Weston County, Wyoming Basics:

Weston County Wyoming - Government Site

Population: 7,071
Area: 2398 square miles
County seat: Newcastle
Area code(s) in use: 307
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 91.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.5%
Median household income: $53,802
Persons in poverty: 13.8%
Home ownership rate: 78.8%
Mean travel time to work: 28.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Campbell  Converse  Crook  Custer (SD)  Fall River (SD)  Lawrence (SD)  Niobrara  Pennington (SD)  

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Map of the Weston County area

Our detail map of Weston County shows the Weston County, Wyoming boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Weston County, Wyoming

  Airports     show all on map

Mondell Field Airport, Sherwin Field Nr 1 Airport, Upton Municipal Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Sixmile Basin

  Buildings     show all on map

Black Hills National Forest Hells Canyon Ranger District Fire Engine Crew, Newcastle Ambulance Service, Newcastle Police Department, Newcastle Volunteer Fire Department, Osage Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance, Upton Police Department, Upton Volunteer Fire Department, Weston County Fire Protection District Newcastle

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Boyd Cemetery, Cambria Cemetery, Green Mountain Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Hill View Heights Census Designated Place, Osage Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Saint Albert Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

The Nose

  Dams     show all on map

Baker Number 1 Dam, Baker Number 2 Dam, Barrel Floodwater Detention Dam, Benne Dam, Big Delaney Dam, Black Hills Power and Light Dam, Bowl Dam, Brainerd Dam, Butte Dam, Cedar Dam, Cellers 9-499-4 Dam, Cellers Wildlife 9-499-3 Dam, Cummings Number 9-328-2 Dam, Elliot Dam, Enlargement Baird Number 2 Dam, Enlargement J L Baird Number 1 Dam, Field 9-207-5 Dam, Field Dam, Fillinger Dam, Frog Creek Dam, House Dam, Howell Dam, Huff Dam, J W and M J Luman Dam, Jeff Davis Dam, Keaton Number Fs 9 249 13 Dam, Klodt Dam, Kossert 9-303-1 Dam, Leo Dam, Little Soda Dam, M W Dam, Marguerite Dam, Martin Thompson Dam, Mary Ellen Dam, Materi Number 2 Dam, Michaels Dam, Minter Dam, Mirich Dam, Mush Creek Dam, Myrtle Dam, Nelson Dam, Perino Dam, Peterson Number 1 Dam, Robbers Roost Dam, Rodabaugh Dam, Rosean Dam, Russell Storage Dam, S Lodge Pole Number 1 Dam, SCS Beaver Creek Dam, Sedgwick Dam, Sherwin 9-249-6 Dam, Shostak Dam, Six Mile Dam, Slide Dam, Spencer 9-250-2 Dam, Spencer Dam, Spencer Number 2 Dam, Spring Draw Dam, State Dam, Thomas Number 1 Dam, Thomas Number 2 Dam, Three Forks Dam, Todd Detention Dam, Twin Forks Dam, Upton Dam, Upton Outdoor Lab Site Number 4 Dam, V E Lissolo Dam, W E Ware Dam, Watt Brothers Number 2 Dam, Webb Dam, Wellman Dam, Wolf Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Antelope Flats, Canyon Springs Prairie, Hopper Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Thunder Basin National Grassland

  Hospitals     show all on map

Mondell Heights Odd Fellow/Rebekah Retirement Home, Weston County Health Services, Weston County Manor Hospital, Weston County Memorial Hospital (historical)

  Lakes     show all on map

M W Lake, The Dry Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Adkins Ranch, Allen Ranch, Arledge Ranch, Au 7 Ranch, Baker Ranch, Barr Ranch, Barton Ranch, Barton Ranch, Barton Ranch, Bernard Ranch, Borgialli Ranch, Boulden Ranch, Brown Place, Bruce Ranch, Cassett Ranch, Childs Ranch, Childs Ranch, Christensen Ranch, Christensen Ranch, Clifton School, Clyde Ranch, Cowger Ranch, Cranston Ranch, Cummings Ranch, Darlington Ranch, Darlington Ranch, Dixon Ranch, Dixon Ranch, Douglas Place, Dowdy Ranch, Driskell Ranch, Elliot Ranch, Engle Ranch, Field Ranch, Finn Ranch, Fisher Ranch, Flying V Ranch, Fulton Ranch, George Place, Giffon Ranch, Grieves Ranch, Hamm Ranch, Harold Place, Hoffman Ranch, Keeline Ranch, Kraft Ranch, Kuemmerle Ranch, Kuemmerle Ranch, L A K Ranch, Little Thunder, Lynch Ranch, M Bar Ranch, M W Ranch, Mallo Camp, Materi Ranch, Materi Ranch, Merich Ranch, Mush Creek Pumping Station, Norris Ranch, Oliver Ranch, Owens, Patton Ranch, Pedro, Peterson Ranch, Pollat Ranch, Popham Ranch, Quest Ranch, Rankin Ranch, Riesland Ranch, Ritthaler Ranch, Rochelle, Sedgewick Ranch, Sewell Ranch, Sewell Ranch, Sewell Ranch, Shannon Ranch, Shaw Ranch, Shepperson Ranch, Slagle Ranch, Spencer, Statler Ranch, Sweet Ranch, Todd Ranch, Townsend Ranch, Townsend Ranch, Vanherwynen Place, W 4 Ranch, Walker Ranch, Wellman Ranch, Whitney Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

Airport Shale Pit Mine, Alray Prospect, Beaver Creek Mine, Christensen Lease Mine, Cottonwood Creek Mine, Dry Creek Pit Mine, Elk Mountain Mine, Elliot Mine, Farley Number One Mine, Farley Number Three Mine, Farley Number Two Mine, Foster Mine, Gerald Barrow Number One Mine, Gerald Barrow Number Two Mine, Gerald Darrow Number Three Mine, Hanna Four Mine, Hanna One Mine, Harriet Peterson Number One Mine, Harriet Peterson Number Two Mine, Jerome Area Mine, L. Shuck Property Mine, Lak Reservoir Area Number One Mine, Lak Reservoir Area Number Three Mine, Last Chance Filler Pit Mine, Lucky Strike Bentonite Mine, Mayoworth Number Ten Mine, Meadowlark Number Six Pit, Miller Quarry Mine, Missy Number One Mine, Morrison Pit Mine, Murphy Creek Area Mine, O'Neil Pit, Oil Creek Mine, Osage Clay Spur Quarries Mine, Osage Mine, Ostlund Pit, Owens Draw Mine, Pass Reservoir Area Mine, Peterson Draw Mine, Pine Ridge Mine, Raby Pit, Rawhauser Quarry Mine, Rawhauser Sand Pit Mine, Red Creek Area Mine, Red Fork Number One Mine, Red Fork Number Two Mine, Roundhouse Mine, Sheep Creek Mine, Sheldon Canyon Mine, Slate Ridge Numbers One-eleven Mines, South Fork Crazy Woman Mine, Spring Creek Mine, State Land Quarry Mine, Sweet Gravel Pit, Tavegia Pit Mine, Thornton Dome Mine, Turner Creek Mine, Upton Bentonite Mine, Upton Number One, Upton Number Two, Wicker and Baldwin Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Clareton Oil Field, Fiddler Creek Oil Field, Finn Oil Field, Frog Creek Oil Field, Hay Creek Oil Field, Lodgepole Creek Oil Field, Lone Tree Creek Oil Field, Lone Tree Oil Field, Mush Creek Oil Field, Osage Oil Field, Pedro Oil Field, Quest Oil Field, Shurley Oil Field, South Coyote Oil Field, Todd Oil Field

  Populated Places     show all on map

Bentley, Buckhorn, Cambria (historical), Clareton (historical), Clay Spur, Clifton, Colloid, Dakoming, Energy (historical), Fairview, Four Corners (historical), Hill View Heights, Horton, Jerome, Morrisey, Newcastle, Osage, Skull Creek, Thornton, Upton

  Post Offices     show all on map

Newcastle Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Baker Number 1 Reservoir, Baker Number 2 Reservoir, Barrel Floodwater Detention Reservoir, Benne Reservoir, Benne Reservoir, Bernard Howell Reservoir, Big Delaney Reservoir, Black Hills Power and Light Reservoir, Bowl Reservoir, Brainerd Reservoir, Brown Comm 9-497-2 Reservoir, Brown Reservoir, Butte Reservoir, C B, Cedar Reservoir, Cellers 9-499-4 Reservoir, Cellers Wildlife 9-499-3 Reservoir, Cummings F S 9-328-2 Reservoir, Elliot Reservoir, Enlargement Baird Number 2 Reservoir, Enlargement J L Baird Number 1 Reservoir, Field 9-207-5 Reservoir, Field F S 9-207-1 Reservoir, Fillinger Reservoir, Frog Creek Number 1 Reservoir, Harrel Reservoir, House Reservoir, Howell Reservoir, Huff Reservoir, J W and M J Luman Reservoir, Jeff Davis Reservoir, Keaton Number Fs 9 249 13 Reservoir, Kellog Reservoir, Klodt Reservoir, Klodt Reservoir, L A K Reservoir, Leo Reservoir, Lissolo 9-364-3 Reservoir, Little Soda Reservoir, Luman Reservoir, M W Reservoir, Marguerite Reservoir, Martens 9-368-1 Reservoir, Martin Thompson Reservoir, Mary Ellen Reservoir, Materi Number 2 Reservoir, Michaels Reservoir, Minter Reservoir, Mirich Reservoir, Myrtle Reservoir, Nelson Reservoir, Perino Reservoir, Peterson Number 1 Reservoir, Robbers Roost Reservoir, Rodabaugh Reservoir, Rosean Reservoir, Russell Storage Reservoir, S Lodge Pole Number 1 Reservoir, Sedgwick Reservoir, Sherwin 9-249-6 Reservoir, Shostak Reservoir, Slide Reservoir, Spencer 9-250-2 Reservoir, Spencer Number 2 Reservoir, Spencer Reservoir, Spring Draw Reservoir, State Reservoir, Thomas Number 1 Reservoir, Thomas Reservoir, Thornton Reservoir, Three Forks Reservoir, Todd Detention Dam Reservoir, Twin Forks Reservoir, Upton Outdoor Lab Site Number 4 Reservoir, Upton Reservoir, V E Lissolo Reservoir, W E Ware Reservoir, Watt Brothers Number 2 Reservoir, Webb Reservoir, Wellman Reservoir, Wolf Reservoir, Y T Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Pine Ridge, Piney Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Darlington School, Davis School, Douglas-Sweet School, Gertrude Burns Early Childhood School, Gertrude Burns Intermediate School, Kitty Moats School, Newcastle High School, Newcastle Middle School, Sweet School, Tavegia School, Upton High School, Upton Middle School, Upton School

  Springs     show all on map

Austin Spring, Cave Spring, Ferguson Spring, Grand Stump Spring, Home Ranch Spring, Mix Spring, Salt Spring, Slate Spring, State Line Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alum Creek, Bacon Creek, Baker Prong, Bear Run, Beaver Creek, Bell Creek, Black Thunder Creek, Blacktail Creek, Buck Creek, Buzzard Creek, Cambria Creek, Cemetery Creek, Coal Mine Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Coyote Creek, Deep Creek, Dry Beaver Creek, Dry Creek, Dupont Creek, East Fork Beaver Creek, East Fork Hay Creek, East Iron Creek, East Plum Creek, Fiddler Creek, Fourmile Creek, Frog Creek, Green River, Haley Prong, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Horse Creek, Iron Creek, Jake Creek, Jerome Creek, Jim Creek, Lassen Creek, Left Fork Blacktail Creek, Line Creek, Lion Creek, Little Bear Run, Little Mike Creek, Little Oil Creek, Little Thunder Creek, Little Turner Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lonetree Creek, Louse Creek, Lower Willow Creek, Middle Fork Lassen Creek, Middle Fork Wind Creek, Mush Creek, North Fork Fiddler Creek, North Fork Lone Tree Creek, North Fork Mush Creek, Oil Creek, Owl Creek, Patrick Creek, Peterson Prong, Pine Creek, Piney Creek, Poddy Creek, Poison Creek, Prairie Creek, Pump Creek, Rats Valley Creek, Red Creek, Rock Creek, Rough Creek, Sage Creek, Salt Creek, Sand Creek, Sheep Canyon Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheldon Creek, Skull Creek, Soda Creek, South Beaver Creek, South Branch Beaver Creek, South Fork Lassen Creek, South Fork Lone Tree Creek, Spoon Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Stockade Beaver Creek, Sweetwater Creek, Timber Creek, Trail Creek, Turner Creek, Turner Creek, West Fork Buffalo Creek, West Fork Fiddler Creek, West Fork Fourmile Creek, West Fork Hay Creek, West Fork Skull Creek, West Plum Creek, Whoopup Creek, Wildcat Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Alkali Butte, Breakneck Hill, Cedar Knoll, Chalk Butte, Fanny Peak, Frannie Peak, Jumbo Table, Mount Pisgah, Mount Tom, Northwestern Table, Red Butte, Shale Hill, Shale Hill, Soda Butte, Star Butte, Strawberry Mountain, Sweetwater Mountain, Wyoming Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KASL-AM (Newcastle)

  Valleys     show all on map

Alkali Draw, Barnett Draw, Barrel Draw, Bates Draw, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Benhart Draw, Berry Canyon, Bertha Canyon, Black Canyon, Blacktail Canyon, Brainard Draw, Brown Canyon, Buck Draw, Buck Pasture Draw, Butler Draw, Camp Canyon, Carr Canyon, Carr Canyon, Cave Spring Canyon, Cedar Draw, Cedar Draw, Clifton Canyon, Coal Draw, Cox Draw, Coyote Canyon, Coyote Draw, Crane Canyon, Dairy Draw, Darlington Draw, Deadman Draw, Delaney Canyon, Dey Draw, Dickey Draw, Dixon Draw, Dry Draw, Dry Draw, Dry Draw, Dry Gypp Canyon, Dry Parmlee Canyon, Dry Parmlee Canyon, Fawcett Draw, Feralla Draw, Ferguson Canyon, Field Draw, Fields Draw, Finn Draw, Fourmile Draw, Fred Draw, Gillette Canyon, Gillette Canyon, Government Draw, Graham Draw, Grant Canyon, Gypsum Draw, Hells Canyon, Hilton Draw, Home Ranch Draw, Horse Canyon, Horsethief Canyon, Johnson Draw, Johnson Draw, Jones Draw, Jordan Draw, Kinney Canyon, Kouba Canyon, Kouba Canyon, L A K Draw, Love Canyon, Luce Draw, Madren Draw, McCrady Draw, Morris Draw, Newton Draw, North Draw, North Thomson Canyon, Owens Draw, Parmlee Canyon, Pine Gulch, Piney Canyon, Rock Canyon, Rough Draw, Schoeber Draw, Schoeber Draw, School Draw, Scott Canyon, Shank Draw, Sheldon Canyon, Sherwood Canyon, Slagle Draw, South Draw, South Table Draw, Spencer Draw, Statler Draw, Stellwagon Draw, Stots Canyon, Sunquist Draw, Thoeming Draw, Thomson Canyon, Underwood Draw, Walcott Draw, West Draw, Whitney Draw, Wildcat Draw, Williamson Draw, Willis Draw,

Weston County, Wyoming Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteWeston County White population 6,7466,745  
MixedWeston County Mixed population 134134
American IndianWeston County American Indian population 120120
BlackWeston County Black population 4242
AsianWeston County Asian population 2121
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderWeston County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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