Carbon County, Wyoming Basics:

Carbon County Wyoming - Government Site

Population: 15,683
Area: 7898 square miles
County seat: Rawlins
Area code(s) in use: 307
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 89.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.3%
Median household income: $57,787
Persons in poverty: 11.4%
Home ownership rate: 73.2%
Mean travel time to work: 16.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Albany  Converse  Fremont  Jackson (CO)  Moffat (CO)  Natrona  Routt (CO)  Sweetwater  

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Map of the Carbon County area

Our detail map of Carbon County shows the Carbon County, Wyoming boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Carbon County, Wyoming

  Airports     show all on map

A-A Ranch Airport, Cedar Creek Ranch Airport, Dixon Airport, Ellis Ranch Airport, Medicine Bow Airport, Memorial Hospital Heliport, Platt Ranch Airport, Rawlins Municipal Airport/Harvey Field, Shively Field Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Arkansas Basin, Beef Acre, Castle Basin, Coal Bank Basin, Dripping Rock Pit Number 2, Eightmile Lake Basin, Eversole Basin, Little Basin, Loco Bottom Basin, Olsen Basin, Pass Creek Basin, Pattison Basin, Poison Basin, Reader Basin, Sage Creek Basin, Sand Basin, Shirley Basin, Shirley Basin, The Hay Slough, The Sinks, The Willows, Wild Horse Basin

  Bends     show all on map

Calvin Bend, Fivemile Hole, Oxbow Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Eightmile Bridge, Fourmile Bridge, Pick Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Baggs Town Police Department, Baggs Volunteer Fire Department, Carbon County Emergency Medical Services Rawlins, Carbon County Fire Department Muddy Gap, Carbon County Fire Department Rawlins, Carbon County Sheriff's Office Medicine Bow, Carbon County Sheriff's Office Rawlins, Elk Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, Encampment / Riverside Volunteer Fire Department, Encampment Police Department, Hanna Police Department, Hanna Volunteer Fire Department, Little Snake River Emergency Medical Services, Medicine Bow National Forest Brush Creek - Hayden Ranger District Fire Engine Crew, Medicine Bow Volunteer Fire Department, Rawlins Fire Department Station One, Rawlins Fire Department Station Two, Rawlins Fire Department Training Center, Rawlins Police Department, Rock Creek Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Ryan Park Volunteer Fire Department, Sand Lake Lodge, Saratoga Police Department, Saratoga Volunteer Fire Department, Sinclair Police Department, Sinclair Refinery Volunteer Emergency Response Team, Sinclair Volunteer Fire Department, Sinclair Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, South Central Wyoming Emergency Medical Services Saratoga / Encampment / Medicine Bow, Wyoming Highway Patrol District 1 Division H, Wyoming Highway Patrol District 1 Division P, Wyoming State Penitentiary

  Canals     show all on map

Allen Ditch, Alpha Ditch, Anderson Ditch, Anderson Ditch, Antelope Ditch, Ault Faussett Ditch, Ault Highline Ditch, Bacus Ditch, Baggs Ditch, Belvidere Ditch, Big Harrison Ditch, Big Heart Ditch, Blydenburg and Morgan North Ditch, Blydenburg and Morgan South Ditch, Brauer Ditch, Brownlee Ditch, Brush Creek Supply Ditch, Buffalo Ditch, Campbell Ditch, Canon Ditch, Casteel Ditch, Casteel Ditch, Centennial Ditch, Cherokee Ditch, Cherokee Gulch Ditch, Cluff and Nichols Ditch Number 1 and 2, Collins Ditch Number 1, Continental Ditch, Cook Ditch, Cow Creek Highland Ditch, Coyote Ditch, Crout Ditch Number 1, Crout Ditch Number 2, Cyclops Ditch, Darr Ditch, Davis Folsom and Brewer Ditch, Deep Creek Ditch, Dettinger Ditch, Dickerson Ditch, Dodds and Allen Ditch, Donald Mcphail Ditch, Donzelman and Tilton Ditch, Dunkard Ditch, Elk Ditch, Elk Hollow Ditch, Encampment Ditch, Encampment Platte Valley Ditch, Enlarged Cherokee Ditch, Enlarged Encampment Ditch, First Mesa Ditch, Fisher Field Number 1 Ditch, Forney Ditch, Gibson Blair Ditch, Gibson Blair Ditch, Grand Valley Ditch, Hackmaster Ditch, Haglund Ditch, Haines Ditch, Harlin Robinson Ditch, Hat Ditch, Hay Creek Ditch, Heeley Ditch, Henry Ditch, Highland Ditch, Highland Ditch, Home Ditch, Hopkins Number 1 Ditch, Hubbell Ditch, Hugus Mullison Ditch, Jack Creek Ditch, Kearns Ditch, Kincaid Ditch, Knuth Ditch, Laroy Ditch, Laroy Ditch, Little Brush Creek Ditch, Lord Ditch, Lordier Ditch, Loski Ditch, Low Ditch, Lower Ditch, Marion Ditch, Marolf and Walker Ditch Number 1, Marsh Ditch, Mcmicken Ditch, Nelson Ditch, Nelson Ditch, Newport Ditch, Nichols Ditch, Nickel Scribner Ditch, Noel Ditch, Old Spring Creek Ditch, Parco Ditch, Pick Ditch, Pilson Ditch Number 1, Pilson Ditch Number 2, Platt and Pryor Ditch, Reservoir Ditch, Ridding Number 1 Ditch, Ridge Ditch, Riley Ditch, Rocky Point Ditch, Rocky Point Ditch, Rollman Ditch, Ryan Foreman and Elk Hollow Ditch, School Section Ditch, Sears Ditch, Seaverson Ditch, Shelton Allen Ditch, Smiley Ditch Number 2, Smiley Ditch Number 3, Stewart Ditch, Summers Ditch, Swan Ditch, Tableland Ditch, Thornton Ditch, Thornton Ditch, Toothaker Brothers Ditch, Toothaker Ditch Number 1 and 2, Toothaker Ditch Number 2, Trapp Ditch Number 1, Trapp Ditch Number 2, Turnbull Ditch, Vandiver Ditch, Ver Plancke Snow Water Ditch, Vienna Ditch, Wagoner Ditch, Walck Ditch, Waldron Ditch, West Side Canal, Wiant and Highline Ditch, Wiant Ditch, Wiant Ditch, Wiant Highland Ditch, Wiant Supply Ditch, Willow Ditch, Windall Ditch, Wolford Ditch, Wolford Ditch, Woodbury Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Fivemile Point, Sand Creek Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Anderson Cemetery, Baggs Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Battle Cemetery, Dunkard Cemetery, Elk Mountain Cemetery, Encampment Cemetery, Eversole Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Platt Cemetery, Rawlins Cemetery, Reader Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Arlington Census Designated Place, Ryan Park Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Atlantic Rim, Boggy Meadows Rim, Brown Canyon Rim, Chalk Bluff, Cherokee Rim, Coal Creek Rim, Como Bluffs, Cottonwood Rim, Coyote Springs Rim, Deep Creek Rim, Dry Creek Rim, Elkhorn Point, Fourmile Point, High Point, Red Creek Rim, Red Rim, Rendle Rim, Sederlin Slide, Smith Creek Rim, The Bluffs

  Dams     show all on map

Adams Dam, Anderson Dam, Antelope Dam, Antelope Dam, Antelope Dam, Araster Dam, Beavers Dam, Bosler Dam, Buck Draw Dam, Bucklin Number 2 Dam, Cardinell Dam, Cardinell Number 2 Dam, Chace Number 1 Dam, Charokee Trail Dam, Cherokee Dam, Corpening Dam, Cow Creek Lake Dam, Dad Larsen Detention Dam 1593 Number 6, Dana Meadows Dam, Detention Dam 1392 Number 2, Detention Dam 1392 Number 4, Detention Dam 1492 Number 3, Detention Dam 1492 Number 4, Detention Dam 1492 Number 5, Detention Dam 1492 Number 6, Detention Dam 1492 Number 7, Detention Dam 1492 Number 8, Detention Dam 1493 Number 1, Detention Dam 1592 Number 1, Detention Dam 1593 Number 1, Detention Dam 1593 Number 2, Detention Dam 1593 Number 3, Detention Reservoir 1492 Number 2 Dam, Dickerson Dam, Dry Gulch Dam, Finley Dam, First Enlargement of Wiant Dam, Fresh Water Dam, Froehner Dam, G H Dam, Golden Clover Number 1 Dam, Good Number 1 Dam, Government Number 1 Reservoir Dam, Greyhound Dam, Gunst Dam, Haines Dam, Hannah Mahoney Number 1 Dam, Hannah Mahoney Number 2 Dam, High Savery Dam, Highline Dam, Hog Park Dam, Horn and Meason Dam, Indian Creek Dam, Irene Dam, Irene Dam, Irene Number 2 Dam, Irvine Dam, J O Dam, Jack Creek Dam, Johnston Number 2 Dam, Keystone Dam, Kinney Dam, Kortes Dam, Kortes Dam, Lake George Dam, Little Robber Detention Dam, Little Sage Creek Dam, Long Pond Dam, Lordier Dam, Low Dam, Mahoney Dam, McFadden Number 3 Dam, Meer Dam, North Spring Creek Dam, Number 4 Evaporation Dam, Pearl Dam, Pierce Dam, Pine Cone Number 1 Dam, Pine Cone Number 2 Dam, Rawlins Dam, Rawlins Peaking Dam, Red Gulch Detention Dam 1592 Number 3, Red Gulch Detention Dam 1592 Number 5, Rosebud Dam, Rouse Stockwater Dam, Ryan Brothers Lake Dam, S Spring Creek Lake Dam, Sage Creek Dam, Saratoga Dam, Seaverson Dam, Seaverson Dam, Seepage Dam, Seminoe Dam, Separation Dam, Sheep Mountain Dam, Shirley Basin Reservoir Dam, Silver Lake Dam, South Spring Creek Lake Dam, Speyerer Dam, Spring Lake Dam, Spurlock Dam, Stephenson Dam, Sucker Dam, Summit Dam, Teton Reservoir Dam, Thompson Dam, Toothaker Dam, Turpin Park Dam, Twin Groves Dam, Verplanke Dam, Water Valley Fish and Recreation Pond Dam, Wheatland Reservoir Dam, White Dam, Wiant Number 2 Dam, Willow Springs Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Alkali Flat, Arkansas Flats, Big Creek Park, Boggy Meadows, Button Meadows, Cameron Meadows, Casteel Park, Cecil Park, Cottonwood Park, Cunningham Park, Dana Meadows, Deadhorse Park, Dorr Meadow, Fish Creek Park, Greasewood Flats, Hay Meadows, Hays Meadow, Holroyd Park, Horne Flats, Indian Creek Meadow, Jack Creek Park, Jerry Park, Joes Park, Johnson Meadows, Johnson Park, Kent Meadows, Lake Creek Flats, Lime Kiln Park, McKeal Meadows, McLain Park, Mexican Flats, Mullison Park, Overland Flats, Peach Orchard Flat, Prior Flat, Quimby Park, Racehorse Park, Red Park, Rock Creek Park, Round Meadow, Sage Brush Park, Savage Meadows, Sawmill Park, Separation Flats, Severson Flats, Smiley Meadow, Smith Park, Spade Flats, Stanley Park, Stillwater Park, T B Flats, Upper Foote Creek Flats, Willow Park

  Gaps     show all on map

Battle Pass, Blue Gap, Boneside Pass, Bridger Pass, Cedar Pass, Fieldhouse Cut, Lower Dugway, Muddy Gap, Oberg Pass, Petes Gap, Quealy Gap, Rattlesnake Pass, Riddle Cut, Rocky Gap, Simpson Gap, Sixmile Gap, Whiskey Gap, Wilson Gap, Youngs Pass

  Guts     show all on map

Hot Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Memorial Hospital of Carbon County

  Islands     show all on map

Johnson Island, Mullison Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Allen Lake, Arrastre Lake, Aurora Lake, Baby Lake, Battle Lake, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Beaver Ponds, Beaver Ponds, Beaver Ponds, Black Spotted Lake, Bloody Lake, Boggy Meadows Lake, Bull Spring Lake, Burritt Lake, Campbell Lake, Cascade Lake, Coal Bank Lake, Como Lake, Corral Lake, Crater Lake, Deep Lake, Dipper Lake, Drillers Lake, Dry Lake, Dry Lake, Duck Lake, East Allen Lake, East Banner Lake, Edwards Lake, Eightmile Lake, Eightmile Lake, Ferris Lake, Firebox Lake, Fivemile Lake, Golden Lake, Grassy Lake, Grinnell Lake, Hatchet Lake, Heart Lake, Hi Allen Spring, Hogback Lake, Horne Lake, Iron Hill Lake, Jeff Lake, Knapp Lake, Lake Creek Lake, Lake Marie, Lily Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Soldier Lake, Lower Missouri Lake, Magnolia Lake, Mahoney Lake, Mahoney Lake, Middle Long Lake, Miller Hill Lake, Missouri Lakes, Murky Lake, Mutt Lake, North Banner Lake, North Spring Creek Lake, North Twin Lake, Phantom Lake, Pine Draw Lake, Pond 9, Pynchin Lake, Quealy Lake, Rat Lake, Red Lake, Rinshaw Lake, Sand Lake, Saratoga Lake, Separation Lake, Separation Point Lake, Sevenmile Lake, Sevenmile Lake, Sheep Lake, Silver Lake, Silver Lake, Silverman Lake, Soda Lake, Soda Lakes, South Banner Lake, South Twin Lake, Stamp Mill Lake, Sucker Lake, The Lakes, Thornton Lake, Twin Lakes, Upper Long Lake, Upper Missouri Lake, Vagner Lake, Vosseller Lake, Welton Fish Pond, Welton Lake, Windy Lake

  Levees     show all on map

Coal Banks

  Locales     show all on map

A Bar A Ranch, Anderson Ranch, Anderson Ranch, Annala Ranch, Atkinson Ranch, Atkinson Ranch, B Bar B Ranch, Bar II Ranch, Bar V Ranch, Bartlett Ranch, Bath Ranch, Battle Creek Campground, Baur Ranch, Beer Mug Ranch, Berger Ranch, Big Creek Guard Station, Big Creek Ranch, Black Canyon Ranch, Boden Ranch, Boles Ranch, Bolten Ranch, Boot Ranch, Bottle Creek Campground, Bow Ranger Station, Bow River Campground, Bow River Observation Site, Bow River Overlook, Boyer Ranch, Breniman Place, Brokaw Ranch, Brush Creek Ranch, Brush Creek Ranger Station, Burtch Ranch, Buzzard Ranch, Buzzard Ranch Sheating Pens, Byers Ranch, C Swanson Ranch, Cabin Camp, Campbell Headquarters Camp, Campbell Ranch, Campbell Ranch, Canyon, Carlson Park, Carlson Park Guard Station, Cave Creek Ranch, Chace Ranch, Chastain Ranch, Cheesbrough Ranch, Cherokee Ranch, Christensen Ranch, Clapp Ranch, Colberg Cabin, Combs Ranch, Como, Comstock Homestead, Condict Ranch, Corpening Ranch, Corpening Ranch, Cow Creek Ranch, Cozy Canyon Ranch, Crone Ranch, Dad, Daley Ranch, Dana, Davis, Days, Deep Creek Campground, Demorst Ranch, Diamond Ranch, Difficulty, Dirty Petes Cabin, Divide Headquarters Corral, Dolling Ranch, Dorr Place, Double K Ranch, Douglas Creek Picnic Ground, Duncan Ranch, Eatons Ranch, Edison Monument, Eggleston Homestead, Elk Hollow Ranch, Elkhorn Stage Station (historical), Ellis Ranch, Enberg Ranch, Evans Ranch, Evans Ranch, Fence V A B M, Ferris Mountain Ranch, Fillmore Ranch, Finch Cow Camp, Finch Ranch, Finley Ranch, Flying Diamond Ranch, Foote Ranch, Fort Fred Steele, Fort Halleck Memorial, French Creek Picnic Ground, French Creek Ranch, French Creek Ranch, Garretson Ranch, George Tully Homestead, Hadsell (historical), Haglund Ranch, Hanna Junction, Haskins Creek Campground, Hayden Ranger Station, Headquarters Park, Hess Ranch, Heward Ranch, Highlands Estate Shopping Center, Hill Ranch, Huhtula Ranch, Huston Ranch, I D Camp, I D Ranch, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Camp, Indian Creek Ranch, Indian Grove Ranch, Irene Ranch, Irene Ranch, J O Ranch, Jack Creek Campground, Jack Creek Guard Station, Jankovsky Ranch, Jenkins Ranch, Jimmys Place (historical), Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Kamp Ranch, Kennaday Ranch, Kirk Ranch, Kortes Dam Camp, Kosar Ranch, Kyle Oil Camp, Lake Marie Picnic Ground, LaMarsh Ranch, Lambertsen Ranch, Larsen Place, Lazy C J Jack Creek Ranch, Lazy River M Ranch, Le, Lenhardys Cabin (historical), Lime Kiln Park, Lincoln Park, Little Basin Ranch, Little Sandstone Campground, Logging Camp, Lost Creek Campground, Lost Creek Ranch, Lost Park, Mahoney Ranch Headquarters, Manthos Ranch, Matson Ranch, Maynard Homestead, McCarthy Ranch, McCarty Ranch, McKee Ranch, McKeil Homestead, McNees Ranch, McQuay Ranch, Meadow Ranch, Meadow Station 4, Meads, Medicine Bow Lodge, Meer Ranch, Melody Ranch, Menke Ranch, Middlewood Ranch, Midway (historical), Mihel Place (historical), Moore Ranch, Moores Ranch, Morgan Ranch, Mowry Ranch, Muddy Gap Junction, Mullen Ranch, Nine Bar W Ranch, North Cross Ranch, Oberg Ranch, Ohio Camp, Old Bennett Place (historical), Old Dolling Ranch, Old Fisher Ranch, Old Frazier Place, Old Johnson Place, Old Pennock Place (historical), Old Percy, Oldman Ranch, Ollikalla Ranch, Olsen Ranch, Olson Cabin, Original Stage Station (historical), Orton Ranch, Overland (historical), Pallesen Ranch, Palm Ranch, Palm Ranch, Park Ranch, Peryam Ranch, Peters Ranch, Peterson Camp, Peterson Ranch, Peterson Ranch, Pick Ranch, Pine Grove Ranch, Platt Ranch, Pool Ranch, Potter Ranch, R O Buildings, R S Ranch, Race Horse Park, Rafter Six Ranch, Rainbow Ranch, Rambler Guard Station, Ramsey, Rasmusson Ranch, Red Hill Park, Rendle Ranch Headquarters, Robbers Roost, Robbers Roost Ranch, Roberts Ranch, Rock Creek Picnic Ground, Ryan Park Ski Course, Ryan Ranch, Sage Creek Clubhouse, Sage Creek Stage Station, Salmi Ranch, Sandstone Ranger Station, Sanger Ranch, Saratoga Fish Hatchery, Savage Ranch, Savery Corral, Schmale Ranch, Selfour Ranch, Seminoe Dam Site, Shamrock Ranch, Sharp 47 Ranch, Shultz Ranch, Sierra Madre Ranch, Silver Lake Campground, Silver Spur Ranch, Sims Ranch, Sixmile Picnic Ground, Skyline Ranch, Slash Ridge Lookout, Sowders Place (historical), Speyers Homestead, Standard Pass Creek School, Station 8, Stone Ranch, Stratton Corral, Stratton Ranch, Sulphur Springs Ranch, Sundin Johnson Ranch, T B Ranch, T E Ranch, T L Cow Camp, T L Ranch, Tapers Ranch, Taylor Ranch, Temperley Homestead, Teton Camp, The Chimneys, The Old Bob Place (historical), The Q Ranch, Tikkinen Ranch, Tilly Homestead, Trowbridge Ranch, Twin Groves (historical), Two Bit Ranch, Tyler Homestead, V Swanson Ranch, Valley Station, Vivian Ranch, Walck Ranch, Walcott Junction, Walgreen Ranch, Waliser Ranch, Walker Homestead, Walsh Ranch, Washakie Station, Water Valley Ranch, Watkins Ranch, Weidner Ranch, Wertz Camp, West Ranch, White Ranch, White Ranch, Wiant Ranch, Wick Brothers Ranch, Wick Brothers Sheep Camp, Wick Lower Ranch, Willford Ranch, Wirz Ranch, Wyco Club, Z N Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

A Number One Claim, AEC Airborne Anomaly Number Nine Mine, AEC Anomaly Number Six Mine, AEC Anomaly Number Three Mine, AJO Claims Number Two and Number Seven, Ak-sar-ben Group Mine, Alpha Claim Group Mine, Angier Mine, Arbor Number Five Claim, Arbor Number Four Claim, Atlantic Rim Mine, Babbs Mine, Badger Creek Mine, Bald Knob Mine, Batchelder Mine, Battle Area Mine, Beaver Group Mine, Beaver Number One Claim, Beckey Lode, Becky Lynn Claim, Beeler Mine, Beulah Prospect, Big Bug Claim, Big Chief Group Mine, Big Chief Group Mine, Big Chief Number One Mine, Big Chief Number Two Mine, Big Creek Mine, Big Ditch Pit, Big Smith Number One Mine, Black Diamond Mines, Bonita Prospect Number One, Bonita Prospect Number Two, Bradley Peak Mine, Bridger Mine, Broadway Mine, Brook Deposit, Burn Right Mine, Canyon Claims Number One, Carbon Basin Mine, Carbon Basin Mine, Carbon County Mine, Carbon Number Five Mine, Carbon Number Four Mine, Carbon Number One Mine, Carbon Number Seven Mine, Carbon Number Six Mine, Carbon Number Three Mine, Carbon Number Two Mine, Carbondale Mine, Carlton Group Mine, Cascade Mine, Cedar Hills One-twelve Mines, Century Group Two Prospect, Charlie Claim Group Mine, Charlies Glory Hole Mine, Cherokee Mine, Cherokee Mine Number 1, Cherokee Mine Number 2, Cherry Creek Prospect, Chim Claims, Chimney Rock Claims, Cloudy Group Claims, Coal Gulch Opening Mine, Colorado Bell Group Mine, Como Ridge Mine, Company Bank Mine, Continental Divide Mine, Continental Group Mine, Copper King Mine, Copper Rock Group Mine, Corlett Opening Mine, Cottontail Mine, Coulter Mine, Crane Mine, Creede Property Mine, Cut-off Gulch Opening Mine, D and L Group Mine, Dana One Mine, Darling Mine, Dave and T G S Mine, Dee Number One Claim, Del Ore Number Six Mine, Del Oro Number Two Mine, Denn Wyoming Mine, Dewey Mine, Dillon Mine, Doan Rambler Mine, Doozle Number Three Mine, Dreamland King Group Mine, Dry Creek Mine, Easom Mine, Elk Mountain Prospect, Elk Mountain Strip Mine Number Five, Elk Mountain Strip Mine Number Four, Elk Mountain Strip Mine Number One, Elk Mountain Strip Mine Number Three, Elk Mountain Strip Mine Two, Elk Mountain Valley Strip Mine, Elk Number One Claim, Elmo Peacock Mine, Encampment Area Mine, Everist Mine, Ferris Mountains Mine, Ferris-Haggarty Mine, Ferris-Haggerty Mine, Field House Mine, Five Mile Ditch Mine, Freezeout Hills Area Mine, Freezeout Hills Number Four Mine, Freezeout Hills Number Three Mine, Freezeout Hills Number Two Mine, Freezeout-Seminoe Area Mine, Freezeout-Seminoe Area Three Mine, Freezeout-Seminoe Area Two Mine, Friday Claim Group Mine, Fry Mine, Gafco Claim, Garey Mine, Gebhart Mine, Gertrude Mine, Gold Coin Prospect, Golden Clover Mine, Golden Crown Mining Syndicate Mine, Golden Gate Prospect, Hamilton Group Mine, Hanna and Dravo Mine, Hanna Basin Strip Mine, Hanna Number Five Mine, Hanna Number Four Mine, Hanna Number Four-A Mine, Hanna Number One Strip Mine, Hanna Number Six Mine, Hanna Number Three Mine, Hanna Number Three-and-a-half Mine, Hanna Number Two Mine, Hanna South Mine, Hanna South Mine, Hard Head Mine, Heath Peak Claim Number One, Heath Peak Claims Number Three, Heath Peak Claims Number Two, Hidden Treasure Tunnel Mine, Hurda Group Claims, Iron King Prospect, Island City Group Mine, Itmay Mine, J F White Prospect, Jack Creek Mine, Jack Rabbit One-ten Mines, Jennie Claim Number One Mine, Jim Claims Mine, Johnson Mine, Johnson Mine, Junk Creek Mines, Kent Mine, Ketchum Buttes Mine, King Claims Mine, King Mine, Kronkneit Mine, Kyle Mine, Laramie Energy Research Center Mine, Larsen Mine, Lena Shields Group Mine, Linde Opening Mine, Little Buck Claims, Little Man Mine, Long Creek Area Three Mine, Long Creek Area Two Mine, Lorain Group Mine, Lucksinger Opening Mine, Lucky Strike Claims, Mall Lease Mine, Martha Claims, Martinez Max Sand and Gravel Pit, Matt Three Mine, McKeal Mine, McMillen Mine, Medicine Bow Coal Company Mine, Medicine Bow Rim Mine, Medicine Bow Strip Mine, Meta Mine, Miller Pit, Miller Prospect, Miller Prospect Mine, Mohawk Prospect One, Mohawk Prospect Two, Monarch Mine, Moomaw Everist Mine, Muddy Bridge Mine, Murphy Mine, Newton Group Mine, North Fork Group Mine, North Walker Mine, Nu Hot Spot Number Seven Claim, Nugget Mine, O-Brien Spring Mine, Octavia Prospect, Omega Claim Group Mine, Paine Deposit, Pease Placers Mine, Peck Mine, Penn Mine, Petrotomics Mine, Petty Mine, Phillips Mine, Pine Bed Mine, Pinyon Claims, Pioneer Mine, Platt Mine, Platte Canyon Mine, Portland and Hercules Mine, Prospect Incline Mine, Rambler Mine, Raven Group Mine, Ream and Ramsey Mine, Red Mountain Mine, Rimrock Mine, Rimrock Number One Mine, Rimrock Number Two Mine, Rimrock Pit Number Three, Robertson Mine, Rock Creek Mine, Rock Crossing Mine, Rocky Gap Mine, Rosebud Pit Number Eight, Rosebud Pit Number Five, Rosebud Pit Number One Mine, Rosebud Pit Number Seven, Rosebud Pit Number Three, Rosebud Pit Number Two, Rosebud Strip Mine, Sage Basin Mine, Sampo Mine, Seahorn Brothers Sand and Gravel Pit, Seahorn Mine, Seminoe Dam Mine, Seminoe Mine, Seminoe Mountains Area Mine, Seminoe Mountains Area Mine, Seminoe Mountains Area Mine, Seminoe Mountains Mine, Seminoe Number Two Mine, Shipper Claims, Shirley Basin Mine, Shirley Mountains Area Mine, Shirley Number Twenty-two Mine, Siwash Claims, Six Mile Hill Mine, Solomon Creek Mine, Sourdough Butte Mine, Spanish Mine, Spanish Trails Group Mine, Sprague Mine, Standard Mine, Standard Park Area Mine, Stemp Springs Mine, Stevens South Mine, Sullivan Mine, Sunday Morning Mine, Sunset Mine, Taylor Claims, Tennant Creek Area Mine, Tennant Creek Area Mine, Terry Dean Claims, Terry Mine, Teton One Mine, Teton Three Mine, Three Forks Group Mine, Titan Mine, Toothacher Pit, Umslopagus Group Mine, Uranium King Mine, Utah Shaft, Vanguard Mine Number 1, Vanguard Number One Mine, Vanguard Number Three Deep Mine, Vanguard Number Two Deep Mine, Vanguard Number Two Energy Development Mine, Vanguard Number Two Mine, Vanguard Number Two Mine, Verde Mine, Waterloo Prospect, Waterloo Prospects, West Mine, Whistler Mine, Wissler Mine, Yore Number Twenty-three Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Cooper Cove Oil Field, Diamond Dome Gas Field, Dutton Creek Oil Field, General Petroleum Oil Field, Hatfield Oil Field, Mahoney Dome Oil Field, Rock Creek Oil Field, Wertz Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Bear Park, Beaver Dam Park, Chimney Park, Commissary Park, Dead Horse Park, Encampment River Wildernes, Fletcher Park, Headquarters Park, Hog Park, Huston Park, Long Park, Mine Disaster Memorial, Rodeo Park, Ryan Park, Sinclair Recreation Park, Standard Park, Willow Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Red Monument

  Populated Places     show all on map

Arlington, Baggs, Battle (historical), Carbon, Copperton (historical), Coyote Springs, Dexterville (historical), Dillon (historical), Dixon, Edson, Elk Mountain, Elmo, Elwood (historical), Encampment, Ferris (historical), Fort Steele, Hanna, Ivans Grove (historical), Jays Roost, Lamont, Leo, Marvin Place (historical), McCargar Place, McFadden, Medicine Bow, Milo, Morrisey (historical), Muddy Gap, Oil Springs, Old Brooks Place, Old Haymaker Place, Old McKeal Place, Paradise, Rambler (historical), Rawlins, Riverside, Rudefeha (historical), Ryan Park, Sampo (historical), Saratoga, Savery, Seminoe Dam, Shirley (historical), Sinclair, Tenmile, Three Forks, Tullis, Walcott, Widdowfield (historical), Woodedge

  Post Offices     show all on map

Arlington Post Office (historical), Arlington Post Office (historical), Dexterville Post Office (historical), Elwood Post Office (historical), Victoria Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Ferris Mountains, Fort Steele Breaks, Freezeout Mountains, Haystack Mountains, Medicine Bow Breaks, Pedro Mountains, Saddleback Hills, Sand Hills, Savage Hills, Seminoe Mountains, Shamrock Hills, Shirley Mountains, Sierra Madre, The Breaks, The Sand Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Encampment River Wilderness, Huston Park Wilderness, Platte River Wilderness, Savage Run Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

2 Reservoir, Adams Reservoir, Adobe Reservoir, Anda Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Araster Reservoir, Baby Reservoir, Bates Hole Reservoir, Beavers Reservoir, Big Ridge Reservoir, Big Rock Reservoir, Big Spring Reservoir, Bosler Reservoir, Brownlee Reservoir, Buck Draw Reservoir, Buck Spring, Bucklin Reservoirs, Cardinell Number 2 Reservoir, Cardinell Reservoir, Chace Number 1 Reservoir, Charokee Trail Reservoir, Cherokee Reservoir, Cherokee Trail Reservoir, Corpening Reservoir, Cotton Reservoir, Cow Creek Lake, Cow Creek Reservoir, Cowden Reservoir, Cronberg Pit Reservoir Number 1, Cronberg Pit Reservoir Number 2, Dad Larsen Detention Dam 1593 Number 6, Dana Meadows Reservoir, Dead Horse Reservoir, Dead Tree Reservoir, Detention Dam 1392 Number 2, Detention Dam 1392 Number 4, Detention Dam 1492 Number 3, Detention Dam 1492 Number 4, Detention Dam 1492 Number 5, Detention Dam 1492 Number 6, Detention Dam 1492 Number 7, Detention Dam 1492 Number 8, Detention Dam 1493 Number 1, Detention Dam 1592 Number 1, Detention Dam 1593 Number 1, Detention Dam 1593 Number 2, Detention Dam 1593 Number 3, Detention Reservoir 1492 Number 2, Dickerson Reservoir, Dipper Lake, Dripping Rock Reservoir, Dry Gulch Reservoir, Fiddlers Green Reservoir, Finley Reservoir, Fish Pond Reservoir, Flat Draw Reservoir, Fresh Water Reservoir, Froehner Reservoir, G H Reservoir, Gamblers Reservoir, Golden Clover Reservoir Number 1, Golden Clover Reservoir Number 2, Good Number 1 Reservoir, Government Number 1 Reservoir, Government Reservoir, Greyhound Reservoir, Grieve Reservoir, Gunst Reservoir, Haines Reservoir, Haines Reservoir, Hanna Mahoney Reservoir Number 2, Hanna Reservoir, Hanna Water Supply, Hannah Mahoney Number 1 Reservoir, Hannah Mahoney Number 2 Reservoir, Heward Reservoir, High Savery Reservoir, Highline Reservoir, Hog Park Reservoir, Horn and Meason Reservoir, House Gulch Reservoir, Indian Creek Reservoir, Irene Number 2 Reservoir, Irene Reservoir, Irene Reservoir, Irvine Reservoir, J O Reservoir, Jack Creek Reservoir, Jack Creek Reservoir, Johnston Number 2 Reservoir, Junction Reservoir, Keystone Reservoir, Kinney Reservoir, Kortes Reservoir, Kortes Reservoir, Lake George, Little Robber Detention Dam, Little Sage Creek Dam, Long Pond Reservoir, Long Walk Reservoir, Lordier Reservoir, Lost Reservoir, Low Reservoir, Lower Fourmile Spring, Mahoney Reservoir, Marsh Reservoir, Martinez Reservoir, McFadden Number 3 Reservoir, McFadden Reservoir Number 3, Measel Spring Reservoir, Meer Reservoir, Mexican Flats Reservoir Number 1, Miles Reservoir, Moss Agate Reservoir, Mud Springs Reservoir, New Rollman Reservoir, North Spring Creek Reservoir, Number 4 Evaporation Reservoir, Number 5 Reservoir, Paintbrush Reservoir, Pearl Reservoir, Percy Reservoir, Pierce Reservoir, Pierce Reservoir, Pine Cone Number 1 Reservoir, Pine Cone Number 2 Reservoir, Pocket Reservoir, Point of Rocks Reservoir, Rawlins Peaking Reservoir, Rawlins Reservoir, Red Creek Reservoir, Red Gulch Detention Dam 1592 Number 3, Red Gulch Detention Dam 1592 Number 5, Reversed K Seven Reservoir, River Bottom Reservoir, Rollman Reservoir, Rosebud Reservoir, Rouse Reservoir, Ryan Brothers Lake, S Spring Creek Reservoir, Sage Creek Reservoir, Sand Lake Reservoir, Saratoga Reservoir, Seaverson Reservoir, Seaverson Reservoir, Seaverson Reservoir, Section 20 Reservoir, Seepage Reservoir, Seminoe Reservoir, Separation Reservoir, Sheep Mountain Reservoir, Sheep Mountain Reservoir, Shirley Basin Reservoir, Silver Lake, Sixmile Reservoir, Sixteenmile Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, Snow Bank Reservoir, South Spring Creek Lake, Speyerer Reservoir, Speyers Reservoir, Spragg Reservoir, Spring Lake, Spurlock Reservoir, Steel Granary Reservoir, Stephenson Reservoir, Stevies Lake, Strom Reservoir, Sucker Lakes Reservoir, Sucker Reservoir, Sullivan Reservoir, Summit Reservoir, Teton Reservoir, Thompson Reservoir, Thompson Reservoir, Threemile Spring, Toothaker Reservoir, Turpin Park Reservoir, Turpin Reservoir, Twin Groves Reservoir, Twin Reservoirs, Upper Number 5 Reservoir, Upper Rolling Springs Reservoir, Ver Plancke Reservoir, Verplanke Reservoir, Vivian Reservoir, Water Valley Fish and Recreation Pond, White Reservoir, Wiant Reservoir, Wild Irish Reservoir, Willow Springs Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Barrett Ridge, Bear Creek Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Cheyenne Ridge, Coal Mine Ridge, Como Ridge, Dana Ridge, Edson Ridge, Fivemile Ridge, Fourmile Ridge, Green Ridge, Halleck Ridge, Hangout Ridge, Hi Allen Ridge, Hogback, Hogback Ridge, I D Ridge, Lulu Ridge, Monument Ridge, Moss Agate Ridge, Number 5 Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Platte Ridge, Rock Creek Ridge, Saint Marys Ridge, Sand Ridge, Schneider Ridge, Separation Rim, Simpson Ridge, Slash Ridge, Slate Ridge, Troublesome Ridge, Wilson Ridge, Windy Ridge

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Beaver Creek School, Brush Creek School, Dry Creek School, Elk Mountain School, Encampment High School, Encampment Junior High School, Encampment School, Hanna School, Hanna-Elk Mountain High School, Hanna-Elk Mountain Junior High School, Hat Creek School, Kortes Dam School, Little Snake River Valley Elementary School, Little Snake River Valley High School, Lost Creek School, McFadden School, Medicine Bow High School, Medicine Bow Junior High School, Medicine Bow School, Moss Agate School, Mountainview School, Nachtman School, Pershing School, Saint Joseph School, Saratoga High School, Saratoga Middle School, Saratoga School, Shawnee School, Sinclair School, Sunnyside School, Wagonhound School

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Antelope Springs, Barrel Spring, Barrel Spring, Beckman Spring, Bell Springs, Big Sand Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Bog Springs, Boles Springs, Brown Canyon Springs, Buck Spring, Burgess Springs, Cherokee Spring, Cheyenne Spring, Chicken Pete Spring, Chicken Spring, Chicken Spring, Coal Bank Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Cow Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Cronberg Spring, Deadman Springs, Difficulty Spring, Dripping Rock Spring, Dyer Spring, Echo Springs, Garza Spring, Gibson Spring, Horse Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Iron Spring, Iron Springs, Jacks Spring, Jackson Spring Number 3, Jackson Springs Number 1 and 2, Josendal Springs, Limburger Spring, Little Rock Spring, Little Sand Spring, Martinez Springs, McCune Springs, Missouri John Spring, Mud Spring, Nelson Spring, Ninemile Spring, Ninemile Springs, O'Brien Spring, Patterson Springs, Percy Spring, Poison Spring, Pop Springs, Quealy Spring, Rattlesnake Springs, Red Spring, Red Spring, Rendle Spring, Riddle Spring, Rock Springs, Rolling Springs, Sand Springs, Saratoga Hot Springs, Sheep Spring, Sips Spring, Sixmile Spring, Smiley Spring, Stage Station Springs, Standpipe Spring, Stemp Spring, Sullivan Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Springs, Tenmile Spring, Tennant Spring, Threemile Spring, Upper Fourmile Spring, Wildcat Springs, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Springs, Withrow Spring

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Alameda Creek, Alisha Creek, Alkali Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Arrastre Creek, Aspen Creek, Aztec Creek, Baby Lake Creek, Bachelor Creek, Bad Water Creek, Badger Creek, Badger Creek, Barcus Creek, Barrett Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Camp Creek, Big Creek, Big Ditch, Big Sandstone Creek, Billie Creek, Birch Creek, Bitter Creek, Boat Creek, Boot Creek, Bothwell Creek, Bottle Creek, Brady Creek, Brady Creek, Brush Creek, Brush Creek, Bryant Slough, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Bulls Creek, Burnett Creek, Cadwell Slough, Calf Creek, Cameron Creek, Camp Creek, Camper Creek, Cannon Creek, Canyon Creek, Carbon Creek, Carlson Creek, Cascade Creek, Cassidy Creek, Casteel Creek, Casteel Creek, Caton Creek, Cave Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Centennial Creek, Cherokee Creek, Cherokee Creek, Cherokee Creek, Cherokee Creek, Cherokee Creek, Cherry Creek, Chippewa Creek, Coal Bank Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Condict Slough, Coon Creek, Copper Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cortez Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cress Creek, Currant Creek, Cushman Creek, Dale Creek, Damfino Creek, Damfino Creek, Dana Springs Creek, Deadman Creek, Deadman Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Devils Gate Creek, Deweese Creek, Difficulty Creek, Dirtyman Fork, Doane Creek, Douglas Creek, Douglas Creek, Dry Cow Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Ditch, Dry Lake Creek, Dry Sandstone Creek, Dudley Creek, Dufunny Creek, Dunkard Creek, Dutch Joe Creek, Eagle Creek, East Arkansas Creek, East Bull Creek, East Cottonwood Creek, East Fork, East Fork Bear Creek, East Fork Cherokee Creek, East Fork Dutton Creek, East Fork Encampment River, East Fork Little Pass Creek, East Fork Medicine Bow River, East Fork Pass Creek, East Fork Savery Creek, East Fork South Spring Creek, East Fork Thomas Creek, East Fork Wagonhound Creek, East Trent Creek, East Twin Creek, Edwards Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Hollow Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Emigrant Creek, Encampment River, Encampment River, Etna Creek, Fillmore Creek, Finn Creek, First Ranch Creek, First Sand Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Flohr Creek, Fly Creek, Foote Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fox Creek, French Creek, Garden Creek, Gartman Creek, Goetz Creek, Gooseberry Creek, Green Creek, Green Timber Creek, Grinnell Creek, Grove Creek, Hadsell Slough, Haggarty Creek, Halleck Creek, Hamilton Creek, Hans Creek, Harden Creek, Harrison Creek, Harrison Creek, Hartt Creek, Haskins Creek, Hat Creek, Hatch Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Slough, Headquarters Creek, Headquarters Creek, Heather Creek, Hell Creek, Henry Creek, Hill Creek, Hog Park Creek, Holroyd Creek, Holroyd Creek, House Creek, Hunt Creek, Hurt Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Spring Creek, Indian Springs Creek, Iron Creek, Iron Creek, Iron Springs Creek, Iron Springs Creek, Jack Creek, Jack Creek, Jim Creek, Jim Creek, Jimmie Creek, Joe Creek, Jones Creek, Jordan Creek, Junk Creek, Karen Creek, Kinney Creek, La Marsh Creek, Lake Creek, Ledford Slough, Lee Creek, Lemoine Creek, Lincoln Creek, Line Creek, Line Creek, Lisenby Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Brush Creek, Little Brush Creek, Little Camp Creek, Little Canyon Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Creek, Little Jack Creek, Little Long Creek, Little Medicine Bow River, Little Pass Creek, Little Sage Creek, Little Sandstone Creek, Little Savery Creek, Little Shoe Creek, Little Snake River, Littlefield Creek, Loco Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Long Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Soldier Creek, Low Creek, Mallard Creek, Marking Pen Creek, Martinez Springs Creek, McAnulty Creek, McCarty Creek, McKinney Creek, McLain Creek, McNulty Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Medicine Bow River, Merna (historical), Methodist Creek, Mexican Creek, Middle Cedar Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Ditch, Middle Fork Big Creek, Middle Fork Rock Creek, Middle Fork Sage Creek, Middle Fork Wild Cow Creek, Middle French Creek, Middle Prong Red Creek, Middlewood Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Miller Creek, Miner Creek, Monument Creek, Moores Creek, Morgan Creek, Muddy Creek, Muddy Creek, Muddy Spring Creek, Mule Creek, Mullen Creek, Mullison Creek, Murphree Creek, Negro Creek, Nellie Creek, North Bear Creek, North Brush Creek, North Cedar Creek, North Cottonwood Creek, North Ditch, North Fork Big Creek, North Fork Canyon Creek, North Fork Cooper Creek, North Fork Cottonwood Creek, North Fork Dry Creek, North Fork Encampment River, North Fork Goetz Creek, North Fork Goetze Creek, North Fork Indian Creek, North Fork Little Snake River, North Fork Mill Creek, North Fork Miner Creek, North Fork Quealy Creek, North Fork Rock Creek, North Fork Savery Creek, North French Creek, North Heather Creek, North Mullen Creek, North Prong Red Creek, North Rankin Creek, North Soldier Creek, North Spring Creek, Nugget Creek, O'Brien Creek, O'Mara Creek, Oberg Creek, Olson Creek, Onemile Creek, Otto Creek, Overland Creek, Owl Creek, Pass Creek, Percy Creek, Pete Creek, Pine Grove Creek, Pole Canyon Creek, Porter Creek, Putt Creek, Quealy Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rankin Creek, Rankin Creek, Rasmussen Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Red Creek, Red Wash, Reservoir Creek, Reynolds Run, Riddle Creek, Roaring Creek, Roaring Fork, Roaring Fork Little Snake River, Robinson Creek, Robinson Creek, Rock Creek, Rose Creek, Rush Creek, Sage Creek, Sage Creek, Saint Marys Creek, Saint Marys Ditch, Saltiel Creek, Sams Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Springs Creek, Sand Springs Creek, Savage Creek, Savage Run Creek, Savery Creek, Sawmill Creek, School Creek, School Creek, Second Sand Creek, Seepage Creek, Separation Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sherard Creek, Shingle Creek, Sixmile Creek, Sixmile Creek, Skull Creek, Sledge Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Creek, Snow Creek, Soap Creek, Soldier Creek, Solomon Creek, Sourdough Creek, South Beaver Creek, South Brush Creek, South Cedar Creek, South Cottonwood Creek, South Creek, South Fork Big Creek, South Fork Big Creek, South Fork Canyon Creek, South Fork Canyon Creek, South Fork Cherokee Creek, South Fork Corral Creek, South Fork Dry Creek, South Fork Goetz Creek, South Fork Hog Park Creek, South Fork Indian Creek, South Fork Lake Creek, South Fork Miner Creek, South Fork Quealy Creek, South Fork Rock Creek, South Fork Sage Creek, South Fork Wild Cow Creek, South French Creek, South Heather Creek, South Mullen Creek, South Soldier Creek, South Spring Creek, South Trent Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Standard Creek, Stink Creek, Stinking Creek, Stone Creek, Stoney Creek, Strawberry Creek, Stud Creek, Sugar Creek, Sullivan Creek, Sunday Morning Creek, T B Creek, Tail Creek, Ted Creek, Teddy Creek, Tennant Creek, Third Creek, Third Sand Creek, Thode Creek, Thomas Creek, Threemile Creek, Tincup Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trapper Creek, Trent Creek, Troublesome Creek, Troublesome Creek, Truckdrivers Creek, Turkey Creek, Turpin Creek, Twin Creek, Twin Springs Creek, Two Creek, Uihlein Creek, Vole Creek, Wagonhound Creek, Walbright Creek, Watkins Creek, Weed Creek, West Branch North Fork Little Snake River, West Branch Pete Creek, West Bull Creek, West Cottonwood Creek, West Fork, West Fork Battle Creek, West Fork Cherokee Creek, West Fork Devils Gate Creek, West Fork Dutton Creek, West Fork Foote Creek, West Fork Loco Creek, West Fork Wagonhound Creek, West Junk Creek, West Mullen Creek, West Twin Creek, Whiskey Creek, Wickiup Creek, Wild Cow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Spring Creek, Willow Springs, Willow Springs Creek, Wood Creek

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Allen Hill, Alligator Rock, Baggot Rocks, Bald Mountain, Baldy Butte, Barcus Peak, Battle Mountain, Battle Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bear Mountain, Beaver Creek Hills, Beaver Creek Hills, Beer Mug Mountain, Bennett Peak, Bible Rock, Big Rocks, Blackhall Mountain, Bradley Peak, Bridger Peak, Brooks Knob, Browns Hill, Bunker Hill, Bunker Hill, Castle Rock, Chalk Bluff, Chalk Mountain, Cherokee Peak, Chimney Rocks, China Butte, Chokecherry Knob, Coad Mountain, Conical Peak, Cooper Hill, Cow Butte, Cow Creek Butte, Coyote Hill, Coyote Hill, Deep Creek Butte, Deer Mountain, Deerhorn Point, Dexter Peak, Divide Peak, Doane Peak, Dolan Mesa, Dome Rock, Doty Mountain, Eagle Rock, East Flat Top, Elk Mountain, Five Buttes, Flat Top Mountain, Flattop Mountain, Fletcher Peak, Fourmile Hill, Gold Hill, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Grenville Dome, Halfway Hill, Heaths Peak, Horse Butte, Horse Mountain, Horse Peak, Indian Hill, Indian Hill, Indian Rocks, Iron Hill, Jack Hill, Jenkins Peak, Junk Hill, Kennaday Peak, Ketchum Buttes, Little Horse Mountain, Little Wild Horse Buttes, Lone Butte, Lone Haystack Mountain, Lookout Mountain, McCormick Peak, Middlewood Hill, Miller Hill, Mine Hill, Mount Steele, Mowry Peak, Muddy Mountain, Mule Mountain, Needle Peak, Ninemile Hill, Ninemile Hill, North Flat Top, Overlook Hill, Parkview Hill, Paulson Hill, Pennock Mountain, Pine Butte, Pine Butte, Pine Butte, Pine Hill, Point of Rocks, Point of Rocks, Poison Buttes, Pool Table, Prospect Mountain, Pyramid Peak, Quartzite Peak, Rattlesnake Butte, Rawlins Peak, Red Hill, Red Mountain, Rendle Butte, Rendle Hill, Rendle Point, Rock Creek Knoll, Rock Creek Point, Rock Mountain, Saint Marys Hill, Separation Peak, Separation Point, Sevenmile Hill, Sharp Hill, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Rock, Sheephead Mountain, Sheepherder Hill, Singer Peak, Sixmile Hill, Stovepipe Hill, Sugar Loaf, Sugarloaf Mountain, Table Mountain, Tenmile Hill, The Chimneys, Tincan Hill, Vulcan Mountain, Weber Mesa, Wild Horse Butte, Wild Horse Mountain, Wildcat Top, Willow Hill, Windy Hill, Windy Hill, Wood Mountain

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KFNR-TV (Rawlins), KIQZ-FM (Rawlins), KRAL-AM (Rawlins)

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Arlington Pack Trail, Elkhorn Stock Driveway, Emigrant Trail, Fireline Trail, Green Ridge Trail, Main Fork Trail, Medicine Bow Trail, Sandstone Divide Trail, State Line Trail, State Line Trail, Troublesome Trail

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Addison Gulch, Alamosa Gulch, Antelope Draw, Antelope Draw, Antelope Springs Draw, Balsam Draw, Barrel Springs Draw, Barrel Springs Draw, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Beckman Canyon, Big Draw, Big Draw, Big Gulch, Big Hollow, Big Hollow Gulch, Big Springs Draw, Bird Gulch, Black Canyon, Blind Canyon, Blue Gap Draw, Blydenburg Draw, Box Canyon, Box Elder Draw, Brennan Draw, Brown Canyon, Buck Draw, Buck Springs Draw, Buck Springs Draw, Buffalo Gulch, Bull Canyon, Bull Canyon, Bunker Draw, Burbank Draw, Cabin Draw, Canary Grove Draw, Case Canyon, Chalk Draw, Chapman Draw, Charlie Brooks Draw, Cherry Draw, Chicken Springs Wash, Coal Bank Draw, Coal Bank Draw, Coal Bank Wash, Coal Creek Canyon, Coal Gulch, Coal Gulch, Coal Mine Draw, Coal Mine Draw, Coal Mine Draw, Coal Mine Draw, Coal Springs Draw, Cold Spring Draw, Collins Draw, Cornerstone Draw, Corral Canyon, Cottonwood Draw, Cow Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Coyote Draw, Creston Draw, Cumberland Gulch, Cy Draw, Deadman Canyon, Deep Draw, Deep Gulch, Deep Gulch, Devils Canyon, Difficulty Canyon, Dillon Draw, Dirtyman Draw, Dixie Draw, Dry Creek Canyon, Dry Draw, Dry Draw, East Sweetwater Gulch, Echo Springs Draw, Fingerle Hollow, First Cottonwood Draw, Francis Draw, Frank Draw, Galusha Draw, Garden Gulch, Garrish Draw, Green Canyon, Grove Draw, Hanna Draw, Hay Gulch, Hay Gulch, Hay Gulch, Hayrack Draw, Hell Canyon, Hicox Draw, Hidden Treasure Gulch, Holler Draw, Homestake Draw, Homestead Draw, Horse Gulch, Horse Pasture Draw, Horse Springs Draw, House Gulch, Hugus Draw, Hurt Gulch, Hurt Gulch, Iron Springs Draw, Jackson Draw, Jep Canyon, Jim Draw, Johnson Canyon, Lake Draw, Little Coal Gulch, Little Robbers Gulch, Lost Springs Draw, Lost Springs Draw, Lower Big Gulch, Mahoney Draw, Mason Gulch, McCagar Draw, McCarty Canyon, McCold Draw, McFade Waterhole Draw, McPhail Draw, McPhail Draw, Miners Canyon, Missuori John Draw, Mud Spring Draw, Mud Spring Draw, Norbacher Canyon, North Barrel Springs Draw, North Draw, North Draw, North Gate Canyon, North Wolf Canyon, Number One Gulch, Number Three Gulch, Number Two Gulch, Olson Draw, Owl Gulch, Pass Creek Canyon, Pearce Draw, Pine Draw, Pines Draw, Pistol Draw, Poison Draw, Pole Canyon, Pole Gulch, Prior Draw, Purgatory Gulch, Rainbow Canyon, Ram Canyon, Rawlins Draw, Red Draw, Red Spring Draw, Rendle Draw, Reno Draw, Road Gulch, Robbers Gulch, Robinson Canyon, Rocky Draw, Rye Grass Gulch, Rye Gulch, Sand Creek Canyon, Sand Draw, Sand Draw, Sand Draw, Sanger Draw, Sawmill Draw, Schoolhouse Canyon, Schoolhouse Draw, Scotty Canyon, Seminoe Canyon, Shearing Pen Draw, Shearing Pens Draw, Sixteen Gulch, Sixteenmile Draw, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Slide Draw, Slims Draw, Smiley Draw, Smith Draw, Sneftens Draw, Snow Draw, Snowshoe Canyon, Soap Hole Wash, South Barrel Springs Draw, South Pine Draw, Spencer Draw, Spring Gulch, Squaw Canyon, Standard Draw, Standpipe Draw, Stemp Spring Gulch, Stinkhole Draw, Stovepipe Gulch, Stralyn Canyon, Strawberry Gulch, Streckfus Draw, Stump Hollow, Taylor Draw, Tin Can Draw, Tram Gulch, Trough Spring Draw, Turnbull Gulch, Tye Draw, Upper Big Gulch, Van Fleet Draw, Walker Draw, Walsh Draw, Watkins Draw, West Sweetwater Gulch, Wet Draw, White Rock Canyon, White Rock Draw, Whitehorse Canyon, Wild Horse Canyon, Wild Horse Draw, Wild Horse Draw, Willow Draw, Willow Spring Draw, Windmill Draw, Wise Dugout Draw, Wolf Canyon, Wood Draw, Young Draw

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Olson Well, Soldiers Well,

Carbon County, Wyoming Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCarbon County White population 14,82014,820  
American IndianCarbon County American Indian population 251250
MixedCarbon County Mixed population 235235
AsianCarbon County Asian population 141141
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCarbon County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1615

Additional population tables :
State population table
Wyoming population by county