Franklin County, Virginia Basics:

Franklin County Virginia - Government Site

Population: 56,327
Area: 690 square miles
County seat: Rocky Mount
Area code(s) in use: 540
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 82.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.9%
Median household income: $45,049
Persons in poverty: 14.4%
Home ownership rate: 77.7%
Mean travel time to work: 28.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bedford  Floyd  Henry  Patrick  Pittsylvania  Roanoke  

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Map of the Franklin County area

Our detail map of Franklin County shows the Franklin County, Virginia boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Franklin County, Virginia

  Airports     show all on map

Abbott Airport, Abbott Airport, Brammer Seaplane Base, Burnt Chimney Airport, Ferguson Airport, Lockerman Seaplane Base, Venning's Landing Airport, Woody Field Airport, Worley Field Airport

  Bridges     show all on map

Brooks Mill Bridge, Fralin Bridge, Haines Bridge, Hales Ford Bridge, Hardy Bridge, Peter Saunders Bridge, Sheriff Shively Memorial Bridge, W N Angle Memorial Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Blue Ridge Farm Museum, Boones Mill Volunteer Fire Department, Burnt Chimney Fire Department, Callaway Fire Rescue Department, Ferrum Rescue Squad, Ferrum Volunteer Fire Department, Fork Mountain Volunteer Fire Rescue Squad, Franklin County Courthouse, Franklin County Rescue Squad, Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Franklin Gymnasium, Franklin Public Library, Glade Hill Rescue Squad, Glade Hill Volunteer Fire Department, Hardy Fire Department, Hardy Rescue Squad, Henry Fire Department, Red Valley Rescue Squad, Rocky Mount Fire Department, Rocky Mount Police Department, Scruggs Fire Rescue Department, Smith Mountain Lake Marine Fire Department, Snow Creek Fire Department, Snow Creek Rescue Squad

  Capes     show all on map

Beech Point, Breezy Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Abshire Cemetery, Abshire Cemetery, Adams Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins-Stone Cemetery, Adney Gap Cemetery, Agee Cemetery, Agnew Cemetery, Akers Cemetery, Allman Cemetery, Allman Cemetery, Altice Cemetery, Altice Cemetery, Altice Cemetery, Altice Cemetery, Altice Cemetery, Amos Cemetery, Amos Cemetery, Amos-Richardson Cemetery, Amos-Smith Cemetery, Anderson-Hodges Cemetery, Anderson-Hodges Cemetery, Anderson-Turner Cemetery, Angell Cemetery, Angle Cemetery, Angle Cemetery, Angle Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Arrington Cemetery, Arrington Cemetery, Arrington-Roberts Cemetery, Arthur Cemetery, Ayers Cemetery, Aylor Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Basham Cemetery, Basham Cemetery, Beach-Scott Cemetery, Beard Cemetery, Beckner Cemetery, Belcher Cemetery, Belcher Cemetery, Belcher Cemetery, Bennett Cemetery, Bennett Cemetery, Berger Cemetery, Bernard Cemetery, Bernard Cemetery, Bernard Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery, Beulah Cemetery, Blackwell-Taylor Cemetery, Blankenship Cemetery, Blankenship Cemetery, Blankenship Cemetery, Board Cemetery, Board-Robertson Cemetery, Boitnott Cemetery, Bonbrook Cemetery, Boone Cemetery, Boones Chapel Cemetery, Boones Mill Cemetery, Booth Cemetery, Booth-Joplin Cemetery, Bousman-Hodges Cemetery, Bousman-Johnson Cemetery, Bowles Cemetery, Bowles-Shelton Cemetery, Bowman Cemetery, Bowman Cemetery, Boyd Cemetery, Boyd Cemetery, Bradner-Toller Cemetery, Brodie Cemetery, Brogan Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Brooks-Metts-Smith Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown-Fuller Cemetery, Brown-Kelly Cemetery, Brown-Meador Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Burell Cemetery, Burnett Cemetery, Burroughs Cemetery, Byrd Cemetery, Byrd Cemetery, Byrd Cemetery, Byrd Cemetery, Byrdview Cemetery, Canton Creek Cemetery, Carn Cemetery, Carolina Springs Cemetery, Carper Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter-Foster Cemetery, Casey Cemetery, Castle View Cemetery, Chambers Cemetery, Chapel Cemetery, Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Childress Cemetery, Chitwood Cemetery, Chitwood-Altice Cemetery, Clearview Cemetery, Clemons Cemetery, Cook Cemetery, Cool Springs Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Cooper-Hutcherson Cemetery, Coopers Cove Cemetery, Crafts Cemetery, Crook Cemetery, Crook Cemetery, Crossroads Cemetery, Cummings Cemetery, Cundiff Cemetery, Cundiff Cemetery, David Cemetery, David Cemetery, David Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis-Martin Cemetery, Dehart-Jones-Prillaman Cemetery, Dent Cemetery, Dent Cemetery, Dent Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Dillon-English Cemetery, Donahoo Cemetery, Doran Cemetery, Doss Cemetery, Dowdy Cemetery, Dudley Cemetery, Dudley Cemetery, Dudley Cemetery, Dudley Cemetery, Dudley Cemetery, Dudley Cemetery, Dudley-Tyree Cemetery, Duncan Cemetery, Durham Cemetery, Eames Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Ellis-Blankenship Cemetery, Endicott Community Cemetery, English Cemetery, English Cemetery, English Cemetery, English-Tyree Cemetery, Epworth Cemetery, Fairmont Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Feazell Cemetery, Ferguson Cemetery, Ferguson-Edwards Cemetery, Ferguson-Hatcher Cemetery, Fisher Cemetery, Flint Hill Cemetery, Flora Cemetery, Flora-Teel Cemetery, Forest Hill Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Fralin Cemetery, Fralin Cemetery, Franklin Memorial Park, Franklin Municipal Cemetery, Gardner Cemetery, Gardner-Ramsey Cemetery, Garland-Ridgeway-Smith Cemetery, Germantown Brick Cemetery, Glade Hill Cemetery, Gogginsville Cemetery, Goode Cemetery, Greer-Ferguson Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery, Gregory-Greer Cemetery, Grindstaff Cemetery, Guerrant-Calloway Cemetery, Guilliams Cemetery, Gusler Cemetery, Hale Cemetery, Hale Cemetery, Halesford Cemetery, Halesford Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall-Hodges Cemetery, Hanabass Cemetery, Hancock Cemetery, Handy Cemetery, Harper Cemetery, Harrison Cemetery, Helms Cemetery, Helms Cemetery, Helms-Dyer Cemetery, Henry Fork Cemetery, Hicks-Wade Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hodges-Austin Cemetery, Hodges-English Cemetery, Hodges-Love Cemetery, Hodges-Lynch-Hall Cemetery, Hodges-Stump Cemetery, Holcomb Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holland-Mitchell Cemetery, Holland-Powell Cemetery, Holland-Tyree Cemetery, Hollands Cemetery, Holley Cemetery, Holly Cemetery, Holy Emmanuel Cemetery, Hopkins Cemetery, Horn Cemetery, Housman Cemetery, Housman-Ferguson Cemetery, Huff Cemetery, Hundley-Beckner Cemetery, Hunt Cemetery, Hunt Cemetery, Hurt Cemetery, Hurt Cemetery, Hurt-Ferguson Cemetery, Hurt-Thompson Cemetery, Hutchinson Cemetery, Indian Ridge Cemetery, Ingram Cemetery, Ingram Cemetery, Jamison Cemetery, Jamison Cemetery, Jamison Cemetery, Jamison-Prillaman Cemetery, Jefferson Cemetery, Jefferson Cemetery, Jenkins Cemetery, Jeter Cemetery, Jeter-Perdue Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Johnson-Mills Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Kasey Cemetery, Kemp-David Cemetery, Kennett Cemetery, Kesler Cemetery, King Cemetery, King Cemetery, Kirk Cemetery, Lancaster Cemetery, Laprade Cemetery, Lavinder Cemetery, Lavinder-Garvin-Woods Cemetery, Law Cemetery, Law Cemetery, Law Cemetery, Law Cemetery, Law Cemetery, Law Cemetery, Law Cemetery, Law Cemetery, Law-Cooper Cemetery, Lawrence Cemetery, Lipscomb Cemetery, Lipscomb-Thornton Cemetery, Little Creek Cemetery, Logan-Holland Cemetery, Love Cemetery, Love Cemetery, Lovell Cemetery, Lovell-Tyree Cemetery, Lovell-Yeatts Cemetery, Lumsden Cemetery, Lynch Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Martin-Davis Cemetery, Mathews Cemetery, Matley Cemetery, Mattox Cemetery, Maxey Cemetery, Maxey Cemetery, McAlexander Cemetery, McAlexander Cemetery, McGhee Cemetery, McGhee-Taylor Cemetery, McGuire Cemetery, McGuire Cemetery, McGuire Cemetery, McNiel Cemetery, Meador Cemetery, Meador Cemetery, Meadors-James Cemetery, Meadors-Sloan Cemetery, Meadow Cemetery, Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Menefee Cemetery, Metz-Nunn Cemetery, Midkiff Cemetery, Mill Creek Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Mills Cemetery, Minnix Cemetery, Minton Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell-Anderson Cemetery, Mitchell-Skinnell Cemetery, Monte Vista Cemetery, Moore-Dudley Cemetery, Moorman Cemetery, Moran Cemetery, Mount Airy Cemetery, Mount Carmel Cemetery, Mount Cassell Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mount Zion Burial Park, Mountain View Burial Park, Mullins-East Cemetery, Muse Cemetery, Neathawk Cemetery, Neville-Horsley Cemetery, Newbill Cemetery, Newbill Cemetery, Nichols-Hodges-Davis Cemetery, Ninevah Cemetery, Nolen Cemetery, Nolen Cemetery, Northfield Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Oakes Cemetery, Old Bethel Cemetery, Old Liberty Cemetery, Overfelt Cemetery, Oylers Chapel Cemetery, Ozzie Cemetery, Palmer Cemetery, Parcell Cemetery, Parcell Cemetery, Parcell Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Pasley Cemetery, Pate Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Pearson Cemetery, Pelter Cemetery, Perdue Cemetery, Perdue Cemetery, Perdue Cemetery, Perdue Cemetery, Perdue Cemetery, Perdue Cemetery, Perdue Cemetery, Perdue-Lynch Cemetery, Perdue-Robertson Cemetery, Peters Cemetery, Peters Cemetery, Phoebe Needles Cemetery, Piedmont Cemetery, Piedmont Cemetery, Pig River Cemetery, Pinckard-Tyree Cemetery, Piney River Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Plunkett Cemetery, Poindexter Cemetery, Poindexter Cemetery, Poindexter-Saunders Cemetery, Poteet Cemetery, Potter Cemetery, Preston Cemetery, Price Cemetery, Prices Cemetery, Prillaman Cemetery, Prillaman Cemetery, Prilliman Cemetery, Providence Cemetery, Prunty Cemetery, Quinn Cemetery, Radley Cemetery, Rakes Cemetery, Rakes-Thomas Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey-Stanley-King Cemetery, Randolph Cemetery, Ratcliff-Whitlow-Young Cemetery, Ray Cemetery, Red Valley Cemetery, Redwood Cemetery, Rehoboth Cemetery, Reynolds Cemetery, Rice Cemetery, Richards Cemetery, Richardson Cemetery, Richardson Cemetery, Ridgeway Cemetery, Rigney Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Robertson-Bowles Cemetery, Robertson-Hoel Cemetery, Rock Ridge Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Ross Cemetery, Round Hill Cemetery, Saint James Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Sandy Ridge Cemetery, Saunders Cemetery, Scott Cemetery, Scruggs Cemetery, Shaver Cemetery, Shilling Cemetery, Shively Cemetery, Shively Cemetery, Sigmon Cemetery, Simmons Cemetery, Simms Cemetery, Sink Cemetery, Sloan Cemetery, Slone Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith-Thomas Cemetery, Southall-Brown Cemetery, Spencer Cemetery, Spencer Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery, Starkey Cemetery, Starkey-Barbour Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Stone-Bondurant-Johnson Cemetery, Story Creek Cemetery, Swain-Basham Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor-Worley Cemetery, Tench Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Thornton Cemetery, Thurman Cemetery, Thurman Cemetery, Thurman Cemetery, Toney Cemetery, Toney Family Cemetery, Town Creek Cemetery, Truevine Cemetery, Turnbull Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner-Hickman Cemetery, Turner-Hutchenson Cemetery, Turner-Scott-Sawyers-Cemetery, Tyree Cemetery, Tyree-Gray-Hickman-Washington Cemetery, Tyree-Houston Cemetery, Tyree-Turner-Ramsey Cemetery, Via Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Wade-Hodges Cemetery, Waldron-Bowles Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Walker-Rigney Cemetery, Walters Cemetery, Watkins Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Webb-Hale Cemetery, Webster Cemetery, Webster Cemetery, Webster-Wyatt Cemetery, White Rock Cemetery, Whorley Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Willis Cemetery, Willis Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson-Cook Cemetery, Wilson-Woods-Stone Cemetery, Wimmer-Hall Cemetery, Wimmers Cemetery, Wingfield Cemetery, Witcher Cemetery, Wood Cemetery, Woody Cemetery, Woody Cemetery, Woody Cemetery, Woody Cemetery, Woody Cemetery, Woody Cemetery, Woody-Richards Cemetery, Wray Cemetery, Wray-Greenwood Cemetery, Wright Cemetery, Wright Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Zeigler Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Ferrum Census Designated Place, Henry Fork Census Designated Place, North Shore Census Designated Place, Penhook Census Designated Place, Union Hall Census Designated Place, Westlake Corner Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Adney Gap Church, Antioch Church, Antioch Church, Balcony Church, Bellevue Church, Bethany Church, Bethany Church, Bethel Church (historical), Bethlehem Church, Bethlehem Church, Beulah Church, Blackwater Church, Blue Hill Church (historical), Bonbrook Church, Boones Chapel, Boones Mill Baptist Church, Boones Mill Christian Church, Brick Church, Bulah Church, Burnt Chimney Church, Callaway Church, Calvary Church, Canton Creek Church, Carolina Spring Church, Castle View Church, Chestnut Church, Chestnut Grove Church, Coles Creek Church, Cool Spring Church, Crafts Church, Crossroads Church, Dee Run Church, Doe Run Christian Church, Ebenezer Church, Endicott Church, Ephesus Church, Epworth Church, Fairmont Church, Fairview Church, Faith Church, Faith Temple, First Christian Church, First Mount Airy Church, Flint Hill Church, Fork Mountain Church, Forrest Hill Church, Franklin Baptist Church, Franklin Grove Church, Franklin Heights Church, Franklin Presbyterian Church, Furnace Creek Church, Galilee Church, Germantown Church (historical), Gladehill Church, Gogginsville Methodist Church, Haleford Church, Halesford United Methodist Church, Henry Fork Church, High Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Holy Emmanuel Tabernacle, Holy Trinity Church, Indian Ridge Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Knob Church, Little Creek Church (historical), Little Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Long Branch Church, Lynville Ridge Church, Maple Grove Church, Midway Church, Mill Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Monte Vista Church, Morningside Church, Mount Calvary Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Ivy Churches, Mount Olive Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church (historical), Mountain View Church, New Design Church, New Haven Church, New Hope Church, Nineveh Church, Northfield Church (historical), Oak Grove Church, Oak Hill Church, Old Bethel Church, Old Mount Airy Church (historical), Oylers Chapel, Piedmont Church, Piedmont Church (historical), Pigg River Church, Pigg River Church, Piney Grove Church, Piney River Church, Pippin Hill Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Providence Church, Red Valley Church, Rehoboth Church, Republican Church, Rising Sun Church, Rock Ridge Church, Rockfield Church, Rocky Hill Church, Saint James Methodist Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Lukes African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Church (historical), Saint Peters Church, Sanctified Church, Sandy Ridge Church, Snow Creek Church, Story Creek Baptist Church, Town Creek Church, Trinity Church, Trinity Church, Trinity Church (historical), Truevine Church, Union Chapel, Union Hall Church, Wades Gap Church, Whiterock Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Calico Rock, Cracker Point

  Crossings     show all on map

Brooks Ford, Crafts Ford, Edwards Ford, Pearson Ford, Smith Ford, Turners Ford, Ziegler Ford

  Dams     show all on map

Adams Dam, Bernard Dam, Blackwater River Number Four Dam, Blackwater River Number Six Dam, Bowmans Dam, Burdettes Dam, Hetrick Dam, Jones Dam, Melody Dam, Mink Dam, Philpott Dam, Pigg River Dam, Sunset Lake Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Falling Rock Falls

  Gaps     show all on map

Double Oaks Gap, Juggs Gap, Lancaster Gap, Murray Gap, Pine Spur Gap, Shorts Gap, Slings Gap, Wades Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital, Raiford Hospital (historical)

  Islands     show all on map

Deer Island

  Locales     show all on map

Adams Store, Barney Bay Dairy, Belchers Mill (historical), Bernards Landing, Bonbrook, Bull Run Knob Overlook, Burnt Chimney Dairy, Cahas Overlook, Cannaday Gap, Cassells Mill (historical), Coles Creek, Crazy Horse Campground, Devils Backbone Overlook, Hodges Mill, Holleys Mill (historical), Hutchinsons Mill (historical), Jamison Mill Park Campsite, Oakes Dairy Farm, Parkers Store, Pine Spur Overlook, Retreat, Rocky Mount Shoppers World Shopping Center, Ryans Branch Campsite, Salthouse Branch Campsite, Sixmile Post, Slings Gap Overlook, Smart View Overlook, Snow Creek, Sontag, Teels Mill (historical), Truevine, Twin Oaks Dairy Farm, Twin Ridge Marina, Union Hall, Westlake Golf and Country Club, Whispering Oaks Farm

  Mines     show all on map

Jacks Mountain Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Booker T Washington National Monument, Deer Island Recreation Area, Franklin Historic District, Franklin Municipal Pool, Horseshoe Point Recreation Area, Jamison Mill Recreation Area, Penhook State Boat Ramp, Rennet Bag Recreation Area, Ryans Branch Recreation Area, Salthouse Branch Recreation Area, Smart View Recreation Area, Spring Cove Park Recreation Area, Twin Ridge Recreation Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Algoma, Arrowhead, Barfoot, Boones Mill, Burnt Chimney, Callaway, Cape Carlyn, Claiborn (historical), Coopers Cove, Crafts Point, Cross Roads, Crossroads, Dickinson, Dillons Mill, Dillons Mill, Dugwell, Endicott, Felicia (historical), Ferrum, Fork Mountain, Foxsport, Gladehill, Gogginsville, Hales Ford (historical), Hardy Ford, Hay Run, Helm, Henry, Henry Fork, Hickman, Hopkins Mill, Ingramville, Junta (historical), Laprades Mill, Mill Creek, Naff, North Shore, Peckerwood Level, Pelican Point, Penhook, Piedmont Mill, Prilliman, Progress, Red Valley, Redwood, Rocky Mount, Sago, Scruggs, Smiths Paradise, Sydnorsville, Taylor, The Waterfront, Union Hall, Vashti, Villa (historical), Waidsboro, Westlake Corner, White Pine, Wirtz, Wyatt (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Franklin Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams Pond, Bowmans Pond, Burdettes Pond, Hetrick Pond, Jones Pond, Melody Lake, Smith Mountain Lake, Sunset Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Barton Spur, Chestnut Level, Devils Backbone, Middle Ridge, Nearway Ridge, Pine Spur, Snuffers Ridge, Timber Ridge, Wimmers Spur

  Schools     show all on map

Allen School (historical), Arthurs Knob School, Bellevue School (historical), Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Boones Mill Elementary School, Border School (historical), Brier Mountain School (historical), Burnt Chimney Elementary School, Callaway Elementary School, Center Ridge School (historical), Christian Heritage Academy, Cleveland School (historical), Cooks Knob School (historical), Coopers Cove School (historical), County High School, County Junior High School, Crossroads School (historical), Dickinson School (historical), Dryland School (historical), Dudley Elementary School, Edgewood School (historical), English School (historical), Ferguson School (historical), Ferrum College, Ferrum College Blue Ridge Institute, Ferrum Elementary School, Fork Mountain School (historical), Franklin Center, Franklin County Education Center, Franklin County High School, Gap Branch School (historical), Germantown School (historical), Glade Hill Elementary School, Hancock School (historical), Hayden Grammar School (historical), Henry Elementary School, High Point School (historical), Hunley School (historical), Joseph P King Junior Elementary School, Lee M Waid Elementary School, Lee School (historical), Leonard A Gereau Center for Applied Technology, Lobelia School (historical), Mason School (historical), Mayflower School (historical), Monte Vista School, Mount Lebanon School (historical), Mount Olive School, Mountain Grove School (historical), Mountain School (historical), Mountain View School (historical), Muddy Fork School (historical), Niblett Hill School (historical), Ninevah School (historical), Oak Ridge School (historical), Old Glade Hill School (historical), Penhook School (historical), Phoebe Needles Memorial School (historical), Pigg River School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Providence School (historical), Ramsey School (historical), Red Gate School (historical), Redwood School, Rocky Mount Elementary School, Saint Johns School, Sandy Land School (historical), Shady Grove School (historical), Sheeler School (historical), Smith School (historical), Snow Creek Elementary School, Snow Creek School (historical), Sontag Elementary School, Sunnyview School (historical), Sydnorsville School (historical), Taylor School (historical), Truevine School, Union Hall School (historical), Waid School (historical), Webb School (historical), White Oak Grove School (historical), Zeigler School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Barr Creek, Beards Creek, Beckys Creek, Bettys Creek, Big Chestnut Creek, Blackwater River, Brodie Branch, Brogan Branch, Buck Run, Buff Creek, Bull Run, Bush Run, Butter Run, Buttermilk Branch, Canton Creek, Coles Creek, Cool Branch, Cooper Creek, Crab Creek, Crawford Creek, Daniels Run, Dillons Mill Branch, Dinner Creek, Ditto Branch, Doe Run, Draper Mill Creek, Duffy Branch, Falling Run, Finney Branch, First Fork, Foul Ground Creek, Furnace Creek, Gills Creek, Glade Creek, Gourd Creek, Grassy Fork, Green Creek, Grimes Creek, Guthrie Branch, Hatchet Creek, Hatfield Creek, Hay Run, Hurds Branch, Indian Creek, Jacks Creek, Keaton Branch, Little Beards Creek, Little Bull Run, Little Chestnut Creek, Little Creek, Little Doe Run, Little Ellie Creek, Little Jacks Creek, Little Lynville Creek, Little Town Creek, Long Branch, Lynville Creek, Madcap Creek, Maggodee Creek, Maple Branch, Maple Branch, McField Branch, Millie Branch, Mollie Branch, Muddy Fork, Nicholas Creek, North Fork Blackwater River, North Fork Gills Creek, North Fork Little Chestnut Creek, North Fork Maggodee Creek, Osley Branch, Otter Creek, Owens Creek, Parrot Branch, Polecat Branch, Polecat Creek, Poplar Branch, Poplar Camp Creek, Powder Mill Creek, Prater Creek, Ragland Branch, Roaring Run, Roaring Run, Roland Branch, Root Mill Creek, Ryans Branch, Salthouse Branch, Shively Branch, Snake Run, South Fork Blackwater River, South Fork Little Chestnut Creek, South Fork Maggodee Creek, South Prong Pigg River, Standiford Creek, Story Creek, Strawfield Creek, Swiftwater Branch, Tanyard Branch, Teels Creek, Tharp Creek, Toms Creek, Turkey Creek, Turkeycock Branch, Turners Creek, Walker Creek, Ward Branch, White Oak Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Knob, Beech Mountain, Blue Mountain, Brier Mountain, Brown Hill, Bull Run Knob, Bunker Hill, Cahas Mountain, Chesnut Mountain, Clower Knob, Coles Knob, Cooks Knob, Fivemile Mountain, Flint Hill, Fork Mountain, Grassy Hill, Graveyard Knob, Haw Patch Hill, Hickory Knob, Jacks Mountain, Little Mountain, Little Mountain, Lynville Mountain, Murray Knob, Panther Knob, Preston Knob, Skelt Mountain, Thornton Mountain, Toms Knob, Tory Knob, Turkeycock Mountain, Turners Knob

  Towers     show all on map

WFFC-FM (Ferrum), WNLB-AM (Rocky Mount), WROV-FM (Martinsville), WYTI-AM (Rocky Mount), WZBB-FM (Rocky Mount)

  Trails     show all on map

Casters Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Beat Rock Hollow, Cooper Hollow, Walnut Hollow,

Franklin County, Virginia Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteFranklin County White population 50,41350,412  
BlackFranklin County Black population 4,6754,675
MixedFranklin County Mixed population 676675
American IndianFranklin County American Indian population 282281
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderFranklin County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 5656

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