Johnson County, Wyoming Basics:

Johnson County Wyoming - Government Site

Population: 8,602
Area: 4154 square miles
County seat: Buffalo
Area code(s) in use: 307
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 94.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 27.2%
Median household income: $57,175
Persons in poverty: 8.0%
Home ownership rate: 76.4%
Mean travel time to work: 21.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Big Horn  Campbell  Converse  Natrona  Sheridan  Washakie  

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Map of the Johnson County area

Our detail map of Johnson County shows the Johnson County, Wyoming boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Johnson County, Wyoming

  Airports     show all on map

Gosney Airport, Iberlin Strip Airport, Johnson County Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Antelope Basin, Dry Creek Basin, Frenchy Basin, Mowry Basin, The Wallows

  Bends     show all on map

The Trap

  Bridges     show all on map

Schoonover Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Bighorn National Forest Powder River Ranger District Fire Engine Crew, Buffalo - Johnson County Emergency Medical Services, Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department, Johnson County Fire Control District 1, Johnson County Search and Rescue, Kaycee Police Department, Powder River Fire District

  Canals     show all on map

Affalter Ditch, Barkey Ditch, Barnum Ditch, Barrett Ditch, Beaver Creek Ditch, Beaver Tooth Ditch, Big Bonanza Ditch, Big Piney Divide Ditch, Blue Creek Ditch, Blue Gap Ditch Number 19, Bob Brock Ditch, Boxelder Ditch, Broughton Ditch, Brown and Foster Ditch, Capitola Ditch, Cerlew Ditch, Close Call Ditch, Comstock Ditch, Connley Ditch, Cook Ditch Number 9, Cross Ditch, Crown Ditch, Cummings Ditch, David Kinker Ditch, Des Moines Ditch, Devoe Ditch Number 1, Dunlap Ditch, Eagle Ditch, Fish Lateral, Fort Collins Canal, Fox Ditch, Frances Ditch, Freeman Ditch, Graves Ditch, Grinnell Ditch, Hallie Ditch, Harris and Spang Ditch, Hazelton Ditch, Hesse Ditch, Highline Ditch, Hopkins Ditch, Horn Creek Ditch, Jarrard Ditch, Jim Blaine Ditch, Jim Crow Ditch, John Nolen Ditch, Johnson County Ditch, Johnson Creek Ditch, Keith Ditch, Kempton Ditch, Lake DeSmet Canal, Lea Ditch, Leiter Ditch, Lily Ditch, McGrath Ditch, Miles Ditch, Mitchell and Long Ditch, Modoc Ditch, Moeller Ditch, Moeller Ditch Number 1, Morgareidge Ditch, Mowry Basin Ditch, Murphy Ditch, Murphy Gulch Ditch, Newland Ditch, Northside Ditch, Penrose Ditch, Pierson Ditch, Pride of the Valley Ditch, Rambler Ditch, Red Bank Ditch Number 2, Redman Ditch, Rice Ditch Number 1, Ritchey Ditch, Rock Creek and Piney Diversion Ditch, Roseberry Ditch, Ruby Ditch, Senff Ditch, Simmons Ditch, Sixmile Ditch, Smith Ditch, Strickler Rinker Ditch, Sussex Irrigation Canal, Thompson and Mathews Ditch Number 35, Tisdale Ditch, Twenty and One Half Ditch, Upper Flying E Ditch, Upper Phil Kearny Ditch, Vruwink Ditch, Watkins Ditch, Watkins Ditch, Webb Perkins Ditch, White Panther Ditch, Winsor Ditch, Yarwood Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Seney Point, The V

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Kaycee Cemetery, Little Piney Cemetery, Morgareidge Cemetery, Willow Grove Cemetery

  Cliffs     show all on map

Red Wall Number 1, Red Wall Number 2, Reno Hill Anticline, Smith Cut Anticline, The Wall

  Crossings     show all on map

Dead Woman Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

76 Number 2 Dam, Albert Number 2 Dam, Amerada Dam, Andrus Dam, Applegate Dam, Baldwin Number 2 Dam, Basch Dam, Ben Dam, Big Boy Dam, Big Donaldson Dam, Big Horn Dam, Big Red Dam, Bob Dam, Bob Dam, Bob Dam, Brock Dam, Case Dam, Cheri L Dam, Cloud Peak Dam, Crain Dam, Cross Creek Reservoir Dam, Culp Number 1 Dam, Deep Dam, Dixon Dam, Donaldson Dam, Doyen Dam, Dry Creek Dam, Dry Poison Dam, Dull Knife Dam, Dwight Dam, Dwite Dam, Ethyl Number 1 Dam, Ethyl Number 2 Dam, Eychaner Dam, Falxa Number 1 Dam, Fauber Number 1 Dam, Fish Stockwater Dam, Fisher Dam, Fleetwood Dam, Four H Dam, Four Mile Dam, Fowler Dam, Freeman Number 3 Dam, Golden Dam, Government Number 1 Dam, Hague Paxton Dam, Hansen Number 3 Dam, Healy Dam, Heather Dam, Henry Dam, Henry Dam, Henry Number 1 Dam, Hepp Dam, Hepp Dam, Hepp Number 2 Dam, Highway Dam, Hoffman Dam, Horn Creek Dam, Horn Dam, Huff Dam, Huson Dam, Iberlin Dam, Iberlin Number 2 Dam, Irene Dam, Joe Dam, John Dam, Karl Dam, Karl Dam, Kaufman Dam, Kearney Lake Dam, Kelly Dam, Kimberly Dam, Kingsbury Todd Number 1 Dam, Kingsbury Todd Number 2 Dam, Lake Desmet Dam, Last Chance Reservoir Dam, Lion Dam, Lone Cedar Dam, Lower Poison Creek Dam, Lula Dam, Lyle Dam, Madonna Dam, Margaret Dam, Martin Dam, Marton Dam, Mary Number 2 Dam, Mary Stock Dam, McCarthy Number 1 Dam, Miller Dam, Mitchell Draw Dam, Moore Dam, Mowry Dam, Muddy Guard Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Muddy Guard Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Muffie Dam, Murk Dam, Murphy Dam, N Jack Rabbit Dam, North Dam, North Poker Creek Dam, Palmer Dam, Pass Creek Dam, Pass Creek Number 2 Dam, Pass Dam, Patch Dam, Patrick Dam, Peterson Dam, Phil Number 2 Dam, Pine Dale Dam, Pole Creek Irrigation Dam, Puff Dam, Purdy Dam, Quinn Dam, Ramsbottom Dam, Raper Draw Dam, Rattlesnake Number 1 Dam, Reculusa Dam, Reno Dam, Reynolds Piney Creek Diversion Dam, Ridge Place Number 2 Dam, Robertson Dam, Sand Draw Dam, Sandstone Dam, Smith Number 1 Dam, Smith Number 2 Dam, Sony Dam, South Fork Dam, South Fork Pond Dam, South Sayles Dam, Steffensen Dam, Steffensen Number 2 Dam, Steven Number 2 Dam, Streeter Dam, Tass Dam, Taylor Number 1 Dam, Trabing Dam, Twin Number 1 Dam, Van Noy Dam, Wallows Creek Dam, Wallows Creek Number 2 Dam, Walters Dam, Water Hole Dam, West Dam, Willits Reservoir Dam, Willow Glen Dam, Willow Park Dam, Winchester Dam, Zezas Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Bachaus Pasture, Bailey Flats, Beartrap Meadows, Big Mikes Flat, Bowman Flat, Buffalo Park, Bull Camp Park, Circle Park, Cull Watt Park, Culp Flat, Dancehall Flats, Dry Vee Slope, Eagle Creek Parks, Elgin Park, Ghent Parks, Ghent Slope, Hole-in-the-Wall Slope, Indian Flats, Linstead Flats, Lynx Park, Nines Flat, North River Slope, Penrose Park, Poker Creek Parks, Poker Creek Slope, Ricketts Flat, Schoolhouse Park, Slab Park, Soldier Park, Somerville Flats, South River Slope, Square Park, Triangle Park, Triangle Park, Uncle Billys Flats, Webber Park

  Gaps     show all on map

Bar C Gap, Dull Knife Pass, Edelman Pass, Elk Pass, Fraker Pass, Munkres Pass, Powder River Pass, The Slip, Toll Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Amie Holt Care Center, Johnson County Healthcare Center, Veterans Home of Wyoming

  Lakes     show all on map

Bard Lake, Beaver Lakes, Brown Bear Lake, Chill Lakes, Cross Creek Lakes, Crystal Lake, Deer Lake, Devils Lake, Diamond Lake, Duncan Lake, Elk Lake, Firehole Lakes, Flatiron Lake, Florence Lake, Frog Pond, Frying Pan Lake, Geddes Lake, Gem Lake, Glacier Lake, Golden Lakes, Her Lake, Highland Lake, Highland Park Lakes, Hole-in-the-Wall Lake, Hope Lake, Kaycee Lagoon, Lake Alibi, Lake Angeline, Lake Buffalo, Lake De Smet, Lake Geneva, Lake Golden, Lake McLain, Lake Mead, Lake Mirage, Lake Shamrock, Lake Winnie, Lame Deer Lake, Long Lake, Loomis Lake, Lost Twin Lakes, Lost Wilderness Lake, Lower Frozen Lake, Mabel Lake, Magdalene Lake, Martin Lake, Maybelle Lake, Myrtle Lake, Old Crow Lake, Otter Lake, Paradise Lake, Peggy Lake, Ploessers Dry Lake, Powell Lakes, Rainy Lake, Rinehart Lakes, Ringbone Lake, Romeo Lake, Sapphire Lake, Sawtooth Lakes, Seven Brothers Lakes, Sherd Lake, South Fork Ponds, South Piney Lakes, Spear Lake, Thayer Lake, The Lake, Trigger Lake, Upper Frozen Lake, Willow Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Adrian Ranch, Armstrong Cabin, Arndt Ranch, Bar C Ranch, Beaver Creek Ranch, Blue Creek Ranch, Brack Cabin, Brock Camp, Brock Cowcamp, Brown Ranch, Burdick Ranch, Butts Ranch, Canyon Campground, Cellers Ranch, Chabot Ranch, Christensen Ranch, Chubb and Lloyd Ranch, Circle Park Campground, Coffeen Park Campground, Comer Ranch, Condit Ranch, County Youth Camp, Crain Ranch, Crazy Woman Battlefield Historical Mark, Crazy Woman Campground, Crazy Woman Ranch, Cross Creek Campground, Cross H Cow Camp, Crutchet Ranch, D Cross Ranch, D Ranch, Davis Ranch, Dobrenz Ranch, Drew Ranch, Dry Fork Ranch, Dry Vee Cabin, Dry Vee Windmill, Dugout Ranch, E Meike Ranch, E Patterson Ranch, E-la-ka-wee Camp, Eklund J 3 Ranch, Elm Ranch, Elmer Rinker Homestead, Everson Cabin, Falxa Camp, Fauber Ranch, Fisher Ranch, Flynn Ranch, Fort Phil Kearny Historical Site, Fort Reno, Four Corners, Fourmile Ranch, French Creek Cow Camp, Garrett Cow Camp, Garrett Ranch, Ghent Homestead, Gibbs Cabin, Gibbs Ranch, Gordon Ranch, Gordons Camp, Gordons Cowcamp, Gosney Ranch, Gosney Ranch, Goyhenex Ranch, Graves Ranch, H F Bar Ranch, H Meike Ranch, Haines Ranch, Hanson Sawmill, Hat Ranch, Hepp Cow Camp, Hess Cabin, Hettinger Picnic Area, Highland Park Campground, Hoe Ranch, Hole-in-the-Wall Windmill, Hull Ranch, Hunter Corral, Hunter Ranger Station, Indart Ranch, Indian Creek Ranch, Irigaray Ranch, Irvine Cow Camp, Irvine Shearing Camp, Jack Payne Ranch, Jarrard Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Klondike Ranch, Koch Ranch, Kuiper Ranch, Lake Geneva Campground, Leigh Creek Trailor Dump Station, Lindar Cabin, Losey Ranch, Lost Cabin Campground, Lower Doyle Creek Campground, Lucasta Camp, Lund Ranch, Lund Sheep Camp, Martirena Ranch, Matthews Ranch, Mayor Ranch, Meadow Creek, Melke Brothers Ranch, Middle Fork Campground, Moore Ranch, Muddy Creek Cow Camp, Muddy Creek Guard Station, Nichols Ranch, Noland Cabin, Norris Graves Ranch, North Fork Picnic Area, North Fork Trailhead, North Meadow Creek Camp, O'Conner Ranch, Old Kos Ranch, Osborn Ranch, P Meike Ranch, Paradise Ranch, Payseno Ranch, Penrose Guard Station, Perry Cabin, Poker Creek Ranch, Provence Ranch, Ramsbottom Cowcamp, Ramsbottom Ranch, Reculusa Ranch, Robinson Ranch, Roehm Ranch, Roy Rinker Homestead, Saint Louis Cabins, Simmons Homestead, Smith Cabin, Smith Cabins, Smith Ranch, Smith Ranch, Snyder Ranch, Sourdough Campground, South Fork Campground, Spangler Cabin, Spear-O-Wigwam Resort, State Highway Maintenance Camp, Streeter Ranch, Sussex Repressuring Plant, T A Ranch, Taylor Brothers Sheep Camp, Taylor Ranch, Taylor Ranch, The Arch, The Pines, The Speedway, Thompson Ranch, Tie Hack Campground, Tillman Ranch, Tipperary Ranch, Tom B Carr Scout Camp, Trabing, Trail Side, TTT Ranch, Turk Ranch, U T Ranch, Ullery Ranch, Urruty Ranch, Vest Ranch, Wagon Box, Williams Ranch, Willow Glen Ranch, Wilson Ranch, Winingar Cabin, Wolcott Ranch, Z L Bar Ranch, Zigweid Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

A-Number Ninety-three Mine, Alice-Mae Mine, Antelope Mine, Arno Pit, Babion Mine, Barber Mine, Benton Clay Bentonite Mine, Bentonite Draw Mine, Betsey Bass Claim, Big Horn Mine, Big Horn Mountains Number One Mine, Bishop Mine, Buffalo Mine, Buffalo Sand and Gravel Pit, Bull Camp Group Mine, Bunning Mine, Bybee Mines, Campbell Number One Mine, Carter Pit Mine, Cellar Number Four Mine, Channel Deposit Mine, Charles Mine, Charlite Ore Body Mine, Christensen Lease Number Two Mine, Christensen Mine, Christenson Mine, Christianson Ranch Joint Venture Mine, City Pit, Clear Creek Mine, Columbus Mine, Craney Draw Mine, Cross H Mesa D Pit, Cross H Mesa Pit C, Cross H Pit Number Two, Daniels Pit Number Two Mine, Desert Queen Mine, Durand Number One Mine, Durand Number Two Mine, Emerald Park Mine, Forest Group Mine, Frank Claims, Garretson Mine, Gorden Pit, Gunderman Pit, H. N. Thompson Mine, Harriett Pit, Hearney Pit Mine, Hepp Pit Mine, Husen Pit Number A, Husen Pit Number B, Irigaray Mine, Jack Christansen Mine, Jack Rabbit Numbers One and Two Claims, Jane One Mine, Jarrard Extension Mine, Jarrard Rock Pile Mine, Jim Dandy Mine, John Christian Pit, Karl Three Claim, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Mine Number Fifty-six, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Eighteen Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Eighty Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Eighty-eight Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Eighty-five Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Eighty-nine Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Eighty-seven Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Eighty-six Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Eighty-two Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Eleven Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Fifteen Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Fifty Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Fifty-eight Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Fifty-four Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Fifty-one Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Fifty-three Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Forty-nine Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Fourteen Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-five Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-one Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-seven Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-six Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-three Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-two Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number One Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number One-hundred Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventeen Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventy Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventy-five Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventy-four Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventy-nine Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventy-one Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventy-seven Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventy-six Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventy-three Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Seventy-two Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Sixteen Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Sixty Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Sixty-five Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Sixty-four Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Sixty-one Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Sixty-seven Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Sixty-two Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ten Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Three Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Twelve Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Twenty-five Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Twenty-four Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Twenty-one Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Twenty-six Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Twenty-three Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Twenty-two Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporporation Number Fifty-five Mine, Keith Ditch Mine, Keith Pit Number One, Keith Pit Number One, Kerr-McGee Stan Seven and Eight Claims, Kershner Pit, Lake De Smet Mine, Lem Three and Four Moe Three and Four Claims, Lucky Seven Mine, Marton Powder River Pit, Mayworth Number Five Mine, Mayworth Number Nine Mine, Mayworth Number One Mine, Mayworth Number One Mine, Mayworth Number Seven and Eight Mine, Mayworth Number Six Mine, Meike Pit Number Three Mine, Microwave Pit, Mitchell Mine, Moe Fourteen Mine, Morton Pit Number Two, Mosier Gulch Mine, Muddy Creek Mine, Munkry Mine, Munkry Mine, North Rock Creek Mine, North Star Prospect, Ole Claims Mine, Opal Claims, P Claim Mine, Pelloux Pit, Pugsley Mine, Quincy Claims, Ray Claims, Red Fork Powder River Area Number One Mine, Red Fork Powder River Area Number Two Mine, Rhodds Pit, Roe Brothers Group Mine, Sad Sack Six Mine, Schiffer Mine, Schmidt Pit Mine, Shambaugh Number Two Mine, Shell Creek Mine, Sippie Mine, Sipple and Smith Mine, Sisters Hill Mine, Skiles Pit Number One, Skiles-Reno Pit, Slate Ridge Number Eight Mine, Slate Ridge Number Five Mine, Slate Ridge Number Nine Mine, Slate Ridge Number Ten Mine, Smith Pit Number One, Snakebite Number Two Mine, Soldiers and Sailors Pit Number Three, South Fork Powder River Mine, South Peak Mining Property Mine, State Pit, Sunset Claim Group Mine, Sunset Mines, Taylor Mine, Taylor Mine, Thompson Mine, Thompson Pit, Tisdale Number Four Mine, Tisdale Number Nine Mine, Tisdale Number One Mine, Tisdale Number Seven Mine, Tisdale Number Six Mine, Tisdale Number Ten Mine, Tisdale Number Three Mine, Tisdale Number Two Mine, Top Hand Group Mine, Tyjil Number One Mine, Ullery Mine, Ullery Pit Number Three, Walters Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Barber Creek West Oil Field, Cellers Ranch Oil Field, East Tisdale Oil Field, Meadow Creek Oil Field, North Fork Oil Field, North Meadow Creek Oil Field, North Tisdale Oil Field, Sussex Oil Field, West Sussex-Dugout Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Bozeman Trail Historical Marker, Bud Love Big Game Winter Range, Canyon Park, Coffeen Park, Father DeSmet Historical Monument, Fetterman Monument, Granite Park, Hazel Park, Heidley Park, Highland Park, Medicine Cabin Park, Pioneer Monument, Prosinski Park, Sagebrush Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock, Finger Rock, The Chimney

  Populated Places     show all on map

Barnum, Buffalo, Hazelton, Kaycee, Kearny, Linch, Linstead Place, Mayoworth, Saddlestring, Sussex, Sussex Unit

  Post Offices     show all on map

Hazelton Post Office (historical), Saddlestring Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Bighorn Mountains, Powder River Breaks, Red Hills, T A Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Cloud Peak Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

76 Number 2 Reservoir, Albert Number 2 Reservoir, Alexander Reservoir, Amerada Reservoir, Andrus Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Applegate Reservoir, Baldwin Number 2 Reservoir, Basch Reservoir, Bass Reservoir, Belus Number 1 Reservoir, Belus Number 2 Reservoir, Ben Reservoir, Big Boy Reservoir, Big Donaldson Reservoir, Big Draw Reservoir, Big Horn Reservoir, Big Red Reservoir, Bighorn Reservoir, Bob Reservoir, Bob Reservoir, Bob Reservoir, Bombsite Reservoir, Brock Reservoir, Case Reservoir, Cheri L Reservoir, Cloud Peak Reservoir, Coyer Reservoir, Crain Reservoir, Cross and Cruse Ck Ditch Company Reservoir, Cross Creek Reservoir, Cross Creek Reservoir, Culp Number 1 Reservoir, Deep Reservoir, Dixon Reservoir, Donaldson Reservoir, Dowlin Reservoir, Doyen Reservoir, Dry Creek Reservoir, Dry Poison Irrigation Reservoir, Dull Knife Reservoir, Dullknife Reservoir, Dwight Reservoir, Dwite Reservoir, Ehtyl Number 2 Reservoir, Ethyl Number 1 Reservoir, Eychaner Reservoir, Fauber Number 1 Reservoir, Figure 8 Reservoir, Fish Stockwater Reservoir, Fisher Reservoir, Flaxa Number 1 Reservoir, Fleetwood Reservoir, Four H Reservoir, Four Mile Reservoir, Fourmile Reservoir, Fowler Reservoir, Freeman Number 3 Reservoir, Gerkin Reservoir, Goble Reservoir, Golden Reservoir, Government Number 1 Reservoir, Green Reservoir, Hague Paxton Reservoir, Hansen Reservoir Number 3, Hardluck Reservoir, Harper Reservoir, Healy Reservoir, Heather Reservoir, Henry Number 1 Reservoir, Henry Reservoir, Henry Reservoir, Hepp Number 2 Reservoir, Hepp Reservoir, Hepp Reservoir, Highway Reservoir, Hoffman Reservoir, Horn Creek Reservoir, Horn Creek Reservoir, Horn Reservoir, Huff Reservoir, Huson Reservoir, Iberlin Number 2 Reservoir, Iberlin Reservoir, Indian Creek Reservoir, Irene Reservoir, Joe Reservoir, Joe Reservoir, John Reservoir, Karl Reservoir, Karl Reservoir, Kaufman Reservoir, Kearney Lake, Kearny Lake Reservoir, Keith Reservoir, Keith Reservoir, Keith Reservoir Number 2, Kelly Reservoir, Kimberly Reservoir, King Reservoir, Kingsbury Todd Number 1 Reservoir, Kingsbury Todd Number 2 Reservoir, Lake Desmet, Larramandy Reservoir, Last Chance Reservoir, Lion Reservoir, Lone Cedar Reservoir, Lower Poison Creek Stock Reservoir, Lula Reservoir, Lyle Reservoir, Lyle Reservoir, Madonna Reservoir, Margaret Reservoir, Martin Reservoir, Marton Reservoir, Mary Number 2 Reservoir, Mary Reservoir, McCarthy Reservoir Number 1, Miller Reservoir, Mitchell Draw Reservoir, Moore Reservoir, Moore Reservoir, Mowry Reservoir, Muddy Guard Reservoir Number 1, Muddy Guard Reservoir Number 2, Muffie Reservoir, Murk Reservoir, Murphy Reservoir, N Jack Rabbit Reservoir, North Poker Creek Reservoir, North Reservoir, Palisades Reservoir, Palmer Reservoir, Palmer Reservoir, Pass Creek Number 2 Reservoir, Pass Reservoir, Patch Reservoir, Patrick Reservoir, Peterson Reservoir, Petes Reservoir, Phil Number 2 Reservoir, Pine Dale Reservoir, Pole Creek Irrigation Reservoir, Puff Reservoir, Purdy Reservoir, Purdy Reservoir, Quinn Reservoir, Ramsbottom Reservoir, Raper Draw Reservoir, Rattlesnake Number 1 Reservoir, Reculusa Reservoir, Red Spring Reservoirs, Reno Reservoir, Reno Reservoir, Reynolds Piney Creek Diversion Dam, Ridge Place Number 2 Reservoir, Robertson Reservoir, Round Rock Reservoir, Sand Draw Reservoir, Sandstone Reservoir, Seven Elk Reservoir, Shell Creek Reservoir, Simmon Reservoir, Skiles Reservoir, Smith Number 2 Reservoir, Smith Reservoir Number 1, Sony Reservoir, South Fork Pond, South Fork Reservoir, South Sayles Reservoir, Sparks Reservoir, Spratt Reservoir, Steffensen Number 2 Reservoir, Steffensen Reservoir, Stevens Number 2 Reservoir, Stock Trail Reservoir Number 4, Streeter Reservoir, Tass Reservoir, Taylor Number 1 Reservoir, Trabing Reservoir, Tryon Reservoir, Twin Number 1 Reservoir, Twomile Reservoir, Van Noy Reservoir, Wallows Creek Number 2 Reservoir, Wallows Creek Reservoir, Walters Reservoir, Water Hole Reservoir, West Reservoir, Willits Reservoir, Willow Glen Reservoir, Willow Glen Reservoir, Willow Park Reservoir, Willow Park Reservoir, Winchester Reservoir, Zezas Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

A Ridge, Bald Ridge, Box Elder Ridge, Ferris Ridge, Harlan Ridge, Horse Pasture Ridge, Indian Creek Divide, Kingsbury Ridge, Kinney Divide, Lodge Trail Ridge, Lookout Ridge, N H Ridge, Narrow Ridge, North Ridge, North Ridge, Pine Ridge, Poison Weed Ridge, Road Ridge, Robins Ridge, Rock Ridge, Sawmill V Ridge, Snow Cave Ridge, Telephone Ridge, The Horn, Tisdale Divide, V Ridge, Wide Divide Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Billy Creek School, Billy Creek School, Buffalo High School, Caribou School, Clear Creek Middle School, Clear Creek School, Crain School, Kaycee High School, Kaycee Junior High School, Kaycee School, Linch School, Meadowlark School, Shell Creek School, Sussex School, Sutton School, Sutton School, Willow Creek School

  Slopes     show all on map

Pole Patch, Sipple Hill

  Springs     show all on map

Bard Spring, Big Spring, Billy Creek Spring, Carr Spring, Cash Spring, Charlie Brown Spring, Cole Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cow Camp Spring, Craney Spring, Curutchet Spring, Dancehall Spring, Donaldson Spring, East Hunter Mesa Spring, East Long Park Spring Number 2, Fishers Spring, Fox Cabin Spring, Frenchy Springs, Frenchy Springs, Hammond Spring, Hoe Spring, Hospital Hill Springs, Joe Grey Spring, Knighton Spring, Middle Spring, Middle Spring, Mosier Springs, Mud Spring, Old Man Spring, Red Spring, Red Spring, School Section Spring, Shearing Pens Spring, Taylor Spring, Tetley Spring, Thompson Springs, Toddy Spring, Trough Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alkali Creek, Antelope Creek, Antler Creek, Arch Creek, Bachaus Creek, Baldwin Creek, Balm of Gilead Creek, Barber Creek, Basco Creek, Bayer Creek, Beartrap Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Bilderback Creek, Billy Creek, Blue Creek, Boxelder Creek, Brock Fork, Brush Creek, Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Bullwacker Creek, Bullwhacker Creek, Burnett Creek, Caley Creek, Caribou Creek, Carpenter Creek, Cat Creek, Circle Park Creek, Coachy Creek, Coal Creek, Coffeen Creek, Corpe Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Crazy Woman Creek, Crooked Creek, Cross Creek, Cummings Creek, Davis Branch, Dead Horse Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Ditch Creek, Donkey Creek, Double Crossing Creek, Doyle Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Fork Powder River, Dry Muddy Creek, Dry Poison Creek, Dry Poison Creek, Duck Creek, Dugout Creek, East Fork Antelope Creek, East Fork Bullwhacker Creek, East Fork Cow Creek, East Fork Little Goose Creek, Edelman Creek, Elgin Creek, Elk Creek, Flying E Creek, Flying E Creek, Foot Creek, Fortification Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourmile Creek, French Creek, Gammon Creek, Gardner Creek, Goodman Creek, Gordon Creek, Gossett Creek, Grommund Creek, H A Creek, Hesse Creek, Hodge Creek, Hondo Creek, Horn Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Hot Water Creek, Hunter Creek, Indian Creek, J A Creek, Jenks Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Kearny Creek, Kelly Creek, Keno Creek, Lighter Creek, Lightner Creek, Lightner Creek, Little Bull Creek, Little Bullwhacker Creek, Little North Fork, Little North Fork Crazy Woman Creek, Little Piney Creek, Little Sourdough Creek, Little West Fork Trabing Dry Creek, Little Willow Creek, Loch Creek, Louise Creek, Louise Creek, Mattox Creek, McDonald Creek, Meadow Creek, Merle Creek, Mickelberry Creek, Middle Clear Creek, Middle Fork Crazy Woman Creek, Middle Fork Powder River, Middle Fork Trabing Dry Creek, Middle Rock Creek, Million Creek, Mowry Creek, Muddy Creek, Murphy Creek, Negro Creek, Ninemile Creek, North Branch Crooked Creek, North Clear Creek, North Fork Crazy Woman Creek, North Fork Fourmile Creek, North Fork Fourmile Creek, North Fork Ninemile Creek, North Fork Pass Creek, North Fork Powder River, North Fork Red Fork Powder River, North Fork Sayles Creek, North Fork Shell Creek, North Horse Creek, North Piney Creek, North Poker Creek, North Prong Bilderback Creek, North Prong Shell Creek, North Prong Soldier Creek, North Rock Creek, Oliver Creek, Pass Creek, Pass Creek, Pass Creek, Peno Creek, Penrose Creek, Pheasant Creek, Poison Creek, Poison Creek, Poker Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Posey Creek, Powell Creek, Pumpkin Creek, Rabbit Creek, Red Creek, Red Fork Powder River, Rock Creek, Rowan Spring, Salt Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sayles Creek, Seven Brothers Creek, Seventysix Creek, Sheep Creek, Shell Creek, Simmons Creek, Soldier Creek, Sourdough Creek, South Clear Creek, South Fork Bull Creek, South Fork Crazy Woman Creek, South Fork Fourmile Creek, South Fork Powder River, South Fork Red Fork Powder River, South Fork Sayles Creek, South Fork Shell Creek, South Piney Creek, South Posey Creek, South Prong Blue Creek, South Prong Wallows Creek, South Rock Creek, South Willow Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Run, Stanley Creek, Steel Creek, Stockwell Creek, Story Creek, Stubbs Creek, Sullivan Creek, Taylor Creek, Tepee Creek, Tex Springs Creek, Thomas Creek, Trabing Dry Creek, Twin Creek, Vale Creek, Wall Creek, Wallows Creek, Webb Creek, Webber Creek, Webber Creek, West Fork Antelope Creek, West Fork Bullwhacker Creek, West Fork Cow Creek, West Fork Trabing Dry Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Ant Hill, Arpan Butte, Bald Hill, Bald Knob, Bighorn Peak, Black Rib, Blue Hill, Bomber Mountain, Buckbrush Butte, Cash Hill, Castle Rock, Chalk Butte, Chris LeDoux Point, Crazy Woman Mountain, Darton Peak, E K Mountain, Eagles Trap, Elk Peak, Fraker Mountain, Frewens Castle, Gardner Mountain, Gobblers Knob, Grouse Mountain, Hazelton Peak, Hazelton Pyramid, Hesse Mountain, Hunter Mesa, Lander Hill, Little Goose Peak, Loaf Mountain, Mackenzie Hill, Massacre Hill, Monument Hill, Negro Butte, Penrose Peak, Pilot Knob, Poker Butte, Pugsley Hill, Red Hill, Red Spring Hill, Reno Hill, Reno Hill, Saddle Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Sisters Hill, Six Horse Hill, Snake Hill, South Red Hill, Specimen Hill, Steamboat Rock, Stone Mountain, Sullivant Hill, Table Mountain, Tabletop, The Castle Rock, The Mesa, The Mesa, The Nipple, Tisdale Mountain

  Swamps     show all on map

Willow Marsh

  Towers     show all on map

KBBS-AM (Buffalo), KLGT-FM (Buffalo), KLGT-FM (Buffalo)

  Trails     show all on map

Angeline Trail, Bozeman Trail, Cash Trail, Penrose Park Trail

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Adamson Draw, Alkali Draw, Anderson Draw, Andrews Draw, Andrus Draw, Antelope Draw, Antelope Draw, Antelope Draw, Applegate Draw, Arminto Draw, Arndt Draw, Arno Draw, Arpan Draw, Art Ekland Draw, Bar C Draw, Barnes Draw, Bass Draw, Bates Draw, Beach Draw, Bear Draw, Bear Gulch, Bedground Draw, Beecher Draw, Bentonite Draw, Big Draw, Big Draw, Big Red Draw, Bodan Draw, Bond Draw, Bowman Draw, Bridge Draw, Bugher Draw, Burger Draw, Bybee Draw, Campbell Draw, Carpenter Draw, Carter Draw, Cash Canyon, Cates Draw, Cathers Draw, Center Draw, Center Draw, Center Draw, Champion Draw, Charlie House Draw, Clay Draw, Coal Bank Gulch, Coal Draw, Coal Gulch, Cole Draw, Colorado Flats Draw, Connley Draw, Cook Draw, Copps Draw, Corpe Draw, Coyer Draw, Coyote Draw, Coyote Draw, Craney Draw, Crawford Draw, Culp Draw, Curtis Draw, Davis Draw, Deadman Draw, Deer Gulch, Del Gulch, Denny Draw, Devoe Canyon, Dogtown Draw, Doud Draw, Draw Number 2, Draw Number 3, Dry Gulch, Dry Muddy Canyon, Dump Draw, East End Draw, East Four Draw, East Healy Draw, East Prong Hakert Draw, East Spring Draw, Eder Draw, Elaine Draw, Eldridge Draw, Ellison Draw, Embry Draw, Endres Draw, Ethyl Draw, Evans Draw, Evans Draw, Fay Dennis Draw, Fifteenmile Draw, Figure 8 Draw, Fisher Draw, Fleetwood Draw, Floate Draw, Florence Canyon, Flynn Draw, Fort Reno Draw, Four Draw, Four H Draw, Fowler Draw, Fredrick Draw, Freeman Draw, Frenchman Draw, Frewens Draw, Frost Draw, Gammon Draw, George Hess Draw, Gierse Draw, Goble Draw, Gossett Canyon, Gossett Draw, Greitl Draw, Grub Draw, Hakert Draw, Haley Draw, Hall Field Draw, Harper Draw, Hawk Draw, Hay Draw, Hay Gulch, Headgate Draw, Healy Draw, Hibbard Draw, Hodges Draw, Hole-in-the-Wall, Holler Draw, Hood Draw, Horseshoe Canyon, House Draw, Houston Draw, Hull Draw, Hunter Draw, Hunter Draw, Hupp Draw, Hynes Draw, Ike Draw, Indian Draw, Indian Draw, J J Draw, Jackrabbit Draw, Jenks Draw, Jepson Draw, Jewell Draw, Joe Draw, Johnson Draw, Jones Draw, Julio Draw, Juniper Draw, Junk Draw, Keathley Draw, Keith Draw, Keyes Draw, Kinney Draw, Knebel Draw, Kuiper Draw, Kumor Draw, Kurtley Draw, Larramandy Draw, Laskie Draw, Last Chance Draw, Laurie Draw, Lawrence Draw, Leach Draw, Leon Draw, Lewis Draw, Little Antelope Draw, Livingston Draw, Lone Tree Draw, Lone Tree Draw, Lone Tree Gulch, Long Draw, Lucky Draw, Martin Draw, McCray Draw, McMillan Draw, McNeese Draw, McNeese Draw, McVenry Draw, Meadow Draw, Metcalf Gulch, Minecke Draw, Mitchell Draw, Monument Draw, Mooney Draw, Moonshine Draw, Morris Draw, Mosier Gulch, Muddy Draw, Murray Draw, Neilson Draw, Neilson Draw, Nelson Draw, Nick Ray Draw, Ninemile Waterhole Draw, North Fork Coal Gulch, North Fork Lone Tree Gulch, North Healy Draw, North Sandy Draw, North Spring Draw, North Sulphur Draw, North Terry Draw, Northeast Fork Toddy Draw, Nurse Draw, O'Malley Draw, Ormsby Draw, Orr Gulch, Packsaddle Canyon, Pass Creek Canyon, Pavey Draw, Peterson Draw, Peterson Draw, Pheasant Draw, Phinney Draw, Pine Draw, Pine Grove Gulch, Pine Gulch, Ploessers Draw, Pollard Draw, Post Draw, Pugsley Draw, Raitt Draw, Read Draw, Red Canyon, Red Draw, Red Draw, Red Gulch, Reeves Draw, Regina Draw, Reno Draw, Rider Draw, Rim Rock Draw, Robinson Canyon, Rocky Draw, Rose Draw, Ross Draw, Rossnecker Draw, Russel Draw, Sackett Canyon, Salt Creek V Draw, Sand Draw, Sattler Draw, Scarecrow Draw, Schlicht Draw, School Section Draw, School Section Draw, School Section Draw, School Section Draw, School Section Draw, School Section Draw, Schooner Canyon, Scroggins Draw, Seepage Draw, Senff Draw, Sennett Draw, Seventysix Draw, Shale Draw, Shale Draw, Shaw Draw, Shirk Draw, Skiles Draw, Smith Draw, Smith Draw, Smith Draw, Snowdrift Draw, Somerville Draw, Sony Draw, South Fork Harper Draw, South Fork Lone Tree Gulch, South Prong West Spring Draw, South Side Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Starvation Draw, Stewart Draw, Stotts Draw, Strong Draw, Stubbs Draw, Sulphur Draw, Taylor Draw, Taylor Draw, Telephone Draw, Terry Draw, Tex Draw, The Crevasses, Timber Draw, Toddy Draw, Trabing Draw, Trail Canyon, Trail Draw, Trough Draw, Truk Draw, Tryon Draw, Turner Draw, Twomile Draw, Van Houten Draw, Voelkner Draw, Waegle Draw, Walker Draw, Watt Draw, West Campbell Draw, West Carpenter Canyon, West Draw, West Fork Freeman Draw, West Fork Murray Draw, West Prong Arminto Draw, West Prong Cole Draw, West Prong West Spring Draw, West Spring Draw, Whisky Draw, Wild Horse Draw, Williams Draw, Windmill Draw, Windmill Draw, Windy Point Draw, Wolf Den Draw, Wop Draw, Wright Draw

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Bridge Well, Cat Creek Well, Drew Well, First Well, Middle Well, Morrison Well, Parker Well, School Section Well, Shiloh Well, Stockrest Well, The Flowing Well, Vomburg Well,

Johnson County, Wyoming Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteJohnson County White population 8,2328,232  
American IndianJohnson County American Indian population 112111
BlackJohnson County Black population 103103
MixedJohnson County Mixed population 9594
AsianJohnson County Asian population 6060
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderJohnson County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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State population table
Wyoming population by county