111083 Reservoir, Oknoname 111084 Reservoir, Oknoname 111085 Reservoir, Oknoname 111086 Reservoir, Oknoname 111087 Reservoir, Oknoname 111088 Reservoir, Salt Creek Site S-1 Reservoir, Thousand Acre Lake, Upper Washita Site 37 Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

4 - States Academy of Cosmetology, Attuck School, Banneker Kindergarten, Beggs Elementary School, Beggs High School, Beggs Middle School, Dewar Elementary School, Dewar High School, Eastside Elementary School, Emerson School, Franklin School, Green Country Technology Center, Henryetta Elementary School, Henryetta High School, Henryetta Middle School, Irving School, Jefferson School, Jubilee Christian Academy, Liberty Elementary School, Marian Academy, Morris Elementary School, Morris High School, Morris Middle School, Nuyaka Elementary School, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology Okmulgee, Okmulgee Elementary School, Okmulgee High School, Okmulgee Middle School, Okmulgee Primary Elementary School, Plainview School, Preston Elementary School, Preston High School, Roosevelt School, Roosevelt School, Ryal Elementary School, Saint Michael School, Schulter Elementary School, Schulter High School, Twin Hills Elementary School, Webster School, Westside Elementary School, Wilson Elementary School, Wilson High School

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Creek, Bruner Creek, Burgess Creek, Cassetah Creek, Checkerboard Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Cussetah Creek, Eagle Creek, Flat Rock Creek, Honey Creek, Little Cane Creek, Little Deep Fork Creek, Long Branch, Montezuma Creek, Moore Creek, Negro Creek, Okmulgee Creek, Rock Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Shoulders Creek, South Duck Creek, Tiger Creek, Vaughan Creek, Walnut Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Knob, Concharty Mountain, Dude Ranch Hill, Elephant Knob, Negro Hills, Osage Hill, Spanish Peak, Twin Hills

  Towers     show all on map

KGLB-TV (Okmulgee), KQMJ-FM (Henryetta), KTHK-FM (Okmulgee)

  Valleys     show all on map

Hoot Owl Hollow, Rock Creek Canyon,

Okmulgee County, Oklahoma Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteOkmulgee County White population 26,20526,204  
American IndianOkmulgee County American Indian population 6,4926,491
BlackOkmulgee County Black population 3,4833,483
MixedOkmulgee County Mixed population 3,2463,245
AsianOkmulgee County Asian population 158158
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderOkmulgee County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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