Accomack County, Virginia Basics:

Accomack County Virginia - Government Site

Population: 33,359
Area: 450 square miles
County seat: Accomac
Area code(s) in use: 757
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 79.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.6%
Median household income: $40,780
Persons in poverty: 20.2%
Home ownership rate: 70.5%
Mean travel time to work: 21.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Northampton  Somerset (MD)  Worcester (MD)  

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Map of the Accomack County area

Our detail map of Accomack County shows the Accomack County, Virginia boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Accomack County, Virginia

  Airports     show all on map

Accomack County Airport, Chance Airport, Crippen Creek Farm Airport, High Hopes Airport, Johnson Field Airport, Midway Airport, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Wallops Flight Facility, Onley Airport, Peace and Plenty Farm Airport, Sawyer Airport, Tangier Island Airport, Taylor Airport, The Salmon Farm Airport, Wallops Flight Facility

  Bars     show all on map

Bernard Flats, Blackfish Bank, Chincoteague Shoals, Dawson Shoals, Parramore Banks, Porpoise Banks, Turners Lump, Vineyard Shoal, Winter Quarter Shoal

  Bays     show all on map

Amen Corner, Archie Cove, Assateague Bay, Assawoman Inlet, Back Cove, Bagwell Cove, Beasley Bay, Black Duck Cove, Blake Cove, Bogues Bay, Booths Bay, Bordenstake Bay, Bradford Bay, Bull Cove, Burtons Bay, Calfpen Bay, Cals Hammock, Cedar Cove, Cedar Island Bay, Cherrytree Hill Bay, Clark Bay, Curlew Bay, Custis Cove, Dix Cove, Drum Bay, Ellinger Cove, Fishing Gut, Gargathy Bay, Gargathy Inlet, Gates Bay, Great Gut Cove, Greenbank Bay, Harmon Cove, Horntown Bay, Horse Hammock Gut, Hummock Cove, Island Bay, Island Field Cove, Kegotank Bay, Kusian Cove, Little Beach Cove, Little Harmon Cove, Little Oyster Bay, Little Toms Cove, Major Hole Bay, Metompkin Bay, Metompkin Inlet, Mud Bay, New Virginia Cove, Old Cove, Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay, Oyster Creek Gut, Planner Cove, Pocomoke Sound, Poplar Cove, Powells Bay, Quinby Inlet, Revel Island Bay, Revel Island Cove, Robin Hood Bay, Sandy Island Bay, Shelly Bay, Shields Cove, Simoneaston Bay, Smith Bay, South Point Gut, Spain Cove, Stingaree Point Cove, Swash Bay, Tar Bay, The Four Mouths, Toby Island Bay, Toms Cove, Toms Gut, Upshur Bay, Watts Bay, White Perch Cove, Womans Bay

  Beaches     show all on map

Bow Beach, Cedar Island Beach, Gargathy Beach, Guard Shore, Parramore Beach, Snead Beach, Sound Beach, Wallops Beach

  Bends     show all on map

Pettigrew Bend, Simpson Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Accomack County Courthouse, Accomack County Department of Public Safety, Accomack County Sheriff's Office, Arcadia Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Atlantic Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Atlantic Volunteer Fire Department, Bloxom Vineyards, Bloxom Volunteer Fire Company, Bobtown Nursery, Chincoteague Police Department, Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company, Eastern Shore Ambulance Service, Eastern Shore Public Library, Eastern Shore Regional Fire Training Center, Greenbackville Volunteer Fire Department, Hermitage on the Eastern Shore Assisted Living Facility, Melfa Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, NASA Wallops Flight Facility Fire Department, New Church Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 1, Oak Hall Rescue, Oak Hall Rescue Squad, Onancock Police Department, Onancock Volunteer Fire Department, Onley Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 18, Painter Volunteer Fire Department, Parksley Police Department, Parksley Volunteer Fire Company, Saxis Volunteer Fire Company, Shore Lifecare at Parksley Nursing Home, Tangier Volunteer Fire Company, Tangier Volunteer Fire Department, Tasley Volunteer Fire Company, Virginia Department of Forestry Accomack County, Virginia Lifeline Ambulance Service, Virginia State Police Division 5 Area 31 Office, Wachapreague Volunteer Fire Company

  Canals     show all on map

Double Ditches, Grey Ditch, Teagles Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Annis Point, Arbuckle Neck, Assateague Point, Bailey Neck, Bailey Point, Barge Point, Battle Point, Baylys Neck, Bell Neck, Black Point, Blake Point, Bluff Point, Bradford Neck, Broadway Neck, Canoedas Point, Cedar Point, Cedar Point, Chincoteague Point, Cockle Point, Coffin Point, Craddock Neck, Custis Neck, Custis Point, Dicks Point, Drum Point, Ebb Point, Factory Point, Fairview Neck, Finneys Neck, Fishing Point, Flannegan Point, Flood Point, Flounder Point, Gargathy Neck, Gaskins Point, Graven Point, Great Neck, Green Point, Gunboat Point, Guys Point, Hacks Neck, Halfmoon Point, Hammock Point, Henrys Point, Hog Neck, Hog Neck, Horse Hammock Point, Indian Point, Jim Blades Point, Johns Point, Jolleys Neck, Joynes Neck, Klondike Point, Long Point, Long Point, Milbys Point, Mink Tump Point, Monadox Point, Mosquito Point, Moss Point, North End Point, North Point, Onley Point, Oyster Point, Parker Neck, Peachorchard Point, Pealer Point, Persimmon Point, Peters Point, Pig Point, Pitts Neck, Point of Rocks, Pons Point, Poulson Point, Powells Bluff, Ragged Point, Rainy Point, Real Point, Sandy Point, Sandy Point, Sandy Point, Sandy Point, Scarborough Neck, Scarborough Point, Shoaling Point, Simpson Point, Sluitkill Neck, Smith Bay Tumps, Smith Gut Point, South Point, South Point, Stingaree Point, Thicket Point, Tims Point, Upshur Neck, Walker Point, Wallops Neck, Ware Point, Warehouse Point, Weir Point, West Point, Whites Neck, Wildcat Point, Willis Point, Winders Neck, Wishart Point, Yeo Neck, Zare Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Belle Haven Cemetery, Bloxom Cemetery, Edge Hill Cemetery, Fairlawn Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Joynes Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Mechanics Cemetery, Mount Holly Cemetery, Onancock Cemetery, Redman Cemetery, Ridge Cemetery, Wessells Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Atlantic Census Designated Place, Bayside Census Designated Place, Bobtown Census Designated Place, Boston Census Designated Place, Captains Cove Census Designated Place, Cats Bridge Census Designated Place, Chase Crossing Census Designated Place, Deep Creek Census Designated Place, Gargatha Census Designated Place, Greenbackville Census Designated Place, Greenbush Census Designated Place, Harborton Census Designated Place, Horntown Census Designated Place, Lee Mont Census Designated Place, Locust Mount Census Designated Place, Makemie Park Census Designated Place, Mappsburg Census Designated Place, Mappsville Census Designated Place, Metompkin Census Designated Place, Modest Town Census Designated Place, Nelsonia Census Designated Place, New Church Census Designated Place, Oak Hall Census Designated Place, Pastoria Census Designated Place, Pungoteague Census Designated Place, Quinby Census Designated Place, Sanford Census Designated Place, Savage Town Census Designated Place, Savageville Census Designated Place, Schooner Bay Census Designated Place, Southside Chesconessex Census Designated Place, Tasley Census Designated Place, Temperanceville Census Designated Place, Wattsville Census Designated Place, Whitesville Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Assateague Channel, Big Camp Channel, Big Thorofare, Big Wye Channel, Black Rock Reach, Bradford Channel, Brandywine Channel, Cedar Straits, Chincoteague Channel, Chincoteague Inlet, Cunjer Channel, Custis Channel, Drawing Channel, Gates Channel, Great Channel, Great Gap Channel, Great Thorofare, Green Channel, Green Straits, Haul Over, Horseshoe Lead, Hummock Channel, Little Camp Channel, Little Channel, Little Gap Channel, Little Sloop Channel, Little Thorofare, Little Wye Channel, Lower Simoneaston Thorofare, Middle Gap Channel, Mullet Creek, Queen Sound Channel, Round Rock Channel, Running Channel, Sandy Island Channel, Sloop Channel, Sloop Channel, Snead Beach Channel, South Bordenstake Notch, The Straits, The Thorofare, The Thorofare, The Will Hole, Trout Channel, Upper Haul Over, Upper Simoneaston Thorofare, Virginia Inside Passage, Wachapreague Channel, Wachapreague Inlet, Warwick Channel, White Trout Creek

  Churches     show all on map

Adams Church, Andrew Chapel, Atlantic United Methodist Church, Berea United Methodist Church, Bethel Church, Broadway Church, Calvary Church, Chincoteague Church, Christ Sanctified Holy Church, Craddockville Church, Dees Church, Evergreen Church, First Church, Friendship Church, Gaskin Chapel, Gospel Temple Church, Guilford Church, Halls Chapel, Herbert Church, Hollies Church, Holy Trinity Church, Leatherbury Church, Living Word Ministries, Metompkin Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Sinai Church, Mount Zion Church, New Testament Church, Oak Grove Church, Pilgrim Church, Pittsville Church, Pocomoke Church, Saint Georges Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Lukes Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Thomas Church, Shiloh Church, Shiloh Church, Shiloh Church, Sneads Church, Tabernacle Church, Wise Chapel, Woodbury Church, Zion Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Watts Island Rocks

  Dams     show all on map

Bundick Creek Dam, Custis Dam, Drummonds Millpond Dam, Duer Dam, Snider Dam, Tankard Dam, Virginia Truck and Experimental Station Dam, Wallops Pond Dam, Walston Creek Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Cow Gut Flat, Doghead Flat, Guilford Flats

  Guts     show all on map

Andrews Landing Gut, Back Way Gut, Ballast Narrows, Big Gut, Big Thrasher Gut, Black Narrows, Black Point Drain, Boggs Gut, Brewer Gut, Bridge Gut, Bucket Gut, Buckland Gut, Camp Island Gut, Cedar Cove Gut, Chalk Pipe Gut, Clubhouse Gut, Cow Gut, Cross Gut, Dr Jack Gut, East Gut, Far Mouth, Fishpen Gut, Fools Gut, Great Gut, Great Gut, Great Gut, Hancock Gut, Island Hole Narrows, Jenneys Gut, Jim Bell Gut, Jimmys Gut, Justis Gut, Kendall Narrows, Knock Knees Gut, Line Gut, Little Old Root Narrows, Little Thrasher Gut, Mantrap Gut, McLean Gut, Middle Mouth, Mud Bay Gut, Mud Narrows, Northam Narrows, Old Root Narrows, Oyster Gut, Pie Hammock, Powdering Tub, Roach Hole Gut, Rock Gut, Rock Gut, Rock Gut, Rue Gut, Scarborough Gut, Shell Narrows, Sign Gut, Smalley Drain, Southwest Gut, Taylors Narrows, The Canal, The Swash, Toms Gut, Wildcat Gut, Wills Gut, Wire Narrows, Wire Passage

  Harbors     show all on map

Wachapreague Marina

  Hospitals     show all on map

Island Family Medicine

  Islands     show all on map

Assawoman Island, Ballast Tump, Beach Island, Bernard Islands, Camp Island, Cedar Island, Cedar Island, Cheeseman Island, Chincoteague Island, Clump Island, Dix Hammock, Does Hammock, Finneys Island, Fishbone Island, Fox Islands, Great Fox Island, Green Harbor Island, Halfmoon Island, Herring Island, Jacks Island, Jobes Island, Little Beach, Little Fox Island, Little Fox Islands, Lower Bernard Island, Marks Island, Metompkin Islands, Morris Island, Old Beach, Old Tree Island, Parkers Island, Parramore Island, Peters Hammock, Peters Tump, Piney Island, Pitts Island, Reach Hammock, Revel Island, Rogue Island, Roman Rock, Russell Island, Sandy Island, Savage Island, Saxis Island, Scarborough Island, Scott Island, Sedge Island, Shanks Island, Smith Hammocks, Smith Island, Tangier Island, The Notch, Thorofare Hill, Thorofare Island, Thurf Marsh Islands, Tobacco Island, Toby Islands, Tunnels Island, Upper Bernard Island, Upper Tump, Walkers Tumps, Wallops Island, Watts Island, Webb Island, West Marsh Tump

  Lakes     show all on map

Fowling Gut, Goose Lakes, Hairy Head Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Level Pond, North Pond, Sloop Gut

  Locales     show all on map

Accomack County Bobtown Southern Landfill, Accomack County Northern Landfill Number 2, Assateague Lighthouse, Assawoman, Belle Haven Station, Boggs Wharf, Broadway Landing, Burtons Shore, Captain's Cove Golf and Yacht Club, Chincoteague Pumping Station, Coal Kiln, Dinglers Mill, Dixs Landing, Dublin Farms, Eastern Shore Yacht and Country Club, Evans Wharf, Finneys Wharf, Folly Creek Landing, Frogstool, Grangeville, Hammock Landing, Harborton Solid Waste Receiving Facility, Horntown Landing, Jenkins Bridge, Keller Campgrounds, Marsh Market, Messongo Bridge, Poplar Cove, Poplar Cove Wharf, Poplar Cove Wharf, Red Hill, Rue Wharf, Scott Store, Sheilds Wharf, Tangier Sound, The Oaks, Town of Onancock Wastewater Treatment Facility, Virginia Truck Experimental Station, Whispering Pines

  Parks     show all on map

Accomac Historic District, Accomack Wayside, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Saxis Marsh Waterfowl Management Area and Refuge, Wallops Island National Wildlife Refuge

  Populated Places     show all on map

Accohanoc (historical), Accomac, Allentown, Atlantic, Bayside, Belinda, Belle Haven, Birch Town, Black Point Landing, Bloxom, Bobtown, Boston, Bullbegger, Captains Cove, Cashville, Cats Bridge, Cedar View, Centerville, Chancetown, Chase Crossing, Chesconessex, Chiconessex (historical), Chincoteague, Chincoteague (historical), Clam, Coal Kiln Crossing, Coocheyville, Craddockville, Crockett Town, Daugherty, Davis Wharf, Deep Creek, Deep Hole, Dreamland Mobile Home Park, East Point, Flag Pond Landing, Franklin City, Gargatha, Graysville, Greenbackville, Greenbush, Greta (historical), Groton Town, Grotons, Guilford, Hacksneck, Hallwood, Harborton, High Woods, Hopeton, Hopkins, Horntown, Horsey, Johnson Corner, Jordan, Justisville, Keller, Lecato, Lee Mont, Little Hell, Locksville, Locust Mount, Locustville, Macedonia, Makemie Park, Mappsburg, Mappsville, Matomkin (historical), Mears Station, Mearsville, Melfa, Messongo, Metompkin, Middlesex, Middlesex, Miona, Modest Town, Mount Nebo, Mount Zion, Mutton Hunk, Nandua, Nasa Mobile Home Park, Nash Corner, Nelsonia, New Church, Oak Hall, Old Trower, Onancock, Onancock (historical), Onley, Painter, Parker Landing, Parksley, Pastoria, Pennyville, Persimmon Point, Piggen, Pine Ridge Mobile Home Park, Poulson, Pungoteague, Pungoteque (historical), Quinby, Red Hill, Rue, Sanford, Savage Town, Savageville, Saxis, Shad Landing, Shields, Sign Post, Sinnickson, Smithville, South Chesconessex, South Point, Tangier, Tasley, Temperanceville, The Oaks, Ticktown, Trower, Tunnels Mill, Wachapreague, Wattsville, Whitesville, Winterville, Wishart, Withams, Woodland Park Mobile Home Park

  Post Offices     show all on map

Accomac Post Office, Assawoman Post Office, Atlantic Post Office, Belle Haven Post Office, Bloxom Post Office, Chincoteague Island Post Office, Craddockville Post Office, Greenbackville Post Office, Hallwood Post Office, Harborton Post Office, Horntown Post Office, Jenkins Bridge Post Office, Keller Post Office, Lee Mont Post Office, Mappsville Post Office, Mears Post Office, Melfa Post Office, Nelsonia Post Office, New Church Post Office, Oak Hall Post Office, Onancock Post Office, Onley Post Office, Painter Post Office, Pungoteague Post Office, Quinby Post Office, Sanford Post Office, Saxis Post Office, Tangier Post Office, Tasley Post Office, Temperanceville Post Office, Wachapreague Post Office, Wattsville Post Office, Withams Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bundick Pond, Custis Pond, Drummonds Millpond, Duer Pond, Silver Lake, Tankard Pond, Virginia Truck and Experimental Station Reservoir, Wallops Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Ames Ridge, Bailey Ridge, Long Ridge, The Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Accawmacke Elementary School, Accomac Elementary School, Arcadia High School, Arcadia Middle School, Atlantic High School, Badger Technical Center North, Badger Technical Center South, Bloxom Elementary School, Central Middle School, Chincoteague Elementary School, Chincoteague High School, Eastern Shore Community College, Kegotank Elementary School, Lighthouse Christian Academy, Mary N Smith Middle School, Metompkin Elementary School, Nandua High School, Nandua Middle School, North Accomack Elementary School, Old Dominion University - Wallops Island, Onancock Learning Center, Parksley Middle School, Pungoteague Elementary School, Rock Church Academy, Tangier Combined School, University of Virginia Eastern Shore Branch, University of Virginia Eastern Shore Branch, Walker School

  Streams     show all on map

Arbuckle Creek, Assawoman Creek, Back Creek, Back Creek, Back Creek, Back Creek, Back Creek, Bagwell Creek, Bethel Branch, Big Simoneaston Creek, Black Duck Creek, Bull Branch, Bullbegger Creek, Bundick Creek, Butcher Creek, Cat Creek, Cattail Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Central Branch Onancock Creek, Chesconessex Creek, Chimney Pole Creek, Coards Branch, Cockle Creek, Cockle Creek, Coldkall Creek, Craddock Creek, Crippen Creek, Cross Creek, Curratuck Creek, Custis Creek, Cutoff Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Hole Creek, Doe Creek, Ebb Tide Creek, Eel Creek, Finney Creek, Finneys Creek, First Creek, Fishing Creek, Fishing Creek, Folly Creek, France Creek, Frogstool Branch, Gargathy Creek, Grassy Creek, Guilford Church Branch, Guilford Creek, Gum Branch, Guys Point Gut, Hancock Branch, Hog Creek, Hog Creek, Hog Neck Creek, Holdens Creek, Hollies Church Branch, Horse Hole Creek, Houseboat Creek, Hunting Creek, Jacks Creek, Janeys Creek, Joynes Branch, Katy Young Branch, Kegotank Creek, Leatherberry Creek, Lee Mont Branch, Little Back Creek, Little Creek, Little Mill Creek, Little Morris Island Creek, Little Mosquito Creek, Little Seal Creek, Little Simoneaston Creek, Longboat Creek, Lucas Creek, Machipongo River, Major Hole Creek, Matchotank Creek, Merry Branch, Messongo Creek, Mill Branch, Mills Branch, Millstone Creek, Moore Branch, Morris Island Creek, Mosquito Creek, Muddy Creek, Mutton Hunk Branch, Nandua Creek, Nickawampus Creek, Nocks Branch, North Branch Holdens Creek, North Branch Onancock Creek, North Fork Parker Creek, Northam Creek, Occohannock Creek, Onancock Creek, Pakers Creek, Parker Creek, Peach Creek, Pettit Branch, Pitts Creek, Pompco Creek, Poplar Creek, Powell Creek, Pungoteague Creek, Rattrap Creek, Rettrap Creek, Revel Creek, Rock Creek, Ross Branch, Sand Branch, Sandy Bottom Branch, Seal Creek, Selby Mill Branch, Shanks Creek, Sheepshead Creek, Shields Creek, Shipping Creek, Snead Branch, South Branch Onancock Creek, Squirrel Creek, Starling Creek, Straight Creek, Swans Gut Creek, Tarkill Creek, Tawes Creek, Taylor Branch, Taylor Creek, Thicket Creek, Titlow Creek, Trout Creek, Tunnels Mill Branch, Tyler Creek, Underhill Creek, Upshur Creek, Virginia Creek, Walston Creek, Warehouse Prong, Warrington Branch, Waterhole Creek, Wattsville Branch, White Perch Creek, Whites Creek, Willis Creek, Wire Creek, Wreck Island Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bulls Head, Cherrytree Hill, Italian Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Bell Neck Swamp, Big Marsh, Black Duck Marsh, Black Narrows Marsh, Byrds Marsh, Carrs Marsh, Chandler Marsh, Chimney Pole Marsh, Clubhouse Marsh, Coards Marshes, Dahl Swamp, Egg Marsh, Egg Marsh, Fishing Creek Marsh, Freeschool Marsh, Goose Point Marsh, Horse Marsh, Hyslop Marsh, Janeys Creek Marsh, Michael Marsh, Moreland Swamp, Parkers Marsh, Ragged Point Marshes, Shelly Bay Marsh, South Point Marsh, The Ditches, Walker Marsh, Wildcat Marsh, Willis Marsh, Wire Narrows Marsh

  Towers     show all on map

WESR-AM (Onley-Onancock), WESR-FM (Onley-Onancock), WPHG-FM (Exmore), WVES-FM (Accomac)

  Trails     show all on map

Ragged Point Trail

  Woods     show all on map

Woods Grove,

Accomack County, Virginia Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteAccomack County White population 22,98422,984  
BlackAccomack County Black population 9,4419,440
MixedAccomack County Mixed population 467467
American IndianAccomack County American Indian population 200200
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderAccomack County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 6766

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