Stephens County, Oklahoma Basics:

Stephens County Oklahoma - Government Site

Population: 44,778
Area: 870 square miles
County seat: Duncan
Area code(s) in use: 405 580
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 85.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.8%
Median household income: $44,918
Persons in poverty: 13.1%
Home ownership rate: 71.3%
Mean travel time to work: 19.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Carter  Comanche  Cotton  Garvin  Grady  Jefferson  

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Map of the Stephens County area

Our detail map of Stephens County shows the Stephens County, Oklahoma boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Stephens County, Oklahoma

  Airports     show all on map

Copland Airport, Duncan Regional Hospital Heliport, Halliburton Field Airport, Ketchum Ranch Airport, KSA Orchards Airport, Newman Farm Airport, Wolfe Field Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

American Medical Response Duncan, American Medical Response Marlow, Bray Volunteer Fire Department, Central High Volunteer Firefighters, Comanche Fire Department, Corum Volunteer Fire Department, Doyle Volunteer Fire Department, Duncan Fire Department Headquarters, Duncan Fire Department Station 2, Duncan Fire Department Station 3, Empire City Fire Department, Loco Volunteer Fire Department, Marlow Fire Department, Meridian Volunteer Fire Department, Oakbridge Volunteer Fire Department, Velma Community Ambulance, Velma Volunteer Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Alma Cemetery, Bear Creek Cemetery, Claude Cemetery, Colbert Cemetery, Comanche Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Corum Cemetery, Cruce Cemetery, Denton Cemetery, Diamond Cemetery, Duncan Cemetery, Fairlawn Cemeteries, Folsom Foster Cemetery, Henderson-Harris Cemetery, Hope Cemetery, Loco Cemetery, Marlow Cemetery, Mountain Grove Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Old Duncan Cemetery, Old Jackson Cemetery, Owens Prairie Cemetery, Parks Cemetery, Passmore Cemetery, Resthaven Cemetery, Rock Creek Cemetery, Sandy Bear Cemetery, Short Cemetery, Stoner Cemetery, Tidwell Cemetery, Tucker Cemetery, Velma Cemetery, Velma Cemetery, Weaver Chapel Cemetery, Woolsey Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Meridian Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

All Saints Episcopal Church, Alma Baptist Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Assumption Catholic Church, Banner Assembly Church, Banner Church, Bethany Baptist Church, Bethel Assembly of God, Bible Church, Bible Church, Bray Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Central Church, Chisholm Trail Church - Christ, Christian Center, Christian Church, Christian Helping Hands, Christian Life Cathedral, Church of Christ, Church of Christ South Side, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God in Christ, Comanche Church of God, Community Church, Corum Assembly of God, Corum Baptist Church, Cotton Hills Christian Church, Country Side Church, Countryside Church, Cumberland Church, Denton Church, Doyle Church, East Side Baptist Church, East Side Church, Eastside Church of Christ, Fair Baptist Church, Fair Church, Fairview Church, Faith Temple Pentecostal Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Marlow, First Christian Church, First Free Will Baptist Church, First Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Friendship Church, Gatlin Baptist Church, Glad Tiding Church, Glorious Church Fellowship, Glory Bound Church, Gospel Beams Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Chapel Pentecostal Church, Harvest Hills Baptist Church, Highland Park Baptist Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, Kingdom Hall-Jehovahs Witness, Latter Day Saints Church, Liberty Baptist Church, Lighthouse Assembly Church, Living Faith Tabernacle, Lutheran Church Good Shepherd, Mennonite Brethren Church, Meridian First Baptist Church, Mullins Baptist Church, North Heights Church-Nazerine, Oak Avenue Church-The Nazarene, Open Door Fellowship, Owens Prairie Church, Parkview Baptist Church, Patterson Avenue Baptist Church, Pearl Church, Prairie Hill Church of Christ, Ray of Hope Church, Rivers of life Family Church, Rock Creek Church (historical), Saint Pauls United Methodist Church, Saint York Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Shiloh Christian Church, Stephens United Methodist Church, Tanglewood Bible Fellowship Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Baptist Church, True Gospel Tabernacle Church, Union Center Church, Unity Church, Valley View Church, Velma Assembly of God Church, Velma Baptist Church, Velma United Methodist Church, Wesley United Methodist Church, West Side Christian Church, Western Heights Baptist Church, Zoe Christian Center

  Dams     show all on map

Clear Creek Lake Dam, Comanche Lake Dam, Conoco Lake Dam, Cow Creek Site 15 Dam, Cow Creek Site 28 Dam, Cow Creek Site 33 Dam, Cow Creek Site 34 Dam, Cow Creek Site 35 Dam, Cow Creek Site 44 Dam, Cow Creek Site 8 Dam, Cow Creek Site Number 14 Dam, Duncan Dam, Ok Number Name 137081 Dam, Ok Number Name 137087 Dam, Ok Number Name 137094 Dam, Oknoname 037031 Dam, Oknoname 137001 Dam, Oknoname 137002 Dam, Oknoname 137003 Dam, Oknoname 137004 Dam, Oknoname 137005 Dam, Oknoname 137006 Dam, Oknoname 137007 Dam, Oknoname 137008 Dam, Oknoname 137009 Dam, Oknoname 137010 Dam, Oknoname 137011 Dam, Oknoname 137012 Dam, Oknoname 137013 Dam, Oknoname 137014 Dam, Oknoname 137015 Dam, Oknoname 137016 Dam, Oknoname 137017 Dam, Oknoname 137018 Dam, Oknoname 137019 Dam, Oknoname 137020 Dam, Oknoname 137021 Dam, Oknoname 137022 Dam, Oknoname 137023 Dam, Oknoname 137024 Dam, Oknoname 137025 Dam, Oknoname 137026 Dam, Oknoname 137027 Dam, Oknoname 137028 Dam, Oknoname 137029 Dam, Oknoname 137030 Dam, Oknoname 137032 Dam, Oknoname 137033 Dam, Oknoname 137034 Dam, Oknoname 137035 Dam, Oknoname 137036 Dam, Oknoname 137037 Dam, Oknoname 137038 Dam, Oknoname 137039 Dam, Oknoname 137040 Dam, Oknoname 137041 Dam, Oknoname 137042 Dam, Oknoname 137043 Dam, Oknoname 137044 Dam, Oknoname 137045 Dam, Oknoname 137045 Dam, Oknoname 137047 Dam, Oknoname 137048 Dam, Oknoname 137049 Dam, Oknoname 137050 Dam, Oknoname 137051 Dam, Oknoname 137052 Dam, Oknoname 137053 Dam, Oknoname 137054 Dam, Oknoname 137055 Dam, Oknoname 137056 Dam, Oknoname 137057 Dam, Oknoname 137058 Dam, Oknoname 137059 Dam, Oknoname 137060 Dam, Oknoname 137061 Dam, Oknoname 137062 Dam, Oknoname 137063 Dam, Oknoname 137064 Dam, Oknoname 137065 Dam, Oknoname 137066 Dam, Oknoname 137067 Dam, Oknoname 137068 Dam, Oknoname 137069 Dam, Oknoname 137070 Dam, Oknoname 137071 Dam, Oknoname 137072 Dam, Oknoname 137073 Dam, Oknoname 137074 Dam, Oknoname 137075 Dam, Oknoname 137076 Dam, Oknoname 137077 Dam, Oknoname 137078 Dam, Oknoname 137079 Dam, Oknoname 137080 Dam, Oknoname 137082 Dam, Oknoname 137083 Dam, Oknoname 137084 Dam, Oknoname 137084 Dam, Oknoname 137085 Dam, Oknoname 137086 Dam, Oknoname 137088 Dam, Oknoname 137089 Dam, Oknoname 137090 Dam, Oknoname 137091 Dam, Oknoname 137092 Dam, Oknoname 137093 Dam, Rush Creek Site 27 Dam, Rush Creek Site 40 Dam, Rush Creek Site 41 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 14 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 15 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 16 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 17 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 18 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 19 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 20 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 21 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 22 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 23 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 24 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 25 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 26 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 27 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 28 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 29 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 30 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 31 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 32 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 33 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 34 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 35 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 36 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 37 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 38 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 39 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 40 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 41 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 42 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 43a Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 43b Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 44 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 45 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 46a Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 46b Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 47 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 61 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 70 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 87 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 89 Dam, Wildhorse Creek Site 90 Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Duncan Regional Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Lake Humphreys

  Locales     show all on map

Bible Camp, Camp E-Ko-Wah, Camp Waluhiyi, Camp Winkler, Denton, McCasland Shopping Center, Number 2 Whisenant Shopping Center, Number Two Whisenant Shopping Center, Oak Lawn Community Center, Rocstock Farm, Sledge Shopping Center, Ward Mall

  Oilfields     show all on map

Empire Oil Field, Northwest Palacine Oil Field, Palacine Oil Field, West Duncan Oil and Gas Field, West Velma Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Fuqua Park, Hillcrest Park, Humphrey Park, McCasland Rotary Park, Memorial Park, Mighty Mite Park, Red Bud Park, Stone Park, Wichita Ridge Park, Wisenant Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alma, Bray, Central High, Comanche, Corum, Countyline, Delphine (historical), Denton, Dixie Park, Duncan, Empire City, Gas City, Harrisburg, Hope, Liberty, Loco, Marlow, Marlow, Meridian, Nellie, Oil City, Oklahoma Hills, Santa Fe, Sunray, Velma

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alma Post Office (historical), Ara Post Office, Arthur Post Office (historical), Bray Post Office (historical), Claud Post Office (historical), Comanche Post Office, Conditville Post Office (historical), Corum Post Office (historical), Countyline Post Office, Cruce Post Office (historical), Delphine Post Office (historical), Denton Post Office (historical), Diamond Post Office (historical), Dixie Post Office (historical), Doyle Post Office (historical), Duncan Post Office, Elberta Post Office (historical), Empire City Post Office (historical), Fair Post Office (historical), Gaddis Post Office (historical), Glaze Post Office (historical), Goza Post Office (historical), Harrisburg Post Office (historical), Head Post Office (historical), Hope Post Office (historical), Jackson Post Office (historical), Loco Post Office, Marlow Post Office, Moretz Post Office (historical), Nellie Post Office (historical), Ora Post Office (historical), Ostend Post Office (historical), Parks Post Office (historical), Plover Post Office (historical), Royal Post Office (historical), Santa Fe Post Office (historical), Stoner Post Office (historical), Tallaville Post Office (historical), Tucker Post Office (historical), Velma Post Office (historical), Woolsey Post Office (historical)

  Reserves     show all on map

State Wildlife Management Area

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Clear Creek Lake, Comanche Lake, Comanche Reservoir, Conoco Lake, Cow Creek Site 15 Reservoir, Cow Creek Site 28 Reservoir, Cow Creek Site 33 Reservoir, Cow Creek Site 34 Reservoir, Cow Creek Site 35 Reservoir, Cow Creek Site 44 Reservoir, Cow Creek Site 8 Reservoir, Cow Creek Site Number 14 Reservoir, Duncan Lake, Duncan Waterworks, Lake Duncan, Lake Fuqua, Oknoname 089011 Reservoir, Oknoname 137001 Reservoir, Oknoname 137002 Reservoir, Oknoname 137003 Reservoir, Oknoname 137004 Reservoir, Oknoname 137005 Reservoir, Oknoname 137007 Reservoir, Oknoname 137008 Reservoir, Oknoname 137009 Reservoir, Oknoname 137010 Reservoir, Oknoname 137011 Reservoir, Oknoname 137012 Reservoir, Oknoname 137013 Reservoir, Oknoname 137014 Reservoir, Oknoname 137015 Reservoir, Oknoname 137016 Reservoir, Oknoname 137017 Reservoir, Oknoname 137018 Reservoir, Oknoname 137019 Reservoir, Oknoname 137020 Reservoir, Oknoname 137021 Reservoir, Oknoname 137022 Reservoir, Oknoname 137023 Reservoir, Oknoname 137024 Reservoir, Oknoname 137025 Reservoir, Oknoname 137026 Reservoir, Oknoname 137027 Reservoir, Oknoname 137028 Reservoir, Oknoname 137029 Reservoir, Oknoname 137030 Reservoir, Oknoname 137031 Reservoir, Oknoname 137032 Reservoir, Oknoname 137033 Reservoir, Oknoname 137035 Reservoir, Oknoname 137036 Reservoir, Oknoname 137037 Reservoir, Oknoname 137038 Reservoir, Oknoname 137039 Reservoir, Oknoname 137040 Reservoir, Oknoname 137041 Reservoir, Oknoname 137042 Reservoir, Oknoname 137043 Reservoir, Oknoname 137044 Reservoir, Oknoname 137045 Reservoir, Oknoname 137046 Reservoir, Oknoname 137047 Reservoir, Oknoname 137048 Reservoir, Oknoname 137049 Reservoir, Oknoname 137050 Reservoir, Oknoname 137051 Reservoir, Oknoname 137052 Reservoir, Oknoname 137053 Reservoir, Oknoname 137054 Reservoir, Oknoname 137055 Reservoir, Oknoname 137056 Reservoir, Oknoname 137057 Reservoir, Oknoname 137058 Reservoir, Oknoname 137059 Reservoir, Oknoname 137060 Reservoir, Oknoname 137061 Reservoir, Oknoname 137062 Reservoir, Oknoname 137063 Reservoir, Oknoname 137064 Reservoir, Oknoname 137065 Reservoir, Oknoname 137066 Reservoir, Oknoname 137067 Reservoir, Oknoname 137068 Reservoir, Oknoname 137069 Reservoir, Oknoname 137070 Reservoir, Oknoname 137071 Reservoir, Oknoname 137072 Reservoir, Oknoname 137073 Reservoir, Oknoname 137074 Reservoir, Oknoname 137075 Reservoir, Oknoname 137076 Reservoir, Oknoname 137077 Reservoir, Oknoname 137078 Reservoir, Oknoname 137079 Reservoir, Oknoname 137080 Reservoir, Oknoname 137081 Reservoir, Oknoname 137082 Reservoir, Oknoname 137083 Reservoir, Oknoname 137084 Reservoir, Oknoname 137084 Reservoir, Oknoname 137085 Reservoir, Oknoname 137086 Reservoir, Oknoname 137087 Reservoir, Oknoname 137088 Reservoir, Oknoname 137089 Reservoir, Oknoname 137090 Reservoir, Oknoname 137091 Reservoir, Oknoname 137092 Reservoir, Oknoname 137093 Reservoir, Oknoname 137094 Reservoir, Oknonzme 137006 Reservoir, Oknonzme 137034 Reservoir, Rock Creek Site 16 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 27 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 40 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 41 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 14 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 15 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 16 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 17 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 18 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 19 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 20 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 21 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 22 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 23 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 24 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 25 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 26 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 27 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 28 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 29 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 30 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 31 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 32 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 33 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 34 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 35 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 36 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 37 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 38 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 39 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 40 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 41 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 42 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 43a Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 43b Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 44 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 45 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 46a Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 46b Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 47 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 61 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 70 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 87 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 89 Reservoir, Wildhorse Creek Site 90 Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

Bray - Doyle Elementary School, Bray - Doyle High School, Central High Elementary School, Central High Senior High School, Christian School, Comanche Elementary School, Comanche High School, Comanche Middle School, Douglass School, Doyle School, Duncan High School, Duncan Middle School, Emerson Elementary School, Emerson School, Empire Elementary School, Empire High School, Gatlin School, Grandview Elementary School, Horace Mann Elementary School, Irving School, Lee School, Liberty School, Mark Twain Elementary School, Marlow Elementary School, Marlow High School, Marlow Middle School, Meridian Elementary School, Payne School, Plato Elementary School, Red River Technology Center, Thomas School, Velma - Alma Elementary School, Velma - Alma High School, Velma - Alma Middle School, Will Rogers Pre K Center, Woodlawn School, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School

  Streams     show all on map

Black Bear Creek, Bluff Creek, Boardtree Creek, Claridy Creek, Clear Creek, Dry Creek, East Branch Clear Creek, East Fish Creek, East Mud Creek, Fish Creek, Fitzpatrick Creek, Hell Creek, Horsetooth Creek, Ice Hollow Creek, McCubbin Creek, Murray Creek, Owens Creek, Panther Creek, Pine Creek, Pipe Creek, Rock Creek, South Fork Deer Creek, Stage Stand Creek, Thompson Creek, Walker Creek, West Fish Creek, West Mud Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Petticoat Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KDDQ-FM (Comanche), KRHD-AM (Duncan), KRHD-FM (Duncan)

  Valleys     show all on map

Weed Hollow,

Stephens County, Oklahoma Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteStephens County White population 39,13639,135  
American IndianStephens County American Indian population 2,4182,418
MixedStephens County Mixed population 2,0602,059
BlackStephens County Black population 896895
AsianStephens County Asian population 269268
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderStephens County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 4544

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