Sweetwater County, Wyoming Basics:

Sweetwater County Wyoming - Government Site

Population: 45,164
Area: 10427 square miles
County seat: Green River
Area code(s) in use: 307
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 90.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.0%
Median household income: $72,139
Persons in poverty: 9.9%
Home ownership rate: 71.3%
Mean travel time to work: 21.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Carbon  Daggett (UT)  Fremont  Lincoln  Moffat (CO)  Sublette  Summit (UT)  Uinta  

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Map of the Sweetwater County area

Our detail map of Sweetwater County shows the Sweetwater County, Wyoming boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Sweetwater County, Wyoming

  Airports     show all on map

Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport, Hay Reservoir Landing Strip, Red Creek Ranch Airport, Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport, Skorup Memorial Hospital Heliport

  Arches     show all on map

Eye of the Eagle

  Areas     show all on map

Adobe Town, Blue Forest, Devils Playground, Little Colorado Desert, Red Creek Badlands

  Basins     show all on map

Alkali Basin, Black Lake, Buckskin Basin, Buffalo Hump Basin, Buster Basin, Cherokee Basin, Chicken Springs Basin, East Fork Pit Number 3, Firehole Basin, Four J Basin, Great Divide Basin, Horseshoe Basin, Lost Creek Basin, North Baxter Basin, Pine Butte Basin, Red Creek Basin, Red Desert Basin, Sage Creek Basin, Sand Butte Basin, South Baxter Basin, Sugarloaf Basin, Tommy James Basin, Twelvemile Sink, Whiskey Basin, Wildhorse Basin

  Bends     show all on map

Big Bend, Big Bend, Boat Bottom, Cordwood Bottom, Davis Bottom, Horseshoe Bend, Horseshoe Bend, Horseshoe Bend, Scott Bottom, The Confluence, Whalen Bottom, Whiskey Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Antelope Bridge, Big Island Bridge, Blacks Fork Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Bairoil Fire Department, Bairoil Police Department, Black Butte Coal Company Fire Brigade, Bridger Coal Company Emergency Response Team, Castle Rock Ambulance Services, Church and Dwight Response Team, Eden - Farson Fire Control District, Eden Valley Ambulance Service, FMC Wyoming Corporation Fire Brigade, General Chemical Corporation Surface Rescue Team, Granger Volunteer Fire Department, Green River Fire Department, Green River Police Department, Jim Bridger Power Plant Fire Brigade, Little America Holdings Fire Department, Reliance Volunteer Fire Department, Rock Springs - Sweetwater County Airport Fire Department, Rock Springs Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Rock Springs Fire Department Station 2, Rock Springs Fire Department Station 3 and Training Facility, Rock Springs Regional Ambulance, Superior Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, Sweetwater County Fire Department, Sweetwater County Fire District 1, Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office, Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office Rock Springs, Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office Wamsutter, Sweetwater Medics, Wamsutter Fire Department, Wamsutter Police Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol District 3 Division E

  Canals     show all on map

Big Meadow Ditch, Bordeaux Canal, Bordeaux Ditch, Canal Number 1, Canal Number 3, Chambers Ditch, Chambers Ditch, Eden Canal, Eden Lateral, Farson Lateral, Hamp Ditch Number 1, Hamp Ditch Number 2, Hay Ditch, Hay Lateral, Interstate Canal, Little Sandy Canal, Little Sandy Feeder Canal, Means Canal, Moore and Bagley Ditch, Number 1 Lateral, Otterson Ditch, Peoples Canal, Pierotto Ditch, Rood Ditch, Sheep Creek Canal, Sheep Creek Irrigation Canal, Superior Ditch, Tallman Ditch, Threemile Ditch, Two Bar Ditch, West Side Lateral

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Burntfork Cemetery, Eden Valley Cemetery, McKinnon Cemetery, McKinnon Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Whitman Cemetery, Widdop Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Arrowhead Springs Census Designated Place, Clearview Acres Census Designated Place, Eden Census Designated Place, Farson Census Designated Place, James Town Census Designated Place, Little America Census Designated Place, McKinnon Census Designated Place, North Rock Springs Census Designated Place, Point of Rocks Census Designated Place, Purple Sage Census Designated Place, Reliance Census Designated Place, Sweeney Ranch Census Designated Place, Table Rock Census Designated Place, Washam Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Adobe Town Rim, Blue Point, Blue Rim, Bull Springs Rim, Bush Rim, Chain Lakes Rim, Cyclone Rim, Dodge Rim, East Fork Point, Four J Rim, Joe Hay Rim, Kinney Rim, Laney Rim, Lion Bluffs, Luman Rim, McCullen Bluff, Powder Rim, Prehistoric Rim, Rifes Rim, Sand Butte Rim, Sixmile Rim, Skull Creek Rim, Skull Creek Rim, Steamboat Rim, Tenmile Rim, The Bluffs, The Palisades, Wamsutter Rim, Wells Bluff, White Rocks, Willow Creek Rim, Windy Point

  Crossings     show all on map

Brinegar Ferry (historical), Buckboard Crossing, Lower Shell Creek Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

Allied Number 4 Tailings Pond Dam, Big Sandy Dam, Big Sandy Dam, Big Sandy Dike Dam, Brannan Number 1 Dam, Briggs Dam, Bush Creek Dam, Dad Dahl Detention Dam Number 2, Detention Dam 1594 Number 3, Eagle Nest Draw Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Eagle Nest Draw Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Eden Irrigation and Land Company Number 1 Dam, Hadsell Dam, Hay Dam, Jim Bridger Power Plant Surge Pond Dam, Jim Bridger Project Evaporation Pond Dam, John Erickson Dam, Number 1 Tailings Pond Dam, Number 2 Dam, Number 3 Dam, Number 4 Dam, Number 5a Dam, Rambaud Number 1 Dam, Rambaud Number 2 Dam, Sewage Lagoon Dam, Solid Waste Disposal Cell E Dam, Solid Waste Disposal Cell F Dam, Solid Waste Disposal Cell H Dam, Stevens Draw Dam, Texasgulf Emergency Pond Number 2 Dam, Texasgulf Tailings Dam, Wasatch Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Antelope Flats, Barney Meadows, Battle Spring Flat, Big Pasture, Black Rock Flat, Chain Lakes Flat, Diamond Field, Dodge Meadows, Dolly Meadow, Dorrence Recreation Park, Flat Iron, Greenhough Flats, Hanks Meadow, Haystack Flats, Janes Meadow, Manns Flat, Mud Lake Flats, Ramsay Desert, Scotts Meadow, Slater Flats, Stevens Flat, Sublettes Flat, Tenmile Flat, The Meadows, Threemile Meadow

  Gaps     show all on map

Fish Cut, Freighter Gap, Indian Gap, Johnson Gap, Manuel Gap, Minnies Gap, Richards Gap, Sand Gap, The Narrows, Titsworth Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Castle Rock Convalescent Center, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, Pioneer Residential Treatment Center

  Islands     show all on map

Big Island, Freezeout Island, Telephone Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Buffalo Hump Lake, Bush Lake, Carson Lakes, Chain Lakes, Circle Bar Lake, Dry Lake, Frewen Lake, Hansen Lake, Little Osborne Lake, Lost Creek Butte Lake, Lost Creek Lake, Mahoney Lakes, McCann Lake, McKay Lake, Monument Lake, Mud Lake, Pine Lake, Red Lake, Red Lakes, Rock Lake, Sand Creek Lake, Scotty Lake, Shelton Lake, Stratton Lakes, Twelvemile Hole

  Locales     show all on map

44 Ranch, Austin Ranch, Baker Ranch, Bar X Ranch, Baxter, Big Pond Station (historical), Black Buttes, Black Buttes Stage Station, Blake Sheep Camp, Bonomo Ranch, Brinegar Ranch, Buckboard Crossing, Buzzard Sheep Camp, Canyon Creek Camp, Canyon Creek Ranch, Cherokee, Chilton Ranch, Chrisman Ranch, Circle Bar Sheep Camp, Cookston Ranch, Currant Creek Ranch, Davis Cabin, Dug Springs Stage Station Ruins, Dunkle Ranch, East Plane, Eckes Homestead, Erickson-Kent Ranch, Eversole Ranch, Firehole Canyon, Firehole Canyon Campground, Firehole Canyon Campground, Flaming Gorge Shopping Center, Fourteenmile Ranch, Frewen, Gaensslen Ranch, Gornik Ranch, Graham Ranch, Guy Rife Ranch, Hadsell Cabin, Hadsell Corral, Hadsell Place (historical), Hallville, Hawley Ranch, Hofeldt Ranch, Holmes Crossing Recreation Site, Horse Ranch, Houghton Ranch, Hutton Heights Shopping Center, Jawbone Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Kinch McKinney Hill, L D Ranch, LaClede Stage Station, Larsens Ranch, Latham, Lewis Ranch, Little Basin Ranch, Logan Place, Lombard Ferry, Lone Tree Stage Station, Luman Ranch, M Bar Ranch, Maxon Ranch, McKinnon Junction, Meadow Gulch Ranch, Middle Hay Ranch, Miller Ranch (historical), Mud Springs Ranch, North Baxter, Old Osborne Cabin, Old Stage Station, Pal Ranch, Peru, Phillippi Ranch, Pierotto Ranch, Pio Moses Ranch, Plaza Mall Shopping Center, Point of Rocks Stagecoach Station, Ramsay Ranch, Rasmussen Sheep Camp, Red Creek Ranch, Rife Ranch, Rife Windmill, Riview, Rock Cabin Dugway, Rock Lake Grange, Sage Creek Ranch, Scofield Ranch, Shaul Ranch, South Camp, Staley Corral, Stansbury Junction, Strandburg Ranch, Stratton Camp, Superior, The Natural Corrals, The Wells, Upper Marsh Creek Boat Ramp, Upper Marsh Creek Recreation Site, Upper Marsh Creek Recreation Site, Wallace Cabin, Washington Place (historical), Webster Dugway, Wedemeyer Ranch, Westvaco, Westvaco Section, White Mountain Mall, Winton Junction

  Mines     show all on map

Acme Pit, Alchem Trona Mine, Allied Trona Mine, Aspen Mountain Mine, Bab Mine, Badgers Teeth Mine, Big Island Mine, Big T Mine, Bison Basin Project Mine, Black Butte Creek Mine, Black Eagle Mine, Canyon Creek Mine, Cherokee Project Number One Mine, Cherokee Project Number Two Mine, Clark Mine, Copenhagen Mine, Cox Mine, D Mine, Diamond Alkali Company Number Three Mine, Diamond Alkali Company-Butler Well Number One Mine, Dines Number Eight Mine, Dines Number Eleven Mine, Dines Number Nine Mine, Dines Number Six Mine, Dines Number Ten Mine, E-Plane Number Eleven Mine, Fluke Number One Mine, FMC Westvaco Mine Numbers One and Two, FMC Westvaco Number Six Mine, G Mine, Gamma Ray Mine, Granger Number Two Mine, Green River Area Mine, Green River Area Mine, Green River Basin-Laramie Research Mine, Green River Mine, Green River Pit, Gunn-Quealy B Mine, Gunn-Quealy C Mine, Hopeful Mine, Hottens Prospect, Indian Mine, Intermountain Chemical Company Mine, Iris Mine, Jabcig Mine, Jayhawk Mine, Jim Bridger Mine, John Group Claim Mine, John Hay Junior Number One Mine, John Jarvie Mine, Kent Mine Number One, Koskie Prospect, Lecite Hills Mine, Little Mountain Mine, Lost Soldier Mine, Lucky Turk Mine, Mad Number One Mine, Marston Shaft Number One Mine, Menkeinney Mine, Merrimac Mine, MO Nine Mine, Mud Mine, Myers Mine, Pedro Claims, Pettingrew Mine, Phillips Petroleum-Cedar Mountain Number One Mine, Pilot Butte Mine, Pine Claim, Pine Mountain Area Mine, Point of Rocks Mine, Potash Company of America Number One Mine, Potash Company of America Number Two Mine, Premier Mine, Prospect Mountains Mine, Rainbow Mine, Red Desert Project Mine, Red Jeep Number One Mine, Reliance Number Eleven Mine, Reliance Number Five Mine, Reliance Number One A Mine, Reliance Number One B Mine, Reliance Number One C Mine, Reliance Number One Mine, Reliance Number Seven Mine, Reliance Number Three Mine, Reliance Pit Number Eleven, Reliance Pit Number Four, Reliance Pit Number One Mine, Reliance Pit Number Ten, Reliance Pit Number Three, Reliance Pit Number Three A, Reliance Pit Number Twelve, Reliance Pit Number Two, Rock Springs Coal Company Number One Mine, Rock Springs Number Eleven Mine, Rock Springs Number Two B Mine, Routh Pit Number Two and Three, Sage Creek Mine, Sourdough Butte Mine, Stansbury Mine, Stansbury Number One Mine, Stansbury Number Three Mine, Star Numbers Five and Six Mine, State Highway Department Mine, State School Number One Mine, State School Number Two Mine, Stauffer Chemical Company Big Island Number Twelve Mine, Stauffer Trona Mine, Sweetwater Uranium Mine, Sweetwater Uranium Project Mine, Texasgulf Soda Ash Project Mine, Texasgulf-Trona Mine, Union Pacific Number Four Mine, Union Pacific Number One Mine, Union Pacific Number Three Mine, Union Pacific Number Two Mine, Valley View Mine, Wasatch Claims - Group Two Mine, Wasatch Claims Group Number One Mine, Westvaco Mine, Westvaco Number Eight Mine, Westvaco Number Eleven Mine, Westvaco Number Five Mine, Westvaco Number Four Mine, Westvaco Number One Mine, Westvaco Number Seven Mine, Westvaco Number Six Mine, Westvaco Number Ten Mine, Westvaco Number Thirteen Mine, Westvaco Number Three Mine, Westvaco Number Twelve Mine, Westvaco Number Two Mine, Westvaco Shaft Number 3, Winton Number One Mine, Winton Number Seven A Mine, Winton Number Three Mine, Wyoming Coal and Coke Company Mine, Yellow Rose Number Two Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Canyon Creek Gas Field, Lost Soldier Oil Field, Patrick Draw Oil Field, Table Rock Oil and Gas Field, Wamsutter Gas Field

  Parks     show all on map

Bunning Park, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Granger Stage Station Historical Marker, Island Park, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, Three Patches Picnic Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock, Eagle Rock, Giants Thumb, Little Monument, North Chimney Rock, South Chimney Rock, Sugar Bowl Rock, Teakettle Rock, The Pinnacles, Tollgate Rock, Twin Rocks

  Populated Places     show all on map

Arrowhead Springs, Bairoil, Bitter Creek, Blairtown, Bryan, Burntfork, Clearview Acres, Creston, Creston Junction, Dines (historical), Eden, Farson, Fort LaClede (historical), Granger, Granger Junction, Green River, Greenhough Place, J O Junction, James Town, Kanda, Little America, McKinnon, Monell, North Rock Springs, Petes Place, Point of Rocks, Purple Sage, Quealy, Red Desert, Reliance, Rendezvous, Riner, Riovista, Robinson, Rock Springs, Rocky Crossing, Salt Wells, South Baxter, South Superior, Squaw Hollow (historical), Stansbury, Sweeney Ranch, Table Rock, Thayer Junction, Tipton, Wamsutter, Washam, Winton (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Badlands Hills, Flattop Buttes, Honeycomb Buttes, Jack Morrow Hills, Leucite Hills, Oregon Buttes, Tepee Mountains

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adobe Butte Reservoir, Adobe Draw Reservoir, Adobe Reservoir, Agropyron Reservoir, Alkali Creek Reservoir Number 1, Alkali Creek Reservoir Number 2, Alkali Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Anthill Reservoir, Antler Reservoir, Arrowhead Reservoir, Baby Antelope Reservoir, Badlands Reservoir, Big Hollow Reservoir, Black Spring Reservoir, Blank Reservoir, Blue Rim Reservoir Number 1, Blue Rim Reservoir Number 2, Blue Rim Reservoir Number 3, Blue Rim Reservoir Number 4, Border Reservoir, Box Spring Reservoir, Branch Reservoir, Brannan Number 1 Reservoir, Brannan Reservoir, Briggs Reservoir, Briggs Reservoir, Brown Rock Reservoir, Brush Reservoir, Buckboard Reservoir, Bush Creek Reservoir, Calamagrottis Reservoir, Carson Reservoir, Cedar Mountain Reservoir, Cherokee Reservoir, Chicken Spring Pond, Chimney Reservoir, Clay Flat Reservoir, Cloud Reservoir, Continental Reservoir Number 1, Continental Reservoir Number 2, Courthouse Butte Reservoir, Cow Creek Reservoir, Crooked Well Reservoir, Cut Reservoir, Dad Dail Reservoir, Dead Cow Reservoir, Dead End Reservoir, Detention Dam 1594 Number 3, Doms Reservoir, Dry Reservoir, Dry Reservoir, Dry Well Reservoir, Eagle Nest Draw Reservoir Number 1, Eagle Nest Draw Reservoir Number 2, Eagles Nest Draw Reservoir Number 1, East Cow Creek Reservoir, Eden Reservoir, Eden Reservoir Number 1, Fifteenmile Knoll Reservoir, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Flat Draw Reservoir, Forsaken Reservoir, Government Reservoir, Greasewood Reservoir, Green Sandstone Reservoir, Guthridge Reservoir, Hadsell Reservoir, Hawk Nest Reservoir, Hay Reservoir, Hay Reservoir, Haystack Reservoir, High Center Reservoir, Hordeum Reservoir, Horse Trap Reservoir, Humbolt Reservoir, Hunter Reservoir, Hussman Reservoir, Indian Reservoir, Iron Springs Reservoir, Jim Bridger Project Evaporation Pond, Jim Bridger Reservoir, John Erickson Reservoir, John Hay Reservoir, Juniper Reservoir, Knob Reservoir, Last Reservoir, Long Ridge Reservoir, Lost Soldier Reservoir, Lower Water Stewart Creek Reservoir, Middle Reservoir, Miserable Reservoir, Moonstone Reservoir, Mosquito Reservoir, Muir Reservoir, Needle Reservoir, Neff Reservoir, No Name Reservoir, No Name Reservoir, North Reservoir, Northwest Powder Reservoir, Number 1 Tailings Pond Reservoir, Number 2 Evaporation Reservoir, Number 3 Evaporation Reservoir, Number 5a Reservoir, Osborne Reservoir, Petrified Wood Reservoir, Phil Mass Reservoir, Pinnacle Springs Reservoir, Pio Reservoir, Potter Mountain Reservoir, Powder Reservoir, Powder Wash Reservoir, Pronghorn Reservoir, R O W Reservoir, Rambaud Number 1 Reservoir, Rambaud Number 2 Reservoir, Reynolds Reservoir, Ringdahl Reservoir, Road Crossing Reservoir, Rock Ridge Reservoir, Rocky Draw Reservoir, Rocky Reservoir, Sage Reservoir, Salazar Reservoir, Salt Lick Reservoir, Sand Branch Reservoir, Sand Hill Reservoir, Sand Reservoir, Sandy Butte Reservoir, Sandy Draw Reservoir, Section Line Reservoir, Seismograph Reservoir Number 2, Seismograph Reservoir Number 3, Sewage Lagoon, Short Wash Reservoir, Silt Reservoir, Slide Reservoir, Soap Holes Reservoir, Solid Waste Disposal Cell E Reservoir, Solid Waste Disposal Cell F Reservoir, Solid Waste Disposal Cell H Reservoir, Sooner Reservoir, Spring Draw Reservoir, Staley Corral Reservoir, State Reservoir, State Reservoir Number 2, Stevens Draw Reservoir, Stormy Reservoir, Sugarloaf Reservoir, Tenmile Reservoir Number 3, Tenmile Reservoir Number 4, Texasgulf Emergency Pond Number 2, Texasgulf Tailings Reservoir, Trailside Reservoir, Trouble Reservoir, Twin Fork Reservoir, Two Draw Reservoir, Upper Draw Reservoir, Upper Water Stewart Creek Reservoir, Virgin Reservoir, Wasatch Reservoir, Washout Reservoir, Water Can Reservoir, West Cow Creek Ranch Reservoir, White Reservoir, White Water Reservoir, Wild Horse Reservoir, Willow Reservoir, Windy Reservoir, Winter Fat Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Big Ridge, Cooper Ridge, Currant Creek Ridge, Delaney Rim, Lost Soldier Divide, Monument Ridge, Ruedloff Ridge, Siberia Ridge, The Glades, The Haystacks

  Schools     show all on map

Bairoil School, Desert Middle School, Desert School, Farson-Eden High School, Farson-Eden Middle School, Farson-Eden School, Granger Middle School, Granger School, Lincoln High School, Lincoln School, Linton School, Lowell School, McKinnon Middle School, Richeau School, Roosevelt School, Roosevelt School, Superior School, Thoman School, Washington School, Washington School, Western Wyoming Community College, Yellowstone School

  Slopes     show all on map

Big Hollow Bench

  Springs     show all on map

Alkali Spring, Alkali Springs, Angelovie Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Springs, Barney Meadows Spring, Barrel Springs, Bates Spring, Battle Spring, Beans Spring, Beef Steer Spring, Bell Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Black Rock Springs, Box Spring, Box Spring, Brown Spring, Buffalo Spring, Bull Springs, Camp Creek Springs, Carson Spring, Carter Spring, Castello Spring, Chicken Spring, Chicken Spring, Chicken Springs, Chicken Springs, Chug Spring, Circle Springs, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Davis Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Delaney Spring, Desert Springs, Dry Canyon Spring, Eagles Nest Spring, Ely Spring, Espitallier Spring, Fifteenmile Spring, First Spring, Forney Springs, Freighter Spring, Gap Spring, Goat Spring, Greasewood Spring, Grindstone Spring, Hadsell Spring, Harris Spring, Hartt Cabin Spring, Hillside Springs, Horseshoe Spring, Indian Spring, Iron Spring, Iron Spring, J O Spring, Jackknife Spring, Jim Spring, Jim Washum Spring, Jones Springs, Kinch McKinney Spring, Kinney Spring, Laney Spring, Lousy George Spring, Lower Powder Spring, Lower Willow Creek Spring, Maggie Springs, Marine Spring, McKnight Spring, McPherson Springs, Meadow Springs, Minnie Spring, Moonshine Spring, Moonshine Spring, Mud Springs, Mullen Camp Spring, Niland Spring, Ninemile Spring, North Barrel Spring, Osborne Spring, Ox Yoke Springs, Parea Spring, Peeler Spring, Pete Spring, Piker Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Pio Spring, Poison Spring, Rador Springs, Richards Spring, Richardson Spring, Rock Cabin Spring, Rotten Springs, Sand Butte Spring, Scott Spring, Soaphole Spring, South Barrel Spring, South Spring, Spitzi Spring, Split Rock Spring, Stratton Spring, Titsworth Spring, Two Bar Spring, UP Spring, Upper Powder Spring, Washam Spring, Wild Rose Spring, Willow Tree Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Abel Creek, Alkali Creek, Alkali Creek, Alkali Creek, Alkali Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Arapahoe Creek, Basin Creek, Beans Spring Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beef Steer Creek, Big Dry Creek, Big Hollow Creek, Big Sandy River, Birch Creek, Bitter Creek, Black Butte Creek, Black Rock Creek, Blacks Fork, Blair Creek, Brush Creek, Burnt Canyon Creek, Burnt Fork, Bush Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Car Creek, Castello Creek, Cedar Creek, Chicken Creek, Chris Wash, Circle Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Coyote Creek, Currant Creek, Cut Creek, Daniels Creek, Dans Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Sand Creek, Dry Sandy Creek, East Branch Willow Creek, East Fork Cherokee Creek, East Fork Currant Creek, East Fork Trout Creek, East Salt Wells Creek, Ely Creek, Fill Wash, Fisher Creek, Fivemile Ditch, Fourteenmile Creek, Gap Creek, Gooseberry Creek, Greenhough Creek, Hams Fork, Hazel Creek, Henrys Fork, Hunton Creek, Jack Morrow Creek, Jack Parnell Creek, Jarvies Marsh Creek, Joyce Creek, June Creek, Killpecker Creek, Kinney Creek, Krause Marsh Creek, Lane Meadow Creek, Little Basin Creek, Little Bitter Creek, Little Dry Creek, Little Dry Creek, Little Red Creek, Little Sandy Creek, Lizzie Spring Creek, Lost Creek, McKnight Creek, Middle Fork Currant Creek, Middle Marsh Creek, Nitch Creek, No Name Creek, North Fork Antelope Creek, North Fork Bear Creek, North Fork Vermillion Creek, North Pacific Creek, Pacific Creek, Picket Creek, Pine Creek, Pretty Water Creek, Red Creek, Reed Creek, Richeau Creek, Rock Cabin Creek, Sage Creek, Sage Creek, Salt Wells Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Shallow Creek, Shute Creek, Skull Creek, Slate Creek, Snow Creek, Snow Spring Creek, South Fork Antelope Creek, South Fork Cedar Creek, South Fork Shute Creek, Spider Creek, Spitzi Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Sugarloaf Marsh Creek, Sulphur Creek, Sweetwater Creek, Tepee Creek, Tommy James Creek, Trout Creek, Upper Marsh Creek, West Branch Willow Creek, West Fork Cherokee Creek, West Fork Currant Creek, West Fork Trout Creek, West Spring Creek, Whitehorse Creek, Willow Creek, Worm Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Antelope Butte, Antelope Knoll, Anthill Knob, Apres Vous Peak, Bastard Butte, Beacon Light Hill, Big Hill, Black Buttes, Black Mountain, Black Rock, Boars Tusk, Buffalo Hump, Buffalo Hump, Cabin Butte, Camel Rock, Camp Creek Hill, Caterpillar Butte, Cedar Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Chalk Butte, Cherokee Hill, Chimney Rock, Church Butte, Clay Buttes, Coal Butte, Courthouse Butte, Deer Butte, Dennison Cap, Eagles Nest, Earnest Butte, Eighteenmile Knoll, Elk Butte, Emmons Cone, Emmons Mesa, Endlich Hill, Essex Mountain, Fifteenmile Knoll, Five Fingers Butte, Five Monument Butte, Flattop Mountain, Fourmile Knoll, Hague Hill, Hatcher Mesa, Hawks Nest, Haystack Butte, Haystack Buttes, Hogback, Iron Mountain, Little Mountain, Little Mountain, Little Sand Dunes, Lombard Buttes, Lost Creek Butte, Luman Butte, Man and Boy Buttes, Mass Mountain, Massacre Hill, Matthews Hill, Mellor Mountain, Monument Butte, Monument Hill, Moss Agate Knoll, North Table Mountain, Parea Butte, Pilot Butte, Pine Butte, Pine Mountain, Potter Mountain, Powder Mountain, Quaking Asp Mountain, Ramsey Peak, Richards Mountain, Round Top, Ruby Knolls, Salazar Butte, Sand Butte, Sand Knoll, Sand Knolls, Scrivner Butte, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Shiprock, South Table Mountain, Spring Butte, Steamboat Mountain, Table, Table Rock, The Towers, Tule Butte, Twelvemile Knoll, Twin Buttes, West Flat Top Mountain, Whalen Butte, Whiskey Buttes, White Mountain, Wilkins Peak, Windy Hill, Zirkel Mesa

  Towers     show all on map

KGWR-TV (Rock Springs), KQSW-FM (Rock Springs), KRKK-AM (Rock Springs), KSIT-FM (Rock Springs), KUGR-AM (Green River), KYCS-FM (Rock Springs)

  Trails     show all on map

Canyon Road Trail, Emigrant Trail, Emigrant Trail, Emigrant Trail, Overland Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Alkali Draw, Alkali Wash, Alkali Wash, Antelope Draw, Antelope Wash, Anvil Wash, Barney Canyon, Battle Spring Draw, Big Flat Draw, Big Hollow, Big Island Wash, Birdie Gulch, Blind Canyon, Bone Draw, Bone Draw, Box Canyon, Brooks Draw, Buck Draw, Buckboard Wash, Buckhorn Canyon, Burley Draw, Burnt Canyon, Carlson Draw, Cattail Draw, Cedar Breaks Draw, Cedar Canyon, Cedar Draw, Center Branch Water Gap Wash, Cherokee Draw, Chicke Springs Draw, Chicken Draw, Circle, Circle Springs Draw, Coal Mine Canyon, Coal Mine Draw, Cold Spring Draw, Colloid Draw, Coon Draw, Coon Hollow, Coyote Canyon, Cronin Draw, Crooked Canyon, Crooked Wash, Cutthroat Draw, Cyclone Draw, Deadman Wash, Deer Canyon, Demming Draw, Dipping Spring Canyon, Dripping Rock Draw, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Hollow, Dry Hollow, Dugout Draw, Dugway Canyon, Eagle Nest Draw, Eagles Nest Draw, East Buckhorn Draw, East Canyon, East Draw, East Draw, East Fork Anthill Draw, East Fork Sourdough Gulch, East Haystack Wash, East Otterson Wash, Eden Valley, Eighteenmile Canyon, Eightmile Wash, Erickson Canyon, Faulkner Draw, Firehole Canyon, Forney Draw, Fourmile Gulch, Fourth of July Wash, Franklin Wash, Granary Draw, Greasewood Canyon, Greasewood Draw, Greasewood Wash, Greens Canyon, Grindstone Wash, Halfway Hollow, Hansen Draw, Hartt Cabin Draw, Haystack Wash, Hisey Hollow, Hisey Hollow, Horseshoe Wash, Horsethief Canyon, Hungry Hollow, Iron Pipe Draw, Jensen Wash, Johnson Canyon, Johnson Draw, Johnson Draw, Kappes Canyon, LaFonte Canyon, Laney Canyon, Laney Wash, Latham Draw, Laundry Draw, Linwood Canyon, Little Bar X Draw, Little Firehole Canyon, Little Mellor Canyon, Logan Draw, Logan Hollow, Lombard Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Draw, Long Draw, Lowe Canyon, Manns Draw, McCort Canyon, Meadow Gulch, Meadow Springs Wash, Middle Canyon, Middle Firehole Canyon, Milk Ranch Wash, Monument Valley, Mowing Machine Draw, Mulligan Draw, Ninemile Wash, North Branch Water Gap Wash, North Packsaddle Canyon, Osborne Draw, Owl Canyon, Patrick Draw, Patrick Draw, Pine Canyon, Pine Creek Wash, Pinnacle Draw, Polly Draw, Porter Hollow, Potash Wash, Rawlins Draw, Reader Cabin Draw, Red Wash, Red Wash Draw, Reiser Canyon, Rock Canyon, Sally Draw, Salt Sage Draw, Sand Wash, Sand Wash, Scheggs Draw, Scott Canyon, Scott Canyon, Scrivner Canyon, Sevenmile Gulch, Sevenmile Wash, Simpson Gulch, Sixmile Draw, Skunk Canyon, Slippery Jim Canyon, Smiley Draw, Sourdough Gulch, South Branch Water Gap Wash, South Packsaddle Canyon, South Spring Draw, Split Rock Canyon, Squaw Hollow, Stagecoach Draw, Starvation Wash, Station Draw, Stevens Draw, Stratton Draw, Table Wash, Telephone Canyon, Telephone Canyon, Telephone Draw, Tenmile Draw, Tin Can Draw, Trough Draw, Twelvemile Canyon, Twelvemile Gulch, Twentyfive Draw, Walkie Canyon, Washam Wash, Washington Draw, Water Gap Wash, Welch Hollow, West Buckhorn Draw, West Canyon, West Draw, West Fork Anthill Draw, West Fork Buckhorn Canyon, West Haystack Wash, West Otterson Wash, Whiskey Draw, Wild Rose Draw, Wildhorse Draw, Williams Draw, Yellow Point Fork Sevenmile Gulch

  Wells     show all on map

Alkali Well, Basin Well, Bastard Butte Well, Buckhorn Well Number 1, Buckhorn Well Number 2, Bull Pasture Well, Chilton Well, Circle Bar Well, Desert Well Number 1, Eighteenmile Well, Flowing Well, Horn Canyon Well, Jensen Well, Little America Well, Little Colorado Well Number 1, Little Colorado Well Number 10, Little Colorado Well Number 11, Little Colorado Well Number 12, Little Colorado Well Number 13, Little Colorado Well Number 2, Little Colorado Well Number 3, Little Colorado Well Number 4, Little Colorado Well Number 5, Little Colorado Well Number 6, Little Colorado Well Number 8, Little Colorado Well Number 9, M F S Homestead Wells, Monument Butte Well, Osborne Well, Pittman Well, Rasmussen Well, Red Creek Well, Rife Flowing Well, Soda Ash Wells, Sweede Well, Twelvemile Well, Upper Eighteenmile Well,

Sweetwater County, Wyoming Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSweetwater County White population 42,68042,679  
MixedSweetwater County Mixed population 723722
American IndianSweetwater County American Indian population 587587
AsianSweetwater County Asian population 361361
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSweetwater County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 4545

Additional population tables :
State population table
Wyoming population by county