South Dakota Trivia:

Capital : Pierre
State Tree : Black Hills Spruce
State Flower : Pasque Flower
State Insect : European Honey Bee
State Bird : Ring-necked Pheasant

South Dakota People:

South Dakota has a total population of 834,047 (2012 est) and ranks 46th in population of U.S. states. By age, 204,342 (24.5%) South Dakotans are under 18 years of age, 507,101 (60.8%) are age 19 to 64, and 122,605 (14.7%) are 65 years of age or older. By gender, females make up 49.8%, and males 50.2% of the total population.

South Dakota Population By Age and Gender

AgePopulation Percentage
18 and under24.5  
65 and older14.7  
19 to 6460.8  

74,230 (8.9%) South Dakotans are American Indian or Alaska Native, 9,175 (1.1%) are Asian, 14,179 (1.7%) are Black, 834 (0.1%) are Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 718,949 (86.2%) are White, 17,515 (2.1%) are of mixed race.

South Dakota Population By Race

WhiteSouth Dakota White population 718,949718,949  
American IndianSouth Dakota American Indian population 74,23074,230
MixedSouth Dakota Mixed population 17,51517,515
BlackSouth Dakota Black population 14,17914,179
AsianSouth Dakota Asian population 9,1759,175
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSouth Dakota Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 834834

14,179 (1.7%) have declared Hispanic or Latino origin.

2.6% of South Dakotans were born in a foreign country.

6.7% of South Dakotans over the age of 5 speak a language other than English at home.

90.1% of South Dakotans over the age of 25 are high school graduates or higher, and 26.0% have bachelor's degrees or higher.

South Dakota Land:

South Dakota has a land area of 75,811 square miles and is ranked 16th among U.S. states in total area. South Dakota has a population density of 11 people per square mile.